tagIncest/TabooFamily Life Ch. 02

Family Life Ch. 02


After our early morning incestuous escapade, we all dozed for a while. The day began rather normally with showers and breakfast. After breakfast, we continued to work on getting the cabin organized for the summer. A lot of outdoor furniture had to removed from storage, cleaned and set up. The LP gas grill had to be reconnected and cleaned and the solar panels and gutters needed to be cleaned. Dad and I worked outside and Mom worked inside.

While working, I had a chance to think about what had happened. I think almost every young man, at one time or another, fantasizes about having sex with his Mother. I did. I had never fantasized about having sex with another man, let alone my Father. Oh sure, I had seen gay mags and videos, but they hadn't turned me on. I was pretty sure Dad wasn't gay, but I hadn't thought about him being bi. What was my sexuality now? I considered myself a hetero, but I had enjoyed the cock sucking with Dad - both giving and receiving and the 69. The anal sex was different. I thought it might have been a "heat of passion" thing. But deep down, I admitted to myself, in spite of the initial pain, it felt good and I wanted to try it again. Most of all, I wanted to continue.

We all worked silently, but there seemed to be more touching and companionable silences. We broke for a late lunch. While we were eating lunch, Mom mentioned some more photo albums that she had found in a cedar chest. She thought we would enjoy looking at them that evening. We finished our chores, cleaned up and had dinner. After dinner, Mom brought out a box with the photo albums in it.

She pulled a coffee table over to the sofa in front of the fireplace. She sat in the middle and Dad and I sat on either side of her. Dad said these were pretty personal photo albums. He and Mom really enjoyed sex and sexual activities and they started photographing each other and themselves enjoying all aspects of sex. That was one reason the cabin had a darkroom. They wanted something other than instant photos. They had also owned a video camera for a long time and now they were into digital photography.

Dad opened the first album. It was nude photos he had taken of Mom. Most of them were glamour type shots - posed on a rock at the edge of a lake, in the shower, on the bed in a wispy negligee, etc. There were a few where she was cupping her breasts or running her fingers through her pussy hair. Mom was turning the pages and I noticed Dad was running his hand up and down the inside of her thigh.

The second album was photos of Dad. He was nude in most of the shots. Some were posed beefcake but a lot of them were candid shots taken when they were skinny dipping or sunbathing. In a number of shots he had a semi-erect cock.

Mom put the second album aside and opened the third. This was their hardcore album. The very first picture was one of them standing side-by-side and ginning at the camera. They were nude, Dad had a hard-on. His right arm was around Mom's back and he was cupping her right breast. Mom had her left hand wrapped around Dad's cock. They laughed about the take-off on "American Gothic". The other pictures became more and more explicit as we progressed through the album. Mom commented how warm it was in the room. Dad agreed and he pulled his t-shirt off. Mom said that looked like a good idea, so she pulled hers off too. I figured I might as well go along and took mine off also.

They had taken photos of each other masturbating alone and together. There were even some solo cum shots of Dad. The photos progressed to shots of blowjobs and pussy eating and fucking in various positions and locations. I don't know about them, but I had a boner.

Mom made a comment that we should start a new album of activities. Dad said that was a good idea and he would get the cameras. When he got up I could see he had a boner too. It a few minutes he came back with a video camera and tripod and two digital cameras, one on a tripod. He had taken his shorts off and his hard-on was swaying as he walked across the room. Dad said we should both get naked while he set up the cameras.

When he was ready, Mom and I stood up. She pulled my shorts down. I stepped out of them then unbuttoned her cutoff jeans and helped her take them off. We faced the three cameras. She wrapped her left hand around my cock and I put my right arm around her and cupped her right breast. Dad and I changed places and they re-enacted the one photo. Then Dad and I stood on either side of Mom. She held our cocks and we cupped her breasts. We finished the third album.

The last album was their kinky album. It began with some mild bondage - Mom spread eagled on the bed with her wrists and ankles tied to the bedposts with neckties, blindfolded and with a ball gag in her mouth. There was a photo of Dad standing with his arms stretched out and tied between two small trees. His legs were spread and ropes ran from his ankles to the trees. He was blindfolded and gagged. What was interesting were the clothes pins clipped to his nipples and his cock was in a cage and a weight could be seen hanging from his scrotum. Dad commented that was one of the kinkier and quirkier photos he had let Mom take.

Other photos involved lots of toys - vibrators, dongs, dildos, butt plugs, and beads. There was a series of photos where Mom was wearing a strap-on. It included pictures of Dad on his knees sucking Mom's "cock" and several pictures of Mom fucking him up the ass with her strap-on. Mom said Dad liked anal play and sex and she tried to accommodate him and that is why they bought her the strap-on. Dad commented that most of the toys were still around and most of them were here at the cabin. I noticed the picture of Dad with the weight stretching his ball sack was taken at the cabin within the past couple of years.

There were several video tapes in the box. Mom said they were mostly suck and fuck films and we could watch them later, if we wanted too. She got up and left the room. A few minute later she returned with a box of toys and lubricants.

I told Mom to run the video camera and Dad to handle the digital cameras. I went to the box of toys and selected several sizes of vibrators, butt plugs, dildos and a double headed dong. I picked up some lubricant and I set everything on the fireplace hearth. I don't know why, but I wanted to do a "show" for them. Mom started the video camera and I lubed my cock. I stepped in front of the camera and started to beat my meat. After a few minutes, I turned my back, bent over, spread my ass cheeks and flashed my asshole at the cameras. I put some lube on my fingers and eventually worked three fingers into my asshole. Then it was a matter of lubing up a butt plug and shoving it up my ass.

