tagIncest/TabooFamily Hot Tub Adventure

Family Hot Tub Adventure


November 15, fell on a Saturday the year my son Jerry's girlfriend Sara celebrated her eighteenth birthday. Bob, my husband, and I had discussed what we might do to help Sara celebrate and, together, decided to have a special celebratory dinner for the occasion. Jerry and Sara had been constant companions for going onto four years, seeing each other exclusively but, on occasion, double dating with other young couples they knew from school. Jerry is nineteen and graduated from high school this past June. I guess it is an indication of how much they care for each other that Jerry had decided to take some courses at the local community college this term rather than enter college. The two kids had discussed the matter thoroughly and decided to wait until Sara finished high school so that they could enter college at the same time.

Bob and I were a bit disturbed with that decision as we felt that at their ages, it was extremely unlikely the two kids would remain together all through college and that Jerry would only delay his own education needlessly. But, the kids' minds were made up and we did not feel as though there would be anything to gain by objecting vigorously to the kids' decision. Philosophically, I told Bob, "Hon, the decision to delay the start of college may not be all bad, another year of maturity could make a big improvement in the way Jerry develops." Bob was quick to say, "Yeah, Lin, an awful lot of kids seem to get lost enjoying the freedom from home and flunk out of school anyhow."

Bob and I have enjoyed having Sara around the house and really were glad that Jerry was comfortable enough in his relationship with his parents to even want to have his girlfriend in his home often. I have many friends who don't even know who their sons or daughters are spending time with.

We have a swimming pool in the back yard as well as a SPA on the patio and there have been many occasions over the past four years when Sara and I would swim and sunbathe together. I don't really recall how the subject had come up, but one day as we were lazily sunning at poolside the subject of intimate relationships came up and in response to something I had said, Sara, after a slight hesitation, admitted that, indeed, she and Jerry had been intimate. I guess I was a bit shocked, but knew enough to cover the moment nonchalantly as if intimacy was a perfectly normal and accepted outcome of a relationship as close as theirs. I giggled and said, "So tell me, is he good?" Sara responded seriously, "Golly, Mrs. Johnson, I don't know. Jerry is the only man I have ever been with." She paused for only a moment and added, "But yes, I certainly think so, anyhow." I couldn't resist saying, "Well Sara, "I would expect Jerry to be a great lover. Bob and I sure do enjoy a lusty sex life and Jerry should have inherited the genes that make for a really great lover."

That conversation marked a subtle change in the relationship we shared and Sara and I often discussed intimate details of our lives with one another without shame or embarrassment. To the point that on one occasion on a Saturday afternoon while Jerry and his dad were playing golf, Sara and I were lounging at poolside and I made some comment about really needing to get some rest. I chuckled and said, "I have no idea what got into Bob last night but he was far more horny than he has been in ages. So much so that I can not even walk comfortably today because my groin hurts so from having my thighs spread so wide and for such a long time last night." Sara said, "Gee Mrs. Johnson." I interrupted saying, "Hey Sara, my name is Linda. I see no reason why if we are going to lay around the pool discussing Bob's and my sex life, you shouldn't call me by name. Better yet, cal me Lin. Everyone else does." Sara resumed and said, "Well OK Lin. What I was going to say is, I would be more than happy to massage your aching muscles if you would like." Our relationship was so close that it never even occurred to me to think anything of an offer from my son's then seventeen-year old girlfriend to massage my legs and thighs.

We only had suntan lotion available at poolside to use as a substitute for massage lotion, so I suggested that Sara use it and rolled onto my stomach with my legs parted slightly in order that she might sooth my aching muscles. Sara poured a generous dollop of lotion into her hands and was even thoughtful enough to warm the stuff before beginning to rub my aching legs and thighs. "Ooohh Sara, that feels wonderful," I sighed as the young girl began to draw some of the ache from my tired muscles. The kid must have had some practice giving massage somewhere as she was very skillful in her ministrations. She quickly located hard bunched muscles and carefully worked at the sore lumps until I nearly dozed off as she worked. She got my attention when she asked if she might untie the strap on my bikini top so she could work all of the muscles in my back.

