tagTransgender & CrossdressersFamily Issues Ch. 10

Family Issues Ch. 10


Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

As always, I need to thank, Stylus and Madison (The girl from down under) my cool tough editors. How tough you ask? This chapter I've added a whole new word to the Queen's Language and Stylus killed it. Bare hands, people.



I don't believe in an interventionist God
But I know, darling, that you do
But if I did, I would kneel down and ask Him
Not to intervene when it came to you
Oh, not to touch a hair on your head
Leave you as you are
If he felt he had to direct you
Then direct you into my arms.
--Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


Happiness is rare. It's a delicate, golden string that shimmers at the corner of your eye. One wrong move, one wrong touch, and it can slip through your fingers. Sometimes happiness is a nightmare-free sleep, waking without a single scream.

A small bird wearing a red apron jumped on the open windowsill and woke Helen with its happy twittering staccato. She felt rested, calm. There were no dreams about Iraq. No inferno, no burning tires, and no young men staring at her with dead, accusing eyes. It was just like that time in the hospital when Kevin slept on the couch and held her hand through the night.

For a minute Helen wondered where the hell she was. Why was she naked, and why the hell was there a warm, naked body snuggled against her? Then she remembered, and happiness was not rare anymore. It hit her like a river of honey, beginning inside her stomach and flowing through her veins.

It was inconceivable, yet there he was—she hadn't dreamed or imagined it. His blond spikes were tickling her neck, and his warm back was pressing against her stomach. Kevin sighed in his sleep and mumbled. Helen leaned closer and inhaled, allowing his pleasant scent to pour into her sense of being. She gave him a tiny peck on his cheek because she couldn't help it, and then another just because.

Kevin. Beautiful, funny, sexy, smart, loving, wonderful Kevin. Her Kevin. She said my Kevin several times in her head because it felt super-awesome.

She smiled each time she thought of the night before.

He stirred and then sniffed, but like her, he froze, probably experiencing the same 'what the fuck?' moment, just as she had. Every small, big, and terrible lie was outed last night. They left him exposed and vulnerable. What remained was his love, and she basked in it, even if she still had a hard time understanding it.

"Did you wake up, Kev?"

"Yeah, what a horrible way to start the day." He sneezed. "What time is it?"

"Quarter past seven; it's an amazing day. No rain. The sun is up."

"All that is left is to close the shades. I'm on vacation." He yawned in three different tones. He always thought yawns were boring, and it was best if one could add a plot. "Whose bright idea was it to open the window?"

"There's a nice breeze."

He sneezed again. "Excellent. Now I know why I dreamt I was Naomi Campbell doing a shampoo commercial."

"Grumpy." She wanted to nuzzle his cheek but was too shy to do so now that he was awake. "Did you sleep well?"

"Dunno. I was asleep when it happened." He rolled onto his side, facing her, and sneezed again.

"At least cover it when you sneeze like that. Cover the mouth, you moron, not the... Your mouth, not mine," she said when he covered her mouth and sneezed again. "Jesus, if you were a little less mature right now, you'd be a sperm."

Kevin let go of her mouth and reached for her body under the blanket. "I wonder what this button does."

"It's a nipple."

"Let's push and find out."

"Kevin, stop!" She slapped his hand when he tried to lift the blanket.

"Come on."


He sneezed. "This is stupid. I will have to see eventually."

She held the blanket to her body like a shield. "Sure. Two thousand and eighty you get to see me naked. Mark the date."

"Come on, Helen, what is your worst-case scenario?"

"You'll gross out because they're super ugly. Next thing you don't answer my calls, don't text me back, and voila. I'm ghosted."

"Now who's childish? Jesus, I suddenly realized that you slept with your eyepatch on?"



"No." She straightened her eyepatch. It was itchy, and she never slept with it, but she was terrified that Kevin might wake up before her and see her without it.

"Fuck that, I'm going in."

"Please, don't."

"I'm crazy about you, Helen. I don't want stupid stuff like that to ever stand between us." He pulled the blanket, and she didn't resist this time. She froze, hardly breathing, waiting to be judged.

"That's it? I don't get what the fuss was all about."

"Yeah, right."

