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Family Love


The day had been crappy. My Boss was being more of an asshole more so then usual. The commute home was a bitch and on top of it all my grand-dad Jim and my brother Jimmy were in town staying at my place and my boyfriend was out of town. So there was no going over to his place. No getting laid tonight to take the edge off my day.

When I got home the place was empty. Good, Dad and Jim were out, I remember them saying something about catching a baseball game. Those take forever so I had time. I went into my room. Opened my panty drawer and got out my vibrator, I needed an orgasm. In my need I forgot the door was open, and I took off my clothes and looked in the mirror. It was easy to see why guys were always staring at me, because I was short a just a little over 5 feet tall, was slim, and honestly had no butt. My tits C-cups seemed huge on me. Add to that I had the longest fucking nipples, shit when they got hard the seemed to be able to poke through anything. Once I was wear a heavy wool sweater and you could still see my hard nipples. But it was ok since the on thing guys wanted to touch on my body more than anything else my tits and nipples are connected straight to my clit. My first orgasm ever was from a boyfriend sucking on my tits, which was a good thing because that guy's mouth never went south of the border. I never understood that about guys, they'll beg for a blowjob, want to cum all over the girl face like in a porno but ask for them to return the favor, forget it. I don't get that I eaten some pussy and honestly I like the taste. If I cum hard enough I like to suck my toy clean before returning it to it hiding place inside my panty drawer. In fact I was hoping to have to lick it clean tonight.

I lay down on my bed, my legs spread wide, and pillow behind my head. I had a prefect view of my pussy in the mirror by my bedside. It might seem strange that a girl would like to watch herself being penetrated, but for me it is a huge turn-on. In fact I let one of my boyfriends' video tape me with another guy fucking me. I still have the tape. Sometime if I need a little help get off I pop it in the VCR and watching my cunt getting stuff, well it like and instant orgasm. But tonight I want it to last awhile before getting off.

I ran my hand over my nearly bald pussy. My boyfriends like it shave and I know why, it helps the illusion that I actual a little girl with big tits and not a woman almost thirty years old. Hell if it helps them get off and in turn get me off, I'll dress any way them want me to. The favorite is the school girl outfit, you know the one, white shirt almost see-thru, tie, plaited skirt, knee high stocking and of course no panties or bra. Once I made a guy cum in his pants dressed that way. Thinking about the naughty stuff I was willing to do made pussy begin to moisten. When you're a young hottie all you have to do is say here it is come get it and spread your legs, but when you're closing in on thirty you have to be willing to do more. If calling a guy big daddy in a school girl outfit does it for him or letting him put clothespins on my nipples, (which by the way get me off big time) then fine I try anything once and if I like it twice.

I took my time slide my finger up and down my moist slit even tasting myself on my fingers before I move to my clit. My clit was already poking out from its hood ready for my fingers to circle. I spread my lips and flashed my pinkness. I think I have a very pretty pussy I even like looking at it. I been with girls I know that there are some ugly pussies out there. My lips are small giving the illusion my pussy small I surprised a few guys but taking their bigger than average cock without a problem. Shit my vibrator is 9 inches and I can stuff it up my cunt fine. I like long cock and if there thick too so much the better. The biggest cock I every fucked was close to 11 inches, yes the fucker was black. He couldn't believe how much he could get in me. I glad he was wearing a condom because the head of his dick was up my cervix all night, if he had cum in me it would had gone straight into my womb and I be having a black baby running around the house. That why I not with him anymore the fucker like the ideal of knocking me up. I didn't give shit that the fucker gave me multiple orgasms till I was shaking. I wasn't ready then and I am still not ready now for kids.

Thinking of my former lover the black king snake, that want I called him made my pussy ache for something in it. I picked up my vibrator the white pearl I called it because it was a treasure for my pussy. I turned it on low when the tip touch my opening to my womanhood my toes curled and my stiff nipples began to ache for attention. I never stroke my nipples until I was close to orgasm when I want it to last. But if I am looking for a quickie I pull pinch and twist the hell out of them before touching my clit, it always make me explode.

