tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFamily Highs Carol's Account

Family Highs Carol's Account


I'd spotted him as soon as he'd walked in the bar. Good looking; even if he was inappropriately under-dressed for this quite smart establishment, I'd thought. He was of medium build, above average height, short-ish brown hair and the beginnings of a tan, caught from the first decent sunshine we'd encountered during this atrocious alleged summer of ours.

Passing our table, he'd smiled down at us and Janice, my friend, knocked her knee against mine beneath the table and grinned devilishly at me, wiggling her eyebrows as he made his way to the bar.

I knew that I'd blushed slightly at him, a reaction not helped by Lindsay, my youngest daughter, who blatantly swiveled around to see what we were looking at and I was relieved that the guy had resumed chatting to the barman and had luckily missed her overt gawping.

I don't know why, but the more I looked at him, relaxed back on the bar stool, a knee against the counter rail as he rocked slowly, and dangerously I thought, back and forth; the more I was intrigued by him. Eventually I heard him ask the barman, who was getting busier and less able to gossip, (and they make out it's us women!) for the day's newspaper; and then sat quietly studying it, while I took longer and more frequent sips of my drink, eventually announcing to the girls that 'I'd go get another round before we ate.'

Janice and Lindsay swapped a knowing stare, and my friend even called after me that, 'surely it was her turn.' but I was already on my way.

Wouldn't you know it, he was so engrossed in the paper that he never even saw me until it was too late and I received my change from the barman before he looked up and we exchanged smiles. Damn!

According to Janice though, he'd kept his eyes on me all the way as I rejoined the girls, probably watching my own overt wiggling, though why I decided to do such a school-girlish thing like that I'll never know.

I'd hardly got my bum back on the stool before Jan' nudged me and he got down from his own perch and made for the bathroom.

Ding dong, giggled Lindsay and Janice almost in unison as he strolled out of the room and I frowned at them as my friend, who could hardly believe that I'd not seen what she had noticed from the first sight of him, cackled along with my daughter.

'Oh come on Carol, you're not that much of a goody-two-shoes,' she giggled.

"I honestly don't know what you mean." I'd pleaded.

"Oh come on mom," chuckled Lindsay, "I've only seen him once and it's obvious."

"Shhh shh he's back." They twittered and now I saw what the giggles had been about.

"You two are terrible," I said reprovingly and colouring up. I also found myself looking over again, wanting to confirm what I think I saw but he had his back to us again now and I was annoyed to see Lindsay slip off her stool and go fetch the menus off the bar, something I would have liked to have done

"That's why he's wearing long shorts," tittered Janice who was having a high old time of it.

"You don't think it could really be that long, do you?" I gasped, "I mean it was half way down his thigh."

"Well, why don't you find out?" she smiled and added: "Carol if I wasn't married I'd be trying to find out myself."

"OMG," giggled Lindsay as she rejoined us, and he looked back over his shoulder at her outburst and I saw him check out her legs and bum before he noticed my stare and we swapped another awkward albeit brief smile, before turning away at the same moment.

"Come on," said Lindsay, "Let's go sit outside, we're wasting sunlight in here," she pouted.

So off we went, but not before I insisted upon ordering the food, and as the girls chuckled I made my way to the bar.

Standing alone this time, he was still oblivious and chatting to the guy behind the bar about stupid football or something, then laughing loudly over some stunt they were performing with what appeared to be a bottle of chilli-sauce.

"Bloody hell!" he exclaimed to no-one in particular, until his eyes came to rest upon me.

As the guy from behind the bar took my order, he lifted a French fry on his fork, grinned, and said: "Don't let him talk you into the chilli-sauce."

"Is it hot?" I smiled, not really knowing what else to say. Of COURSE it's bloody hot Carol! I admonished myself.

"Well not as hot as you, of course," he grinned that disarming grin again. "But you can give it a try if you're feeling brave enough?"

Well to my own indecent shame, I was over there before he'd finished the sentence and the sauce was indeed very hot, but not as hot as my face as he'd wrapped an arm about my waist and said he'd catch me if I fainted.

I didn't faint, but I was completely aware of his big hand under my rib-cage and I was aware of his male scent at almost the same moment as he inhaled deeply and said:

"My goodness, you smell lovely. What is that you're wearing?" and got so close to my neck, I almost felt his nose against my bare shoulder.

"It's La-Lique," I said at last, happy that his attention was on my neck and breasts which felt like they would break my bra; they were heaving so much. Luckily they were well encased, had I been wearing what my eldest daughter Laura wears, they would surely have broken free by now. Oh my, why did I suddenly wish I was in a smaller bra? I needed to get back to my friend and daughter, and quickly.

