tagIncest/TabooFamily Fun Ch. 02

Family Fun Ch. 02


Jenny, wearing tight shorts that clung to her heart shaped ass as though they had been painted on and a low-cut halter that showed more of her large firm breasts than it hid. She was doing the breakfast dishes and looking out the window, thinking , as usual, that it would be nice to have a big cock stuck up her cunt.

But then the teenaged girl next door came out into the adjoining yard to sunbathe. She was wearing a skimpy black bikini and her firm young flesh, already oiled with suntan lotion, glistened.

Jenny stared at the girl and licked her lips.

Jenny was not a dyke, but she did enjoy a good cunt lapping from time to time. As she stared at her bouncy next door neighbor, her thoughts turned to pussy eating.

The girl, Molly, spread her blanket on the lawn and knelt on it. Reaching behind, she untied the top of her bikini and let it drop, exposing her pert young tits. Then sprawling out on her back to sunbathe, she drew her knees up slightly and parted her thighs to expose them to the sun.

Her bikini bottom being only just big enough, was pulled tightly across her young cunt, allowing a few hairs to escape from around the leg hole. The sight was making Jenny drool.

Jenny's eyes roomed all over the teenagers luscious body. She stared at the perky tits with there hard pointy nipples, Her sexy thighs and tight belly. God but she would love to seduce that hot little nymph. The idea of seducing a girl the same age as her own eighteen year old daughter was turning her on. In fact the thought of sucking her own daughter turned her on as well.

Jenny was sorely tempted to go out into the yard and try to seduce that hot sunbathing slut. She restrained herself, as the thought of the scandal that might occur if her advances were rejected. God but she wanted to tongue fuck that cunt so badly she could taste it.

She begin to squirm with lust, her cunt was hot and juicy and her tongue was tingling. Jenny could hear the shower running, and just for a second considered getting a good hard fuck from her husband. But she didn't want to leave the window. " A good finger fuck here at the window, then I'll get a good long screwing from Paul later " she thought to herself.

Mike had gone to the park hoping to find some bad girls and maybe con one of them into giving him a blow job. At twenty and good looking as well as being well hung, taking after his father, he found it easy to take care of his needs this way. No hassles with dating or getting into long term relationships just to get laid.

The park was deserted so he waited around for a while in hope that someone would show up. His balls were getting sore so he decided to return home and jack off, Then return to the park in more comfort.

Mike entered the house with a hard on that was quite obvious. He walked quietly hoping to get to his room with out running into any family members. Passing the kitchen, he glanced in and stopped, puzzled. His mom was leaning over the sink staring intently out the window. Mike was curious as to what his mother found so interesting, but with his major hard on he didn't dare go look. He was about to move on, when noticed his mothers sexy ass start to move in a sinuous, sensual spiral.

He stared in disbelief. His mom had undone her shorts and had her hand down inside them. He could see her hand moving in her cunt. Holy fuck, Mom is fingering her cunt! He realized.

With a lusty grin, he watched the cheeks of her ass twitch in time with the soft slurping sounds coming from her cunt as she fingered it. So much blood had rushed into his cock that Mike felt dizzy and light headed.

God how he wished mom would remove those shorts so he could watch her finger fuck her cunt into a froth!

For a quick fingering in the kitchen, Jenny didn't bother to strip. Her hand squirmed into her shorts and she churned her ass around faster as the waves of pleasure flowed from her wet cunt.

" Ummmmmm!" She whimpered.

Mike almost fainted when he saw the trickle of pussy juice run out from under her shorts and slide down her inner thigh. Jenny begin to thrust her hips back and forth with short, hard strokes as she fucked her hand. She was grunting and groaning like a woman possessed.

Then with a squeal of pleasure she stiffened and sighed.

Mike knew she had cum. He could see the juice soaked crotch of her shorts and the juices still running down her leg. The smell of hot pussy permeated the room and mike inhaled deeply. He knew that if he stood there another moment, he was going to come in his jeans. Thinking the show was over, he moved quietly away, heading for his room to pound his cock to jelly as he played back every second of that scene in his mind.

Had he stayed a moment longer he would have discovered that one cum was never enough for his sex loving mother. Jenny only slowed down as her orgasm ebbed, then she begin to finger fuck herself a second time as she watched her sexy half naked neighbor.

When Mike reached the top of the stairs, he got another shock. This one was even more revealing, for his sister's bathrobe was wide open and he could see her swollen breasts with there hard pointy nipples and her pumping loins. She was all sugar and spice and slathered with cream, for her hot little cunt was poring out juice in huge amounts.

He could hear the shower running and realized that Wendy was spying on there father as she finger fucked herself to a frazzle.

And if she lusted for daddy, What might she think about sibling sex?

He stared at her cupped hand and saw the juices oozing out between her fingers and dripping on the floor.

Mike couldn't stand it. He ripped open his jeans and pulled his huge cock out. All twelve inches was straining and jerking like it had a mind of it's own.

He started to stroke his meat very slowly, only just skimming the stalk. He wasn't trying to cum, he was hoping that maybe he could fill his sisters hot cunt with his seed.

So now Paul was jacking off in the shower thinking about his little girl. Wendy was watching him and thinking what it would be like to have that monster cock in her tiny little cunt. Mike was stroking his cock and wishing it was in Wendy's hot cunt, and Jenny was still fingering her cunt as she spied on the girl next door.

The whole family was frigging at the same time on this fateful day…

And about to do a lot more…….

To be continued...

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