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I was fucking my wife Tina on a Monday night. My 7 inch cock was buried deep in her tight pussy. She was riding me with her tits in my mouth. My nuts were slapping her soft ass as I pounded her from below. I felt her pussy tighten around my member and I couldn't hold it any longer. I was fucking her for the last 20 minutes.

"That's it Bob. Make me cum. Shoot your load inside my tight pussy..." Tina screamed as I erupted. I could feel my ejaculation as it powered through my cock deep from my balls. My balls emptied itself into my wife. I was still pounding her as I came and I felt hot goo seep out onto my shaft and testicles. Her pussy was convulsing and I could feel her hot pussy juice flow onto my lap. We were moaning in unison as we climaxed together.

It was a week before our wedding anniversary. It had been 20 years since we were married. We got married when we turned 21. We have known each other since high school and college and we lost our virginities together. That is to say, we have only had sex with each other. My son Max was born two years later, a week after our anniversary. This year he turns 18. At the age of 41, I would say we looked great. I work as high school gym teacher hence I have toned muscles and broad shoulders. I am going slightly bald and my once six packs is currently one flat piece of tummy. My wife Tina is a totally hot MILF. She was a dancer in high school and college and currently works as a ballet teacher in prestigious dance school. After having our only child, she still continued dancing and managed to maintain her figure. She is 5 ft 6 with shoulder length dark brown hair and round brown eyes. Her face has aged a little but not too much. She has 34C breasts and her tummy is flat from a lot of dancing. Her dancing also has made her legs slender and long and toned. She sort of looks like the porn star Selena Silver. My wife doesn't shave her pussy. She loves it natural and I sort of like it too.

"So honey, next week is our 20th year together as married couple. We should celebrate" I said as she rolled off me. My dick slumped onto my tummy, soft but still long. Some cum was still coated on the head of it.

"Yes dear" she agreed. "We need to spice up our sex life. After all it's been 20 years."

I couldn't help but agree. I consider myself as an open and willing husband. I let my wife do a lot of things. Over the years we have tried many different things. On our 10th anniversary we started having sex in public such as beaches and one time in the elevator. On our fifth anniversary, we tried anal sex and from that day onwards we enjoyed it. I try to fulfill my wife's sexual desires and this year was no different.

"What's on your mind?" I asked. She gave a sly smile and sort of blushed. "What?" I asked again.

"Do you sort of notice how Max has grown?" she said quietly. I nodded. Indeed my only son has. From being a pudgy childish kid, max now looked more of stud. He had short light brown hair and broad shoulders like me. He was nearly 6 ft tall with toned arms and legs. He ran everyday and spent the weekends in the gym. The only problem was that he was sort of shy. As a result he hadn't had a girlfriend before. He was good kid and I knew that he would make a lucky girl happy one day.

"Yes" I said.

"Well I sort noticed how good looking he has become and I feel sort of attracted to him. I often fantasize about him and me doing it together."

I wasn't shocked at this idea. I had thought of this too. I have read many incest stories online and have had a sort of fantasy. I also have acquired a fetish of threesomes especially when two guys are doing one girl. It would be nice to watch my wife being fucked. It would be nice to have her suck me off as she gets banged by another guy. I grew hard thinking of this and I grew harder when I realized that my son would be the perfect person. He loves his mother and would never hurt her.

"Honey, I think that it would be fantastic if you slept with him. But only in one condition." She looked at me. "I want to join in and I want it to be filmed." She grinned at the idea and we kissed. She grabbed my re-erected cock and began stroking me and spreading our sex juices over the whole organ. We fucked again last night and I blew a huge load inside her.

A week later Tina and I went out for dinner on our anniversary night. We came back at around 10pm to find my son jerking off in his room to porn. We could see him from the slight opening of the door. We knew he was doing it for awhile but we didn't let him know. Apparently he had just begun as he was sitting on a chair with his gym shorts at his knees and his gym t shirt on his bed. He had returned from his work out session. Usually we gave him privacy. I went to my room to get the camera set up. I stripped and sat in my boxers. Tina went to Max's room and knocked on the door. She changed into her bathrobe. I could hear Max being startled at my wife's sudden call. He thought he was almost caught but he didn't know what awaited him. Tina called for him to meet her in our room in five minutes time. By then I had my camera set up.