I thought about it briefly, thought why are you hesitating dummy, and said, "Sure, if you don't mind." Soon she gave my thighs a pat and said, "OK Lin. Lets see if the front side needs work now." I rolled onto my back forgetting the loosened ties for the moment and Sara continued working on the fronts of my upper thighs. Finally, she said, "I can work on the groin if you would like and without giving it much additional thought, I nodded assent. Sara giggled and said, "OK. Lift your butt so I can slip the bottom of your suit down a way so I can work the lotion into the skin."

"Oops," I said, "Guess I didn't give much thought to how you were going to be able to work on the groin area while I am wearing panties. Do you really think we should...?" Sara laughed and said, "I'll never tell if you don't." So, with some trepidation, I raised my hips and Sara hooked her fingers into the waistband of my suit and pulled it down onto my thighs. "Hmmm, I like the way you have your bush trimmed," was the only thing Sara said before beginning to rub soothing lotion into the sore and aching muscles of my groin. It was comforting to note that she kept her hands as much as possible, away from my pussy although she did rub lotion into the muscles that were just below the surface of my pubis.

When at last she was finished, she sat back on her heels and said, "Now Lin, if only I had a comb, I could comb out the snarls mess I put in your bush." She sighed and said, "Oh well, I have probably played with your private parts about as much as is wise." I rose up on my elbows looked down over my bare breasts at my still uncovered pubic mound and noticed a dark moist stain in the crotch band of my son's girl friend's bathing suit. "Oh dear," I said, "I'm sorry. It never occurred to me that you might get a little turned on massaging me that way."

Sara giggled and said, "Oh that's OK Lin. I have been horny before and suppose I will be again. No big deal." She warmed more lotion and began massaging my stomach, abdomen, and finally the area between my neck and the tops of my breasts. She finally stopped and looked me in the eyes with raised eyebrows. I nodded slowly and she began to massage my breasts with more warmed lotion. When she had finished, I rearranged my bikini and we returned to our sunbathing. I glanced over to where she was stretched out beside me and thanked her for the fantastic massage. She said, "No problem at all Lin. I kind of enjoyed doing it." Well, I feel guilty about letting you do all that work. Next time, it'll be your turn for a massage."

Anyhow, our sunbathing sessions after that were even more relaxed than ever and, true to my word, I did, indeed, give my son's girlfriend a massage. Fact is we often administered massages to each other. Anyhow, a couple of weeks after that first time Sarah gave me that wonderfully relaxing massage, we again were relaxing in the sun and knew with absolute certainty that we would not be disturbed, so decided to work at getting all over tans and removed our bathing suits completely. I was pleased to note that my son had luckily selected a girlfriend who sported a very attractive pair of breasts as well as a neatly trimmed but sparse blonde pubis. We were lying lazily on our backs taking in the hot sun's therapeutic rays when I rolled toward Sara and said, "You know Sara, I still owe you a massage. Want it now?"

Without hesitation, Sara said, "Oh yeah. I would love a massage about now." She was already naked so I told her to roll onto her stomach and kneeled at her side with lotion bottle in hand. Heeding the lesson I had learned from her, I warmed lotion in my hand and began slowly rubbing and kneading the tight muscles in Sara's back. I worked up and over her shoulders and down along her arms to her wrists and hands. I moved back to her upper shoulders and kneaded the muscles in the back of her neck. Finally, I worked out the knots in her lower back before letting my hands creep up along the ribs on her sides letting my finger tips lightly brush the base of each breast.

After making certain I had worked all of the muscles in Sara's upper back, I moved on down and began a rhythmic rubbing of her lower back and buttocks trying my best to stay away from the area close to her asshole but I did not avoid the sensitive narrow space between her asshole and vagina.

I warmed more lotion and thoroughly worked the muscles in her thighs from knees to hips and buttocks before moving on down to her calves, ankles and, finally, her feet and toes. Then I asked her to roll over onto her back and found that she had gone to sleep while I was working on her feet. Sara awakened with a start, giggled nervously, and rolled promptly onto her back. Without hesitation, she spread her legs wide exposing her pussy slit to my eyes and sighed heavily as I continued the massage.

