tagIncest/TabooFamily Life Ch. 04

Family Life Ch. 04


Dad called from town on Monday evening. Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob were glad to accept Dad's invitation to come up to the cabin. They would arrive next Saturday afternoon.

As a matter of fact, they had some vacation time coming and they asked if they could come up for the week. Aunt Sue worked part time as an office assistant and Uncle Bob was a salesman. Sales had been pretty slow and he hadn't earned much in commissions. Spare cash was a little tight with them and they had planned on spending their vacation at home. Mom and Dad knew about tight money and hard times and they were glad to have them spend the week with us.

The week went fairly quickly. Mom worked a couple of days as an RN and I worked to get ahead of my software job. We went into town a couple of times to pick up groceries, drinks, etc. We cleaned house from top to bottom.

We took time out for sunbathing and working out. And enjoying family sex. Mom surprised me with a blowjob while I was doing bench presses. I had to stop lifting weights so I wouldn't lose my concentration and hurt myself. One time, I bent her over the weight bench and first fucked her pussy, then her ass. On another time, she reamed my ass with her strap-on.

Dad got home early Friday afternoon. He brought more drinks and lots of steaks, cops and ribs for the week. He had also stocked up on several large tubes of lubricating gel and condoms for "just in case." We ate dinner and as Mom was just finishing in the kitchen, I walked up behind her, put my hands under her t-shirt, cupped her breasts and told her I was hot for her and that I wanted to ravish her. She turned in my arms, slipped her hand in my shorts and said to ravish away.

Dad realized what was going to happen so he set up the cameras. I pulled her t-shirt over her head and bent down to suck her breasts. At the same time, I was unzipping and pulling her shorts off of her. I pushed her onto her back on the kitchen table, spread her legs and pressed my face into her hairy pussy. I spread her lips and licked her pussy lips up and down. I was trying to push my shorts down.

I had to stop and take off my shorts. Mom sat up and pulled my t-shirt over my head. Then she lay back down. My cock was standing up against my stomach. I spread her legs and went back to licking and kissing her pussy. She said she wanted a cock in her mouth.

I moved around to the other side of the table. She lay on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the table. She told me to feed my cock into her open mouth. I gently pushed my cock into her mouth. It slowly slipped down her throat without gagging her. Her lips were around the base of my cock and my ball sac was resting against her nose and eyelids. She tapped my leg and I pulled my cock out. She told me to pump it all the way in and out slowly so she could breathe on the out stroke.

I continued to bury my cock deep down her throat as Dad taped us. Mom was squeezing her breasts and twisting her nipples as she sucked away. Her tongue was pressed against the bottom of my cock and I could feel her warm breath as she exhaled when I pulled my cock back up her throat. She had her legs spread wide. The deep throat action must have really turned her on as her juices were literally running from her pussy. She tapped my leg and I pulled my cock out. As she was catching her breath, I went back to the other side of the table and licked up everything from her juicy pussy.

Dad's hard cock was bobbing in front of him as he moved around the table with the camera. As he passed close by I caught his cock in my mouth and gave him some deep strong sucks.

Mom got off the table and moved near the couch in the living room. She bent over the end, braced herself with her arms and presented her pussy and ass to the camera. Dad got a great close up as my cock slipped into her juicy pussy. She straightened her arms and her tits swayed with our rocking motion as we fucked.

We took a few minutes break. Then she put on her strap-on. I sucked it and she fucked my ass with it. Then it was my turn. I buried her strap-on in her ass as I fucked her pussy some more. Finally I pushed a thick butt plug up my ass and replaced the strap-on in her ass with my cock.

The video ended when I pulled my cock out of Mom's ass, turned her over and blew my cum over her face and tits. Then she sat on my face and I licked her pussy while she diddled her clit until she had an orgasm.

Dad put the cameras down. Mom sucked him to completion as I continued to leisurely lick her pussy lips and suck her clit. Dad was standing over me facing Mom so I had an ant's eye view of the blowjob. I lubed a finger in Mom's wet pussy and I helped Dad get off by pushing my finger up his ass.

I watched Mom's throat muscles move as she gulped down Dad's cum. Mom leaned back and his cock dropped out of her mouth. I pushed myself up onto my elbows. A string of cum was hanging down from Dad's cock. I caught it on my tongue as I sat up and wrapped my lips around his cockhead.