Max knocked on our door. We were sitting on the edge of the bed, the camera on the tripod at the foot of the bed. Max entered and was wearing only gym shorts; his dick was slightly visible from his recent erection that fully hadn't gone down. He looked a little nervous. Tina got up and took off her robe to reveal her sexy body. She was in a black lacey bra and a matching black thong. She let the silk robe slide off her beautiful soft and smooth skin.

"Oh my god mom, what the hell are you doing?" Max cried. He was surprised at his mother's actions. I just chuckled at this. Tina crossed the room in three steps before her son could escape. She quickly placed her hand on his crotch. He looked scared.

"Max, your father and I have realized how much you have become of a man. You are so handsome and I bet a lot of girls want to be with you. It is a shame that you haven't had a girlfriend yet."

Max looked confused now. He didn't know what was going on but he sort of enjoyed his cock being rubbed his mother. There was visible tent now in his shorts.

"I have fantasized of you having sex with you and I want myself to be your first" my wife said seductively. With that she kissed my son on the lips tenderly. Max sort of melted and closed his eyes as his mouth was probed by his mother's tongue. She was rubbing his cock with one hand while the other took his hand and placed it on her firm breast. I could tell my son was enjoying it. He gave Tina's tit a squeeze and my wife grinned and giggled.

She started to kiss his bare chest starting from his neck down to his flat tummy. He moaned at the feeling. Then she got on he knees and slowly pulled off Max's gym shorts. I was hard now and my dick poked out my boxers through the make shift zipper in the front. My head was visible now. Tina pulled off Max's shorts and received a slap on the face from his hard cock. The three of us laughed. I took of my boxers and stood there. I was proud of my cock. It was uncut and seven inches long. It wasn't very thick and was average in girth. My balls and crotch were covered in thick hair which I trimmed weekly. I pulled my foreskin back to reveal a shiny red head with a drop of precum forming at the piss slit.

Max had an impressive cock too. It wasn't long like mine. It hardly reached 6 inches in its erect state but it was quite thick. It was much thicker than mine. The veins on his dick were much more prominent than mine. He was uncut too and his foreskin was already pulled back to reveal a recently stimulated head. It was swollen and red. It was twitching as Tina's mouth came closer. Her breath was making it twitch. Max watched in awe as his cock disappeared into his mother's mouth. I was already a few feet from them with my camera in my hands. I watched as Tina slowly sucked the head only. Max closed his eyes and gasped and his head fell back and his mouth open with his tongue almost out. His balls were firm and close to his body and not hanging low like mine.

"When was the last time you came son?" I asked. He opened his eyes and looked at me.

"A week ago dad" he replied dreamily. Tina was sucking his cock now, taking his shaft deeper into her mouth.

"That would mean you would have a lot of cum stored in those large nuts of yours right?" I asked. He nodded. I could tell he wanted to shoot his load. I zoomed into Tina's mouth. She had his cock on her tongue and was flicking her tongue on the head. She took his dick with her hand and pushed it against his tummy. She then licked his balls, taking a testicle in her mouth. He moaned louder now. Then she licked his shaft, starting from the nut along the shaft till his piss slit. He was enjoying it and was near his orgasm. I saw his breathing deepen.

"Stop" I said. My wife stopped. He looked a little disappointed. I was jealous now. I wanted my dick to be sucked. "It's my turn. Take this camera and film me."

I gave the camera to him and sat on the bed. Tina took her place between my legs. She began vigorously sucking me off, just how I liked it. She then spat on my dick and slurped on my member. I laid back on the bed as she continued to suck faster. I felt myself near and I stopped. I stood up and mounted the camera on the tripod.

"Get on the bed Max and eat your mother out" I ordered. He looked excited. It was his first pussy. Tina laid on the bed with her legs spread out. She unhooked her bra to reveal her tits. Max's eyes grew wide with excitement. He crawled on the bed and kissed her tits. He started to lick her nipples and Tina groaned. I pulled off her thongs to reveal her hairy pussy. It was trimmed but there was considerable amount of hair. I stuck a finger in to feel her tightness. Over the years she grew looser but I felt it was still tight for a 40 something year old MILF.

Her pussy oozed juices out and I could feel her get wetter by the second. I rubbed her for awhile and her slit naturally spread apart from excitement to reveal an engorged clit. I gave it a toothless nibble and she yelped. Max was excited. He was slowly stroking himself at this.

