tagIncest/TabooFamily Life Ch. 05

Family Life Ch. 05


I was the first one in the showers. Mom and Dad joined me. We were washing each other's backs when Sue and Bobby arrived. We made room for them. I finished lathering up, rinsed myself and stepped out of the shower. I figured I would get things organized for dinner.

Just after I got out of the shower, Sue dropped the soap. She bent over in front of Dad. "Better be careful, Sis, I'm still pretty horny."

Sue straightened up and grinned, "I'm pretty horny too. I don't think anyone has gotten their rocks off yet."

Mom, always practical, said there would be plenty of time to take care of everyone's concerns after dinner. I handed her a towel as she stepped out of the shower. I dried her back and slipped a hand around her and cupped one of her breasts. She turned her head and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, "None of that until after dinner."

We busied ourselves with dinner preparations. Dad finished showering and set up the bar. Sue and Bobby completed their showers and helped all of us get dinner on.

After dinner and after everything was cleaned up and put away, we headed for the hot tub. We all slipped into the tub. Sue was sitting between Bobby and Dad. Mom and I were sitting across from them. Dad jokingly commented that we could have collected a lot more firewood if we hadn't all gotten side tracked.

Then his words trailed off. Mom and I could see that Sue was jacking Dad's and Bobby's cocks under the water. Sue said, "I hope we're still going down that side track. I told you I was still pretty horny while we were showering." She stopped beating Dad's and Bobby's meat and stood up. Sue ran a finger up between her pussy lips then pinched her nipples, before sitting on the edge of the hot tub.

She spread her legs wide, then she spread her labia so Mom and I could see how wet her pink succulent pussy was. Sue slipped two fingers in and began to finger fuck herself. "I've got to get off or I'll go nuts!"

"Speaking of nuts," I said, "how about a little race?"

"What kind of race? And who's in it?' asked Bobby.

"I was wondering how fast Mom and Sue could pop your and Dad's nuts by using just their mouths."

Sue stopped fingering her pussy, "Sounds interesting. What's the prize for the winner?"

"Other than a mouthful of creamy cum, I'll eat the winner's pussy until she has an orgasm or two or three."

"Is there a consolation prize for the runner up?"

"I'll think of something to reward her for her efforts. Here are the rules. Mouths, tongues and lips only. No hands. Dad and Bobby can't face fuck. They have to keep their hands on their hips or keep their arms folded. And no fingers up the ass to press their glands."

"Who are the teams?" Mom asked.

"Rather than wife and husband, I think sister and brother." "Works for me. How about you, Sue?"

Sue licked her lips, "Works for me too." Dad and Bobby just grinned.

"Let's go inside. I want to video tape the action and time the contest with a stopwatch."

We all got out of the hot tub and dried off. Both Dad and Bobby had the beginnings of a hard-on.

When we got inside, I went to my room and found my stopwatch. Mom had the video camera loaded and ready to go. I asked Dad and Bobby to lean against the back of the sofa. I placed two cushions on the floor in front of them. After moving some other furniture out of the way so I could move around during the filming and checking the lighting, I asked Mom and Sue to get ready.

Both women kneeled in front of their brothers. Dad and Bobby folded their arms across their chests. They were both fully erect in anticipation.

"O.K. Ladies, get ready. You may hold your cock with one hand until you get your lips around it. Then, no hands. No jacking, hand twisting, stroking, or fondling of nut sacs and, especially, no index fingers up the ass!"

Mom and Sue both grasped the erect cock in front of them and held it in front of their mouths. I started the video camera, which was on a cart-mounted tripod.

"Ready! Set! Go! Ladies, suck your cocks!" I started the stopwatch.

I wished I was down there with them on my knees. Maybe later. My own cock was hard and standing erect against my stomach.

Mom slid her mouth down the length of Bobby's cock shaft. She placed her hands on her legs, just above her knees, to brace herself. She started to rock back and forth.

As her brother's hard cock slid in and out of her mouth, Bobby unfolded his arms, placed his hands on the back of the sofa, and leaned back to enjoy the blowjob being administered by his big sister.

