Family Matters Ch. 03


I felt Jess tense again over me and then I knew she was cumming as my face was washed in her copious fluids. Ronnie was also there as her pussy grabbed onto me tighter that ever as she came, shaking rapidly around me. She was half way done when the friction was too much for me and my cock erupted into her super tight quaking pussy! Her hips kept slamming onto me as my cock spurted gallons of cum into her thirsty well.

When the three of us had all finished cumming I felt Jess again turn to kiss her mom when I thought I felt the bed move again. HUH?! Just then Jess pivoted her body off of me and I blinked at the bright light while a voice shrieked "GARY!!! OH GOD NO! NOT YOU!!" I recognized it finally as my mother just as she jumped off of my cock and ran from the room.

I started to move to follow her when Ronnie put her hand on me chest saying, "You stay here, it was my fault, let me go talk to her. You take care of your cousin."

Ronnie stepped out the door, leaving it open, as Jess giggled out "OOOOhhhh, that was soooo HOT!" After hugging and kissing me hard she continued, "Your mother really got into fucking you and came harder than an atomic bomb! Too bad she didn't know it was you when she did."

"But, this is so wrong!"

"How is it wrong? You fuck me and I'm your cousin! And you fuck my mother and she is your aunt, in case you forgot it."

"Well, that is true enough," I said. "However, when I started fucking your mother, she knew whose prick she was sucking and then impaled on. And today you certainly knew who was stuffing your hot little pussy! But I am certain my mom had no idea at all, and that isn't good."

"Maybe not, cuz, but she really needed to get fucked and then when you two got it on, she really got into it! In fact, she was crying out that it was the best cock to ever be inside her! THAT means she liked it!"

"Oh I could tell that, but what if it ruins our relationship! I love her too much to risk that!"

Quickly entering the room my mom said, "Oh honey, I love you too!" I turned just as she slid onto the bed again taking me into her arms in a massive hug. Vaguely I noticed Jess get off the bed as my mother sought out my lips with hers.

Ronnie stood by the bed, her arm around Jess, as she said, "We are going to leave you two alone to, um, talk this thing out. We may go make supper, or we may go find something more fun to do!" Then the two of them left the room and closed the door behind them.

"Mom, are you okay with what happened?" I asked her.

"Well, I admit I was shocked to see your face," she replied blushing. "Your aunt had told me that Jess had brought home a stud and was sharing with her. Then she asked asked if I wanted a taste and, oh Gary, it's been so long since I had cock that I couldn't resist sucking the huge cock she revealed. The next thing I knew I was straddling you and when you pushed all the way inside of me, oh my god!" My mom paused to catch her breath before continuing, "once I got accustomed to how big you are, I just craved cumming on top of the mystery cock!

"Oh son, this is so embarrassing, I came so hard it was probably my best one ever! I felt like I was in heaven and I hoped Jess would share her guy with me again! But then she turned to kiss me and then I saw YOU!!!!" Mom began crying profusely and I hugged her tightly to me.

"Mom, I love you, and it'll be all right! I know you didn't mean to fuck me! And I had no idea that Ronnie and you had switched places! I promise to never let them trick me like that again, and I'm sorry to have hurt you like that!"

"But, Gary, that's the problem! I loved how you made me feel and I want to feel that way again!" As she spoke her hand found my softening cock and began stroking me to hardness again.

"Mom, are you sure about this?" My mom never said a word. Instead she smiled at me before her head dropped to my lap and her succulent mouth slowly inhaled my shaft to the back of her mouth. She lavished her tongue with soft lashes over the full length that was in her mouth as she sucked gently. "Oh mom!" I groaned as her tongue swirled around my tip.

Several moments went by before mom lifted her mouth from my cock and licked her lips before saying, "OH honey, I love how you feel inside my mouth! I've never had a cock this big before. The longest one I had was your dad's at almost 7 ½ inches, but it was more of a pencil dick, you know really thin. And the fattest one belonged to a boy in high school, but I could touch my thumb and finger when I grabbed it, so yours is much bigger in both counts."

She lovingly gazed on my shaft as her hands stroked my full length. "Your's is sooooo much better!" As she finished the last word her mouth dropped back onto me as she took me to the entrance to her throat. For the next five minutes she continued working the first four to five inches of my shaft before pulling off of me saying, "You feel wonderful in my mouth, but Gary, now I want you to fuck me. Climb on top of me and fuck your mother! Love me with this beautiful cock and make me feel better than any cock ever has!"