After sucking the last drop of cum out of Dad's cock, I turned to Mom. She was licking her fingers as she wiped up the cum that had run out of her mouth. I gave her a French kiss, then licked the remaining cum off of her lips and chin.

The next morning, we cleaned the hot tub and made sure everything was ready and in place for a long weekend of barbecuing and other fun. After lunch, Mom and Dad decided to sunbathe and work on their tans. Dad said he had told Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob that, once inside the front door, we were pretty relaxed and casual and the amount and type of clothing being worn at the moment was pretty much optional.

We heard a car pull slowly into the driveway. I was wearing shorts and I put on a t-shirt when I went out to greet them. Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob were unloading things out of the trunk. I helped carry a couple of suitcases into the room they would be using. Uncle Bob said there were a couple of bags and a box in the back seat of their car. We carried in a bag of fresh corn and other vegetables and more steaks and drinks.

After putting the meat and vegetables in the refrigerator, I handed each of them a drink and told them that Mom and Dad were sunbathing out back. They looked at each other, gave each other a sort of "here we go" shrug, and walked out to the patio.

Mom was lying on a chaise lounge directly across from the door. The thatch of sun bleached blonde hair on her pussy stood out against her darkly tanned thighs and belly. Dad was sitting on the edge of a chaise lounge. Even the dark hair on his chest, crotch and legs seemed lighter colored against his tan skin.

Aunt Sue sucked in a deep breath as Dad put down the book he had been reading and stood to greet them. I think she tried not to look at her brother's dangling cock and balls as he walked towards her and Uncle Bob. He shook Bob's hand and gave his sister a big bear hug. Aunt Sue sort of put her hands on Dad's shoulders during the hug.

Mom had gotten up and walked over to Uncle Bob. She gave her brother a big hug. Uncle Bob hesitantly put his arms around Mom and placed his hands on her bare back. The she walked over and hugged and kissed Aunt Sue. I noticed the kiss was on the lips instead of on a cheek.

Dad reseated himself. He told them to not be bashful. to make themselves comfortable and to relax. Mom picked up a bottle of sunscreen lotion. She rubbed some on her arms and then asked Uncle Bob to apply some to her back. He set his drink down and took the bottle from Mom.

I took my t-shirt and shorts off and picked up another bottle of sunscreen.

Aunt Sue made the next move. She turned her back to us. She unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She then hung her clothes over a chair. She pushed her shorts and panties down together. After she stepped out of her shorts, she squatted down, picked them up, and placed them on the chair.

From the back, she looked like she had a firm body. Aunt Sue was about five foot four or five, a bit shorter than Mom. She was several years younger than Dad and a couple of years younger than Mom. Her butt was round and firm and her thighs and calves were tight. She turned around. Dad was looking at his book and sort of ignoring her.

I handed her the sunscreen. She squeezed some into her hand and handed the bottle back to me. I rubbed some sunscreen on my legs as she did her arms. She asked me to put some on her back. I was very careful not to go below her waist or around her sides.

She turned towards me, took the bottle and squirted some sunscreen on her chest. She rubbed it on her belly and her breasts, which were firm and nicely shaped. She cupped each breast in turn and carefully rubbed sunscreen onto each areola and nipple with a fingertip. The tip of her tongue was peeking out between her lips as she did this. It was an erotic scene and I hoped she didn't see my cock stir as I watched.

I tried to rub more sunscreen on myself as Aunt Sue applied it to her legs. She had dark hair like Dad. Her hair was cut in a style that is called, I guess, a "bob". Her pubic hair had been shaved off. Her pussy was smooth and bare. She finished applying the sunscreen, picked up her drink and walked over by the hot tub.

Uncle Bob was standing and looking at his now nude wife. She walked over to him and started to unbutton his shirt. She opened his shirt and pulled the shirt tails out of his waistband. Aunt Sue was talking to Uncle Bob as she unbuckled his belt and unfastened the fly on his trousers. She pushed his trouser and shorts down. He stepped out of them after he slipped off his jogging shoes and socks. Aunt Sue was standing in front of him as he took off his shirt.

Uncle Bob is a just over a year younger than Mom. He has her dark blonde hair and he is about my height and build. Aunt Sue had been rubbing sunscreen on his chest. Her arms dropped lower as she put lotion on his crotch. She stepped around him to do his back.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue were "smoothies." That is, all their body hair was shaved off. Uncle Bob's body was hair free except for his head and arms. Aunt Sue's was the same. His hairless cock and balls were prominent since they weren't hidden in a mat of pubic hair. Both them had pale skin with no tan whatsoever. They would have to be careful to avoid sunburn if they joined us in our naturist lifestyle.