I continued to sort of dance and stroke my cock. I kept changing but plugs and dildos - gradually working up to the larger sizes. I finally lay on my back with my ass towards the camera. I pulled out the latest plug and started to work one end of the double dong into my ass. When I got about six inches or so lodged up my ass, I stood up. It look as if I had two cocks. I held the dong next to my cock and tried to stroke them both.

I asked Dad to come over. He stepped over to me. I turned us sideways to Mom and the video camera. I dropped to my knees in front of him and swallowed his cock. I didn't deep throat him, but I think I was close. I bobbed my mouth up and down on his cock while I played with his balls and slid a finger back to his asshole.

I stopped sucking off Dad, turned towards the camera and said I wanted Dad to treat my mouth like a cunt and fuck my face. I turned back to face him and opened my mouth. He pushed his cock into my mouth, grasped my head and started to pump his cock in and out. I clamped my lips as tight as I could around his pistoning cock. Mom moved the video camera in for some close ups. I played with his balls and when I felt them start to tighten, I got ready. I felt Dad's cock start to stiffen. He took his hands off my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth. He jacked his cock maybe twice when he started to cum. The first wad hit me on the cheek, the second on the chin and the third was dead center in my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and he shoved his cock back in. I started to suck and swallow as he continued to cum. His warm, salty cum was more than I could swallow so some leaked out and dribbled off my chin and onto my chest. After he stopped cumming, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned my face towards the camera. A string of cum ran from my lip to his cockhead. I held his cock by my cheek as I opened my mouth so Mom could get footage of my cum filled mouth.

I turned Dad around and bent him over. I lubed his asshole with my cum coated tongue. I found one of the butt plugs and lube. He grunted as I worked the plug into his asshole and past his sphincter muscle. I still had the dong up my ass. I pulled it out and inserted a large butt plug. I stood up and gave Dad a cum filled French kiss. As I dropped back to my knees, I looked over towards Mom. She was trying to run the video with one hand as she pushed a dildo into her pussy.

I sucked Dad's cock until he asked me to stop. I asked him to get on his hands and knees. I told him he was going to get fucked in this ass. This time it would be the real thing - not a strap-on. Mom heard this and got better control of the camera. I faced her as I lubed my cock. I pulled the plug out of Dad's ass with a pop. He was kneeling with his ass in the air and his shoulders flat on the carpet. I knelt behind him. I worked a good amount of lube into his asshole.

As I put my cockhead against his pucker, Mom zoomed in for a close up as my cockhead pressed and stretched his asshole. Dad groaned as I pushed my cock into his ass. Mom backed off with the camera. I slowly pushed my cock into his ass. I'd push an inch then stop. He groaned each time I pushed. I was finally all the way in his ass. Once I hit bottom, I pulled all the way back until I was almost out. Then it was balls deep in one fast stroke. I settled down to fucking my Father's ass while Mom put the camera back on the tripod and settled onto the sofa to watch her "boys" fuck and to screw herself with a large dildo.

Every time I bottomed in Dad's ass he grunted. Pretty soon I was grunting too as my pelvis would slam into his ass when I hit bottom. I reached around Dad and held his hard cock in my hand. I stopped fucking him and pulled my cock out of his asshole. I moved him around so he was on his knees with his ass towards the video camera. I spread his knees apart so his ball sack could be seen. I stayed on my feet and straddled him. I squatted over him and pushed my cock back up his ass. It was awkward, but it worked. I looked over my shoulder. Mom was holding the camera and getting good footage of our balls and asses and of my cock pumping Dad's ass.

I pulled my cock out of his ass again. Dad asked me not to stop. I told him we weren't finished, but I wanted to try another position. I rolled him onto his back and asked him to pull his knees up to his chest. Mom put the camera back on the tripod. Dad lay there with his cock hard against his stomach. I dropped to my knees and licked his balls and cock several times, then I moved closer and re-entered his ass. Dad groaned that it felt different, it felt really good and I had better not stop again. I set up a steady pace. Mom moved around and knelt beside us. She started stroking Dad's cock. Then she put her fingers down by Dad's asshole and touched my cock as it slid in and out. She moved around into a 69 position over Dad. She leaned down and sucked his cockhead into her mouth.

Dad was moaning and telling Mom he was going to cum if she kept sucking and swirling her tongue around his cockhead. She stopped teasing him long enough to tell him that was the idea.

The angle of my cock in Dad's ass had increased the pressure on my cock. I knew I was going to cum soon. My balls started to tighten and I told them I was cumming. Mom stopped sucking Dad's cock and sat up. I pulled my cock out of Dad's ass. I held it as I started to cum. The first couple of gobs hit on Mom's breasts and belly. The next few landed on Dad's cock and balls. I wanted to cum in his ass so I pushed my cock back in Dad's asshole and blew the rest of my load into him.

Mom started beating his meat. Dad arched his back, groaned and blew his load. Mom aimed his cock towards her mouth. Wads of cum hit her face and breasts. She moved out of the 69 position and laid down with her hips and legs beside Dad. She lay with her belly on Dad's stomach. Dad was still cumming. She took his cock in her mouth and slid forward on her belly. I watched, fascinated, as she deep throated his cock. Mom's lips were around the base of Dad's cock. She cupped and lifted his balls with her hands.

I pulled my softening cock out of Dad's ass as I lay down on my side. I was able to turn Mom up on her hip so I could push my way under her and bury my face in her dripping pussy.

We stayed in the pile of legs and arms and cocks and pussy and asses as the video camera continued to run and the cartridge ran out of tape.

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