I inched my white pearl into my heat cunt watching as slowly inch by inch disappeared into me. It was incredible watching that big toy disappear up me. It so good inside my cunt it size stretching me slightly. Even though I was use to my toy it still was big sucker. When only the red knob that controlled the speed was the only thing outside of me, I increased the speed going from barely buzzing to full power. I clamped my legs shut and arced my back. Oh fuck that felt good. As soon as calmed down a little I began pumping my cunt to get myself off.

That when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. There at my door was my Grand-dad Jim and his name-sake my brother Jimmy. Both had the cock out and were stroking them. I'd like to say I screamed and howled at them to get out or throw something at them, or even covered my naked body. All I did was stop pumping my cunt, my hand didn't even move out from between my legs.

My Grand-dad deep voice told me not to stop. So I continued stroking but my eyes were no longer on my pussy in to mirror but on the slabs of meat in my relative's hands. Later I found out that they had not gone to a baseball game they had gone to a strip club. An after a few hours of stuffing dollars in strippers g-string the two were horny as hell, so when they came back to my place and hear me moaning with the door open they couldn't help themselves. Honestly I glad they didn't. I watched them stroking their cock and continue fucking myself.

I know a lot of people would probable ask how could I be doing what I was doing watching what they were doing I mean come this is my grand-dad and my brother. Let me describe grand dad. he's tall over 6 feet a giant compare to me, very muscular he has a body, guys in the twenty wish they had and he is in his sixties. He owns his own ranch and works it himself he's always outside so he very tan. He is eyes are a deep blue and even though he is bald he keep a beard, very neat. When he come to my high school when I was a kid, the girls and all the female teacher seemed to wet their panties around him. Added to that description his cock looked as big as the black king snakes'. Jimmy was just a slightly smaller version of our grand dad. The only difference other then being a little smaller in size in every way and I do mean every way. Jimmy had long hair he kept in a pony tail and was clean shaven. The sight of those two handsome men with hard thick cock in the hands jerk off looking at me had me on the edge. I love watch guys jerking off, the only thing better is if their jerking off because of me. I knew want I had to do I slide the white pearl home deep in me clamped my legs tight and pinched and twisted my nipples. My climax made me see stars as my body arced and shook. I heard both men said "shit" as they watched me climax.

I like to say that that was the end of the story. That my family member zipped up walked out and shut my door. That we never talked about it again. But that didn't happen as I lay panting on my bed I felt the bed spring groan under the weight of those two big men. I felt my grand dad stroking my hair, his deep voice telling me how incredible that was and how incredible I was for doing that in front of them. When I could open my eyes my grand dad's fully erect cock was just an arm-length away. I looked into his face and asked the silliest question a naked grand daughter can ask her grand dad, "do you cum, too?" he shook his no. I reached out and put my small hand on his thick cock, my fingers didn't wrap around it was so thick. I began stroking it. In a deeper voice he groaned I didn't have to do that.

I looked into his face and told him that if he needed help cumming I'd help him. I can't describe the look on his face so I will not try, but there was pleasure there. In deep voice full of lust my grand-dad told me I could anything I wanted to do to him so I told him I wanted to suck his cock. I crawled over on my bed to allow my grand dad to lie down. His big cock stood up proudly and straight like a fuck flag pole. I am a woman blessed with many gifts, big tits on my small body that get me a lot of attention, super sensitive nipples that when played with get me off, and a big cunt that can handle just about any size cock a guy might have but cock sucking is not one of my gift. I like big cock and I sure as hell am not a sword swallower. But I know how much guys like the sight of a woman's mouth on their cock. Beside if though I don't deep throat cock I never had a guy complain about the way my tongue swirls around the head of their cocks.

I got on my knees wrapped my hands around my grand dad cock and began stroking it up and down as I locked my lips around the head. My tickling tongue running over his cock head had him groaning. I like that sound grand dad groans only got louder when I began to lick his cock up and down like a ice cream, going slowly up from the base to the head and swirling my tongue around it. I was so intent on pleasuring my grand dad I forget there was another person in the room.