They found some towels and sat down. They relaxed as we chatted. They had read about the smooth look in a magazine. They tried it and liked it. It was especially erotic during lovemaking. They shaved and waxed each other. Uncle Bob said they were thinking about permanent laser hair removal when they could afford it.

Dad called Aunt Sue, "Sis" and Uncle Bob was "Bobby" to Mom. They said I should call them Sue and Bob. They called me Bud. We decided to have steaks and fresh corn on the cob for dinner. Dad grilled the steaks. He put on an apron because he "didn't want to accidentally grill the wrong meat." Sue fixed a salad. I helped Mom with the table and bread and condiments while Bob chose some wines.

We sat at the table for some time after dinner. After cleaning up the dinner things, we talked some more before deciding to adjourn to the hot tub. We showered together in the outdoor shower off the patio. I washed Sue's back. Bob washed mine. Mom and Dad washed each other. Bob, Sue and I finished washing ourselves.

Each of us got a glass of wine as we arranged ourselves in the hot tub. I was sitting between Mom and Dad and across from Bob and Sue. Sue finished her wine and got out of the tub to get another glass. She sat on the edge of the tub when she returned. Her feet were dangling in the water and her knees were slightly spread. The warm water and the wine from dinner was relaxing every one.

Bob asked Dad and Mom how long we had been living a naturist life style. Dad said we had only been doing it for a short time. They then started to talk about skinny dipping as kids, and sneaking cigarettes and beer and fooling around.

Mom asked what kind of fooling around. Dad said the usual - sneaking around and trying to catch her and Sis in the shower or changing clothes or getting undressed for bed, looking at "girlie" magazines, raunchy jokes, etc..

Bob said they should tell them all of it. Sue asked what "all of it" meant. Bob said he and Dad got a hold of some porn magazines. Looking at the pictures gave each of them a hard-on and they started jerking off together. Bob said he couldn't remember who was first to start beating his meat, but they did it together. Dad looked sort of embarrassed.

Mom smiled and asked Dad if they did anything else. Dad took a deep breath and said that, yes, they gave each other hand jobs. And since a lot of the photos were of blowjobs, they tried oral sex too. Bob laughed as he described his first awkward attempts to suck his buddy's cock, but how they both got better with practice. Dad said he had forgotten that they had tried to give each other blowjobs. But he remembered the anal sex wasn't any fun since neither of them liked being on the bottom.

Mom put her hand underwater and gave my cock a squeeze. I ran my hand across Dad's leg and felt his cock. He was getting a hard-on from talking about his and Bob's adventures.

Sue said that she remembered when she discovered her clit. When she tickled her clit, she got really intense feelings, but she didn't know what an orgasm was. Mom asked Sue if she remembered how they kissed and felt each other's bodies. Sue said she especially liked remembering when they got naked together and kissed and sucked each other's breasts.

Sue asked Mom if she remembered the two of them finding the vibrator in Sue's folks bedroom. Mom said she also remembered the fun they had with the vibrator. It really gave their clits a buzz and it also was more fun than finger fucking. But, Sue said, it wasn't as good as having your pussy eaten or, for that matter, eating a pussy.

I looked at my parents and at my aunt and uncle. They were all pretty frank about the sexual experimentation and now seemed unembarrassed to talk about it. Bob asked me if I had fooled around. I told him that other than some heavy petting with a girl friend, I hadn't done much.

He sort of raised his eyebrows and commented that he guessed video games and computer stuff gave the kids today other outlets.

I looked up at Sue. I decided to take a chance. I looked Sue in the eyes and asked her if I could kiss her pussy. She looked down at Bob, who just nodded. Mom reached over and squeezed my thigh. Dad bumped my knee. Sue spread he knees father apart and put a hand on her pussy.

I moved over in front of her and kissed the back of her hand. She moved her hand. I looked at her bare pussy, then kissed it just above the top of her slit. She tasted like the chemicals in the hot tub. I licked her pussy all over. Without any hair, her pussy lips were inviting with their easy accessibility.

I tongued Sue's outer labia and sucked the edges between my lips. I alternated licking her pussy from bottom to top and kissing and sucking her lips as I worked my way to her clit. Sue spread her knees further apart and placed her hand on my head.

