tagTransgender & CrossdressersFamily Issues Ch. 11

Family Issues Ch. 11


Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

As always, I need to thank, Stylus and Madison, my cool editors – for their endless patience (I keep on making the same mistakes. I never learn).


Loneliness is a hole. It swallows everything until nothing matters. What does it matter if you can watch the most fantastic Game of Thrones episode, cook the most excellent dinner, or dive to the deepest blue if you have no one to share it with? Words don't matter when there is no one else to hear them spoken.

For her 30th birthday, Helen got an empty house full of loneliness. Diana moved out of the penthouse a week after their vacation, taking Kevin with her.

Sunday morning, Helen woke up screaming from one of her nightmares. For a deluded moment in Slovenia, she believed they were gone, the tormentors of her sleep. They stayed away when Kevin slept in her bed, his warm body breathing softly against hers. Now that he was gone, they came back with a vengeance.

"Kevin," she whispered. Then she gave a short cry, just to make sure she still existed. It echoed around the penthouse. She could scream for hours, but no one would come. Instead, the ghosts of her past kept her company; they paraded around her and within her. Her dead mother, her dead Andy, the young girl she once was.

She reached for her smartphone. There was a single 'Happy Birthday' from Jessica Bell, her colleague, the analyst. Nothing else.

"Please call," she whispered.

Kevin told her not to call him because Diana monitored his calls these days. Her little sister smashed his Samsung when she found an hour-long conversation with Helen.

Two days ago, she'd had a terrible day at her office and just had to see him. Helen waited for Kevin outside his new workplace, a chrome monster where high-tech hipsters roamed. Kevin blended in and looked happy in a new suit, surrounded by a bunch of his new colleagues. She felt too awkward to approach. Maybe Kevin wouldn't feel comfortable about her? By the time he'd waved goodbye to everyone, Diana had ruined everything when she came and picked him up in a shiny new Jaguar XJ-Sport.

Helen tried to rise from the bed for the second time, but her muscles turned to jelly.

"Please call," she whispered again at her smartphone, willing the screen to light up with a text from him.

She dragged herself out of her bed. On her way to the bathroom, she passed Kevin and Diana's empty room. Diana left a few boxes when she took Kevin and moved north of the river. Helen didn't touch the place, hoping that somehow, they'd both be back.

Once when she had days like these, she would go to work, even on Sundays. Her office provided comfort. Not anymore. Drowning herself in reports and numbers was no longer enough, and last Thursday, she had the single most horrible work experience. She quarreled with William about his apathy. She panicked. Voices were raised, and words were said that shouldn't have been. The safe life she had built around herself was crumbling.

Jogging could still provide some comfort. Helen could run for hours, not listening to her own body's complaints. Even when it said there was nothing left in the tank, she could keep pumping those muscles. Later, she would collapse on the bed and sleep the rest of the depressing day off.

Helen donned a black tracksuit, which matched her mood, and ordered her tired legs to take her to the park. It was a gray day outside, and its coldness stabbed deep, but that felt good. The air burned her lungs as she ran. Two border collies were chasing each other in circles around the merry-go-round, and a mounted policeman was eating a sandwich outside the playground's gate. Other than them, the place was deserted, and Helen decided to cut through. On the trail leading to the back gate, Helen stepped into a muddy puddle, and her foot slipped out of her shoe. She cursed silently as she retrieved it and cleaned the dark mud with dry leaves.

"What happened to your eye?"


"What happened to your eye?"

Helen finished tying her Nike and turned around. A blond girl, maybe six years old, in a pink raincoat and pink Hello Kitty boots, stared at her with half an impish smile.

"Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm a pirate," Helen said.

"You're funny."

"Is that so?"

The girl skipped onto a red and blue merry-go-round and almost fell backward. Helen jumped up and caught her, saving her from tumbling into the mud.

"Grownups don't dress up as pirates, and anyways, Halloween was a week ago. I dressed up as Wonder Woman."

In the Wonder Woman movie, which she'd seen with Kevin, the superhero girl lost her love in the end.

"Can you give me a push, please?"

"Hold on tight." The hinges creaked as Helen gave the merry-go-round a gentle shove.

"I'm not a baby."

"Okay, okay." She put more heart into the next push.

"What's your name?"


"Why were you crying, Helen? Are you sad?"

Helen nodded.


"My love left me, and my heart is broken."