They were both soaking up rays on the patio by the time I got back outside, their skirts raised around their thighs, legs up on the wall.

"How did you get on?" said Janice before I'd even sat down.

"Oh, okay." I said demurely.

"Carol, your colour's up from your cleavage to your forehead, you're not fooling me."

"Not in front......" I whispered, nodding toward Lindsay.

"She's a teenager, babe, check out her ears."

And I saw that fortunately, within her ears sat the buds of her i-pod and I relaxed and leant back toward my friend. "He's had my number, we're going out for the evening."

"Hmmm you lucky lady."

"Not just for that...."

"Yeah, I believe you," she smiled, "What did you think of it?"

"Oh God Janice, I think he must have something in his pocket, he looks huge!"

Our first dates went really well, he was funny and suggestive and the kisses we shared were deeper and far more passionate than I'd ever shared with my ex-hubby. In fact, I have to admit, my tummy had had butterflies from the moment I met him, culminating in some underwear that I didn't dare leave in the linen basket in case my nosey daughters should see the state of my heavily stained and saturated panties.

Lindsay was still fine about him, nicknaming him Mr Big and Mr Shaft and King Dong and so on, and much to my eldest's discomfort and irritation. In fact Laura had been about as rude to him as she could possibly be, not that he allowed it to ruin our relationship in any way and took it all in good part, mentioning that it could be down to her fearing that he might try to impose himself upon her as some kind of 'surrogate dad' or similar.

I'd done well on our first two dates to keep him at bay, but on our third date, he had dodged the Laura bullet and invited me to his place for a very tasty meal he cooked himself and as soon as the dishes and a bottle of Merlot had vanished I was feeling relaxed, tingly and ready to battle for my modesty.

It was to be a short, doomed affair, as it felt like only seconds before he had peeled my dress away, which left me in my underwear, which tonight consisted of silk panties, a matching corset and suspenders frilled with lace and matching full-cup, under-wired lace bra through which he teased my nipples with his teeth before slipping down my shoulder straps and revealing my breasts for his full attention.

In the past I have always been a 'lights out' and missionary position type of lady, but this was new to me, being stripped slowly of my clothes by a guy who was blowing my mind, and I was glad now that I chose my sexiest undies. I'd really wanted to show myself off to him, I really wanted to please him and I really wanted that huge bulge in his jeans to be mine.

I didn't have long to wait.

Kissing me deeply, he pulled back, kissed the tip of my nose, my eyelids and back to my nose before leaning back and pulling off his black turtle-neck sweater and unfastening his jeans button by button and I felt my jaw weigh heavily as he eased them down revealing that unlike me, he wore no underwear and it felt like he was pulling those jeans down all night as he slowly revealed nine and a bit inches of thick, veiny cock.

I was shocked at my own thoughts, but having been used to five inches for my entire love life, I was captivated by him as he eased off the stupid jeans and knelt back down before me, his hugeness swaying heavily from side to side before he lay the glans on my black panties, and I watched rapt as a thick droplet of his pre-cum leaked out and stained the material before I realised that he was speaking to me:

"Do you like it sweetheart?"

"Oh my, it looks so wonderful." I gasped and almost felt like crying before I dipped a finger into his essence and looking at him almost for permission to handle his giant shaft, he took my hand and place it upon that throbbing, evil looking organ.

Lifting it, I felt the weight of the thing in my palm, while his eyes devoured my heavily swaying breasts and his hands curled around my pantie band as he gruffly ordered me to lift my bum. Or 'sexy ass', as he put it and he eased the material against my throbbing slit, bunching it and rubbing the silk and cotton against my clit before easing my panties aside and replacing my gusset with his huge, engorged bell-end. Where were these words coming from, I'd never said 'bell end' ever to my ex.

Dipping it into me, he coated himself in my juices. I was so wet that I worried he might think I'd urinated, but his eyes shone and he smiled at me and told me 'how pretty' I looked down there, 'pussy juices and lots of thick pussy cream', he'd said just above a whisper. Now no-one had ever said I had a pretty pussy before and as I realised he knew just what he was looking at, I swooned again as I felt a rush of new pussy juices pour from my tummy to thank him.

Dipping his cock in again, I felt more pressure this time, and it was pressure that had no intention of receding.

Wow! This was amazing. Even after two children he was having to push and I was beginning to panic before I felt his hand stroke my hair and helped me concentrate on his voice as he told me to relax before; whoosh! He was in! and Oh WOW the orgasm I'd been trying so hard to control fairly burst through the dam and took me onto another plain.

