tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFamily Nightmare Ch. 03

Family Nightmare Ch. 03


Thanks for all the kind emails everyone. Here it is finally. The final chapter, enjoy!


As the morning sun began to peep into Alana Scott's bedroom the brightness began to awaken her. She stretched her body out with a soft yawn and slowly opened her eyes. Alana looked over at her husband sleeping soundly next to her, and smiled. Last night her husband had made love to her particularly well and she lay there still satisfied. As Alana sat up in her bed the nightgown she was sleeping in became tangled around her. So as she lifted herself up the gown slid up her torso and revealed one of her breasts. In Alana's euphoric state she looked at herself in the mirror and did her best playboy model pose.

"Do I make you horny?" Alana whispered trying her best to imitate Austin Powers.

She almost burst out laughing. The last two weeks of her life had been grand. No problems at all and she was enjoying herself. That wasn't the case at all up until a couple weeks ago. About three or four months ago while on vacation Alana, her son James, and his best friend Sam were kidnapped by two men. Alana was forced to have sex with the two men and then they forced her to do the same with Sam and even her own son. After the ordeal the three made a deal to try and just forget about the whole thing but that didn't last. A couple months after they got back Sam had become so obsessed with Alana that he concocted a plan to blackmail her into having sex with him again. The plan worked, Alana was made to have sex with Sam but during the experience Alana began to feel sorry for Sam after what he had been through. She made a deal with Sam. A deal that has been in effect for two weeks. The deal was that Sam could have sex with her two or three times a week at times of her choosing. In exchange he would destroy all the evidence he used to blackmail her and eventually try to move on with his life. Alana reasoned that eventually Sam would tire of her or forget about her when his young mind found another girl to focus on. So for the last two weeks Sam has been coming by whenever he could. If there was no one at home with her Alana would have sex with him. Even though she knew it to be very wrong Alana had become quite attached to Sam. The way the young man looked at her as they were making love excited her to no end. In fact, she had become somewhat addicted to the feeling. Even though Alana had become comfortable with her little affair she wasn't stupid, she was very careful about their little rendezvous'. She was however, very creative in their affair. Once, Sam was on top of Alana, who was on top of the dining room table, and was right in the middle of fucking her when they heard Alana's husband pulling up in the driveway. Sam was running out the back door just as Greg was coming in the front. He was met by a smiling wife who was doing all she could to keep her young lovers cum from running down her legs.

Alana's good mood, while she didn't want to admit it was in fact do to the fact that for the last couple of weeks she had been the object of affection of two men. While before all the craziness had started she was very satisfied with her sex life, now two men were satisfying her. She had the best of both worlds. Her husband provided the experienced, tender love making that curled her toes, while Sam provided the intense fucking that would leave her a sweaty mess on the floor.

Alana's good mood was reigned in slightly as she remembered that her husband was going out of town for a week on business. Not to mention he wouldn't be there for her birthday this coming Thursday.

"Can't have my cake and eat it too." Alana reasoned to herself.

Not wanting her good mood to disappear all together Alana decided to go downstairs and make Greg some breakfast. A morning in bed together eating breakfast sounded just fine to her. Without thinking of what she was wearing Alana got out of bed and started down the hallway toward the stairs. Halfway down the stairs she realized that all she has on was a thin nightgown that was barely long enough to cover her panties. Alana wasn't known for her modesty but she didn't walk around the house naked either. To make matters worse Alana only wore very sexy underwear. Thongs, lace panties, and boy shorts made up the bulk of her underwear drawer. With each step down the stairs her nightgown would slide up her legs and reveal her red lace panties, then slide back down again.

"Oh well, its 6:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, no one will get up until at least 10:00." She thinks to herself.

Alana began to make breakfast taking care to be quiet, not wanting to wake her husband or son. Some eggs, bacon, grits and toast will start the morning off right she thinks to herself as she gathers the ingredients. As Alana began to beat the eggs in a bowl she felt a cool breeze on her exposed legs.

"I bet Greg left that window open again." Alana thinks to herself as goose bumps begin to form on her long legs.

