Family Gathering

byMany Feathers©

"What about me?" Darlene asked. "I think I've got even less chips left than mom does!"

"Well, then same offer to you too," dad said a little surprisingly, though again, we'd all spent a goodly amount of time running around the lake naked, so it wasn't like he hadn't see the girls naked before, and we really had all gotten rather used to being around one another that way anyway.

"Sure, ok," Darlene agreed, "that sounds fair then."

"All right then, hand over the ah...chips," dad grinned as mom and Darlene soon after exposed their breasts, baring them at the table as mom dealt the river card.

By the looks of it, dad was indeed sitting on another good hand, there was no real way of knowing what mom had, she always had had a pretty good poker face, but it was clearly evident that Darlene was out as she sighed forlornly, not getting the final card she needed for whatever hand she'd been hoping for. There were two queens now, two tens and an ace showing on the table. Everyone was fairly sure dad had either a full house which was the more likely, or even a straight, though holding onto something like that with the cards that were showing would have been risky at best.

"Too bad sweetie," dad grinned seeing the expression on her face as he turned over his hole cards and revealed that he did indeed hold a third ten as well as an Ace, giving him a full house, Ten's over aces.

"Not so fast there Bradford," Mom said using my dad's formal name, one that he hated hearing whenever she used it that way, which usually meant she had him by the balls, and in this case she really did as she revealed that she had two more queens sitting in her own hand which had given her a four of a kind!

"Fuck!" dad said in surprise, as mom had really suckered him in, leaving him with barely enough chips to even meet the next higher ante.

"And then there were two," Darlene sat smiling as mom looked over winking at her.

"So dear," mom began. "Looks like this will definitely be the last hand, one way or the other. So how about we really do make it interesting then?" she said.

"What do you have in mind?" he asked somewhat nervously.

"I know!" Jessica piped up, only then leaning over and whispering into mother's ear. We all watched as her face turned a little red, but she smiled and nodded her head.

"Great idea dear," she said giving our sister an affectionate kiss. "No different than what he'd want me to do!"

Now dad chuckled. "Oh, I see what we're up to," he stated. "Ok, we're all in on this hand then agreed?"

It was getting late, so mom agreed this would be the very last hand, it was all or nothing start to finish as Darlene rolled the cards with the hole cards showing this time.

We all groaned seeing that dad had been dealt pocket aces, with mom getting a two of diamonds along with a six of diamonds.

"Doesn't look good," she announced somewhat worriedly.

"You can always fold, I'll even make it easy on you tonight," he offered.

"That means he'll settle for a hand-job," Jessica spoke, causing my mother to blush furiously, though dad laughed heartedly at hearing that.

"She's right though," dad said agreeing with her. " fold now," he stated, otherwise..."

"Deal the cards," Mom said determinedly.

Darlene turned the card, a three of spades, giving neither one of them a better hand than what they were showing.

"Your bet," dad said warningly.

"Ok, I'll bet TWO orgasms!" she tossed back, garnering a nervous giggle from everyone, though we were now enjoying this sudden erotic play between our parents as they sat there, mom still sitting bare-breasted, which I had found myself looking at far longer than I probably should have, but even I had to admit to myself that mom still had a good looking pair of tits, and that her nipples were even considerably larger, not to mention harder at the moment than either one of my sisters were.

Dad sat back in his chair. "Two Orgasms?" he asked looking at her. "Ok, you're on!" he grinned wickedly. "Next card Darlene!"

Darlene rolled an Ace of diamonds, now giving dad three of a kind, though mom was only one diamond away from having a flush now as well.

"It's getting interesting now isn't it?" he said looking across at her. "What's the bet now?" he asked, "unless you're ready to give up and fold on two promised orgasms."

"No way in hell," mom shot back at him, making us all laugh as this had gotten pretty interesting under the circumstances, sitting here listening to our own parents betting on sex acts more or less. "And the bet is...anywhere, any place, any time either of us wants it!" she spat at him challengingly.

"Oh yeah? Really? Anywhere? Anytime? Anyplace? "

"That's the bet! Now...shut up, or put up!" Mom told dad much to everyone's surprise.