I worked her legs from foot to groin paying particular attention to the heavy muscles in her upper thighs. I carefully avoided her groin and rubbed the muscles in her abdomen and stomach finally moving up to the area below and above her breasts. Again I took pains to avoid touching Sara's breasts saving them, I guess, for last. At last, with no other areas needing attention, I warmed another large dollop of lotion and began to knead it into her tits. Lazily, Sara said, "Golly Lin, you do that even better than Jerry does." I guess I should have been shocked, but for some reason I wasn't. I suppose I knew all along that Jerry and Sara shared many intimacies, some of them sexual. I was just about ready to snap the pour spout on the lotion bottle closed when Sara looked me in the eye, grinned and said, "Gee Lin, I did your pussy mound. You didn't forget, did you?"

"No Sara," I didn't forget, I replied. "Just chicken, I guess. Probably afraid I might get to like playing with your pussy." Sara giggled and said, "Oh Lin, I would not hold that against you. Besides, I don't think there is anything wrong when a woman makes love to another woman's body. I don't think I would want that sort of love exclusively, but I surely do love everything you have done to me so far. I really loved doing you the other day, too."

Anyhow, by the time Sara's eighteenth birthday rolled around, she and I had become about as close as it is possible for a son's girlfriend and his mother to get. Sara and Jerry had spent much of the day with Sara's parents but managed to arrive at our house in time to share a celebratory glass of wine before dinner was ready to be served. About seven o'clock the four of us sat down to a prime rib dinner that Bob and I had prepared. Bob barbecued the roast to perfection on the rotisserie on our gas grill while I baked potatoes, prepared a tossed salad and baked garlic bread. Just before being seated, I handed Jerry a bottle of Merlot and asked him if he would open it.

"Be glad to, Mom," he grinned as he took the bottle and cork puller. With all preparations complete, the four of us sat and Jerry poured the wine and we proceeded to eat a meal that was as fine as any I had ever prepared. We ate leisurely and I, for one, was getting to be just a little bit giddy as we finished off the wine. The four of us worked together clearing the table and getting the dishwasher loaded and started. I stacked the dishes that would not fit in the dishwasher and we all went into the family room to talk. Smiling, Bob went back to the kitchen and soon returned with four small glasses filled with a green liquid on a tray. "Crème 'd Menthe," he said gaily as he passed the tray and the four of us sat and sipped the sweet liqueur for several minuets.

Around ten, Bob looked at his watch and said, "Hey, I think we should all get into the SPA and soak for a while. Jerry looked at Sara and said, "Won't make you too late getting home will it?" Sara smiled and said, "It's Saturday night and my eighteenth birthday. I doubt anyone is expecting me before one or so," so she and I went to Bob's and my bathroom where she donned a swimsuit she leaves at our house for occasions like that and I, too, got into a new string bikini I had bought recently. Upon seeing my new sexy swim suit, Sara whistled and said, "Hey Lin I like that. Makes me jealous though. You'll make both of those guys horny and they will not even know I'm there." I giggled and said, "Well Sara, I actually bought two of them and since we are about the same size..."

Without another word, I handed the second bikini to Sara and she wasted no time stripping off her suit that was not lacking in the sexy department either, and tugged my other suit over her delicious curves. I was wrong when I assumed we were both the same size. Sara is slightly larger than me but not enough so to render my suit totaly small for her but just enough so as to get the full attention of the men in my family. Once she was dressed (?), I looked on admiringly and whistled and said, OK, but keep your hands off my man and I will try to keep his off you."

"Sara grinned and said, "Which one?"

Bob was just finishing pulling his boxer swim trunks over his thighs as Sara and I entered the bedroom on our way to the pool. I looked quickly toward Sara to see if she had noticed the head of Bob's dick as it disappeared into his suit. Either she did not see or she was being very cool about it because there was no indication at all that she had seen anything out of the ordinary. The three of us got large towels and soon joined Jerry where he was waiting on the patio. He greeted us saying, "Hope you don't mind Mom, but I opened another bottle of Merlot. I spotted the four filled plastic goblets at the edge of the steaming water at the same time that Jerry caught sight of his girlfriend wearing my spare bikini. "Jerry's eyebrows shot high as he whistled and said, "Jesus, is that new?" I laughed and said, "Yep. Nice isn't it?"

The four of us entered the hot water and sat with Bob and I facing Sara and Jerry. Bob passed the filled wine glasses around and the four of us entered into a prolonged silence as we sipped the delicious wine. Soon, I could feel Bob's arm begin to encircle my waist so I leaned my head onto his shoulder and we continued to sip the wine companionably. I noticed that Jerry had followed his father's lead and had placed an arm around Sara. I was still watching from lightly lidded eyes as his arm began to creep upward until, at last, his right hand lightly cupped Sara's right breast.