"Come on Max. Eat your mom out. Taste your first pussy." He complied. He stopped playing with Tina's tits and got between her legs. The smell of pussy was strong and musky but I liked it. He liked it too as he enthusiastically stuck his tongue into her cunt. She moaned loudly while grabbing her tits and tweaking her hard big brown nipples. I zoomed into her crotch to see my son sucking on her clit and fingering her vigorously. I saw her pussy get wetter and heard the sounds of juices squishing in her cunt. Then her body went rigid and her knees bucked as she came on Max's face with a huge squeal of pleasure. I zoomed out and taped it. Max was still licking his mom's vagina as his face got wetter by the second my Tina's cunt juice. When she finally finished he sat up with his face glistening with cum and his erect cock pointing out and resting on her vaginal lips. She sat up and kissed my son passionately as she licked his face clean, tasting her cum.

"Now its time to stick that thick cock of yours in me" she said seductively. Max looked ecstatic.

"Mom, I always wanted to do this. I always imagined my dick inside of you and I always wanted to cum in you" he said slightly shy. My wife grinned. She laid back on her back and lifted her legs back.

"Fuck your mother son" she said excitedly. I zoomed in again at her crotch. Max was rubbing his thick prick against her slit gathering her juices onto his member and using it as lube.

"Go ahead son. Stick it in. Split her tight pussy. Stick your dick in to the place you came out off." he was excited and moaned as he pushed his dick past my wife's pussy lips. I watched as the head went in. he paused and arranged his body, leaning over my wife. I went behind him and video taped his further entrance into my wife. His cock sank deeper into her smooth cunt. I watched as Tina's pussy enveloped around his cock. She moaned at the size of his dick. His bare ass was on camera, the cheeks spread apart. His balls were now slightly saggy and touching his mom's ass. His asshole was visible as he spread his legs and leaned in further into his mother. He started to thrust his dick into her slowly. I recorded this for awhile. Then I got back on the bed, my semi erect dick flopping about. The foreskin had now covered my head. I watched as my son penetrated his mother, their pubic hairs joining and breaking apart every time Max thrust in and out. Max was now devirginized.

They started to get vocal. Tina wrapped her legs around my son's waist as he picked up the pace.

"Look at your son Bob. Oh fuck he's thick. Oh shit. Oh shit" she cried as her tits flopped about. I reached down and grabbed it. Max was a virgin before this so he couldn't control himself well. I could tell he was near again. He was grunting.

"Make it last boy. Pull out if you need to cum." he looked at me and smiled. He pulled out and I watched his dick slide out. He grabbed it and slapped his mom's pussy with it, some clear precum flying out his piss slit.

"Oh fuck dad. Her pussy was great. I want to cum in it" he said happily.

"Wait for me to give it ago" I replied. I took the camera and I flipped Tina over. She as now on all fours. I got behind her on the edge of the bed. I placed on leg onto the bed as I stood on the ground. I rubbed my cock and sucked my fingers tasting my precum. I wet my fingers and stroked myself and lubed my shaft with saliva.

I rubbed my dick on her ass crack as she cooed. I entered her and she moaned. I started thrusting slowly. Max was stroking himself very slowly, saving his cum for his mother's cunt. He was video taping me fucking my wife. He placed the camera under our bodies and zoomed in on my cock deeply penetrating her pussy, splitting her hair pussy apart.

"Play with her clit as I fuck her son" I instructed. He mounted the camera and quickly got next to me. He reached down and tried to find her clit, occasionally touching my sagging balls that were slapping against her ass. I actually enjoyed the feeling of another guy touching me, even though I was straight. He finally found her clit and was playing with it.

'Oh yes. Oh yes... oh faster... faster fuck... I want to cum" Tina yelled as Max pinched her clit. I went faster and the bed started to squeak and we heard the sounds of my pelvis slapping her soft ass. She came hard and her pussy tightened around my dick. I didn't need to cum and I pulled out when she ended.

Tina sat up and pushed my son onto his back. "I want to ride your cock and I want you to cum inside me. Don't worry about me. Just let it out when you want to" Tina said.