"I'm not sure you realize what you could be getting yourself into," dad warned her once again. "Might could be, or even happen in front of the kids you know," he said as though that would somehow back mom off, which we all sort of wondered about too as we sat looking at one another. A few of us had walked in on the two of them when they'd been doing it before, and it wasn't as though they ran around behind our backs pretending they never did. We all knew mom and dad had an active sex-life, we'd just never seen the two of them so openly chatting about it like this, even though they were doing it in the heat of the moment, using it as a betting chip as they did.

"Go ahead Darlene, deal the river card!"

It was a queen of diamonds, and mom smiled standing up. "Come on Bradford," she said holding out her hand to him. "I think there's a little matter of two promised orgasms to start with," she said as he laughed, standing himself and taking her hand as she began leading him up the stairs towards their bedroom.

"Good night kids!" she smiled out at us, "See you in the morning!"

Dad looked back at us as well, shrugging his head. "I really didn't lose you know," he laughed as he followed her up the stairs. And none of us could very well argue with that either.


One thing we were all very much aware of, was that the walls upstairs though not exactly paper thin, did allow for everyone to hear just about anything and everything that was going on. Deciding to give the two of them a bit more privacy to enjoy and express themselves, the four of us decided to make it a sleep-in down stairs and quickly gathered up a great deal of bedding to make it as comfortable as possible, along with stoking up the fireplace to keep it all nice and toasty warm too. But we also knew, in doing so, and using that as an excuse for our parents, that it would also give the four of us an opportunity to have a bit of fun ourselves, which was obviously apparent, as both Jack and I had been attempting to hide our now very obvious erections.

"All that sexy naughty talk make you horny?" Darlene asked me.

"That, and staring at your tits half the night," I told her.

"Oh? Sure it was just my tits and not moms?"

Darlene's comment took me by surprise, and for a moment I couldn't answer that, though she let me off the hook by continuing.

"Truth be told, mom really does have a nice set of boobs still," she confessed, and it really was rather interesting to see the two of them sitting there talking the way they were, and getting all naughty flirty with one another. Sort of made me a little horny too!" she confessed.

"Ditto that!" Jessica said having overheard our conversation. "I'm horny as hell now too, so let's get this enormous bed of ours made up...and get to it!" she said quietly, "before I explode!"


The fire was almost too hot for me to sleep comfortably, though everyone else had done so easily, all curled up on the floor together huddled within the pile of comforters and blankets we'd piled up. Still naked, I had gone over to the refrigerator, now thirsty as well, pouring myself a glass of orange juice, which I now took with me outside as I stood on the porch. Even as cool as the night air was, it felt good, especially as hot as I'd been. And even though I had enjoyed a rather nice slow sweet climax in Jessica's pussy earlier, I found myself standing there once again aroused. It had always been like that for me however, the mountain air, the idea of being outdoors, standing naked as I now was, and masturbating as I had so often done up here. Just enjoying the peace and quiet, the freshness of the mountain air, for whatever reason, always seemed to arouse me more than normally.

"You remember the first time I ever caught you playing with yourself?"

I jumped at the sound of my mother's voice, spinning around as I did, though all that did was succeed in embarrassing myself even further as I stood there before her, one hand holding onto my orange juice which I'd partially spilled, and the other on my cock, which I now stood pointing at her.

"Mom!" I stammered seriously embarrassed. "I thought you'd be asleep!"

"Obviously," she smiled though I noticed her looking directly at me. "But you didn't answer my question," she added then, finally looking up into my eyes as I stood there, though rather than holding my dick, I was attempting to cover it with that same hand instead.

Her comment did make me laugh, and smile however as I remembered. "Yeah, I do," I said simply.

"And what did I tell you then when I saw you kneeling beneath the water faucet in the bathtub as it splashed down on you?"

"That it was a perfectly normal thing for people to do, and that I should never be embarrassed by doing it," I told her remembering the conversation we'd had about it then as though it was yesterday.

"Same thing holds true now," she told me as we stood there somewhat awkwardly. "And just so you know, I very often used to go outside onto the upper deck and do the very same thing myself during the warm summer nights," she confessed, though I had in fact once caught her outside doing just that, and then confessed to her I had.