Sue, on the other hand, reached around Dad's hips and gripped the back edge of the sofa with her hands. She slammed her mouth down the length of her brother's cock. Dad grunted and Sue gagged, slightly, as she swallowed his cock and banged her nose into his pelvic bone.

She backed off a bit as she used her arms to push and pull her upper body, and her mouth, up and down her brother's rigid cock. Sue had her lips clamped tight around Dad's cock shaft as she masturbated him with her mouth.

Mom and Bobby continued at a pace that seemed almost leisurely as Sue's mouth pistoned up and down Dad's cock. Dad said, "Get ready, Sis. Here I cum!"

Sue opened her eyes wide as she gulped down Dad's first cum wad. She opened her mouth as Dad shot another gob onto her tongue. The next wad hit on her chin. The following wads hit her neck and chest.

The stopwatch recorded four minutes and thirty-seven seconds from first suck to cumming.

One gob landed on her left tit. It ran down across her areola and hard nipple and dripped onto her thigh. I followed that gob's journey with the video. That little trip is one of the most erotic scenes that I've ever photographed or caught on video.

Mom heard Dad's remark. She stopped sucking off Bobby and watched Sue receive her creamy prize. I don't believe Mom was serious about winning the race.

After Dad blew most of his load, she winked at me, sucked Bobby's nuts into her mouth for a moment, then ran her tongue along the underside of his cock from his balls to the crown in one wet lavicious lick.

Mom shifted her position so she was more comfortable. She moved so she was up on one knee and one foot. She looked at me, and the camera, as she slipped two fingers into her shaven pussy. Then she opened her mouth, slipped her tongue under the head of Bobby's cock and swallowed it until her chin was pressed against his ball sac.

Sue was lying on her back. She was pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts. Her legs were widely spread. "Eat my cunt, Bud. Give me my prize. Eat me!"

Her blowjob efforts had really turned her on. Her pussy was wet and her juices had run down the inside of her thighs. The cushion, which she had been kneeling on as she blew her brother, had a wet spot.

"Come on, Bud, eat my wet cunt!" Sue was now spreading her smooth bare pussy lips with her fingers and rubbing her hands over her pussy.

I looked at Dad. He was looking at Mom and Bobby, who were deep into a slow, sensuous blowjob. He cock was semi-hard and there was a drop of cum on the tip.

I couldn't resist. I leaned forward and licked off the cum drop, then slid my mouth over his cockhead and down his shaft. Dad put his hand on the back of my head as he pumped his hips a couple of times and pushed his cock into my throat.

Sue moaned, "Eat me! You can suck him off later! Eat me now! You promised!"

And so I had. But first, I French kissed Sue, then sucked her hard left nipple. I licked her thigh and cleaned up that erotic cum drop.

I ran my tongue from her thigh, back across her belly, then down to her wet juicy cunt. She held her pussy lips open as I ran my tongue into her slit. I pushed my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could.

"Eat me! Oh! Yes! Eat me!"

It didn't take long to get Sue off. I fastened my lips around her clit and as I sucked and tickled her with my tongue, I found her G spot with my index finger. She exploded as she arched her back and pushed her pussy against my face. She moaned, groaned and cussed as she got her rocks off.

I looked up as Bobby groaned and Mom gasped. She pulled his cock out of her mouth as Bobby blew his load. Mom had a hand wrapped around his cock. She rubbed it against her face as his cum flowed up through her fingers as she spread it on her eyelids, lips and cheeks.

As Sue flopped back on the carpet, I crawled over to Mom and Bobby. I licked some of his cum off Mom's face. Then I sucked his cock into my mouth and sucked out and swallowed the last of his cum.

I returned to kissing and cleaning Mom's face. "I want to fuck you," I told her. She put her arms around my shoulders. "Yes, let's fuck."

I helped her to her feet. I turned her so she faced the sofa back. Mom bent over and leaned forward over the back of the sofa. I stood behind her and ran my cockhead up and down her slit and around her ass.