Alana then went back about her business while thinking of what she was going to do on her birthday without her husband being home. Greg usually took her out on the town and she would have a ball. Not this year though she thought subconsciously pouting her lips. Just as that thought had left her mind Alana was startled as a pair of arms wrapped around her stomach. Just as she was about to scream she heard Sam's voice.

"Good morning sexy." Sam said as he kissed Alana on the neck causing an electric shiver to race down her spine to her toes.

"Jesus Christ Sam!!! You scared the crap outta me!" Alana said doing all she could not to shout.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know you scared so easily." Sam said releasing his grip.

"It's ok, it's just, I was thinking to myself. You caught me off guard." Alana said slightly amused at her reaction.

Sam pulled a chair out and sat down. He was all too happy to sit and watch as Alana glided around the kitchen in her nightgown. When she reached up into one of the cabinets Sam's eye caught a glimpse of Alana's panties.

"Those are nice." Sam said nonchalantly.

Alana turned to see what Sam was looking at. Realizing it was her panties she rolled her eyes as she turned back around.

"Well they're new; I've only worn them twice so you'll have to wait a while." Alana said referring to Sam's penchant for pilfering her underwear in the past.

"That was before I could have what's inside your panties." Sam replied smiling, knowing his little comments about their affair made Alana uncomfortable.

"Sam, it's not that I mind that much but what are you doing over so early in the morning?" Alana asked quickly changing the subject after Sam's arrogant remark.

"Well, I wouldn't have even come over but last night my mom and dad told me that I gotta go see my grandma in Florida this week. She's like a hundred years old and they said I might not see her many more times." Sam said staring at the floor.

"Well you should go see your grandmother, how long will you be gone?" Alana asked.

"Two freakin weeks, can you believe it? I don't know how I'm gonna make it." Sam said.

"It'll be ok." Alana said as she opened the refrigerator to get the bacon.

As the cool air blanketed her body Alana was again reminded that she was wearing next to nothing. Considering that Sam had seen her in a lot less her modesty wasn't warranted.

"But how am I supposed to go two weeks without....you know? Sam asked.

"Oh I'm sure you'll take matters into your own hands." Alana said flashing a sarcastic grin towards Sam, enjoying a little payback for his earlier comment.

"Ha Ha." Sam said standing up.

As Alana began opening the package of bacon at the counter Sam walked up behind her and reached around with both hands and cupped Alana's firm breasts. The thin material of Alana's nightgown offered little insulation from Sam's gentle caress.

"Ohhhhhhh...Ummmmm..Sam....that feels...uh....you know we can't do this right now." Alana whispered.

"I know. But if I'm gonna be gone for two weeks I gotta have something to remember." Sam whispered into Alana's ear.

Alana could feel Sam's hard young cock pressing against her ass. Deep down she liked being able to turn a boy of Sam's age on. Alana's ego wasn't out of control, but the fact that she was desirable to a younger man didn't hurt her feelings. The bulge in Sam's pants wedged perfectly right in the middle of Alana's ass and her body tingled as Sam's hands massaged her breasts. Alana arched her back and turned her head to kiss the young man. Breathing in softly her lips parted as they pressed against Sam's. Their tongues teased each other and Alana moaned as she felt Sam's hand gently rub her panty-covered pussy. The sensation over powered Alana and she inadvertently knocked the knife she was using to open the bacon onto the floor resulting in a loud crash.

"Damnit...." Alana said as she and Sam both froze.

Alana remained motionless for a good minute waiting to hear if anyone had been woken up by the noise. After a few more tense moments Alana and Sam began to breathe again. Alana turned to face Sam and smiled as her lips pressed against his. Alana's hand followed Sam's thigh until she found what she was looking for. She began to softly fondle Sam's hard cock through his shorts.

"Ahh youth." Alana thought as she was amazed at how hard Sam's cock was.

"Is this for me?" Alana teased as her hand found its way inside Sam's shorts.

What both Alana and Sam both were unaware of was that the loud noise had indeed awoken someone. Alana's son James heard a strange noise, and even though it was very early, he decided he better go see what it was.

"Damn it's early." James thought to himself as he groggily made his way down the stairs.

