tagIncest/TabooFamily Kink: A Sister Submission

Family Kink: A Sister Submission


Summary: Older sister seduces virgin sis after she is dumped by bf.

Note 1: This is a 2017 Valentine's Day Contest Story.

Note 2: This is dedicated to the real Gigi!

Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Dave, Robert, and Wayne for editing.

Family Kink: Sister Submission

I'm not going to lie. I'd been considering seducing and making my baby sister into my live-in pussy pleaser for a while.

For one, it would be sooo convenient ... just walk into her room and sit on her face, or text her and have her rush in and crawl between my legs while I watched television, did my homework or tried to fall asleep (nothing better for crashing into a deep sleep than to cum hard first).

For two, it would be fun... I loved turning straight girls into cunt munchers... the look in their eyes while they are being seduced but don't realise it yet, the tone in their voice when they try to resist and discover they can't, and the inevitable look of shock in their eyes when they first taste my scrumptious pussy and discover they are no longer straight. Some become bi and some even walk away from cock completely. It's such a rush when they do that because of me!

For three, I liked the idea of being her first... my baby sister was eighteen and still a virgin (learned that from a private talk with her a couple weeks ago), although I also knew she'd sucked cock (and didn't like it), and a former boyfriend had gone down on her (and she'd found it uncomfortable). The reality is that only a woman can really please another woman orally. Only a woman truly understands the complexities of a pussy. Just like I imagine the best cock suckers are men for the same reason: they understand their own anatomy.

For four, my sister was a natural people pleaser, and when it comes to finding the perfect submissive, they come in a few varieties:

1. The sweet people pleaser. These girls (always girls, even if they're in their sixties) are submissive by nature and will usually end up as agreeable housewives for some unappreciative man if not rescued by a woman like me. These girls are often taken advantage of as they're so eager to please they don't even realize they're surrendering their very identity. That said, once turned, they're not only fiercely loyal, but amazing pleasers who work hard to perfect their craft (in this case cunt munching).

2. The over-achiever. These women (not girls, these ones) are determined and ambitious people who have fought their whole life to get to the top. They're often lawyers, politicians, or CEOs. These women are so focused on proving they're major players in a male dominated world, that they maintain a fierce public persona. They're so intimidating that they usually either remain single or they settle for some pussy boy who is okay with being whipped and psychologically emasculated. She wears the pants in the house and in the bedroom. Yet, these women are prime targets to be seduced and dominated. Although it doesn't seem logical at first, once you look more closely it makes perfect sense. They become so high-strung because of their professional aspirations that they need to release their stress through sex before they blow their top. They may find some man to use for impersonal sex, but that approach will never be enough for them. They will never be satisfied so long as they call the shots, the reason being that what they really need is to let go completely, which means allowing themselves to surrender to another person... and thus although they're formidable challenges to seduce (unlike the people pleasing girls, who surrender almost out of habit), once these over-achievers do fall, they fall hard. Once they experience the total freedom that comes from submission, their lack of responsibility in an intimate setting feels absolutely heavenly to them.

3. The neglected housewife. These women are often easy targets too. Taken for granted for too long, treated like pieces of furniture, no longer being sexually satisfied even if their husbands often use them for a quick release, they're desperate for attention. Words of flattery, subtle but purposeful touches and then at the proper moment an aggressive attack, and they are putty in your hands and tigers between your legs. Although at first they will unconvincingly deny their true nature, once they succumb they'll become eager submissives. Many times they'll feel guilty the next day, and protest weakly that it was a onetime thing, but they'll always (literally) crawl back for more. Once turned they're often demanding of a mistress's time and attention, but with proper nurturing and training, they can become priceless slaves.

There are many other groups and types of women who will submit, as ninety percent of women will succumb to a woman's advances given the right opportunity... and already I've become a well-practised expert on orchestrating the right opportunity.

For five (remember the numbered list I began this soliloquy with?), incest is so taboo... thus committing it is the ultimate sin... and God, I love to sin. Although I was only nineteen, almost twenty, I'd already committed many naughty lezzy sins: I seduced my English teacher [author's cameo appearance alert], I seduced my old babysitter who was also one of Mom's best friends, I seduced a couple of nerds in my H.S. senior year and recently at college I seduced a professor. Each of these women would drop anything to come and serve me... although I'd always kept my sex life and my home life separate.

