Family Highs


I met her three months ago in a perfectly respectable hotel bar on the outskirts of town. It was a sunny day and everyone was in good spirits and Carol came to the bar to order three meals from a barman I'd been idly shooting the breeze with and we exchanged smiles as she ordered before she turned and made her way back to who I would find out was her daughter Lindsay and friend, Janice.

Carol was a forty two year old divorcee, pretty in a mumsy sort of way if you like, but beneath the facade you just knew there was something hidden beneath her thin, full length summer skirt that hadn't caught my attention half as much as the yellow summer top that, being only slightly see-thru, hinted at a full size bra almost overflowing with what must be D-cup breasts if they were an inch!

The second time she came up to buy a drink, she stood closer as the place was filling with after work drinkers in their suits and I stood out like a sore thumb in my shorts and T-shirt that had seen many better days, but heck, it's the summer for goodness sake!

Anyway, as soon as I mentioned that she might like to try a cool refreshing drink the like I was trying for the first time, she almost shot over to be at my side and asked just what it was.

That was it really, we had a chuckle over stupidity and taking a chance and because it was warm and I equate warm with I might have a chance, we soon exchanged numbers and a few nights later I picked her up and enjoyed a pleasant evening at the cinema and over a couple of post movie beers and wines before we headed off home.

Laura, her eldest daughter, was still up when we got in, slouched over the sofa, her long messy brown hair down across what I would come to learn was her de rigour outfit of oversized jumper and grungy jeans. She was in her final year at Uni, wouldn't you know.

Sensing that her mom might just want to be alone with me, she made damn sure she hung around long enough for me to get the picture, so I cleared off after a long hallway kiss during which I managed to stoke the side of those quite amazing 38D tits without even a sniff of complaint and I was off into the night with a face-full of cherry red lippy smeared across my lascivious mug.

Next time we met was far more productive. Carol and I had been sending some pretty raunchy texts in the interim and I knew she was ready for more; all I needed to do now was gauge exactly how much.

To be honest, I was in no rush. I'd bumped into an ex girlfriend a few weeks back who informed me that she was due to be married in he next few weeks, but the sight of me had reminded her of her soon to be hubby's lack of real sexual experience, as well as poor endowment and we'd had a few nice relaxing afternoons while I reacquainted her with little Johnny, and she texted him between sessions not knowing how long her meeting would be and one of which included the hilarious line about her not getting back quickly; as she'd 'had her hands full' at that moment. Fortunately she didn't put, 'of cock' at the time. Lol.

Anyway, although Lindsay, her youngest was fine with me, Laura; her eldest, was still being a pain in the arse. The only way to get around this was to invite her over to my place and she arrived in a very demure looking silk blouse and pencil skirt which didn't really stand a chance and son ended up on the back of the sofa.

Underneath the sensible stuff though was......WOW! Some seriously sexy undies of a full cup black lace bra, under-wired to present those beauties for my intense scrutiny, and I nuzzled her neck and plucked the heavy shoulder straps with my teeth as I unzipped her skirt to reveal a similar lace corset cinched in at the waist with six broad suspender straps holding up lace top stockings. She looked amazing and I quickly pulled her down onto the couch to enjoy her soft curves and tempting body.

Some time later, after she'd leaked all over the new sheets I'd just about remembered to change; she lay in my arms and slowly brought her breathing back under control. She also wouldn't let go of my cock. If she said 'that's mine now' once, she said it twenty times, which was scary, I mean, I'm gonna need to pee at some time, but it appeared that aside from her ex, all she'd had since was one guy who hardly ever turned up and another who while incredibly attentive, was hopeless in bed and so small that he kept falling out of her juicy pussy.

Luckily I didn't have that problem and her face had lit up at my 'dong' as she insisted upon calling it and stated quite categorically that it was longer at rest that her ex had been hard and turned on.

Obviously those comments can get a guy quite big headed and both of mine quickly did again as I instructed her to get on her hands and knees this time so I could enter her from behind.

She wasn't sure about this as she said it made her fell like a dog and she'd never agreed to it with anybody else before.