He'd felt them last night in the dark, but seeing something in the bright morning light was different. The IED shrapnel scars covered the left side of her body, running under her armpit all the way to her buttocks, like a map of angry snakes, a reminder that war has its price, and someone has to pay. It looked like some cruel painter had raked her perfect skin with multiple knives. Some were small, some were bigger, and one ran like a long, crazy spiral around her left breast. Kevin kissed it.

"Happy, Kev?"

He wasn't happy. He wanted to hurt the person responsible for cutting her like that, but he knew that if he showed anything but restraint, she'd probably freak out. He began kissing them.

"What are you doing?"

"This one looks like an 'infinity' tattoo, kind of cliché." He kissed it gently. "And this one has a message. Don't move, what's that? Oh, it's upside down. It says, 'Helen loves Kevin because he's cooler than Peter Dinklage, and he makes her laugh and have awesome multiple orgasms, sometimes at the same time.'"

"It's true. Minus the multiple orgasms."

He dropped the blanket. "I love them. I love your scars; they're part of you, and I love you, so I love them too." He dived back in and went for another round of kissing, making sure not to neglect a single scar. After he was done, he gave her cock a cheeky lick, from her sack to the tip, and kissed the bulbous head.

Helen moaned.

"Someone has morning wood. I'm glad it's pointing up, otherwise I would have fallen off the bed."

"Hey, I'm not that big," she growled.

"That thing has its own swimming pool and garage. Not big my ass."

"Stop it, you're not funny."

Kevin pulled himself up and kissed her lips. Then he totally freaked her out as his hand went for her eyepatch.

"What? Don't!"

"I wanna see you, Helen."

"Not now, not in a million years."

"Please." He caressed her cheek and nose gently. "I just want to see."

"What for?"

"No lies, no secrets."

"Are you one of the weird people who get off on ugly?"

"It's not for me, silly girl, it's for you."

"Kevin, stop trying to solve my body issues. You're not my psychologist."

"I see. And how does that make you feel?"

"So funny. Not!"

He kissed her forehead then slowly peeled the eyepatch off, and Helen froze again.

He thought there would be dead skin underneath, but instead, Helen had an almost normal eye. It was damaged, milky white, with flakes of black, red, and green. The red scar ran from her eyebrow down to her nose. But it was far less terrifying than he thought it would be. He kissed it three times for good luck.

"Can you see anything with it?" he said.

"Just light and darkness."

He kissed her eye again. "If the eyepatch bothers you so much, why don't you put on contact lenses?"

"The lens won't cover the ugly scar. Do you want me to start wearing contacts instead?"

"Whatever works for you. I just want you to be happy, that's all. You don't need to sleep with an eyepatch or turn off the light whenever you take your top off." He kissed her eye area three more times before covering it up again. "And now, since you've been such a brave girl, I think you deserve a treat."

"Coffee and a mushroom bruschetta?"

"Almost as good." He swiped the blanket off her and dived. She felt his soft lips on her abs. He then traveled lower, kissing her inner thigh.

He reached forward, wrapped his hand around the hot, thick shaft, and pulled her rigid member away from her body. Helen gasped, and her cock jumped in his palm. He licked the bulbous head and felt it against his lips. Helen closed her eyes, then changed her mind and propped herself up on her elbows.

She blushed as Kevin looked up at her.

"Is, is it okay if I watch?" she said quietly.

Kevin nodded and pulled back, smiling, and she stared enthralled as the shiny web of pre-cum stretched and grew thinner, from the head of her cock to his chin. It snapped in the middle and dropped, some of it stuck to his lower lip.

"That's obscene," she said.


He started at the base of her thick shaft and slowly licked his way up. When he got near the top, his tongue circled the spongy membranes of Helen's glans. He rolled his tongue slowly over her sensitive, hot flesh, watching it flex and grow under his touch. He stopped to watch the pulsing veins on her throbbing shaft. It was standing perfectly upright, thrusting up powerfully and heaving with each of her heartbeats.

Helen wanted desperately to feel his tongue on her shaft again but was too shy to say anything. She bit her lower lip and blushed as Kevin blew her an air kiss. He extended his tongue and licked up the underside of her rigid shaft.

Kevin started to lick her cock feverishly, his slurping tongue rolling and licking at the upright shaft. His tongue slalomed over her smooth skin. Helen's cock's head was shaped like a lemon, the inverted 'V' on the underside of the crown pointing in an invitation to the gaping slit. Kevin zeroed in on the pulsing cock, with a beautiful tracery of blue veins winding their way up. His tongue tasted the gaping hole and the shiny drop that formed in it. He gave an audible "Mmmm..."