That said we switched positions as mom rolled onto her back while spreading her legs so wide that a line drawn from the back of one thigh to the back of the next would be a straight line! Her hands went to her pussy lips and pulled them open wide, her sex now a tunnel for me to enter. "Oh mom, you look so sexy!" I told her as I guided my cock head to her slit. Once there I dragged my tip along the gash to soak my cock head with her juices that had begun pouring from her in her excitement. Mom moaned with each movement of my tip along her gash.

I pulled my hips back in preparation for my first thrust into her when she quickly said, "Honey, WAIT! I want you to enter me real, real slowly. That way I will be able to savor each and every glorious bit of your cock as you push into me! Please honey, I want to know that my son is making me feel better than anyone ever has!"

I leaned down and kissed her lips sticking my tongue in and teasing her tongue with mine before I pulled back to say, "Anything you want mom, any way you want it! I just want to make you happy!" As I said that my cock head slowly pushed into her to its crown and mom groaned in pleasure.

"Oh honey, you feel so good, so good."

Half an inch by excruciatingly slow half an inch I pressed my shaft deeper and deeper into my mom's quivering pussy. Her hips began shaking when I neared the half way point and she was nibbling on her lower lip as she locked her eyes on my cock as it sank into her. When I reached the three quarter point her hips and legs were shaking violently as beads of sweat slid down her 34D tits. "Oh my god, Gary, I'm not sure I can take it all! It feels like you are splitting me apart!"

"I'll go slower mom, special just for you! If it were up to me I would just slam my cock all the way in and do it, but this is special for you." Mom smiled at me and I leaned in and gently kissed her shaking lips. I started to pull back out a little and mom shook her head violently as she grabbed my butt with both hands.

My hips slowly resumed their inward journey and mom hissed a low "Oh holy shit, Gary!" I slowly eased another fraction of an inch into her and her eyes bugged out as she moaned, "God, honey, you're SO big, I can't believe how you are stretching me!" Still I pressed inward.

We were both focused on our joined sex as my cock slid further into her. And then it happened. I bottomed out as my pubic bone crushed up against her clit hard. "OH FUCK!" she gasped. "Ooooh god, oh shit, I, oh, oh god I'MMMM CUMMMMING!" Mom's hips were suddenly pounding up into me hard and fast as she rode out her first orgasmic wave! As for me, I used all my weight to hold my cock firmly implanted deep within her velvet tunnel. My head dropped and I sucked her left nipple into my mouth, flicking my tongue rapidly on it as my teeth gently nipped at it. This recharged her orgasm sending her right back to the top again as she screamed my name over and over.

Sensing the waning of her climax I slowly started moving my cock in and out about two inches at a time. "OH honey, that's it, fuck mommy with your big cock! It's so GOOD! Yessss, fuck me, fuck me harder! God yes, Gary, fuck me with you whole cock! I want to feel it as your cock bores into me all the way!" By then my hips were moving hard and long as I pumped my entire length into her over and over. "That's it, Gary, just like that! Oh god I love it! I love the way you fuck me!" Mom was humping her pelvis back at me in time with my thrusts and soon her pussy clamped onto me as she came hard around me again.

Her body flopped limply back onto the bed after her climax, her pussy still twitching onto me. Several deep breaths later she said, "That is the fastest...well, I guess the second fastest I have ever cum! And both of them have been on my own son's cock! I can't believe this is happening to me!" She gasped a few more times as she pushed up on her elbows and looked at my cock stuffed into her. "That looks so hot! Now what are you waiting for, son? If we are risking going to hell for this, you'd better make this the best time of my life!"

I grabbed her legs and lifted them up before pressing her knees against her chest and started moving my cock into her with all I had. Mom instantly began crying out in pleasure as I pumped into her captive cunt vigorously. I couldn't believe how tight she became as her vaginal muscles grew tighter and tighter with each thrust of my iron hard cock. I could tell my mom was getting close to cumming and I knew I would be right there too as my balls were churning up a new batch of my special sauce.