She reached back, grasped my cock and said, "Fuck me!"

I lined my cock up and pushed it into her warm welcoming pussy. As I stroked away, I felt hair brush the inside of my thighs. I looked down. Sue had slid between my legs. She was sitting on her butt.

She was in a position that, when she tilted her head back, she could lick Mom's pussy and, if I pulled my cock out, she could pull it down to lick and suck it.

I was enjoying the fuck and suck when I felt hands on my shoulders and a cock between my thighs. I looked over my shoulder to see Bobby. Sue alternated between Mom's pussy, my cock and Bobby's cock.

Dad must have handed her some lube, because I felt Bobby's greased cock slide up between my thighs and ass cheeks, just before Sue guided it up to my pucker and Bobby pushed it into my ass.

All of a sudden I was a fucker and a suckee and fuckee.

Sue must have either squeezed Bobby's nuts or shoved a finger up his ass, because I felt his cock twitch and jerk as he blew a load into my ass. Sue tugged my nut sac and I blew my load into Mom's pussy.

The evening ended after Sue and Dad cleaned my load out of Mom and Bobby licked my cock clean.

After cleaning up, I crashed. I slept late. I think the silence in the house awakened me. I got up, showered and shaved and went looking for everyone else.

They were all seated around the shaded patio table reading the newspapers. I found a carton of yogurt, fixed some toast, poured myself a cup of coffee and joined them.

"Morning, Bud."

"Good morning." I sat down and began to eat my breakfast. They continued to read the papers until Sue asked, "What was my time in the suck off?"

"Four minutes and thirty-seven seconds."

"Not a record, I'm sure. But, my personal best at this moment. I know I can do better."

Dad said, "Take it easy on whomever you train with. I thought you were going to skin my dick with your teeth."

"Oh, come on! I was careful to just use my lips."

"Well, just be careful, you could hurt yourself or your partner. But, enough of that. We better get with it if we are going to haul in any firewood before it gets too hot."

Mom said she had a lot of chores to do around the cabin. Sue said she would help Mom, unless we could use an extra pair of hands.

Dad said he, Bobby and I could handle it.

The next question was what should we wear. Bobby said, " I think hats, sandals, gloves, and lots of sunscreen should do it.

We cleaned up the papers and got ready. The first thing to do was to liberally apply sunscreen. Mom did Dad's back. I spread a heavy coat on Bobby's back. And Sue did my back.

I was rubbing sunscreen on my chest when Sue moved around in front of me. She squeezed a large amount of lotion into her hands. She gripped my cock and balls with both of her hands as she applied the sunscreen.

"You're getting stubbly. You need to touch up your smooth look."

"I'll do that tonight."

"I'll help." Sue gave my cock and balls a final rub and squeeze.

We filled water jugs and loaded them on the one-wheeled game cart. We found some rope to tie on the firewood after it was loaded onto the cart. We had a final cup of coffee, while the sunscreen completely soaked in.

We headed up the trail. We decided to start with the woodpiles that were furthest from the cabin. Once we got the cart loaded, Bobby and I took it back to the cabin. Dad stayed behind and moved some of the wood closer to the trail.

Bobby and Dad took the next load back. I hauled a bunch of wood to the trail for the third trip. We loaded the cart again and the three of us moved it down the trail. After we got to the cabin and got the cart unloaded, we used the outdoor shower to wash off the sweat and dirt.

It was lunchtime, but before eating we applied sunscreen again. Sue gave my cock and balls a thorough application again. We ate a quick lunch and returned to our work.

Dad and I hauled the fourth cartload to the cabin. When we got back to Bobby, he was laying spread eagled on his back on the ground. "Jeez, I like being naked and in the sun!" He might have been jerking off because his cock was semi-hard.

"Let's go, we only have a couple of more loads to go."

Bobby and I hauled the fifth load to the cabin woodpile. The last load was near the grove. After we got the cart loaded, we pushed it to the grove. Dad suggested taking a break.