I suppose we could have debated the ins and outs of that all day, so I settled it my own way as I slapped her ass and dragged her up, and whether it was the sound of my voice growling lustfully at her leaking, slippery pussy, or the sight of nine inches of hard muscle insisting upon a nice soft love tunnel to stretch out again; I don't know, but as she yelped from the slap and her ass cheek reddened she quickly scurried into position where I knelt between her knees and rubbed my cock head against the gusset of her saturated panties that I'd insisted she kept on for her first time. Don't ask me why, but I like a woman to realise that her knickers are no protection from me and that I can take her whenever I damn well please. What can I say; I'm a horny bugger sometimes.

With that thought already implanted, I place both of my hot palms on the cheeks of her butt and slowly slid them around to her panty-band, hooking my thumbs into the sides and telling her it was time they came off and she exposed herself fully to me.

The shudder of lust that engulfed her body at that moment was wonderful to behold and she even said a timid, 'yes sir', as I eased them down her thighs and told her to lift a knee as I pulled the soaked silk off her right leg and back up around her left thigh.

And there she was, still gaping and weeping juices from our first session and I laid the swollen purple glans against her thick pussy lips and rubbed it into the gloopy liquid sex and up into the downy fur around her ass.

This was a real woman, nicely trimmed down there but not like some child-like hairless Barbie doll that is all the rage these days. She had a good shape and would have about a size 14 figure, an ass that wobbled as I'd smacked it, broad thighs without any real evidence of cellulite that I could see and had a great sexual scent that wafted up from her hole and filled my nostrils with desire for more of that hot juicy hole.

I think she was of the same mind, because totally out of character for her so far; she pushed her hips back toward me and gasped, "Push that massive cock into me for God's sake."

I can't say I didn't smile, but just rubbed the leaking head up toward her little ass hole and squeezed out a droplet of pre-cum that oozed out of me and she flinched as she felt the thin goo find that pretty brown star and fill it with my sex juice.

"Please, not there.........not yet." She almost begged.

I stroked her flank and said quietly, "You're not ready for that yet baby." As I allowed the weight of my cock drag back down to where she really needed it and once again nudged her swollen outer lips apart and settled the head into her slit until it stalled naturally at the tighter inner lips of her tender love hole.

Now she desperately bucked against it herself, until the head eventually broke through again, and I always find it amazing how a woman goes back, and even gets tighter after a sex session. One very sensuous lady I knew said it was something to do with nature, that a woman tightens up to hold as much semen as possible and give her the best chance of getting pregnant. It's an interesting theory that I enjoy testing.

As soon as the head broke though, she gasped and growled with pleasure as her orgasm gripped her and she shuddered and collapsed face first onto the bed. It's just lucky she has those big tits to cushion her fall. She'd worried about them being on show so far, and all I'd done was ease down her shoulder straps to expose that wonderful flesh. They hadn't seemed saggy to me but you know how women can be and her aureoles' had been taut with thick, if not long nipples, which suited me just fine.

In fact it's time for them to come out and play and I reached up her back as she slowly recovered and unclasped her bra, pulling it off her as she lay still and offered no resistance.

Back on the clock, I told her I was going to shape her the way I liked it, and she looked back nervously at first until I explained that all I meant was that I wanted her on her hands and knees with her ass as high as she could get it, her back arched, and her head high and proud of her femininity.

This seemed to go down well with her and I soon took her past her point of pleasure again as she collapsed in a heap, her pussy relieving itself of the pressure with little spurts as the tight seal was broken and air was released, but this time I didn't let up and carried on humping my cock deep into her body, all the time telling her I was going to be pumping thick, hot seed deep into her womb and I hoped she had very strong birth control because she was going to be awash with my heavy cum any second.

Well she just kept cumming after that from what evidence I could see, and she wasn't getting back up which set me off again and sure enough her second of three helpings of thick cum that day was pumped into her tummy and she learnt that day that a woman's panties are merely for cleaning the mess up from her love hole and her pretty face.