Max was lying down flat, with his legs spread out and his thick dick sticking out like a flag pole on 90 degree angle. A long string of precum was seen from the tip of his cock onto his tummy. Tina licked this up and sucked his dick for few seconds as he moaned. Then she threw her legs onto either side of him as she straddled him, her pussy inches away from his throbbing member. She lowered herself onto his cock and they both moaned.

"Fuck her good son. Shoot your huge load into you mother" I cheered as Tina rode her son. She first gyrated her hips and started to bounce on his dick. I stood up and placed my dick at her mouth. I watched from above as my son groaned in pleasure as his dick was being ridden. Tina's huge tits were flopping about as she bounced. The tip of my dick was being licked as she massaged my balls. I was enjoying it. Tina was riding her son faster and encouraging him to blow his load. Since he was near orgasm a few times, he had stored up a load and I knew he would enjoy his first vaginal cumshot. I was near too and I pulled myself out of her mouth. I got off the bed and watched the two fuck.

Max had his hands on his mother's waist. He was now thrusting wildly into his mother's cunt as she dropped onto his cock, matching their penetrative rhythm. They were moaning loudly.

"Oh mom... oh fuck... your pussy's so tight I can't hold it much longer mom. I want to cum...I want to shoot you load in you..." he screamed.

"Fucking shoot your load son...fuck your mother...cum in me...cum in your cum slut mother..." she screamed back.

I saw him thrust upwards hard for about 3 thrusts and he pushed himself deep into her cunt as his balls convulsed. He let out a long groan.

"Uhhhh... mmooommmm..." he groaned as his dick erupted into her tight cunt. I could imagine him shooting into my wife.

"Show us some of that cumshot son" I cheered. Around his fifth shot, he pulled out and I saw his dick spewing a rope of jizz over her ass and on her ass crack. His balls were coated with some white cream and he finished his load on her bush. I was so horny I wanted to cum in her too now. Max's cock was soft now but still large. It was resting on his pelvis and Tina had he pussy over his balls with her body closely pressed onto her son. Her breasts were flattened over his chest,

I placed the camera behind them and watched as the cum oozed out of her pussy onto his balls. That was a huge creampie he gave my wife. I couldn't wait any longer. I got on the bed and behind my wife. I leaned onto her back and blindly rubbed my dick on her ass crack trying to find her pussy. I rested my legs first and sort of sat on my sons lap. Our cocks touched and I felt a tingling sensation. His dick was soft and sticky against my hard and slippery cock. I stuck two fingers into her cunt and coated it with cum. then I rubbed it over my dick and entered her pussy, feeling my sons cum on my dick. I was having Max's sloppy seconds and oddly it felt great. Her pussy was well lubed with my son's sperm so I easily slid in and out. I went faster now and heard the squishing of cum inside her pussy as I pounded her. I was near now and I knew I had built up my orgasm this past hour.

As I gave my wife the last few penetrations, I felt my dick throb and swell in her. I then felt my nuts tingle and tighten as I erupted. I ejaculated into my wife, the cumshot was powerful and it felt like I released four shots of jizz in one continuous shot. It felt great as I filled my wife up.

"Uhhhhh..." I groaned as I continuously fired jizz into her.

My cum mixed with my sons and I felt my dick get warm as my warm jizz oozed out of her full pussy. It dripped onto my balls and over my sons cock too. He moaned at the warm feeling on his testicles. My dick was inside for almost a minute. It finally became soft and it plopped out. I heard her pussy make a faint pop sound and I watched two batches of jizz flow out of her pussy and onto the bed. Max and I were now sitting on either side of Tina. My wife was sitting on the bed now and letting the cum ooze out. I grabbed some and rubbed it over her tummy and breasts. Max followed suite. Our semi erect cocks sat there proudly. I reached over and gave hand a cum covered high five.

"Now you have become a man" I said proudly to him. He was gleaming with pleasure and pride. My wife was licking cum from her fingers which she stuck in her cunt.

"Mom, Dad. Thanks for the making my first time special" Max finally said.

"No problem son" my wife replied. I said a similar thing. We watched as a continuous flow of cum oozed out of Tina. We were too tired to get hard again. I uploaded the video and we watched it in my room.

Tina kissed my son on his dick after the video.

"From now on, you are joining us when your dad and I fuck."

Max grinned. We then all fell asleep naked on the bed with Tina in between us.

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