I still lived at home and neither of my parents had any clue I was a lesbian, as I did have a fake boyfriend Dave, who was actually gay but looked a lot like Tom Cruise, to keep my parents (and his) in the dark.

That said, it would indeed be nice to have a pussy pleaser in the house when I needed an orgasm or when I wanted to fuck someone, but didn't want to venture outside for my orgasm.

Anyway, although I'd often contemplated my cute sister as a someday target, I wasn't truly seriously considering it... except when I was horny... which unfortunately was often.

Then things lined up to make it a possibility on the most appropriate day of all for a sibling seduction... Valentine's Day:

1. I had a major paper due on the fifteenth and I'd procrastinated badly, and although I likely could have gotten one of my pets to write the paper for me, I always insisted on maintaining integrity in my academic pursuits. I hadn't seduced my teacher or professor to get better grades, but because they were hot and ripe for the licking (I should trademark that). This is relevant because I was therefore home for what happened that night instead of out fucking one or more of my pets, or out on the hunt for fresh cunt.

2. My Dad was a big time romantic and was taking Mom out to dinner and a Broadway play. So they would be out of the house until at least eleven.

3. Natalie got dumped an hour before her dinner date on Valentine's Day.

So here is how my baby sister became my personal pussy pleasing pet....

I finished classes at two, had an orgasm from the lips of my ethics professor at 2:15 (ironic, I know), and worked the early Valentine's Day shift from 2:45 to 6:00 at the restaurant. My boss pleaded for me to help out through the initial rush, and I ended up staying another hour before heading home. My essay was still nowhere near done.

With my parents out, and my sister on a date with her boyfriend, I was even considering sending for someone to come and give me a slow burn licking while I worked on my paper once I got home.

That plan was thrown out the window when I walked into the house and saw my sister in the living room crying.

In contrast to her tears, she was all dressed up in a classy black dress and black nylons. I'd never seen her wear nylons, even though I'd tried to convince her for years that they were a practical enhancement of our feminine sensuality. She often insisted she was still enjoying her tomboy years (a tomboy with nice perky boobs... go figure), even dying her hair blue and was more of a jeans and t-shirt type of gal.

I sat next to her on the couch, leaned close and asked quietly, "What's wrong, Nat?"

"N-n-nothing," she stammered through tears and sniffles.

"Obviously," I responded sarcastically. Where she is sweet, I'm sarcastic and I lack any patience for crying and whining.

As she went to get up, obviously not wanting to talk, I placed a hand on her shoulder and asked, "What did he do?"

"He dumped me," she answered.

"On Valentine's Day?" I blurted, startled. Even I wasn't heartless enough that I would do such a thing to someone. Although texting a slut to walk away leaving their man behind (even while he was all hot and bothered) to come over here and lick me, I would do in a heartbeat. My favourite was when I had Sarah come and lick me in the church bathroom just minutes before her communion. Although having a teacher go down on me during her prep period and not allowing her to wipe my juices off her face when she went to class was also pretty hot. Actually, so was mom's friend; I made her slip away to meet me in the bathroom of a five star restaurant to lick me out during the celebration of her twentieth wedding anniversary.

"Yeah, fucking Valentine's Day," she said.

"What an asshole," I said, taking her hand and leading her back to the couch. Once we were both seated I asked, "What pathetic excuse did he give you?"

"I won't put out," she answered, wiping tears from her eyes.

"Are you serious?" I asked, appalled at the reason and already thinking about different ways to castrate the guy. Although I was a bitch in many ways, I was very loyal to the people I cared about. All good Mistresses needed to understand that having a submissive was about more than domination and humiliation (although they often played a major factor in the stringent training necessary to establish a satisfactory hierarchy of a sub-domme relationship), but another crucial element was about establishing trust. As a Mistress, you had to protect and nurture your submissive as well as ensure that both of you always kept your promises to each other.

"Yeah," she nodded.

"That's ridiculous," I said. "Did you point out how many times you've sucked his tiny dick until he came and that he hasn't once gotten his tongue anywhere near your pussy?"

