tagIncest/TabooFamily Fun Begins Ch. 05

Family Fun Begins Ch. 05


Samantha had her eyes squeezed tightly shut as Paul used her ass. Neither she nor Paul noticed Nancy or Harry enter. They were both too pre-occupied. The sight of his father and his sister butt fucking was a huge turn-on. Harry grabbed his mother Nancy and leaned her forwards over the back of an arm chair and pushed her skirt up, he quickly unzipped his trousers and pushing his briefs down at the front, rammed his cock into his mother's bald still wet from their first fuck pussy. Nancy gasp at the brutality of his assault went unnoticed by Paul and Samantha. They were too busy fucking.

Paul had picked up speed. His cock now moving out and back into her asshole with greater ease. She was still as tight as he could want but the natural secretions in her butt and the relaxation of her muscles was making it easier for him to fuck her. Both Nancy and Harry watched hotly as Paul and Samantha fucked, moaning, and groaning on the carpet. Harry was savagely ramming his cock in and out of his Mother's wet pussy savoring the fact that he had last had his mother where he wanted her , while envying his father for taking Samantha's anal cherry.

Nancy mauled her own breast, panting and moaning as her pussy was slammed by Harry's cock. How like his father's cock, his was. Just as long just as fat and oh goodness. Just as hard and hot. Her eyes took in the spectacle of Samantha being butt fucked just as she had been, so many times by Paul. How hot and strange it was to see Paul from that angle. watching him fuck rather then being fucked by him.

Her body was alive with the pleasure Harry was giving her. Her cunt came in a sudden jolt, spewing her sticky nectar over his cock. This felt so good. "Oh Harry." She moaned "Oh my horny son. Fuck your Mommy. Fuck me hard."

Paul felt the tell tale build up in his balls and knew that he would soon be filling Samantha's aching rectum with his hot cum. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of Harry and Nancy and gasped in shock. His son was ramming his cock into Nancy. The sight triggered the eruption from his balls. As he closed his eyes and moaned, his spunk blew out of his cock into Samantha's ass.

The first wave hit Samantha hard, the hot cum seemed to scold her insides, and she gasped and moaned as the cum filled her. As Paul finished cumming, he pulled his cock out of Samantha's butt and without caring, about Harry or Nancy; he quickly moved his cock to Samantha's face and forced it into her mouth. Samantha sucked it without thinking, tasting her father's cum and her butt on his cock.

Harry, seeing this suddenly uncorked his cock from Nancy's pussy and pulling his trousers and briefs off moved quickly between Samantha's legs, lifted them up and pushed his own cock into her cum filled anus. Samantha looked in shock as she felt her legs being lifted and Harry move his cock into her ass hole. She closed her eyes and sucked hard on her father's cock as Harry rammed his cock into her anus in two violent thrusts. Nancy came over and kneeling beside Samantha, smiled down at her and watched as Harry fucked her ass and Samantha sucked her father's cock clean.

Paul pulled his cock from Samantha's mouth and sat down on the carpet beside her, watching Harry fuck her. Nancy kissed Samantha on the forehead and whispered "you lucky girl!"

Harry already on the brink of cumming in his mother minutes earlier, soon sent his own seed into Samantha's ass. Samantha closed her eyes and tired to think of the pleasure she felt not the pain, as her brothers spunk mixed with her fathers sperm in her ass.

What a family they were. The family engage in a series of incestuous orgies in which everyone took part till Aunt Patty returned from her vacation. Harry and his father Paul would take turns screwing Nancy (his mother) and Samantha (his sister) in almost every room.

Every hole in Samantha's body was now a fuck hole for either her brother or father. Often she would have her father's cock pounding in and out of her ass as her brother rammed his cock into her pussy. At such times she squealed and moaned in pleasure. The feel of the all that cum filling her would make her almost faint with ecstasy. Paul was always far more interested in taking her ass.

She and her mother Nancy looked forward to nightfall and bed time. Often the four of them would end up in the master bedroom's king-sized bed and hump and pump until they fell asleep all sticky and sweaty from sex. They usually went back to their own beds early morning. Sometimes Paul or Harry would give Samantha a quick morning fuck before getting ready for work or college. Samantha was never sure which of the two would screw her. She quickly learned that Nancy her mother shared her dilemma, as she too got a 'good morning fuck' by who ever wasn't riding Samantha. This pattern continue till Aunt Patty to return, afraid of being caught their incestuous affairs quieted down.

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