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Linda Grant was home early for the first time in over a month. She was a nurse at the Community Hospital and the last six months had really been hectic on all the nurses. The company that owned the hospital was loosing money and had let several of the nurse's go. This had really put a burden on the ones that were left. Now that things had picked up a little, she had a long weekend to look forward to.

She hoped that Matt would be able to take off and they could go to the beach and spend a little time together. Matt's brother, Tim, had come to stay with them a month ago to take some summer classes that were available at the local college. Since that time they had not had the opportunity to be alone as much as she would have liked. It wasn't that Tim was any problem. Linda really thought a lot of her brother-in-law. He was kind of shy and spent most of his time in his room studying. She couldn't under stand why such a good-looking young man didn't date more. The girls were calling him everyday wanting him to go some where with them but he always declined. Instead of turning them away they just called him more often.

Their lack of time together had more to do with Matt than Tim. He was always working. He was a salesman with a computer company and was away from home a lot. In the three years since they had been married Linda had gotten use to spending several nights a week alone.

Linda was petite woman who only stood 5' 2" and weighted slightly over a hundred pounds. She was a beautiful young woman with her short blond hair and a patch of freckles that touched her nose. Her body was one that all men and quite a few women would turn to look at when she walked by. In her bikini her breasts were the first things men noticed. She knew that she was a pretty woman but she never acted like it. She had been a quite girl when she was in school and still didn't feel comfortable in large crowds.

Where she was short and blond, Matt was right the opposite. He was tall at 6'3 and weighted an even two hundred. He was an athlete in school and continued to workout after work each day. His wavy black hair and dark eyes melted every woman he met. He had his share of women ever since high school. It was understood then that if you had a date with Matt you were going to end up on you back before the night was over. He was like his father in that he was well endowed in the cock department. By the time he was 16 his cock had reached it's full size. Several of the more adventuresome girls had helped him measure it just to prove how big it was.

Linda was no exception when it came to Matt. He was two years ahead of her in school but when he first noticed her he set out to add her to his list. He took her virginity the first night she went with him. He not only looked good but he knew what to do with the giant cock hanging between his legs. Before that night was over he had her hooked for good. She loved the sex with him and even thought she knew that others knew she was fucking him she couldn't stop. Matt in the mean time continued to go out with other women. This brought about several fights between them. Actually she did the fighting and Matt just laughed at her and continued to screw around with others.

They were separated while he was away at college and her in Nursing school. They would meet sometimes on weekends when they happened to be home at the same time. Each time he had her stretched out on the back seat of his car before the night was over. She knew how he was but she could not make herself stay away from him, even when he had left some other woman to come to her. Unlike him, he was the only man to ever make love to her. When she saw him coming her cunt started to moisten. She wanted to be fucked just as much as he wanted her.

After they both graduated Matt asked her to marry him. There wasn't any doubt that he loved her. At least as much as he could love any one woman. His mother even talked to her before they married. "I want you to know what you will be letting yourself in for if you marry Matt. He may love you and take care of you, but you will never be the only woman in his life. I know because he is just like his father. Tom has had hundreds of women during our marriage. At first I use to scream and yell at him but it didn't help. Finally I made up my mind that if I wanted to stay with him I had to accept him the way he is. You will face the same decision."

Linda thought about it a long time before telling him she would marry him. All the time she was making up her mind he was still going out with other women. The night before they married he had her maid of honor in the back seat of his car.

It was hard for her to get use to the other women once they were married. For several weeks he was faithful to her. Then he had to go out of town and that started it all over. He didn't try to hide it from her. Several times when she would call his room a woman would answer and call him to the phone. For eight years this had been the way of life for her. When he was home he made love to her so many time that she would loose count of it. She had come to realize that what he had for her was more than any other man could give her. For the eight years of their marriage she had never been unfaithful to him. She had many opportunities at work and among their friends. He was all she needed. He just needed more than one woman could give him.


Then Tim moved in with them. Matt was glad to have his younger brother staying with them. Linda was also, as it gave her someone to talk to during the week when Matt was gone.

Tim was about the same size as Matt and had the same coloring. That was where the likeness stopped. Tim was shy and very seldom dated. When he did it was only for a few times. The girls were constantly calling him but he didn't go with any of them.

His mother called Linda and asked if Tim could stay with them during the summer. "Maybe if he is around you and Matt he may come out of his shell. I may not have a reason to worry, but after Tom and Matt I think he must have a problem. I even wonder if he might be gay."

Linda reassured her that she didn't think Tim was gay. He was just a little shy around other women. Around her he wasn't shy at all. After he moved in they spent a lot of time talking each night when she would finally get home from work.

Tim had finished his studies and had dinner fixed for her each night. Then they would sit around the pool and he would massage her tired feet. They usually took a late night swim before turning in for the night.


Linda didn't expect anyone to be home since she was early. She opened the door to the rambling ranch type house and walked into the den. She kicked off her shoes and pulled the blouse of her uniform out of her skirt and started unbutton it as she walked to her room. It was then that she heard a noise coming from Tim's room down the hall.