"No," she said. "He didn't give me a chance to say anything; he told me on the phone and told me he was going out tonight with Becky instead."

My first thought was to find out where the date was and go and seduce Becky... but then a better idea popped into my head.

"Has he ever actually given you an orgasm?" I asked, even though I knew there was no way he had. I placed my hand on her leg.

"Not even close," she scoffed, shifting from crying to bitterness.

"And you even wore nylons for him," I pointed out, before adding, "you look great in them."

"Thanks," she said. "I stole them from your room."

"You did, did you?" I smiled, lifting her dress up to confirm that she must be in thigh highs, since that is all I owned. "Were you considering fucking him tonight?"

"I was," she nodded, tears beginning to form again. "If I just would have had sex with him, this wouldn't have happened."

"Natalie, stop," I firmly scolded. "You did nothing wrong. And if a guy dumps you over sex he isn't worth it."

"I guess," she said, her tone implying she didn't believe it.

"Trust me, you got lucky today," I said. "He isn't a man, he's a boy. You deserve better."

"I don't feel lucky," she said.

"Don't move," I said. "I know exactly what kind of luck you need."

"Okay," she said, reaching for her phone.

"And I'll take that," I said, grabbing it from the coffee table.

"I was just checking Instagram," she whined.

"And now you're not," I said, "just wait, you'll see," walking to my room to grab my favourite toy for self-love and my second favourite toy of all after my eight inch strap-on. I grabbed it and returned to my sister, already forming a layered plan to make her feel better and then to make her my pet all rolled into one.

She had turned the television on and was watching NCIS. I joked, "You have to be over forty to be allowed to watch this show."

She laughed, "I like it."

"You would," I said, shaking my head, as I joined her back on the couch.

"Mom likes it too," she defended.

"And she is over forty."


"So have you ever had an orgasm?" I asked out of the blue.

"What?" She asked, hearing me, but surprised.

"Look, Natalie. I'm your big sister and I need to look after you," I said.

"I'm fine," she said.

"I'll repeat the question. Have you ever had an orgasm?"

"I think so," she answered.

"If you're not absolutely certain, then you haven't," I said. "The earth will move, your body will erupt and nothing will ever be the same again."

"Really?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, if I don't have at least two a day I'm a complete bitch."

"You poor thing! So you've never had even two?" she joked, smiling for the first time since I'd gotten home.

"Smart ass," I said, playfully squeezing her leg.

After a pause, I declared, "So tonight sis, you're going to discover the joys of the female orgasm." In my head I included both receiving and later giving.

"I am?" She asked.

"Ta-da!" I sang out, revealing the rabbit.

"A sex toy?" She questioned.

"No," I shook my head. "It's the sexe jouet of sex toys."

"Sorry, I was mistaken," she sarcastically replied.

"Apology accepted," I deadpanned, and ordered, "Take off your panties."


"Your panties, take them off," I repeated, before joking, "Unless you're not wearing any."

Her face went red and it spoke volumes.

"You're not wearing any?" I asked, actually impressed by her moxie.

"I was trying to be sexy," she explained.

"Good girl! You succeeded," I said. "Your dumbass ex-boyfriend should have had more patience."

"I can't believe I took an hour and a half getting ready for him," she sighed.

"Well, you got all dolled up to get fucked and I'm going to make sure you do," I declared, as I moved to the floor and parted her legs.

"What are you doing?" she asked shocked,


"I'm being a fantastic big sister and showing you how to have an orgasm," I said, as I turned on the rabbit and moved it to her pussy before she even had time to react.

"Ooooooh," she moaned, staring down at me in utter shock.

Being a mistress, I'm almost never on my knees, except when I'm wearing a strap-on and fucking a pet from behind. But this was the early stage of a seduction and therefore an exception.

I rubbed the vibrating rabbit up and down her pussy lips as she stammered, "W-w-what are you doing?"

Yet, like many of my pets during their initial turning, she didn't push me away, even as she feigned protest. "Getting ready to show you what a real orgasm feels like," I answered, as I slid the rabbit inside her.

"Oh my God!" she moaned loudly, her legs opening wider.

