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Family Maid


Sam and Linda were both in their late forties and had been married for over 20 years now. They were rather well to do, and Linda wanted to spend more time with their children, before they eventually moved out, and less time cleaning, cooking, etc. Their son Bill was 18 and finishing his last year of high school, while Sue, at 22 was working now, saving to be able to have her own apartment.

Linda suggested to Bill that they get a maid to live-in and take over her daily chores. They could easily afford it, and after some discussion, both agreed that it could improve their personal life, as well. Neither had the energy to keep up the large house, spending their free time doing what needed to be done. After working all day, Bill wanted to come home to Linda and not find her frazzled from trying to keep up with it all. Their sex life was definitely suffering from it.

Linda agreed to do all the interviewing so that Bill did not have to be involved, since it appeared that he just wanted it done and knew that Linda and the kids would be spending more time around the maid than he would.

Linda looked through some of the cleaning services, but they only offered once, or twice a week cleaning. Linda wanted someone to live-in so that they could take over almost all the chores. They did have maid's quarters at the back of the house that were not being used. She decided to look through the classified ads in the paper to see if she could find someone. After calling a few services, she found an ad that looked promising. It was for Okia's Full Maid Service and she decided to call, since it sounded like it was just what they were looking for.

After talking with Okia, she invited her to their house at 2:00 PM for an interview, so she could get a better idea of who Okia was, and whether their personalities were compatible. Okia was right on time and when Linda opened the door, she was struck with the beauty of the Asian girl before her. She couldn't be more than 20, she thought. Linda invited her in and they went into the living room. Linda could not help but notice the well proportioned body of the young maid before her. Okia was slender, with about a 34B bust, she thought. Her body seemed firm, as it would be for a girl of 20, as Linda later found out.

"Okia, we're a family of four, may husband and two children. We would like to find someone who could live-in and assume the household duties.", Linda explained. My children are 18 and 22, so they do not require the care that a young child would."

"Well, I do provide a full maid service, ma'am.", Okia replied.

"Please Okia, call me Linda. My husband's name is Sam and the children are Bill and Sue. If we agree on a position for you here, we are rather informal, and Mr. and Mrs. and Ma'am, etc. are really not required.", Linda said.

"That would be nice, Mrs. Brewster."

After discussing what her duties would be, Linda took Sue back to where her quarters would be. It was a rather large bedroom, completely furnished in a rather feminine way, and had an attached bath.

"It is very lovely." Okia said as she perused the surroundings. "It is so pretty. You have excellent taste, Linda."

"I'm glad you like it, Okia. As you can see, the bath also has a large shower stall, as well as a bathtub, should you prefer showers."

"Well Okia, Want do you think? Do you think you could be happy here?", asked Linda.

"Oh yes, ma'am!" Okia quickly answered.

"Well, since we've already agreed on a salary and you're aware of the responsibilities, what do you think? Would you like to work for us?"

"Yes.", replied Okia, "I could be very happy serving you and your family."

"Well, then I welcome you to our family." Linda said, proud of the way she had handled the interview, and a little excited about having such a young, attractive maid.

"When could you move in, Okia?

"I don't have to give notice where I'm living now, since I'm living with my girlfriend. We've been friends all our lives, growing up together in Japan."

"Great!" said Linda. "You can start tomorrow, then."

Linda put her arm around Okia's waist, and they walked out of the bedroom, back to the living room. Linda was attracted to Okia in more ways than just an employer/employee relationship. She decided to see if Okia was comfortable with her, and she let her hand slip lower to Okia's hip. Okia gave no indication that she disliked it. In fact, Linda thought Okia had moved closer to her, feeling their hips touch as they walked.

They said good-bye to each other and Okia was off to get her things together so that she could move in first thing in the morning.

Sue was almost bubbling when she told Sam, later that evening, when he got home, that she had hired a very beautiful, young Asian maid, and that she would start tomorrow.

"Well, we're going to have to start wearing more clothes around the house. You know the way the kids like to parade around in their underwear, and I guess we're not much better, are we?" Sam asked.

"I don't know Sam. She seemed very friendly when I spoke with her today. We'll have to see how it goes. Sort of, feel our way around, if you will." replied Linda.

"You know it doesn't bother me, Linda, but I don't want her to be scared off."

"I have the feeling she's not that easily put off, Sam. I putt my arm around her today, and she seemed to lean in closer to me. I think it will work out fine."

"I hope so, Linda. She sounds as if she may fit in here rather well."