We were drinking water when Bobby ran across the grass to the far side of the grove. He turned and ran back towards us. He jumped and spun around and shouted how he liked being naked out of doors.

His sweaty body glistened in the sun. Dad and I watched him as he moved back towards us. His cock and low hanging balls were swinging, bouncing and swaying as he jumped and spun about.

He stopped in front of us, then he put his arms around Dad and me and pulled us against himself. The three of us hugged together is a sweaty huddle.

Dad said, "How would you like to have me swing my sweaty cock up your sweaty ass?"

Bobby bent down, lifted Dad's cock, and slipped it into his mouth. He looked up. "It's not sweaty any more and does that answer you question?"

"Mount the log."

Bobby walked over to the log at the edge of the grove. He leaned forward and draped himself over the log. Dad spread Bobby's legs wide so his ass was exposed. Then Dad surprised me. He pulled Bobby's cock and balls down, then he got on his knees and ran his tongue across Bobby's balls and up his ass crack. Dad rimmed Bobby's asshole with his tongue and left a big wad of spit there.

As Dad stood up, he turned to me, "Suck up my cock." I leaned into his crotch and opened my mouth to swallow his cock. I gave him several deep sucks as his cock instantly hardened. I left a good coating of saliva as I stood back up and Dad placed his cockhead against Bobby's tight asshole.

As Dad pushed his cock into Bobby, I moved around in front of Bobby. I held my cock in front of his face. "Have some more salt meat." Bobby opened his mouth and I slipped my cock down his throat. Dad was slowly stroking his cock in and out of Bobby's ass. I moved my hips and fucked Bobby's face in unison with Dad.

After a few minutes, Dad stopped. He looked at me, "Your turn." He pulled his cock out of Bobby's ass and waited for us to change positions. I moved around into Bobby's place and draped myself over the log.

Bobby moved around to where I had been standing on the other side of the log. He held his cock in front of my face. I opened my mouth so he could slip his sweaty, salty cock down my throat. It tasted great!

Dad pushed his cock up my ass. It felt great! I relaxed and went limp as my face and ass were fucked with vigor. Bobby backed out of my mouth as Dad buried his cock balls deep in my ass before unloading a large load into my guts.

Dad's hard-on wilted and his cock dropped out of my asshole. Bobby still had a hard-on and my cock was stiff. I spit in my hand and lubed my cock with spit. I turned to Dad. "Your turn."

Dad lay over the log. Bobby immediately presented his cock to Dad and Dad sucked it deep down his throat. I spit in my hand again, lubed my cock with it and pushed my cockhead into Dad's ass.

Bobby was fucking Dad's face and I was fucking his tight ass. It didn't take me long to get set to blow my load. I unloaded in Dad's ass as I felt his cum leaking out of my ass and running down my legs.

As I blew cum up Dad's ass, Bobby lost it and creamed Dad's face. Dad stood up as we both pulled out of him. We stood around for a moment, then moved over to the cart and hauled the last load of wood to the cabin.

It was quiet when we got to the cabin. We didn't unload the cart. Instead we went looking for Mom and Sue. We found them in the bedroom. Mom and Sue were sharing the opposite ends of a double dong. They were lying quietly and rubbing their cunts and tits.

I leaned over Mom, moved her hand and slipped my lips over her clit. Bobby did the same to Sue. They looked up at us. Mom noticed the cum on Dad's face. She propped herself up on her elbow.

Sue ran her hand up my leg. She felt Dad's cum which had leaked out of my asshole. "I didn't hear any howling."

"It's pretty hard to howl when your mouth is stuffed with a hard piece of salt meat."

We cleaned up together in the showers. Sue helped me remove my stubble and restore my smooth look.

Everyone seemed tired. As we ate dinner, the talk was desultory and the only reference to anything sexual was when Sue, who almost seemed to be talking to herself, mentioned that she wondered what it would be like to be the recipient of a golden shower.

We retired to the hot tub. Stiff back, leg and shoulder muscles and limp dick muscles seemed to dictate an early bedtime for all of us.

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