"Why did he leave?"

"You're asking a lot of questions."

"Robin! Robin!" A man in a dark suit and a red face stumbled huffing up the trail leading to the playground. "Robin! I told you to stay near the gate."

"I wanted to go to the playground."

"And I told you to never talk to strangers. You're in big trouble, young lady."

The little girl named Robin appeared unimpressed. She jumped off the still-spinning merry-go-round and started climbing a tall slide's ladder.

The man gave Helen a dark stare. She wasn't very good with body language, but she immediately recognized the disgusted look on his face. It came with the territory and made her cross her arms over her chest, protecting her body. Unlike Diana who was often confused for a tall girl, most people registered immediately that Helen was a futanari.

"I see what you're doing." The man barked at Helen. The animosity in his voice caught her by surprise because bigots usually kept their prejudice under a thin veil of political correctness/social respectability.

"What I'm doing?"

"She's six years old, you pervert!"


"You don't know what I'm talking about? Really?" The man pulled a smartphone out of his coat and pointed it at her. "That's my daughter. You've messed with the wrong person."

"Get that thing out of my face!"

"Or what? Or what, you creep?" His voice rose two notches higher. "You wanted to—? Unlucky for you that I came on time, huh?" he huffed.

"Are you nuts?"

"Officer! Officer!" The angry father hollered at the mounted policeman. "Officer, my daughter! He tried...that creep tried..." The man paused. He probably wasn't sure of what did Helen try to do, but it was apparent that in his mind it included a kidnapping and a dark basement.

"He? So, I'm a creep and a man now?"

"What seems to be the trouble?" The officer descended from his horse, tied it to the gate and swaggered over to serve justice. He was short, bald, and the epitome of bored donut authority with his gun hanging idly at his hip.

The man pointed at Helen. "This thing—"

"I'm a thing now?"

"Ma'am," The officer raised his hand. "Please lower your tone."

"Me? What the hell did I do?" Helen felt the blood rushing to her face. When she was growing up in the projects, insults for being a futanari were a common occurrence. There were enough jerks around who believed futanari were sex-predators. She never got used to the abuse, and even though it was much rarer as an adult, the insults still made her want to beat someone to a pulp.

"I saw him—"

"Her!" she said.

"I saw him—"

"You saw her, not him. I'm not a male."

"I saw him and my daughter."

"Her, not him, her." Helen reached the point where the pungent nibble on annoyance tipped into a full course of bitterness and anger. "I get it that my futanari gene confuses you, but I'm still a woman."

"Don't let that creep get away, officer!"

"Sir, I would like you to calm down too." The officer placed himself between Helen and the enraged father.

"I saw him—"

"Her!" Helen screamed. "I'm a woman. And you didn't see jack shit, because I didn't do anything."

"Ma'am, I will ask you one last time to lower your voice." The officer touched his holster. Helen towered above both men.

"What was it doing here in the first place?" The douchebag seemed to enjoy getting her gender wrong. "This is a playground for kids. He has no business being here. Ask him."

"Sir, I'll do the asking." The officer said. "What were you doing in here, ma'am?"


"I saw him talking to my kid."

"Sir! I'm going to ask you to take three steps back and stop talking." The officer placed his palm on the man's chest and pushed him back, then turned to Helen. "Did you talk to his kid?"

"I, I was just jogging."

"Did you, or didn't you?"

"So I'm a sexual predator now?"

"Ma'am, one last time," the policeman touched the handcuffs on his belt. "Did you or didn't you talk with this man's child?"

Helen panicked. "My shoe. I mean it came off. I was just, I was just tying my shoes. Robin, the girl, I mean his daughter asked me about my eyepatch. I told her that I'm dressed as a pirate. I mean, I'm, I'm actually a marine, I was injured, I mean the, I was in Iraq. With the Marine Corps."

"You were a marine, ma'am?" The officer looked like he would sooner believe that pigs could fly and that Helen was a crazed sex-offender.

"Maybe he means he was in Marine, Illinois?" The douchebag dad added an insult to humiliation.

"Oh my God, there you are. I've been looking all over for you." Kevin, wearing a dark suit and a tie, jumped over the playground's fence and ran over, then hugged her. It was just in time because Helen was about to assault a douchebag police officer and a douchebag dad.

"Sir, do you know this woman?" the policeman said.