What he saw next would awaken him faster than the strongest cup of coffee. As he reached the bottom of the stairs and peaked around the corner he heard soft moaning. His eyes began to focus and he could see his mother's back and someone's arms wrapped around her. As he inched forward a little more he was shocked to see that it was Sam that was holding his mom. James quickly stepped back a couple of inches to remain hidden. As he peaked around the corner he couldn't believe his eyes. His mother was very passionately kissing his best friend and her hand was inside his shorts.

"Two weeks without this is gonna be murder." Sam said as he kissed Alana.

"You think you're the only one who's gotten used to our little get-togethers?" Alana asked as she stroked Sam's cock.

Alana could feel a familiar heat emanating from her panties. Just knowing that she was having an affair with a boy her son's age turned Alana on like nothing else. That simple fact bothered her more than she would ever admit to herself.

James couldn't believe his ears. As he listened further Sam and Alana let go of enough information that James could get a rough idea of how Sam came to be standing in his house making out with his mom. At first James was furious, he came very close to walking into the kitchen and beating the shit out of Sam. But as mad as he was he couldn't turn away. Even though Alana was his mother it was impossible to ignore how attractive she was.

"Hey, if I make it quick can I get a piece of ass before I have to go?" Sam asked as James looked on in utter amazement.

"A piece of ass? So that's what I am huh?" Alana asked not at all liking Sam's new boldness.

"You know what I mean, please." Sam asked.

"Oh...Sam I don't know. I guess so, but you have to really quiet and make it quick." Alana said nervously.

Although she was horny Alana was all too aware that just above her head her husband and son were sleeping. Alana looked around, and then she smiled at Sam. She then walked over to the counter and pulled her nightgown up around her waist and slid her panties down to her ankles.

"Well it doesn't get any easier than this." Alana said smiling at Sam over her shoulder as she spread her legs apart a little wider.

Sam walked up behind Alana and unzipped his shorts. Alana breathed deeply in anticipation as Sam leaned forward and took her breasts into his hands. Although Alana liked the entire act of making love, her favorite sensation was the initial penetration. From his vantage point James could see his mother's mouth open and her eyes close as Sam entered her. Even though she was his mother the sight of Alana bent over the counter being fucked was probably the most erotic thing James had ever seen.

"Oh my god yes." Alana cooed as Sam's cock spread her pussy lips apart. In her hypersexual state every vein in Sam's cock was appreciated as his young cock slipped in and out of Alana's wet pussy.

As her young lover's thrusts became harder and harder Alana stood on her toes and spread her legs a little more to make it easier for Sam to enter her. For the next few minutes the house was quiet except for the sound of Sam's flesh slapping against Alana's.

"OHH...OH.....DAMN YOUR TIGHT." Sam moaned as he watched his cock spread Alana's velvet pussy lips.

Alana looked over her shoulder and put her finger over her lips and told Sam to be quiet. She knew it would be hard but she didn't want to wake anyone up. After a few more thrusts James could see Alana's eyes shut tightly and her teeth clinched together. Alana could tell Sam was close to cumming. His cock was as hard as steel as he fucked her. Alana's tongue traced her lips as her pussy gripped Sam's cock tightly. Sam's hips began to buck violently and Alana looked as if she was riding a mechanical bull. She could feel Sam's cock flooding her pussy with hot cum as her feet were lifted off the floor with each thrust of Sam's hips. Every time Sam fucked her she was amazed at how much cum he could produce. After twelve or thirteen convulsions Sam finally relaxed and pulled Alana close to him and kissed her as she breathed very heavily. After a few moments their kiss ended and Alana again leaned forward and put her hands on the counter reveling in the afterglow as Sam's cock softened inside her. While this particular session didn't last nearly long enough to make her cum, Alana still felt satisfied.

From his hiding place James realized that he was as hard as he'd ever been. The fact that it was his mother that did this to him still weirded him out a little.

"Oh shit!" Sam exclaimed looking down at his watch.

"What is it?" Alana asked still breathing heavily with her hair in her face.

"I was supposed to be back ten minutes ago." Sam exclaimed.

Alana smiled and looked over her shoulder at Sam as he stood there still inside her.