"I know...I watched you doing it once," I admitted to her openly.

"Hmm, always wondered who that was," she responded back. "Now I guess I know."

Though mom was wearing a bathrobe, it had no sash to it, so she'd been holding it more or less closed with one hand. "May I?" she asked reaching for my orange juice, which I then gave to her to drink from. As she did, her robe fell open revealing her obvious nakedness beneath it, though upon handing me my drink back, she allowed it to remain open as we both stood side by side one another looking out at the night sky.

"I always enjoyed watching your father when he did that," she said softly turning back to face me as she leaned against the railing, her robe fully open as she stood there looking at me. Though my cock had softened somewhat, it was still hovering on the verge of being fully erect, and I had given up all pretense of hiding it now under the circumstances. "And I didn't mean to interrupt you while enjoying it," she added. "Like I said, something about being up here, enjoying the out of doors has always been sensual and erotic feeling to me as well."

"That's ok, you didn't really, I was just sorta...well, not really just jerking off to be jerking off, I ah probably didn't even realize that I..."



"You're rambling. If you'd feel more comfortable, I'll go back inside, but to be perfectly honest, I'd enjoy watching you," mom said softly speaking.

"Really? You would?"

"Yes David, I would. Maybe that sounds horrible, that your own mother would enjoy watching her own son playing with himself, but up here, for some reason, I feel like it's a different place, a different world almost, where we're the only people that exist, and that there isn't moral judgments to be adhered to or placed on anyone. Does that even make any sense to you?" she asked.

"Yeah mom, it does. I probably shouldn't say anything..."

"Then don't," she said interrupting me. "If there's something to say, then it will be said when it's time. I already have a pretty good idea as it is now, but let's just leave it at that for the moment shall we?"

I smiled, nodding my head, though simultaneously watching as mom dropped her hand down between her legs, she laughed slightly as she did, seeing the look in my face. "Never did get that second orgasm," she told me. "Though the first one was nice enough," she added. "Before your father fell asleep anyway."

I had to laugh at that though I found myself becoming rapidly aroused as mom stood there slowly encircling her clit with her fingers as she openly spread herself. " you mind?" she asked somewhat nervously.

"No...not at all," I answered, my own hand once again grasping my prick as I stood there, slow-stroking it as it hardened within my hand, the pleasurable sensations quickly returning, even more so now as I heard the subtle increased breathing as mom increased her own motions matching my own as she leaned against the railing, one hand between her legs, the other now reaching up to clasp one of her breasts which she likewise began fondling and playing with as she watched me.

"I hope you don't take this wrong by my saying this mom, still have a damn fine looking body," I said with a bit of a quiver in my voice as I spoke, still somewhat nervous perhaps that I was standing there yanking on my cock in front of her for one thing, but for another, finding it extremely arousing to be doing so while watching her doing the same thing.

"Thank you," she beamed, and though I couldn't clearly see it, I believed she was also blushing, though that too may have been from the sudden flush of arousal she was experiencing at the moment too. "Not too bad for an old lady then huh?"

"No mom, not bad at all, and you're certainly not old either!"

I could see by the half-glazed look in her eyes that she was rapidly approaching orgasm, as I now was, just seeing that. The sudden sensation of tingling pleasure already beginning to tickle the release that I now knew was only moments away. She must have seen it in my eyes as well however, as she commented on it.

"You getting close?"


"Oh yeah," she smiled, "Come closer to me, so I can feel it when you do."

"Feel it?"

"Yes, I want to feel it squirting on me," she announced wantonly. "I like that, I like to feel it splashing against me," she stated as I stepped forward only a mere foot or so away from her.


"Where ever you'd like," she said through gritted teeth and I knew she was even then hovering on the edge of her own pleasure, waiting for me.

"Fuck!" I said seconds later, the sweet pleasure of ecstasy already making its way up my shaft before I could prolong or delay it any further.