This was my first threesome, I use to one on one sex. I guess my naked ass in the air was to tempting. The feeling of my brother fingers sliding in my cunt made me pause. My pussy was still tingled from the orgasm I had given myself so two fingers sliding up and in to your most private place is enough to make a girl stop what she was doing, especially when his thumb finds your clit.

I stopped blowing my grand dad and kind of lend on him. Shit my brother was good at this nice and slow and steady in and out. My breathing start to come fast, I was lost to the feeling of my brother fingers in my hot, wet cunt. My grand dad deep voice brought me back when he asked me to not stop sucking his cock, so I had to continue.

At that moment I understand why people are into threesomes being pleasuring by one person as you pleasure another person was incredible hot. I took as much of my grand dad cock in my mouth and I began cracking up the suction as my hands slide up and down his cock in time to my brother's probing fingers. He groaned, "Harder, yes suck it harder oh my littlest angel!" I inhaled that slab of meat in my mouth as hard as I could and I felt my grand dad big hand on the back of my head I know he was about to cum. I tired to relax, I no sword swallower and I am spitter but for my grand dad try.

Well he began cum and I guess he had not cum in years I tried swallowing it all but there was so much I quick gave up and began making gagging noise. Both of my relatives let go of me, I sat up cum running down my chin and my eyes were watering. Grand dad asked if I was all right. I said I would be in a minute I walked to my bathroom spit the cum in my mouth in the toilet and wash my mouth out. When I returned to the bed both the men had a look on concern on their faces, shit they looked more concern than my boyfriend did when he came to visit me in the hospital when I broke my leg. When they found out I was ok they said they would leave now. To that I said Hell, no your not. You started this now I and horny as hell and you're going to finish it.

Both men had a shit-eating grin on their faces after I said that. Jimmy smiling asked if he could eat me. No horny girl is going to turn that down, even if the person asking is her own brother. As Jimmy lowered his face into my crotch grand dad move over to give us plenty of room. Jimmy inhaled my arousal and commented on how good I smelled and after a few licks he added I taste even better. I say one thing my brothers fingers were not the only talented part of his body. Soon, I began to moan and groan and things like, "Make your tongue go in deeper" and "oh yeah brother eat your baby sister out" began following out of my mouth. I ran my fingers through his hair and when it became too much I locked my legs around his head pushing his face into my cunt. My back arced as I cam hard against his face and when my legs fell open Jimmy's smiling face came up from between my thighs his face wet with my juices.

After catching my breath my saw my grand dad cock was back to full hardness. I looked my grand dad in the face and said "Jim, I want to fuck you."

"My littlest angel, I just too big for you."

"I've fuck bigger guys then you, Jim. I want you in me. So please let me." My grand dad looked stunned at my reply. To his credit he replied "so how do you want to do this?"

I shoed my brother off the bed laid grand dad down, that flag pole of his was stick straight up again. The only condoms I had were for my boyfriend and those wouldn't fit this monster very well, and I pretty sure my widowed grand dad did not have any on him. I had a choice take a chance or stop this now. Fuck I had to feel him in me. I stood over him, spread my pussy lips and squatted down on my grand dad big cock. The look on my grand dad face as he felt my pussy grip is cock head was enough to make me cum. But I want to see his face when I was grinding my crotch against his slab of meat deep in me. The look of pleasure on grand dad face did change as he watched my pussy engulf his cock inch be inch until the head of his cock touched my cervix. This was the moment of truth. There was only maybe an inch or two of his cock outside me. My gripping pussy would give the cock meat in me a hell of a fuck, but I wanted it all. I wiggle a little and pushed down that was it I felt my grand dad head push into my womb. If he cum in me there be a good chance I could get pregnant since he would be shooting straight into my womb. My grand dad knew where he was, how deep inside me he was, his look of desire matched my own. "You know where I am, inside you my littlest angel?"

"Oh Jim fuck you so deep in me," I moaned my answer, "Your cock is stretch my inside fuck yes, it feel so good." with his cock fully in me I began to hump him small movement at first I honestly didn't want he to pop out of my cervix. But when his big hands palmed my tits and he told me I had the biggest, most beautiful nipples he had ever seen. The sensation went straight to my clit and up my spine and I shot straight up. My humping motion began getting bigger now but still there 5 or so inches of cock in me. I bang down hard trying to pop my grand dad cock head back into my womb. My grand dad was always a quick learner, he had already figured out the secret to get me off and the fucker used it.