Rather than move in a straight in-out motion, I began by thrusting deep into her and then lifting my body up high over her as I pulled out, dragging my cock hard along the roof of her tight pussy and rubbing against her g-spot. Then I would pull back down and be way down low when I pumped back into her again. With my very first move like that mom nearly came out of her skin as she shrieked in pleasure. After my fourth such thrust I knew I was close as mom's hips shook uncontrollably as she yelled "SO GOOD! Oh don't stop, son, I'm cumming! Oh god, yes, I'm cumming for you! My SON is making me cum so hard! OH GOD!"

The moment her orgasm started I felt gallons of cum rocket out of my balls and blast into her pussy, trying to bore right through her membrane. Mom's pussy tightened around me even more with each shot of cum as we both moaned in time with the other. Six hard strong ropes of cum later my balls were temporarily drained but still tried to find more as mom's pussy squeezed and milked my shaft in search of more of my special elixir.

My mom wrapped her arms tight around me and held me tight to her as my throbbing cock was enveloped by her hungry for white lava pussy as it shivered around me. "Oh my god, son, this can't be! Never has any guy I've fucked been able to make me cum this much! How can you do what nobody else could do?!"

After giving her a sensuous kiss and a firm deep thrust from my cock I brushed her hair out of her face before saying, "Well mother, I have it on good authority that I happen to have the cock that can make the women in my household cum better with any other cock!"

Mom tightened her cunt around me as she asked, "And just HOW could you know that?"

"Well, um, Ronnie told me!" I said blushing.

"That sister of mine, exposing the family secrets like that! Judging from what I saw when I stepped into the room, you took real good care of the three of us today!"

"Thanks mom, but you do know that the day isn't over!"

"But, Ronnie said that the three of you started in right after I left this morning! You must be finished by now!"

My hips started pumping into her, slowly at first before gaining speed and force as I said, "With three beautiful relatives to get me riled up, no way am I finished!" Moments later I pushed her over the edge again as my mom screamed in ecstasy as she came again on my cock.

"Good god, I can't go on any more, son! It's been so long since I had sex, and this is more than I could have ever imagined happening! My mother, your grand mother, told me that there would some day be a magic cock that could make me feel this great, but I had given up on ever finding it!" Mom gave me several hugs and kisses before continuing, "Well, my stud of a son, you may not be finished but I certainly am!"

Just then Jessica burst through the door saying, "Gary, does that mean I get to suck your wonderful cock some more?"

"Jesus girl, haven't you had enough today?" mom asked her.

"Heavens no! This is my first day of fucking and I love it! But I really love to suck his perfect cock! It is just so nice in my mouth, I could do it all day if Gary would let me!" I had rolled off of my mom and that was all Jess needed as she inhaled my cock and began deep throating me voraciously.

"That does look nice Jess, and he was yummy earlier today when I tried it. Gary honey," my mom continued, "you'd better save me some juice filled Lollipop for later!" I assured her that I would and she left the room slowly in search of her sister. If only I could have been a fly on the wall for that discussion!

My cousin insisted on sucking me off until I filled her mouth and throat with my tangy white sauce, and because I had just deposited a huge load in my mom's pussy I told her, "You really have your work cut out for you, if you aren't going to stop until I pump my load!"

"Oh Gary, I love the way your cock feels when I suck you," Jess replied. She resumed blowing me, stopping once in a while to continue her response. "You fill my mouth and throat so well.............if it takes me four hours..............I would gladly keep right on blowing you......................for as long as it takes!" She bobbed her head fully onto me then and really worked hard on me for several moments before lifting off of me and giving me a kiss followed by, "Now my wonderful cousin, no more talk! I just want to concentrate on loving you and your fantastic cock! You just lay back, rest for a while, and enjoy what I do to you!"

That my friends, is just what I did! My lovely cousin took her time, relishing having my shaft in her mouth and throat. She loved my cock in every way imaginable and the finish was the absolute most awesome feeling I had ever experienced! I tried explaining it here and rewrote it at least ten times, finding none of them even coming close to expressing what she did to me! Suffice it to say I had never before felt such love from anyone before.

I spent that night in my mother's bed. We made love for nearly two hours, I came three times and she came at least eight times, before we drifted off to sleep in each others arms. I awoke to the most marvelous sensation below my waist. Opening my eyes I saw my wonderful sexy mother sucking the tip of my cock. "Oh good, you're awake!" she said. "I didn't want to try this until you could watch me. I've never deep throated any guy's cock before, but I just have to try it with yours. I peeked at Jess sucking you late yesterday and it looked so hot! So here goes son, I hope I can do it good enough to make you happy!" Then she took me to the back of her mouth as I felt my cock head meet resistance. She looked at me and sort of smiled around my shaft before pulling back and quickly pushing down onto me hard, my cock sliding easily into her throat!