She wondered if Tim had come home early and for a moment she was disappointed that she wasn't going to have a little time alone. She walked on down the hall and his door was only half closed. What she saw she would never forget. Tim was on the bed on his back and a young naked girl had his cock in her mouth. It wasn't the first time she had seen someone having sex. What caught her eye was the huge cock the girl had her lips wrapped around. He was at least a couple of inches larger that Matt and when the girl moved her head away she saw that he was uncircumcised.

She could not bring herself to turn away. She watched as the young girl released his cock and moved up over him. She wondered how the girl was going to be able to take all of him in her little cunt. Then the most unusual thing she had ever heard of happened. His cock went soft like a tire when the air is let out of it. The girl tried all she could but it just would not come up again.

The girl climbed off and started dressing while Tim was telling her how sorry he was that this happened. She didn't feel sorry for him and didn't say a word as she stomped her way out of the house.

Linda only had a second to duck back into her room before the girl came out. As she pushed her door closed she could see in her mind that big beautiful cock as it collapsed. How could something like this happen to such a young and health man? As a nurse she had heard of a lot things but this was a first.

She could hear him throwing things around his room in disgust. She wanted to go to him and comfort him but she knew that he must really be embarrassed. She would leave him alone for the time being and maybe he would come to her for help since she was a nurse and the problem must be medical.


Matt did make it home early and they spent a day and night at the beach. He made love to her several times during the day and into the night. She wondered how he could always get a hard anytime he wanted. He never fell to make her climax whether he was fucking her or eating her wet cunt. The man was unreal.

As they were lying in bed after one of their lovemaking, she brought up Tim. She told him what she had seen, leaving out how large his cock was. "He was hard until the girl started to mount him. Then he went soft at once. Maybe you might need to have a talk with him."

"I can't have a talk like that with my brother. It would embarrass him to know I knew he has a problem. You are the nurse why don't you talk to him?"

"Just how am I to go about telling him I know about his problem?"

"Maybe he will just tell you if you let him know that you are there to help."

The rest of that day each time Matt's hard cock starting to enter her blond cunt she thought of Tim and his big cock that couldn't stay up.


Monday was an off day for her, but Matt was back on the road and would be gone until the end of the week. Tim had not stayed around them much, electing to stay alone in his room.

Linda had spent a restless night worrying about Tim. She could tell that he was really bothered about what had happened. She wished that she could just tell him she knew about it and then maybe she could get him some professional help.

By lunch on Monday he still hadn't come out of his room. She knew that he had classes that morning and that he had skipped them. She decided to take matters into her own hands. She went to his room and knocked on his door. "Tim, are you all right?"

It took a while before he answered and she was about to knock again. "I'm alright just didn't feel like getting up this morning."

"Open the door. I am getting ready to take a swim. Would you like to join me at the pool?"

Tim was dressed but he was lying across the bed. He didn't want to face anyone now, but the thought of his sister-in-law in her bikini was enough to change his mine. "Sure, let me get my suit on and I'll be right there."

Linda went to her room to change into her suit. The suit she usually wore when Tim was around was kind of conservative compared to the one she wore when it was just she and Matt. She knew how good she looked in either of them. She chose to wear the more revealing one. If Tim was depressed then this ought to help bring him out of it.

She was already in the pool by the time he came out. She watched as he dropped his towel and dove into the water with her. She had noticed how well built he was before but now she paid more attention. The bulge in his suit confirmed what she already knew about the size of his cock. She wondered just how she was going to approach him about his problem. Finally she decided to just let nature take its course. If it came up then she would see what she could do to get him some help.

Tim had a crush on her since before Matt married her. He often masturbated with her the center of his thoughts. Being in the pool with her without Matt being around was a turn on in it's self. He knew about Matt and his father and all the women that they had. He wondered why his mother and Linda put up with them.

The water was refreshing to him and soon they were horsing around. He was standing up in the water about waist deep when she surprised him by jumping on his back and ducking him. Before he realized what he was doing he twisted over and grabbed her and pulled her under with him. What it took him a moment to notice was that he had one of her tits in his hands, and the top of her suit was up around her neck. Both of her tits were naked to his bulging eyes. He had seen her in her suit before and a lot of flesh would be showing, but now he was treated to both her beautiful breasts naked only inches from his face.

He quickly removed his hand from her tit but not before Linda felt it. She came up spitting and sputtering trying to catch a breath of fresh air. It was a moment before she realized that she was standing before him with both breasts exposed to him. It was his eyes staring at her that made her look down and see her top was off. Her first thought was to cover them but she was surprised to find she got a trill out of him looking at her.

She slowly pulled the top back down to cover them without turning away from him. "Did you do that on purpose?"

Tim started turning red, "No, it just happened when you jumped on me. I'm sorry for touching you like that but it was an accident."

Linda could see how embarrassed he was. "No problem, I'm sure that you have seen better ones on your girlfriends."

"I haven't seen anyone that looks as good as you." He blushed when he realized what he had said.