So, a few months and much much sex later, Carol had dropped a dress size and developed into a tighter, sexually athletic forty-something whose eyes sparkled and features glowed with health. Another thing that happens, and I have to say on a personal level I always enjoy seeing, is the way a woman's lips thicken and pout in direct correlation with their pussy lips that I knew now sat moist and heavy and mostly enveloped her much tinier panties that I had insisted she wore.

This hadn't gone down at all well with Miss Prim Laura though and her scowls and dark looks followed every bloody move I made. Especially annoying were her dramatic sighs every time she caught us kissing and on a couple of occasions my hand inside her mommy's top or skirt.

I also couldn't swear to it, but I was almost positive now that she'd watched us in action a few weeks ago as I'd taken Carol from behind in bed, and just to cheer her up a little more had moved slightly aside so she could get a full clear view of her mothers distended snatch, as her pussy lips clung wetly and stretched around my own thicker and longer cock. Honestly, this woman was doing wonders for me!

One evening we were watching a programme the women had insisted upon boring me to death with, which featured sundry women, blacked out to protect their identities, complaining about the admittedly shameful treatment they'd received from ex boyfriends and the like.

One of them was banging on about how he'd blacked her eyes, kicked her about, you name it and Carol and Laura were rapt, tutting and gasping and slagging off guys like I wasn't even there.

For some stupid reason, I decided to butt into their convo with a jokey comment that went something along the lines of, 'Yeah but I bet he only beat her so hard because he loves her so much'.

It didn't go down well.

Laura looked at me like I was Jack the Ripper or similar and even Carol stated that I couldn't mean or condone what her man had done to her.

Not being one to back down too easily, I mentioned that some women needed correcting sometimes, because they've had some bloke who's either spoiled them rotten or allowed them to run them ragged.

This started quite a heavy debate into how big a bastard I actually am and was brought to an abrupt stop as I mentioned that yes, I had hit women myself.

I explained that rather that beating them around the head though, or marking or kicking them in any way, I did it the good old fashioned way, with my hand across their backsides.

This was met with shock from Carol and aggression from Laura who stopped slouching in the armchair and sat bolt upright and ready to take me on.

Again I explained that the best, if not the only place to beat a woman, if you really needed to, was on her bottom, as it is the most protected and padded area of anyone.

So I was asked multiple questions then, of who I'd done this to and forced to recount the three women who had felt my hand and even my belt in the case of one lady who had gone completely off the handle. In all cases it had worked and they'd stopped acting like ruined kids.

The women listened agog as I'd explained this, especially over the married lady who I had had an affair with who had taken a severe spanking, so much so that her useless hubby even asked her why she insisted on lying on the floor that evening, unaware that his lovely wife was unable to sit down properly, as well as being full of cum.

The other was a lady who had relentlessly badgered me about my having sex with her friend. I was completely innocent of this, but she wasn't having it. I'd even said, 'wouldn't she have dumped me if she knew I was shafting her friend?'

But it didn't wash. I eventually had to take her in hand and spanked her with six of the best, which as I explained to the ladies; don't start until the woman receiving is in position to take my hand. She later took the belt which finally quieted her.

Carol was dumb-struck.

Laura was not, and immediately began almost screaming about my being like a caveman and a woman beater and pervert! Standing up and storming over to where she loomed over me in her oversized, ribbed jumper and scruffy jeans, she was red-in-the-face furious and I don't know why I did it but something just snapped in me and I leant forward grabbed two handfuls of those baggy jeans and pulled down hard.

For a long second time appeared to stop, but I reacted quicker than both women, for as a shocked Laura bent to pull up her jeans I used her own forward momentum to pull her over onto the couch, slid my left hand up her jumper and grabbed the back strap of her bra, holding her steady as I growled that: 'I'd just about had enough of her stupid, spoiled bloody antics!'

As you might imagine, she kicked and wriggled like a maniac, until I rained three heavy smacks across her bum cheeks which shocked her rigid and I warned her, any more wriggling and she'd get more than she bargained for. I needed to get control quickly as I'd noticed that while her mother was ignoring her pleas for now, I couldn't count on that staying the same for too much longer.

As her white cotton panties, which had rolled down a little with her jeans, exposed the first hint crack of her ass; I pulled up one side at a time after brushing away her mother's feeble attempts to make her daughter decent and hitched them over her sharp hip-bones, making sure they gathered enough to bunch into a thong that I pulled tight between those reddening little ass-cheeks of hers.