I stopped for a second to enjoy the full feeling his thick cock gave me and my grand dad took one my breasts into his mouth, his teeth and tongue found my nipple and he tongue flicked the tip of my nipples as his teeth gently chew on it. Star exploded in my head as I jammed my crotch down hard on big cock up my cunt. I felt it his cock was back inside my womb and his cock was throbbing, my cunt was gripping the hell out of it. My grand dad was fight not to cum. "Cum... cum now...fill my womb with your seed." I screamed. That was too much for my grand dad he grunted and I again screamed this time "yesss." As I felt his cum shoot up and into me. I collapse of my grand dad heaving chest.

I looked over at my brother his throbbing cock in his he was jerking it hard. "Your turn big brother, take me any way you want." It was a mistake to say that, it lead to pain and incredible pleasure. Jimmy took me at my word. Before I knew what was going on I felt a finger go up my asshole. Jimmy used cum leaking out from my cunt around my grand dad cock that was still in me as lubricant. I whimpered as I thought about my brother's sizeable cock in my ass. I'm not a fan of anal but if a guy has to fuck me that way to get off, I let him but I wouldn't be happy about it. But he was only testing my ass I guess he felt it was too tight.

When he moved behind me and pushed he cock forward it wasn't my ass that he stretched it was my cunt. Jimmy had pushed his cockhead into my pussy along side of my grand dad's massive tool that was still inside me. I felt my brother's cock started to go up inside me. Grand dad's second orgasm of the night had made his cock soft but it was still filling me more, than some of my past lovers had. As Jimmy's cock inched deeper into me I whimpered in pain as my pussy was stretched beyond anything I had ever done to it. The strange thing was my grand dad began to harden again, I had felt guys getting hard in me, it feels so strange and sexy, but have it harden with another cock in my cunt at the same time, stretch my cunt hole wider than I had every been open was pain and pleasure at the max. My tears rolled down my face but I begged them not to stop and soon my yells of pain began to be moans of pleasure. I begged them to fuck me.

At once the both started to hump me back and forth. I was screaming and yelling "Harder... oh fuck faster... yesss harder...ohhh faster" and "Ohhhhh.... grand dad fuck me... fuck me with your huge cock. Ohhhh big brother... cum in my pussy." They were groaning, giving me the best humps of my life sandwiched between them and then in unison they moaned, "cumming"

My orgasm was on the edge too, I was fighting trying to hold it back another second. At the same moment I felt twin blasts of hot cum filling my cunt, my grand dad and brother had both came. I could feel their thick cum fill up my pussy and then I came. Came is the wrong word, I climaxed as the most violent orgasms of my life shook thought my body. I passed out form my pleasure. The next morning I woke, sorer than I had ever been in my life. I examined my self in the mirror, my pretty little pussy was stretch into a gaping hole, I knew from pass experience with big cock it shrink back to normal in a couple of days. When I went in to the kitchen on weak legs, my grand dad was make breakfast and Jimmy was reading the paper. Both wanted to know if I was ok? Both had a looked on their faces as if they were so sorry. I told them I was fine in a day or two but what happen last night could never happen again. Both men agreed sadly. Then I brought a smile to their faces when I said "since I can't handle both of you at the same time. Which one goes first?"

Well here how it turn out. For the rest of their vacation I took turns sharing my bed with each of them. Of course since we didn't use any protection I got pregnant. I moved to my grand dad ranch and became the woman of the ranch. I still shared my bed with both my grand dad and my brother after my first son was born for years. I ended up have three strong sons. My brother did finally marry. So I became more of a wife to my grand dad until he died. Jimmy and I spilt the ranch. I happy now more than every, I have a beautiful place to live, have honest hard work to make me strong and three sons that take care of the momma ever way. Plus I've gotten a lot better at threesome and foursomes.

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