After bobbing her head fully on my cock for several seconds mom pulled off of me smiling ear to ear. "Oh my god, honey, I can't believe I actually did it! I tried with your dad but each time his much smaller prick started into my throat I gagged like crazy! Hell, I even threw up on him once when he DEMANDED I deep throat him!" Mom quickly dropped her head back onto me and crushed her nose against my pubic bone. After grinding her face against me she pulled back again then continued, "I threw up on him so bad that time! My gosh, Gary, your cock is so much bigger than he ever thought of being, yet your cock slides down my throat as if I was made just to suck it!"

She leaned in and kissed me long and hard before she pulled back while licking her lips. "Now my darling, you just lay back and enjoy the pleasure I give you!" Mom gave me a light kiss on my nose before she dropped back down and inhaled my cock fully again. We locked eyes as she hungrily worked my cock like a 'Slo-Poke' candy. Mom used her talented tongue all over my cock as she worked the full length of my shaft.

After about ten minutes I was getting very excited from her actions and my hips started thrusting into her mouth. Mom pulled her mouth off of me and scolded me, "That is NOT laying back and enjoying what I am doing! If you want to, later on I will let you fuck my mouth while I lay back, but not now!" Leaving no time for discussion, she sucked me right back in but I knew not to move like I had been. After another ten minutes or so she started pulling back nearly all the way, but she also grabbed my shaft in both hands and jerked me off as she sucked my cock.

Mom was really working me hard with her mouth and hands when my breathing got very raspy just before I groaned, "Oh mom, this feels so damned good! Oh MOM!" and my cock spurted deeply into her throat. Mom's pleading eyes locked onto mine as she gobbled down my seed. After taking my first three blasts deep in her throat mom pulled back allowing me to shoot into her mouth where she used her tongue to swirl my jizm around and around before swallowing and getting another blast.

Finally I stopped shooting and mom's tongue, lips and sucking abilities searched hungrily for more, eventually succeeding in finding several dribbles for her to enjoy. "Oh honey, I LOVE sucking your cock! I LOVE getting all of you down my throat, and when you got off in my throat, it is the most incredible sensation! God I love it and I really love you!" We kissed voraciously for a long time before mom finally rolled off of me and snuggled against me.

I kissed her forehead before saying, "My god, mom, that was simply incredible! Especially since it was your first time doing deep throat!"

"Gary honey, thank you for the compliment! I really wanted you to enjoy it and was worried that I wouldn't do it right! But, one thing I just can't fathom is enjoying a wonderful suck or fuck-fest while my partner calls me 'Mom'! I think we need to agree that from this point onward you are to call me by name."

"Okay, Sandy, what ever you want. But what happens when Jennie hears me call you that?"

"Shit, that is a real good question. Gary, we will just have to cross that bridge when we get to it!" She seemed lost in thought for several minutes before saying, "I really loved the high protein shake that you gave me, but now I think we need to have a real breakfast! It's my guess that all of us, and especially you, are going to need to really eat good to keep our energy levels up!"

Mom, um Sandy and I got out of bed and walked from her room heading to the kitchen. I noticed strange movement through Jessica's bedroom door so I stepped to it and peered inside. Jess and Ronnie were tangled in a tight and slurpy sounding 69, so I just backed out saying "OOPS! I didn't mean to interrupt you two!"

I turned and headed after mom as I heard them stir from their little party. When I entered the kitchen I saw her pouring each of us each a cup of coffee so I grabbed the cream and sugar, then we both doctored our java to taste. Mom took a couple sips then looked in the fridge to see what to make for breakfast. I was admiring her still awesomely sexy body when Ronnie and Jess entered the room.

Ronnie gave me a good French kiss before getting herself a cup of coffee. Jess stepped up beside me and kissed my ear as she softly asked "Got anything for me cuz?" She finished the "Z" by sticking her tongue out and licking all the way down to my cock. Jess quickly knee walked in front of me and inhaled my cock until my balls bounced on her chin. My groans brought the attention of both Sandy and Ronnie.

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