Again she wriggled and I saw her mascara smeared around her eyes as her tears flowed freely now, but at last she'd stopped screaming, so it was a start. It was now imperative that I stopped her frantic wriggling and kicking, so I slapped her thin thighs a few times, hard. That, I have been assured, hurts a damn sight more than on the bum and I made it clear to her that I wasn't taking any more kicking and any more resistance would be met by heavier repercussions from me.

Three slaps later her wriggles had subsided but her mom was beginning to tap my shoulder and mutter quietly about not hurting her.

I just looked at her for a long moment as she began to tell me what I saw in her face, that her girl had had enough and I was just beginning to fathom how I could control and sort them both out, when I was saved by Lindsay, who chose that moment to come down from her room to see what was happening and her mother quickly rose and ushered the younger girl out.

'Now then Laura, you're doing well now.' I said firmly. 'But to spank you I need you to assume that position I told you about sweetheart, so come on, get your ass in the air ......'

She merely wailed, but low now, and I think she was worried that mom was out of the room.

Come on Laura, I need you to arch your back and push your bum as high as you can into the air. Now!' I said, and gave her a sharp slap on the bum to get her started.

I have to say; she was game, and it took another three of four whacks to get her to obey. But sure enough, by the time Carol reappeared with the unstoppable Lindsay still in attendance and peering over her shoulder at her sister's distressed state, Laura, fair play to her, had made her shape and held her position so well that I quietly praised her as she kept her bum exactly where I wanted it. So, placing the heel of my right hand on her little ass cheek, I quietly encouraged her to arch herself just a little more so that she could reduced her sentence to 'four of the best', as a reward for her efforts and for giving me such a splendid view of her tender pussy, clearly outlined now against the thin cotton of her panties.

So, pushing her body deeper into the cushions on the couch, Carol and her sister looked on astonished as the family firebrand arched herself and pushed that little bum so it fitted neatly into the palm of my hand and I smiled up at mother and daughter as my fingers curled around to hold her left bum-cheek while the tips of my fingers lay evenly down the length of her panty-covered pouting slit.

Her mother had a full view of this but if she had any misgivings about it, she kept them to herself and Laura only murmured when my hand left her body and came down as softly as I could make it upon her firm young bottom, the palm connecting first then the fingers ending on her tight pussy which made her jump a little but not in any bad way.

Three more times and she was through, so I told Carol to go fetch a tube of Salve Cream that I'd noticed in her bathroom cabinet some time ago and I knew would help with the sting. Laura lay still now, my controlling hand having long since left her bra strap and as Carol arrived with the cream I lifted her bodily up onto my lap where she clung to me and sobbed quietly onto my shoulder as her mother applied the cool cream the way I had ordered her to, gently, and to massage it slowly into her little ass and tender thighs.

Remaining strict, I told Laura to lift her arms as I pushed up the old jumper and appraised her to her mother. 'Carol, she's got a beautiful little figure, you should be really proud of her. In fact, I want you to take her shopping tomorrow, you know what I like, get her some new underwear that sets her off better.

'Okay,' said Carol carefully, 'but what sort? She's only ever wanted plain cotton before.....I mean, I don't want to get in trouble.' She giggled nervously.

I looked at Laura then and smiled as I raised my eyebrow and said: "Would tiny things just about sum it up from now on?"

'Very tiny, and see-through if you'd like.' She smiled back tearfully.

'Oh I think we'd both like that, wouldn't we sweetheart?" I asked Carol, who appeared caught between emotions. 'But in the meantime, while you're down there baby, there's a big thick cock in my trousers that needs some attention from your sexy mouth.'

Carol was aghast, but I think she knew her own fate lay across my lap if she chose to argue, and she knew there'd be no help from Laura now, those days were gone, so just seconds later her pouting lips fastened around the throbbing head of my cock and she gagged as I pushed her head down playfully, and much to the amused delight of the lovely Laura, who like the reappearing Lindsay, eagerly watched their mothers intense work.

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