"Does it excite you to have a young Asian girl around the house 24 hours a day?" asked Linda as she placed her hand in Sam's lap and could feel that he was already aroused at the thought.

"Why do I get the impression that you wouldn't mind it if Okia saw you in something less than your suit and tie." she said, squeezing his cock through his pants, feeling it swell in her hand. "I've seen the way you look at Sue, not always as a father, but sometimes like someone who would like to get into her panties."

"I guess I've been found out, but she is just so beautiful, and almost as well built as you are." he said cupping one of her ample breasts. "And don't be so quick to accuse. I've seen you staring at Bill's crotch when he's wearing only shorts, or briefs and a t-shirt around the house. I know you'd like to see how he has grown, since last you saw him naked as a little boy. For that matter, your daughter does the same to Bill and me. I wonder sometimes, what she is thinking, and of course it does excite me thinking that she may want to see her brother or dad's cock in all their glory."

"I guess we've both been found out, Sam. We'll just have to live with our incestuous thoughts, won't we?"

"I guess so, babe! Although I do wonder if the kids ever think about us as we do them. It could make for a less stressful home environment, wouldn't it, knowing that you didn't have necessarily 'cover up' every time the kids were in the house?"

"You forget about Okia, Sam. She may not accept an 'open' home situation. But then again, judging by her reaction when I put my hand on her hip, she just may accept it. I know you wouldn't mind it, if she did." Linda said, grinning at Sam.


Okia arrived promptly at 9:00 the next morning. Sam was already off to work, and Bill was being dropped off at school by Sue before she went on to her job at the department store. Sue was a saleslady in the lingerie department of the store. She enjoyed her job, being around all that lovely lingerie and feeling especially good about being able to help so many women look and feel sexier with the store's varied selection of lingerie and nightwear. There was even a "special" section for some of their preferred customers, where more erotic clothing could be found.

Back at the house, Linda showed Okia, once again, the way to her quarters. Okia thanked her and said that as soon as she put away her clothes, she would change into her uniform and start.

"Uniform?" asked Linda.

"Yes, ma'am. I always wear a uniform when I work, if that's alright with you." Okia questioned.

"Oh, I guess so Okia; I just never gave a thought that you would be wearing a maid's uniform."

"Yes, I have a few different uniforms, depending on the job, ma'am."

"Please Okia, call me Linda ... remember?" asked Linda.

"Oh yes, Linda. It's just a habit. I have had a few employers who were very strict about what I wore and how I performed my duties."

"That's OK. I guess it does take some getting used to, doesn't it? And you haven't even met my husband or children, yet. I told Sam that I had hired you and he seemed excited at having you here with us."

"I'll introduce you to Sam and the kids when they get home, Okia. I'll let you change, now."

"I'll be only a few minutes, Linda." Okia said as she disappeared into her room.

About ten minutes later Okia re-appeared wearing her uniform. She was lovely, her uniform smart, pressed and rather skimpy, Linda thought. It was grey with white lace trim. The bodice was cut rather low and the skirt was short. Her nylons encased her shapely legs, and Linda imagined that they were held in place with garters, as they looked so much nicer than pantyhose usually does. She also wore heel, but low ones, about 2" heels, Linda guessed.

"You're lovely, Okia!" Linda said after a minute of silence, "but are you going to be able to do you chore in clothes like that?"

"Yes, of course, Linda. I'm very used to wearing this uniform and others I have. My former employers liked the look very much. Does it displease you?"

"No, not at all. As a matter of fact, I rather like the way you look, and I know that Sam and the kids will, too. They are not for very formal attire around the house. As a matter of fact, I should tell you that our family is rather casual, here at home, and we sometimes might appear as wearing rather skimpy clothes. I hope that doesn't change your mind about working for us, Okia."

Okia had a slight grin on her face as she said, "Oh, no Linda, I don't mind in the least. To be truthful, some of my employers wore very little around the house and it was always fine with me. I am your servant here, and respect what your family wishes. I do try to fit in with whatever the situation may be. Back in Japan, my parents were very open with respect to my brother and me."

Linda was pleased to hear that because she did want Okia to stay and not be frightened off, and by the timid smile on Okia's face, she could see that she was definitely not shocked.

Linda showed Okia where all the cookware was, cleaning materials in the laundry room, etc. Okia was only 5'-2", as compared with Linda's 5'-10" and she had trouble reaching the cabinets above the washer and drier where the cleaning supplies were located. Linda said that there was a stepladder in the corner she could use.