"Yes, of course, sorry. I'm Kevin." Kevin shook the policeman's hand warmly. "I'm her caregiver."

"She said she's a marine? Sounded a little confused."

"She says a lot of things. Yesterday she said she was Ivanka Trump. Before that, she was a Navy SEAL. She's harmless. I'm so sorry, it's totally my fault. She slipped off. She does that sometimes, but she's completely harmless."

"You're my caregiver?" Helen decided that she was going to beat the crap out of Kevin too.

"Yes, sweetie, let's take you home, okay?"

The policeman eyed them both, and Helen finally decided that maybe it's best to play along. She gave Kevin her hand like a little girl. "Sorry for running off, Kev." She said using her best imitation of sweet. "That wasn't cool."

"All right." The police officer tapped the handcuffs hanging from his belt again. "Just make sure this sort of thing never happens again."

"Of course, of course, I'm so sorry. Totally my bad." Kevin nodded, smiling. "Thank you so much, officer."

Helen counted to twenty, allowing the policeman to get back on his horse and trot away before she turned to Kevin. "So I'm mentally impaired, and you're my caregiver?"

"Not sure about the second part, but what do you call someone who for her birthday gives herself 'getting arrested' as a present?"

"Pissed off?"

"Dumb is the word you're looking for. Jesus. Read the situation, Helen. One futaphobic dad," he pointed at the parent who was eying him suspiciously. "And one asshole whose badge went to his head. Defuse, don't escalate. He was about to arrest you, numbnuts. Be smart instead of righteous."

"How the hell was I supposed to?"

"Lots of ways."

"Name one!"

"'Douchebag of the Year' nominee here..." He pointed at the dad. "He can try to mess your gender all he wants. Anyone looking at you sees a woman. A hot woman. You could have acted like a damsel in distress, and that cop would have gone protectively gallant on you. That would have completely turned the tables."

"You're not really her caregiver," Douchebag snarled.

"Of course I'm not." Kevin gave him his brightest smile.


"Sorry, my bad. Let me rephrase that. Of course, I'm not, you undersized dictator festering dribbles of ferret excrement, you miserable braindead futaphobic asshole."

"What did you call me?"

"Are you always such a stupid cunt, or is today a special occasion?"


Kevin's smile disappeared. "I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you, stupid."

"You want a piece of me?"

Kevin assumed his Krav Maga stance. "Fuck, yeah."

"That's it, I'm calling the cops."

"Tell the police I called you stupid. They'll probably send in the SWAT team and deploy helicopters."

The man pulled out his smartphone.

"Wow, that's a new part of you that I've never met, Kevin." Helen lost her anger. It made room for bewilderment, relief, and that happiness she automatically felt when he was around. "Nor do I wish to meet again."

"Yeah, yeah. Wanna wait here for the cops? Cause I'm running home. You know the drill; first place gets to shower first." He took off. Helen gave the astounded parent a middle finger salute and took off after him.

They ran past the park and into the street. Helen knew Kevin was a sprinter, so she stayed with him and reserved her energy for the last dash. She gave it all she had on the finishing three hundred yards and ended in first place by a nice margin.

"It's the stupid suit." Kevin gasped. "Otherwise I would have owned your ass like I always do."

Helen pushed him against the wall. "Why didn't you call?"

"Diana smashed my Galaxy last night. That's like the third time she's done that. I went to the penthouse first, and when you weren't there, I knew where to find you."

She stared at him for a while, just taking him in. Her sun, moon, and stars smiled and tried to kiss her, but she pushed him back.

"Helen, I'm sorry. She's acting crazier than ever."

"A new suit?"

"Had to buy one for my new job. They are kind of retro for a high-tech company, I mean dress code- wise. Anyway, I thought I'd dress nicely for your birthday."

"I like it."

"There was one job opening for a beginner programmer, and there were like a bazillion nominees, and they picked me, even though I still haven't finished my degree. Can you believe it?"

She could. Kevin was smart, had top grades, he was very good-looking, and people immediately liked him. "Wait till they learn what a terrible mistake they've made."

"There are so many new things right now." He tried to kiss her again, and she pulled back and dragged him into the building by his tie. Once they were inside the elevator, she was all over him.

"I'm so sorry, Helen. Diana has people working for her nowadays. They drive me to work and to the university, and they pick me up when I'm done."