I heard splashing beside and behind me. Bob moved up to sit on the edge of the tub. His bare cock was semi rigid. I found Sue's clit with my tongue and lips and I concentrated on getting her off. She lay back and spread her legs wide. She then slid her hands along side both sides of my face. She used her fingers to open her pussy wide.

I stopped and looked at her. Her clit was standing up like a little cock. I ran a finger and thumb around her lips, then squeezed her clit between the thumb and forefinger. She raised her hips. I returned to sucking and tickling her clit with the tip on my tongue. I slipped my forefinger into her pussy hole. My thumb was against the base of her clit and my other fingers were pressing against her brown pucker.

Sue placed her hands on my head. She pressed my face down against her pussy as she pushed her hips up against my face. I heard her rapid breathing and felt her muscles twitch and spasm as she began to have an orgasm.

I sucked her clit until Sue relaxed. I stood up and stretched and looked around. Mom was sitting on the edge of the tub as Dad ate her pussy. Bob was watching them. His cock was hard and tight against his stomach. He glanced at my stiff dick jutting in front of me. Sue was still on her back. She was rubbing her pussy with one hand and squeezing a breast with the other.

It was getting late. I got out of the tub and walked into the house.

About 3:00 a.m., I awakened. I had to piss. As I walked to the bathroom, I heard low voices in the living room. I went to the door and looked in. Sue and Mom were on a blanket on the floor. Sue was leaning over Mom as Mom sucked one of her tits. Sue was rubbing Mom's pussy.

Sue held Mom's head as she pulled her nipple from between Mom's lips. She kissed Mom then bent down to suck one of Mom's tits. Sue then kissed her way down to Mom's pussy. She rubbed her cheek against Mom's pussy hair, then she told Mom she should shave her pussy bare and smooth. Mom just sighed as Sue spread her pussy lips and started to lick Mom.

I forgot about having to piss. I stroked my cock as Sue ate Mom. Sue stopped eating Mom long enough to move around and position her pussy over Mom's face. Sue bent back down to Mom's crotch. I left them in the 69 position as I walked to the bathroom.

About 7 o'clock in the morning, I went to the shop to work out on the exercise equipment. I don't know if I mentioned it earlier, but we remodeled the shop and added a large shower so we could clean up after exercising. I had showered and was shaving when Sue and Bob came in.

They stepped into the shower. I watched, in the mirror, as they washed and shaved each other's bodies. I was sitting on the toilet lid fastening a strap on my sandals when they finished showering. After they dried themselves, Sue said she hadn't had a chance to thank me for the previous evening.

She spread her towel on the floor and kneeled in from of me. She unfastened the towel around my waist and wrapped one of her hands around my cock. I looked at Bob. He smiled and shook his head. Sue sucked one of my nuts into her mouth. She jacked my stiffening cock while she gave my nuts a tongue bath.

Bob watched as she positioned her mouth over my cockhead and began to swallow my cock. I looked a Bob. His cock was starting to rise. I reached over and cradled his hair free, smooth balls in the palm of my hand. I leaned closer and slid his smooth cock deep into my mouth. It felt odd to rub my nose against skin instead of pubic hair. I fondled his balls as his cock stiffened and lengthened and filled my mouth.

Sue looked up as I swallowed her husband's and my uncle's cock. She watched me as I licked around his cockhead and the sucked one of his nuts into my mouth. I swallowed as much of his cock as I could, then I stopped. Sue asked me what else I did. I asked what she met. She said that she wanted to know if I did anything else since I ate pussy and sucked cock.

I told her that I liked doing it all. I also told her that Mom and Dad did it all and that we did all of it together. She smiled and said she knew what Mom did. Then she kissed Bob's cock, bent down and kissed my cockhead, then stood up. She told Bob that she thought they were going to have a really enjoyable week.

After breakfast, Dad suggested we pack the cameras and some food and drinks and take a walk in the woods. We all put on sunscreen before we left the house. When we got to the grove, Mom took off her shorts and blouse. Everyone else quickly undressed. We took lots of photos of each other as we explored.

It began to cloud up as we ate lunch. Just as we were finishing lunch, it began to rain. We hurriedly put the cameras in the day packs and picked up the rest of the clothing and lunch things. We were already wet so we all stayed nude as we hurried back to the cabin in the rain.

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