Okia retrieved it and climbed up to the second step so that she could open the cabinets and reach the soap, etc. Linda watched as Okia leaned forward to reach the spray cleaner at the back of the cabinet. Okia's already short skirt rose higher on her thighs so that Linda could see her bare thighs above the top of her nylons. Linda was right; she did wear nylons and a garter belt, and not pantyhose.

Okia rummaged around longer than necessary in the cabinet, knowing that Linda was probably getting a good view of her thighs, and even possibly of her panties. She smiled to herself, thinking that she was exciting her new employer.

"I've got it.", Okia said as she stepped down from the ladder, turning towards Linda, to see Linda blushing slightly because of her excitement of seeing her new maid.

Okia's heel caught on the step and she stumbled off the ladder, falling into Linda's arms as she tried to regain her balance. Linda caught Okia around the waist and pulled her to her body so that Okia would not fall. They stood there for a second looking into each other's eyes, each sneaking peeks of the lips of the other.

Linda's hands slipped lower and grasped Okia's as cheeks, pulling her tighter, feeling Okia's breasts rubbing against hers. There was no resistance on Okia's part so Linda became bolder and lowered her head so that their lips were almost brushing the others. Simultaneously they opened their mouths and kissed, lightly at fir, then more aggressively, each finding the other's parted lips with their tongues.

Linda felt Okia's hips grinding against her own. Sliding her hands lower, Linda felt the skin of Okia's thigh as she slid her hands back up, only this time, below Okia's short skirt. Okia let out a low moan as she felt Linda's hands cupping her as cheeks, squeezing them, her fingernails digging into Okia's skin, through her panties.

They continued to kiss and press against one another until they finally broke off their kiss and Linda took Okia by the hand and led her into the maid's quarters.

"You are so lovely." Linda said as she backed Okia up against the bed.

She pushed her gently backwards onto the bed, watching as Okia's breathing became heavier as she raised Okia's skirt and hooked her fingers into the waistband of those tiny maid's panties. In one, slow motion, Linda slid the down Okia's legs and over her heels.

Linda knelt at the side of the bed, and began kissing her way up and down the inside of Okia's thighs, allowing her tongue to trace the path. She slowly worked her way up to Okia's trimmed pussy.

Okia was already moist from the excitement, and lifted her hips to meet Linda's mouth. Linda slid her tongue slowly up the girl's pussy to her clit. Okia's hips bucked as Linda slid her tongue into that sweet pussy. Okia tried her best to grind her cunt against those lips that she wanted so badly. Linda increased the speed of her licking as she felt Okia shiver.

"Oh, please suck me faster, ma'am! Please, please!"

Linda felt Okia was getting close to cumming as she buried her tongue as deep into Okia as she could, withdrawing it over her swollen clit. Over and over again, until she felt Okia buck hard against her. Okia's hands were at the back of her head, clutching Linda's hair and forcing her mouth onto Okia's cunt as Okia screamed.

"I'm cuuuuummmming!!! Yes, yes ... Aaaaahhhhhhh!"

Okia had two more orgasms, as Linda wouldn't take her mouth from her maid's pussy, feeling the power she had over Okia at that moment, making her cum again as Okia pleaded for her to stop.

Finally, Linda released Okia's pussy from her lips and they both collapsed from the excitement, Okia back on the bed and Linda, her head between the legs of this sweet 20 year old maid.

After awhile, Linda lifted her head, slid up higher on the bed and lay upon Okia, her mouth once again finding hers. Okia could taste her cum on the lips of her employer as they kissed deeply.

Okia eventually broke off the kiss, kissed Linda again, sweetly and said, "Ma'am, thank you, so very much, but I would like to serve you now. That is my job."

"Okia, there will be time for you to repay me many times over. I was afraid I might scare you off, but I couldn't resist making love to you. I think the rest of the family will enjoy having you here, as I do."

"I'm sure I will, Linda. This seems like just the kind of family I've been looking for."

"I should get cleaned up.", said Linda. "I need to do some shopping today before Sam and the kids get home. I just can't wait until you get a chance to meet them."

Linda gently cupped Okia's sweet face in her hands and gave her a gentle kiss before she got up and went upstairs to get dressed to go out. Okia lay there, watching Linda leave, thinking that she is going to enjoy this job more than she thought she might when she was interviewed yesterday. She couldn't wait to meet the rest of the family!

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