"Yes! Yes! Give it to me!" Mom cried out, tumbling over the edge now herself, as the first spurt of my lurching prick bathed the bottom half of the breast she was still holding, watching as another, and then another likewise sprayed out against her covering her other breasts along with her lower belly. Mom swiped up a bit of my essence with her hand, hurriedly placing it back against her clit, which she then used to finish off the orgasm that she was obviously still having. "Oh fuck David!" she cried out one last time, then collapsed fully in the chair sitting behind her, still gently fingering herself, though her eyes had closed now as she savored the last moments of her pleasured release.

Afterwards, she stood there before me, cum hanging on her, dripping and running everywhere. "Good grief David, do you ALWAYS cum like that?" she asked. She really was a mess, but it looked damn erotic too as she continued to snatch at it with her fingers, licking it off, or merely rubbing it into her skin.

"Most of the time yes, especially when I'm really...really horny," I admitted, then adding, "And watching you a few moments ago, really did." Mom smiled, grinned really, and then leaned over giving me a quick affectionate little kiss.

"Well, I'd best get inside," she said yawning, "I'm sure we're all going to have a busy day tomorrow."

If I hadn't been sleepy before, I certainly was now. We affectionately hugged briefly, receiving yet another kiss, and then I followed her back inside where she quietly made her way back up the stairs as I tiptoed through the sea of my brother and sister's still curled up in a ball together on the floor.

"Good night David...and thank you," she said turning as she continued the climb back up the stairs.

"Good night mom," I replied and then slid back in between my two sisters, though Darlene's eyes popped opened as I did so.

"What was mom thanking you for?" Darlene whispered quietly.

"Oh, nothing really, we just had a little chat outside while we shared an orange juice together," I told her.

"Ah huh..." she said, and then took my hand placing it over her bare breast, and rolled over quickly going back to sleep.


One of the things that Darlene and I had always enjoyed doing together whenever we went up to the lake, was going for a long hike, enjoying the scenery as well as the wild life that we very often stumbled across. After breakfast we set out to do just that, just as Jack headed out down to the lakeshore to do a little fishing off the pier, as did Jessica. And even though she hated cleaning fish, she enjoyed fishing almost as much as he did.

Darlene and I had been gone about two hours and were just making our way back to the cabin. Much to my delight, she had worn a cut off pair of Levi shorts with a great deal of her butt-cheeks hanging out, and nothing else. Though she had taken a tee shirt along with her, she had tucked that inside her belt, thus walking sometimes ahead of me, or beside me with her beautiful bare breasts bouncing about.

We soon after reached the cabin, spent a moment or two there only to discover no one was around, and decided to head down to the lake shore to see how the fishing had gone for Jack and Jessica. Making our way down the deer path towards the lake we could just see through the trees the outline of the shore where Jack and Jessica also appeared to be, but they also appeared to be doing something more than just fishing, though their poles remained in the water, it was clearly evident that Jack's pole was inside Jessica's cunt.

"Wait!" Darlene said grabbing my arm just before I began to head off in their direction. "Look!" she then whispered pointing in a slightly different direction.

Following her gaze I soon spotted mom and dad. They stood a short distance ahead of us, or rather dad was as he stood behind mom who was bent over, her hands resting on a fallen tree, using it for support as the two of them stood naked together, fucking.

"Wow!" Darlene giggled. "They're watching Jack and Jessica going at it!" Which they obviously were, with dad fucking mom in the exact same position that Jack was currently fucking our sister a few yards away down on the beach from where mom and dad remained hidden within the tree-line. We stood, my eyes going back and forth, watching two pairs of tits swinging to and fro as both mom and Jessica got fucked from behind, almost stroke for stroke as it appeared as we stood there watching them.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Darlene asked.

"I am now!" I told her, and quickly stepped out of my own shorts just as she did. Carefully and quietly, we made our way over to a nearby tree, where Darlene leaned forward against it, likewise bracing herself as I stepped up behind her and eased my now rock hard prick into her slick wet pussy.

"I wonder how long they've known?" Darlene asked.

"I think, probably longer than any of us realized they have," I told her. "Mom sort of eluded to that last night when she and I stood out on the porch together."

"That reminds me, just exactly what did mom thank you for anyway, and don't tell me it was for sharing a glass of orange juice with her either!"

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