Family Holiday Ch. 01


Mary stood up and pulled my shorts down, leaving me completely naked in front of her, my hard cock standing to attention.

"Very impressive!" She said, staring at my cock, "Now sit down."

I sat down on the edge of the sunbed as Mary knelt down in front of me, my head screaming 'Blowjob!'.

"Now I'm afraid I can't have you inside any part of me, but I've never done this for anyone else before, not even my husband, so I hope you enjoy it!" She told me.

With that my mother-in-law took hold of my cock, and placed it between her large breasts and pushed them together around it, they were still well oiled from the suncream I rubbed on them earlier and it felt amazing to have my cock buried between my mother-in-law's tits.

Mary then began to thrust her breasts up and down over my cock, ensuring she kept the pressure on to stimulate me. I'd never had the pleasure of titfucking a woman before as my wife's breasts weren't quite big enough, but the sensation of it was truly amazing - the feeling of her soft breasts rubbing over my cock was so erotic. It didn't take long before I could feel myself about to burst.

"Gonna cum." I told Mary.

"Mmmmmmm, cover my big tits in it." She responded, still sliding her breasts up and down on my cock.

The first gush of cum flew straight upwards, some hitting Mary's chin and the rest hitting her mouth. I watched as she licked my cum off her mouth whilst my spewing cock covered her huge breasts in my cum, her nipples hardening as the cum splashed onto them.

"That was fantastic, thanks." I told her as I regained my composure.

"Glad to see you two are getting along better now!" I heard my wife say.

"Thanks Mel!" Mary said as she stood up, "I would hug you but..." she pointed towards my cum that was currently covering her large breasts.

"You're OK with this?" I asked.

"Yeah!" My wife replied, "I told mummy that I understood she needed some male attention and that if she wanted to borrow you I trusted her completely."

"So what happens now?" I asked.

"Nothing." My wife replied, "No-one else needs to know about this and mummy's satisfied now aren't you?"

"Definitely!" Mary replied, wiping my cum off her chin and licking it off her hand.

"Well then, we're all good! But I think you might need a shower before everyone gets home mummy!" My wife said.

"I think you're right!" Mary replied, winking at me.


A few hours later Mary and I had cleaned ourselves up (separately!) and everyone else had just got back from shopping and we were all in the kitchen having lunch.

"When we were queuing we heard these English girls talking about this great beach that's really secluded and beautiful that they were going to." My wife's brother said.

"So we asked them about it and they gave us directions, and we reckon we should all go tomorrow, what do you think?" Kate continued where her boyfriend left off.

We all agreed that it was a good idea, apart from my father-in-law that is, as he didn't want to spend all day getting sunstroke. So it was agreed that the rest of us would all go tomorrow.


Later that night I was in bed with my wife, "Did you enjoy titfucking my mother?" She asked.

"Uhhhh, yes?" I replied, wondering if that was the right answer.

"Good - you know that was the first and last time don't you." She told me.

"Of course." I replied.

"Good, I love you, thankyou so much for helping mummy." She said before rolling over and going to sleep.

"Love you too." I replied



To be continued...

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