"Well you can't go home with me stuck to you." Alana said as she sexily wiggled her ass.

Sam smiled back and pulled his limp cock from Alana's pussy. Alana made a sad puppy dog face as Sam's cock left her. Sam then quickly pulled up his shorts and kissed Alana on the cheek before he ran out the back door. Alana waved as she stood there still bent over the counter. She shook her head as she bent down and pulled up her panties. She knew she had to do it and she did like the feeling having sex with someone other than her husband, but to just be used by Sam to get off still made her feel dirty. After a few moments she went back to making breakfast for her husband.

Around the corner by the stairs just feet way, James stood not knowing what to think. He quietly made his way back up the stairs closed his door and sat down on his bed. A range of emotions coursed through his body.

"How could she do it? How could she fuck my best friend? After all that we've been through...."

At a loss for words James put his head in his hands and lost himself in thought. After a while James stood up. He wasn't at a loss for words any longer. And all the different emotions were replaced with just one, anger. He was as pissed off as he had ever been. How could his own mother be a willing participant in what he had just seen? After she was raped in front of him how could she do it? He went through so much to try and get his life back to normal how could she do it? How could she be such a slut? HOW COULD SHE FUCK SAM?!?!?!?

That day in his room James changed. He still loved his mother but he no longer thought of his mother in the same light. He no longer felt sorry for her after what she had been through. If she could fuck Sam then she could fuck him. The only thing he had to do was think of a way to make it happen. How does one go about fucking their mother? Then like the grinch that stole Christmas James grinned as an idea began to form.

James had sat in his room for about fifteen minutes before he came up with a plan to fuck his own mother. Before he resorted to blackmail like Sam did he would butter his mom up with compliments and make subtle sexual advances towards her. He knew that deep down Alana loved compliments. He would be alone with her all week, a perfect time to test his plan. If all else failed he would simply tell his mother that he was going to tell his dad and everyone else what happened all those months ago and what she was doing with Sam now. Since his mother was already downstairs alone now was as good a time as any to begin the fun and games.

"This will do just fine." James said as he slipped off his shirt and put on some old worn out boxers.

Being almost naked would add to his mother's discomfort. He then made his way downstairs being sure to stomp loudly enough for his mother to hear. Downstairs Alana was about to finish up breakfast when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Her stomach immediately tied itself in knots knowing that she was half naked and with no other way out of the kitchen. Finally accepting what was happening Alana could only hope it was Greg. She could explain her lack of clothing by saying she wanted to surprise him. Alana quickly ran over to the kitchen sink and acted like she was putting dishes into the dishwasher. Behind her she heard footsteps entering the kitchen and going to the refrigerator. When the anxiety reached its boiling point Alana looked over her shoulder to see who it was.

"Damn,damn,damn..." Alana said to herself as she saw her shirtless son drinking out of the milk jug.

"What in the world is he doing up this early?" Alana thought to herself as she tried to hide her modesty.

Although it wasn't that big of a deal Alana just wasn't comfortable with her son seeing her almost naked after what had happened all those months ago. James for his part found his mother's squirming very entertaining. For the time being he acted as if nothing was inappropriate about how his mother was dressed. In fact, he found himself admiring Alana's body as she finished making breakfast. James was getting used to his new role all too quickly.

"Mom, could you get me the cereal please? I'm starving." James said innocently as he grabbed a spoon and a bowl and sat down at the table.

Alana cringed as what her son asked of her processed in her mind. The cereal was on the top shelf in the cabinet and she would have to stand on her toes in order to reach it. She knew all to well that if she lifted her arms her nightgown would be pulled up exposing her panties.

"This is REAL good...go ahead give your son an eyeful." Alana thought as she cursed herself for not changing her clothes this morning.

"Umm.....sure thing..." she mumbled not wanting to draw attention to herself.

James's eyes got wider as his mom made her way over to the counter. His heart started beating faster and a lump formed in his throat as he watched Alana open the cabinet door. He was actually manipulating his mother so he could get a look at her panty covered ass. Tentatively Alana reached toward the cereal box but she was no where near tall enough.

"C'mon......you can do it." James thought to himself as he stared intently at his mother's shapely legs.

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