"I know you didn't do it on purpose, I just kind of wish you had."

Tim was shocked when Linda told him that. He never expected to hear words like that come out of her mouth. He was even more shocked when she moved toward him and turned her back to him. "If you would like to see more you can unsnap the top."

He had daydreamed many times of just something like this happing. Now that it was he was almost afraid to act.

She just stood before him without saying anything else. It was his move to make, if he didn't act then she would just pretend that she was joking. Slowly she felt his hands as they move on her back. His fingers fumbled as they released the snaps that held her top on. When the snaps were loose he pulled them down her arms and tossed it on the deck. He put his hands on her naked shoulders to turn her to face him. Linda could feel her cunt turning to water just from the touch on his hands. He reached his hands around her waist and pulled her back against his hard body.

She could feel his cock pressing against her firm ass cheeks and it turned her on even more. She reached for his hands that he had on her waist and brought them up to her beautiful firm breasts. She held his hands in hers as she moved them across her nipples and stroked each tit until the nipple was rock hard.

She didn't feel any guilt at all for the way she was feeling about her young brother-in-law. Thought she had never been with any other man other than Matt, she knew that this one could take her places she had never been. She continued to guide his hands over her tits. It felt so good to have her breasts stroked so gently.

She guided his hands until he was doing most of it on his on. She let him caress them for several minutes while the heat in her cunt continued to increase. When he didn't make any farther move she took his hands and slid them down across her naked stomach. When she reached the top of her bikini bottoms she pushed his hands down under the waistband.

The feel of his fingers in her suit cause her to catch her breath. They were mere inches from her hot cunt. She knew that he could feel the heat even though they were standing in the cool water. She held her breath waiting for him to move forward on his own.

She didn't have to wait long as he moved both hands to cup her cunt. With one hand he parted the lips of her cunt and with the other his finger played with her clit and the opening to her cunt. She was ready to fuck and she wanted him. She slid her hands down and slid the bottom of her suit down until she could step out of it. She spread her legs to give him room to stroke her cunt. It was feeling so good to be naked with this strong young man. That he was her husband's brother just added to the excitement.

She turned in his arms and reached her arms around his neck. She pulled his willing mouth down to hers in a passionate kiss that brought his cock up even harder. She didn't break the kiss but she dropped her hands to the waist on his suit and pushed it off. She had trouble getting it over his hard cock. When it finally cleared his cock it spring up against her naked stomach. She brought both hands and tried to wrap them around his huge cock but her fingers just weren't long enough.

"Come on," she said. Taking him by the hand she led him from the pool to one of the lounge chairs. She pushed him down on his back then backed up so she could really get a good look at his cock. She remembered how huge it looked when she saw him before. Now it looked even bigger standing so close to him. "I hope I am not doing something that you don't want to do."

He had been in a trance since she had first started in the pool. Now that he could see all of her splendid body he wanted to fuck her more than any girl he had ever been with. He said, "You or so beautiful and I have wanted you for what seems like forever, but never thought my dreams would come true. I can't get enough just looking at you."

"You don't have to just look. You can touch are do anything you like with me. I think we can really be good for each other."

"What about Matt, what would he say?"

"You know about Matt and all his women. For all these years I have let him do what he liked now I am going to do what I like. I want to feel that huge cock slide in my pussy. I want you to fuck me until I cry uncle. We have the rest on the week before Matt gets home. I think we can get to know each other pretty well in that time."

All the time she was talking she had been running her fingers up and down his cock. He was so hard that she just had to feel him in her. She remembered what had happened with his girlfriend but as hard as his cock was now she just could not see it going soft on her.

Linda stepped across his body with her cunt up against his mouth. Tim didn't have any reservation about burying his tongue in her wet cunt. He licked her until she could stand it no more. She raised up off his mouth and moved down his body. She could feel his cock and it was still standing up hard and firm. She leaned over and once again kissed his lips, letting her tongue do battle with his.

While she was still kissing him she reached for his cock and guided it to her cunt. When she had the head at her opening she started lowering her cunt down on it. The moment he touched her cunt all the hardness went out of his cock. She could not believe what had just happened. She started to say something but she remembered the other girl and how she had acted. She just sat down where his cock should have been and leaned over and kissed him again.

Tim was embarrassed again. She was the one woman that he had always wanted to fuck and his cock betrayed him again. "I'm so sorry. It has happened again."

Before she could say anything he pushed her off and ran toward the house. Linda didn't know just what to say or do. She wanted to go to him but didn't know if she should. She went into the house and dressed. She didn't see anything of Tim but the door to his room was closed. She finished dinner and went to his room to get him. She knocked but he didn't answer. She tried the door and it wasn't locked. She opened the door and he was setting on the side of the bed with his head in his hands.

She went to him. "I have dinner ready, come on and eat."

"I'm not hungry."

"Come on anyway. We have a lot to talk about. You don't think that I am going to give up this easy when I have finally got the nerve to fuck another man? Not just another man, but one I really want."

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