She kissed his eyes, his neck, and his ears. Her hands frantically unbuttoned his shirt.

"I said I'd be working at the diving club today. Jack will cover for me; he'll say I'm on the boat if anyone asks."

Helen clasped Kevin's buttocks and pulled his body to hers. She kissed his neck and felt a wave of pure pleasure running through her entire body. His scent, sweat and all, was intoxicating. Her lips made their way, none too gently, up his neck. His lips tasted like Kevin, and for a moment everything was right again.

There was a bright sign on the penthouse door that read: "Happy Birthday, My Love."

She frantically messed with the keys and laughed hysterically when her anxiousness made her drop them twice. On the living room's table stood a layered cake, half lemon yellow, half black chocolate.

"Is that what I think it is?" she said.

"Doberge cake, New Orleans style."

She mentioned once that she'd loved it as a kid. He must have taught himself how to bake it.

"Go shower," Kevin said. "I'll start cooking your birthday meal. I've brought enough stuff to make everything you love. Then we'll have sex, then we'll have some more sex, then I'll give you your present, and then we can do whatever you want, you crazy girl who likes to dance with the law."

"Nope." She pushed his torso, leading him along the hallway, tossing shoes, her socks, her tracksuit, and underwear along the way. She pulled him after her into the shower room and frantically took his shirt off, tearing two buttons in the process. Her massive cock was hard and pointing up, bobbing against her toned body. She lifted him onto the bathroom sink and pulled his shoes and pants off.

She stood for a moment, panting, enjoying his nakedness and the stringy muscles of his torso and abs.

Kevin nodded, took her palm and kissed it, then started caressing it like a palm reader. "I can see a shower in your future with a guy who loves you."

He laughed when the prophecy was fulfilled as Helen lifted him into the shower, and then he screamed like a girl when she turned on the water. He liked to bath in a lukewarm stream, and Helen always waited until the water could give her third-degree burns before she even considered stepping inside. They met halfway, which meant they kept the water hot, and Kevin upped his masculinity because it was her birthday.

He started to kiss her gently, but Helen was too wired for slow lovemaking. She grabbed Kevin by the shoulders and turned him, so his back was against the wall. Her glistening body looming over him, she reached down and slid her hands around his hips and under his bum. With a little effort, she picked him up and moved forward, pinning his back against the steamy shower wall. His hands immediately slipped around her neck for support.

"Knees up," she said with bated breath and kissed him deeply.

Kevin brought his left leg up first, and Helen slipped her hand out from beneath his bum for a second and then brought it back beneath him. He did the same with his right leg, and now she supported his ass with both his legs draped over her strong arms. Helen moved forward, taking the breath out of him as he was squeezed against the wall.

He stared into her eye and smiled. He loved the untamed lust he saw there.

She lowered him slightly, and he jolted when he felt the burgeoning head of her cock pressing against his tight pucker.

"Wait, Helen. Lube."

She placed the liquid soap head against his spread hole and squeezed, flooding his insides with soothing Aloe Vera liquid soap. Then she started to press. Kevin concentrated on relaxing. His sphincter, as it always did, fought the invader at first. The fight was fixed because Kevin wanted her inside as much as Helen wanted to be inside him.

He groaned loudly as the broad, flared head started to spread and stretch the lips of his pink starfish. She pulled down a little on his hips, and he felt the hole stretching and stretching. His eyes became round, and she pulled his head for a ferocious kiss the moment her plum-sized head popped inside. They kissed forever, or until Helen ran out of air. She went crazy for the sensation of his tight muscle clasping so lovingly on her glans.

Helen adjusted her feet slightly, and then he felt her ease up on the tight grip she had on his ass. She allowed gravity to do its thing, allowing the weight of his slim body to propel him down the thick, upright shaft of her rigid cock.

"Ahhh! So good, Helen." He gasped as the massive cock rose higher and higher into his yielding tunnel. As the massive head conquered and scraped his insides, he felt his ring sinking down until his pucker pressed up against her smooth groin. "Oh God, it's so deep, I forgot how big you are," he moaned and leaned his head back against the shower wall. His own cock was hard between their wet bodies and ready to burst. It felt sexy to be entirely filled by her hard lust.

For a time, she stood there, unmoving. The hot water streamed and accumulated between their wet bodies. Helen turned her head and kissed his calf as it draped over her arm. Then she lovingly kissed its partner too.

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