"That's it," I purred, as I pushed the rabbit all the way into her so she was being pleasured inside and out.

"Ooooooh, Gigi," she moaned, clearly in awe of the pleasure the rabbit was giving her.

Many mistresses don't eat pussy. They make the hierarchy very clear: subs lick, dommes fuck. But I was a lesbian and although I liked being in power, I also loved the taste of pussy. Although I never ate pussy in the submissive position of being on my knees.

I usually made a pet straddle me... either as I lay on a bed or sat on a couch. On rare occasions, we would end up in a side by side 69... but never on my knees.

So as I looked up and saw my sister's eyes closed, her lips pursed and her moans increasing, I leaned forward, pulled the rabbit back slightly and began tapping her clit with my tongue.

Natalie gasped, "What are you doooooo-ing?"

"Licking your cunt, baby sister," I said matter-of-factly, as I sucked her clit between my lips, going in for the orgasmic kill.

"Oooooh, this is... this is... oh God, Gigi," she babbled through her moans, unable to finish a sentence. Her orgasm was imminent.

"Just let big sister take care of you, Nat," I whispered gently, as I began pumping the rabbit in and out of her while licking her labia and her clit.

"So good, Gigi," she moaned, giving up on her weak protests and luxuriating in the pleasure I was giving her.

And then I began to launch the orgasm that would forever change her life. I pulled the rabbit out and prepared her to become dependent on me.

"Please don't stop! What are you doing?" she questioned, so close to orgasm.

"I'm showing you how a person really eats a pussy," I answered, burying my face in her pussy and beginning to lap.

"Oh God," she gasped, both because her own sister was eating her cunt and the pleasure had resumed.

I licked her pussy lips, wanting to taste my sister's delicacy, always in awe at the subtle differences in taste from pussy to pussy.

Don't stop," she moaned, grabbing my head and pulling me deeper into her pussy, losing herself in the sensations.

I smiled as her lust for coming overrode every moral fibre in her being. She didn't know where she was going, but her physical and emotional juices were flowing, and whatever the destination, all her instincts were crying out for a tumultuous arrival. Pulling out all the stops, I went for the double kill: I slid two fingers inside her gaping box and quickly stroked her g-spot while simultaneously moving directly to her clit and sucking it between my lips, batting the little nexus of nerve endings up and down with my tongue.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" she screamed, her orgasm hitting her almost immediately.

Her cum jetted everywhere, she too was a squirter (like sister, like sister).

I hungrily lapped up cum... pussy juice my own addiction... my own version of the sweetest wine.

Then, deciding it was time to begin her pet training, I moved out from between her legs, stood up, quickly pulled off my thong, climbed onto the couch, lifted up my dress and dropped my pussy straight down on my sister's stunned face.

She began to speak, but I ordered, "Get licking, sis. I got you off, and now you get me off."

She hesitated for a second before, as I expected, I felt her tongue on my pussy lips.

"Good girl," I moaned, as a little exhilaration coursed through me at having my sister licking me. It was so wrong, which made it feel so right.

For a couple of minutes, I just stood above her, my hands on the top of the couch for balance, and allowed her to lick me.

At first she was very tentative... like every first time pussy pleaser.

But also like every first time cunt muncher, after a minute or so of slow licking, she got more eager. Her tongue explored my pussy lips as she paint-brushed between them.

"That's it, baby sister, you're a natural cunt licker," I moaned, encouraging her while simultaneously subliminally training her. This wasn't just a new action she was performing, more importantly it was a new identity she was assuming.

She started licking faster as her natural submissive nature emerged, as she discovered the obvious, that she indeed was a natural and liked it. Her mind subconsciously shifted to making me happy... and unknowingly she was becoming my pet.

"Oh yes, faster, baby sis," I continued to encourage, "I think we've discovered your calling."

She began moving her head up and down, really getting into the cunnilingus, wanting to get me off, wanting to taste my sweet nectar.

As my orgasm built, I moaned, "Oh yes, you're getting big sister's cunt so fucking wet."

She kept licking, completely focused on pleasing me.

I continued, hinting at my vision of the future, as I said, "Oh yes, baby sis, I think you'll be doing this a lot from now on."

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