Helen moaned. The electricity that ran from her shaft to her pleasure center were like nothing she had ever experienced before. Watching his lips touch her hard, pulsing rod was a sexual fantasy come true. She blushed deeply as she reached to caress his cheek. Kevin encouraged her with a smile and a wink.

He took a tender bite, gently scraping her soft skin with his teeth. Helen's cock jumped and sprayed pre-cum.

Keven went down and licked her smooth ball sack. He had to open his mouth wide to let each nut slip inside. Once he had it within his mouth, he rolled it gingerly around, his tongue bathing the big, swollen ball in a warm bath of saliva. He moved from one rubbery ball to the other, the delicious flavor of Helen filling his mouth.

Beats coffee and mushroom bruschetta by a million miles, she thought. Her hands trembled as she shyly outstretched them to touch his hair. In the daylight with nowhere to hide, she was too afraid to 'explore.' Kevin must have sensed her hesitance because he took her palm and placed it on his head. She ran her fingers through his locks while watching his lips stretch and feeling his tongue caress her delicate sack inside his mouth.


Her ball popped out of his mouth. "What?"

"I'm..." She blushed.


She nodded quickly.

He pressed his lips to her balls and offered a slow, wet kiss.

He gave her cock a bite, sinking his teeth into the soft skin, and Helen cried. Her balls clenched, and she had to use every ounce of willpower to avoid discharging into the air.

"Wait." Kevin kissed her rod lovingly. "Make it last."

"It's..." she gasped. "Yeah."

His nimble fingers searched and found her crevice. She was soaking wet. He gently pressed in with his index finger and hooked it inside her folds. His fingertip sifted through the damp wall, pushing like Nadine taught him. He listened to her heaves and gasps and tremors, noting what made her squirm. Helen opened onto a new realm of sensations coursing through her body. Her fingers clenched and unclenched in his blond hair.

Kevin parted his lips and pressed them against the hot, spongy head of her cock. His lips felt incredibly warm and delicious as he slid them all around the surface of her inflamed flesh. She let out a purr of satisfaction as Kevin dropped his head and let the stretching lips follow the sloping of her glans. He spread them over the massive knob until his teeth gently slipped over the thick, rope-like ridge of her corona and clamped down on the shaft below. Helen clasped his hair as she felt sealed inside the soft mouth.

They made eye contact, and Kevin smiled around her. Helen almost discharged again inside him. She loved those purple orbs. She stared at him, blinking, and Kevin gave her a wink and started vacuuming around the head. He lapped up the oozing pre-cum and drew it deep into his mouth before letting it slide down his throat.

"Oh my god, this is so good," Helen huffed. "I can't...I can't..."

Kevin pulled up. "You ain't seen nothing yet." His finger kept caressing her insides, and Helen had her first vaginal orgasm. Her body convulsed, and her legs started to tremble, before it hit her in waves of electricity.

"Huh, huh, huh." She exhaled.

Kevin let her rest for a minute or so, occupying himself by gently blowing air on her shaft. Her cock jumped up each time his warm breath hit her.

Dazed, she stared at him. This morning was all about her, and it made her feel pampered and loved.

Her legs were still shaking when he pulled her into his soft mouth. There was no foreplay, and his head started bobbing on her shaft. She watched him, amazed, as he busily bobbed his head up and down and side to side. His mouth made a symphony of slurping and cock-sucking sounds.

He rose once to the top, his tongue swirling around the purple head. He then gave her a wink and dived right in. His lips enveloped Helen's shaft, and he kept going until the massive head bumped into the opening of his throat. He swallowed. Being deep-throated was one of Diana's favorite pastimes, so he had months of practice. His throat contracted a few times, then Helen felt him stretch to accommodate her invading monster. He didn't slow down. His throat muscles worked like an obscene machine, swallowing millimeter after millimeter of her in that hot wet pressure sleeve. She watched amazed, as if by a magic trick. His lips, slick and stretched around her shaft, descended as more and more of her cock disappeared inside his mouth.

She gasped as his reddened lips kissed her pubes. She was entirely inside his warm mouth and throat. Kevin rested for a few seconds, pulled out completely, took a gulp of air, and started the process all over again. When his lips touched her pubes again, he started humming, sending tiny vibrations all over her hard member.