I heard her sharp intake of breath, saw her glance quickly toward Bob and me, then saw a slight shrug of her shoulders as she accepted the advances being made by my son. I could not help thinking, 'Way to go Jerry,' and glanced to see if his father was watching. Foolish me. Of course he was and the sight must have emboldened him as he quickly slid his hand up to cup and fondle my right breast. Bob was bolder than his son and soon enough, he worked his hand up in under the wisp of cloth covering my tit and began lightly fondling my warm bare flesh. I gasped audibly when he gave my nipple a slight pinch. I looked quickly into Sara's eyes and she winked and grinned, confirming that she was well aware of the advances my husband was making in plain sight of everyone.

Soon enough, Bob decided to push things and reached for my left hand with his left and guided me to the rapidly rising bulge in his trunks. I remember thinking I hope those kids can not see what Bob was doing with my hand and that I had to stop drinking the wine. Then I took another sip of wine anyhow. I was beginning to become real nervous when Bob sucked it up and slid my hand under the waist band of his trunks and urged my hand down until there was nothing for it but to take his hard cock in and.

Fearfully, I looked toward the kids again and noted that I probably need not be concerned about them observing what Bob and I were doing. Jerry had pushed the entire bra of Sara's bikini up and was busily engaged fondling and rubbing her breasts. I have no idea whether or not Sara did it on her own or if Jerry helped but it was very clear that the waistband of his suit had been pushed down to give Sara full access to Jerry's raging hard cock. Wow I thought, 'That kid certainly lucked out in the cock size department.'

God, the four of us must have been really drunk by the time I stood and said, "Oh the hell with it. Hardly anyone ever wears bathing suits in their own SPA anyhow," and quickly stripped mine off and threw it onto the deck. Jerry was watching intently from the moment I stood and said, "Wow Mom. You have a really great body." It was at that very moment I knew that Sara was pretty well along toward being drunk as she, too, stood and removed her bikini. Before sitting back in the water, she said, "Come on you guys, your not going to just sit there and let Lin and me be the only ones naked out here are you?" Jerry and his dad laughed, stood up and tugged their swim suits off and threw them onto the deck with the ones Sara and I had been wearing.

Sara was the first to break the silence that followed when she said, "Golly Bob, I kind of thought you might have a really big dick when I saw the head of it disappear into your suit upstairs." Bob chuckled and said, "Well, Sara, I may as well say that I am not disappointed to note that your body looks every bit as nice as Linda's as well. I giggled drunkenly as I reached once again for Bob's massive dick and said, "Hell of a shame to let this thing just lay there all hard like it is," and resumed stroking Bob's rigid manhood.

Jerry looked at Sara and said, "Well, Hon, no point in letting mom and dad have all the fun," as he reached and lifted his girlfriend into his lap. Sara laughed gaily and a bit drunkenly and reached between her legs to guide my son's enormous cock into the valley between her thighs. Jerry said, "Oh what the hell, we may as well really have some fun," and reached to part Sara's labia and, together, they began to work him into her young pussy. I said, "Hey Bob, there's no point in letting these kids be the only ones having a good fuck," and moved until I, too, had a hard cock trying to find it's way into my most secret place. 'At least,' I couldn't help thinking, 'it used to be a secret place.'

The four of us continued thrusting and bucking silently for a time until, wanting to really feel Bob way up inside me, I climbed from the water and laid down on my back on one of the lounge pads. Bob was right with me and was quick to reenter my willing cunt and begin to fuck me with all the vigor he could muster. Jerry and Sara were only a step behind and soon were fucking alongside Bob and I.

Once Sara had completely engulfed Jerry within her pussy, she began to fuck back with abandon and really became vocal as she urged my son to, "Really give it to me Jerry. Fuck me good. Oh God, do it. Do it." About that time I began to feel the familiar tingling that I knew would soon be followed with a wrenching orgasm. I shouted, "Don't let up Bob. Keep pounding. I'm going to cum in just a moment." He only grunted and went rigid and began to pump jet after jet of semen against my womb as Sara said, "Yea Jerry, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." It was very evident that Jerry, too, was in the throes of orgasm because it took only a glance to see copious quantities of sperm leaking around the large man plug that was in her cunt.

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