He must have been equally turned on, for as my pussy contracted and clung to his manhood, I swore I felt his seed rush up that thick shaft, only moments before it began pumping deep into my tummy.

I don't know how long I was out of it. Gasping and cumming even after he'd withdrawn, I lay like a rag doll my pussy throbbing, my breasts heaving so much I felt the need to cup them and squeeze the soft flesh that felt so tender and sensitive in my hands. As for my lover, well he just leant back and wiped that beautiful thick weapon of lust all over my panties and corset, down my thick suspender straps and over my lace stocking tops. This was my first experience of my underwear being used by a man purely for his own benefit, to clean his shaft.....and I was thrilled by it.

In what felt like an hour but was in reality only fifteen minutes, his mouth met mine once more and kissing me gently he patted my thigh and lifted me slightly, telling me at the same time that: 'it was time for some more.'

I was never going to argue, but this time he said he wanted me on my hands and knees, my bottom in the air for him, and I began to worry. I'd never enjoyed this position, feeling that it demeaned a woman somehow, making me feel like a dog, or a bitch on heat.

He was having none of this argument of course, and turned me over so that my bum was on show and he peeled down my sopping panties, took them off my right leg and slid them back up to my left thigh slipping them under my suspenders to hold them in place. When I told Janice about this treatment over coffee a few days later, it gave me much enjoyment watching as she gnawed her bottom lip and squeezed her thighs together under her pretty frock.

Now it was time for my man to take me again, and as he ordered me to push my bum toward him, I felt that huge, angry cock slide across my left bum cheek and roll into the slippery, gooey hole that was my pussy. Shuddering with lust now, I pushed back harder and frantically swore at him to enter me, but he was in control and he merely slapped that meaty shaft heavily into the wetness that almost sounded like a splash it was just soooo good.

Smacking my bum, he brought me back round and wrapping a handful of my hair into his fist, he eased my head back and ran his other hand across my taut throat, instructing me to; 'hold my head high' as he wanted to see me, 'proud of my body, proud of my figure, proud of my big, heavy tits and tight, swollen pussy, but most of all, I should revel in my being the kind of woman who could fill him with such desire and radiate such amazing femininity'.

All of this was growled into my ear before his right hand slid slowly back down along the curves of my body, to my bottom where he hooked his thumb into my slit and released a build-up of cum, mixed with his spunk which he just knew I had been boiling up and which poured quickly down my right thigh and into my stocking tops.

Moving his hand back up to the small of my back, he held my corset, and then moved up to finally release my bra and thankfully allow my breasts to be completely free. That done, he slid his weapon into my pussy slit once again, the thick, sopping noises from down there turning me on even more as he bathed his glans and moved it up to my tiny virgin bum hole.

This time I really was scared, especially when I felt his fierce cock force apart my bum cheeks and deposit a wad of pre-cum directly into what I am now fabulously aware of is my; 'ass-pussy'. He still doesn't force that on me though, he knows the thought of him taking me is more than enough to drive me crazy, but at the time, I felt my little bum flex and I almost apologetically whimpered:

"Please not there, not yet."

Man that he is, he just smiled down at me and said, "You're not ready for that yet, baby."

Which at the time I thought was amazing of him, and frankly, while I don't know what will happen in future, if any man is to take my anal virginity, it is going to be this one.

Seconds later that quandary was forgotten however, as his length penetrated me again and I held my shape for him as long as my first orgasm, which ripped through me for the next fifteen minutes of heavy sex, which was as long as I could take it at the time without feeling discomfort.

This time, post coital, he took my panties away from me and held them against my stretched out, distended pussy lips as he lifted me up by my hair and thick wads of spunk and pussy cream emptied out into gusset which he then held to my mouth and allowed me to feed upon.

I was in no mood to say no, and I greedily sucked on the silk to gain his approval and equally get as much nourishment from them as I could. It was a strange feeling, but crazy as it might seem, I just felt that any action that had felt so right and so good, must surely be beneficial to my body and my well-being.

As he dropped me off at my place later, I saw the lights still on and as I floated up the path I knew that my daughter, Laura; was just waiting to pounce.

"Where the hell...have....... you.........." She began as soon as I walked into the sitting room, but it tailed off, gratefully I'd felt at the time. What I now know, is that she had looked into my eyes, noted the way I confidently answered her and moved around the room and as I found later, had somehow even picked up my scent, my sexual musk of a newly aware sensuous woman.

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