"I can't," she huffed.

Kevin swallowed again, and the massaging ripples of his throat muscles sent delightful tremors along the full length of her buried cock. He could free dive for almost full five minutes; air supply wasn't an issue.

Kevin's finger slid into her folds again. He started massaging her G spot, and his thumb joined the dance, circling slowly the engorged clitoris that was craving some attention too.

Helen closed her eye and came. Her vagina clenched around Kevin's buried finger.

"Oh, fuck," she moaned as she exploded down his throat at the same time. Kevin pulled back and felt the next blast paste itself against the lining of his mouth. He tasted Helen's juices on his taste buds. Another powerful shot followed, and it gathered with the first into an increasing pool deep in his mouth. He kept sucking. One hand pumped her cock, and the other continued its light caress of her clit. Her powerful body squirmed, but Diana had taught him how to be a good boy and to never allow the throes of passion to make him lose contact. He rolled with her and kept his mouth on her cock and his fingers in the wetness of her vagina. Helen continued to unload inside his wet, loving grasp. A few more blasts had his mouth overflowing with seed, and he felt trickles of her warm semen oozing from the corners of his lips. He swallowed, the thick fluid sliding smoothly down his throat.

It took her two minutes to climb down from the cloud. When she did, she could feel Kevin still messing downstairs, his nimble tongue lapping her cock and mons like a very diligent kitten.

"What are you doing?"

"Diana always says that a good boy cleans up after he makes a mess."

"Gross, stop it!"


She pulled him to her. "And kinda sexy. Your turn."

"I already came."


"Somewhere in all the excitement. Seeing the face you make when you pop, Helen. Pure bliss."

"Shut up! I don't make faces."

"Sure. Breakfast?"


"You go ahead," Kevin said. "I'll fix us something."

"One treat after another; I feel blessed."

"You are. I'm super awesome." He jumped off her and ran to the kitchen.

Her legs were still shaking hard, and Helen took her time, turning the water on high, and letting it beat over her head in steamy rivulets. She needed the break to work things through, without his bewitching purple eyes, which made it hard to think straight. She recalled every small detail from last night. Kevin's outburst, the secrets he told her, the intimacy they shared with words and sweat. He placed his heart on a plate and offered everything, showing the ultimate trust.

The future was suddenly wide open, and her heart was beating much faster as she thought of the possibilities. Prior to last night, she was certain that her love was one-sided. That Kevin would want her seemed just a childish fantasy of hers. Today she wanted everything. It felt like greed, but she had never wanted something so badly.

The small kitchen was permeated with the scent of omelets. Kevin didn't even bother putting anything on. He was a naked busy bee, already feeling at home between the getaway's pots, stove, and oven.

"We had some eggs and vegetables left from yesterday. I'll drive to the bakery down the street and get us fresh bread."

"I love you," she said.

"Works for me. Look, we need to hurry. We've still got that six-hour drive to Venice."

"I was wondering," Helen said, "if we should stay here for another day."

"I'm okay with you wondering."


"You want me to wonder for you, Helen?"

"You're not helping."

"Be decisive. If you feel that the right thing is to wonder, then don't hesitate for a moment. Just wonder straight away."

"You're exhausting, Kev. Listen, it's an amazing location, and there is a lot to see around here."

"The only attraction this place has to offer is the road sign saying Venice is that way," he said.

"Maybe we can postpone Venice until tomorrow? Rest here a bit. We're on vacation, after all."

"That old thief charges a hundred and forty euro per night."


"What's the big deal, Helen?"

"I want more."


"Of what we did last night and just now. It's...I don't want to drive for six hours. I want to snuggle with you in bed for six hours. Just one more day."

He squinted his eyes. "Snuggle or sex?"


"I'm trying to think of a counter-argument."


"You know how it is when you can't think of a decent counter-argument, so you offer to snuggle and have sex instead?"

"Story of my life." Helen did the single bravest thing she ever did. She let go of the big white towel enveloping her body and let it slide to the floor. She stood naked in the bright morning light emanating from the balcony. No secrets left, fully exposed.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Helen had a delicate grace, a hot body, round chest, and the long legs of a model. But if you had mean eyes, she was, after all, a woman with a penis, nasty scars across her left side, and an eyepatch. If you were indeed a bastard, you could even pity her—those are even greater sons of bitches than the haters.

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