Family Nightmare Ch. 03


Finally his bravery was rewarded as Alana stood on her toes and strained to reach the cereal. As soon as she stretched, her nightgown was pulled up over her panties. James was awestruck at how round and firm his mother's ass was. Her legs seemed to go on forever and as they ended her amazing ass began. James could feel his cock beginning to stir.

"Damnit...all I had to do was put on my housecoat." Alana thought to herself as her hand finally made contact with the box of cereal.

Alana quickly closed the cabinet door and made her way over to the table where her son sat. As she leaned forward to put the box of cereal on the table Alana could've sworn her son was looking at her chest. Not sure what to make of the situation Alana turned to leave. She could finally put on some clothes she thought. But James wasn't quite done yet.

" could you do me one more favor?" He asked.

"What do you need now?" Alana asked a little annoyed.

"Could you get me the big bowl that I use? This little one isn't gonna be enough for me." James said surprised that he had the guts to ask his mother to do something else.

Alana's eyes got wide as she realized what her son wanted her to do. The big bowl he wanted was kept on a bottom shelf in the corner. The only way to reach it was for her to bend over and reach pretty far into the cabinet.

"Can't you just make two bowls?" Alana asked trying to think fast.

"Pretty please." James asked.

"Oh for the love of...." Alana cursed herself as she made her way over to the cabinet.

Not wanting to prolong her own misery Alana opened the door and bent over. This time her nightgown slid up her abdomen and bunched up around her shoulders as she reached for the bowl. Her legs remained straight and James's eyes followed her thighs up until he saw his mom's panty covered pussy. There was a damp spot that caught James' eye, no doubt the remains of Sam and Alana's little get together this morning. Also, there was a little gap between Alana's legs that James found intoxicatingly attractive. But alas all good things come to an end and his mother stood back up and walked the bowl over to him.

"Thanks mom." James said smiling.

"You're welcome." Alana said with a puzzled look on her face as she wondered exactly what had just happened.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully. Sam and Greg both left and Alana went about her daily chores as usual. James on the other hand was all too eager to put his plan in motion, but he decided to wait for Monday morning.

About 10:30 Monday morning James got up and took a shower like he always does. After he got out of the shower he made his way to his room but this particular morning he left his door open. He knew that his mother made many trips by his door throughout the day. He didn't have to wait long until he heard his mother's footsteps coming up the stairs. Confidently James un-wrapped his towel from around his waist and dropped it onto the floor. He wasn't arrogant usually but James knew his package was bigger than most. Giving his mother an eyeful should ratchet up the tension just fine he thought. James stood with his back toward his door and waited. Just as his mother's footsteps were right at his door he spread his feet apart a little more and began to comb his hair.

Alana was making her way toward the bathroom to get the dirty laundry. As she passed her son's doorway she unknowingly glanced inside his room. Her eyes opened wide as she stopped mid-stride.

"Oh my ...." Alana said as she saw her son's naked body still glistening with water droplets.

As her eyes quickly surveyed his body, her gaze halted just as she had passed his shapely rear end. There hanging about halfway to his knees was his flaccid cock. She had forgotten how large her son was. It was the biggest penis she had ever seen. Instinctively Alana bit her bottom lip as she starred at her son's cock. Suddenly she felt a tingle between her legs. Since she'd been having so much sex lately Alana was more susceptible to getting turned on. Just as she felt her nipples tingling Alana quickly hurried down the hall to the bathroom not sure what to think.

"How do you like them apples?" James thought to himself as his mother hurried off.

"My god...." Alana thought to herself as she breathed heavily in the bathroom.

She had just seen her son's manhood and was amazed at how big it was. The first time she saw it was when the kidnappers made her have sex with Sam and her son. But, she was in a dark room with tears in her eyes and to be quite honest she really didn't get a good look at the sheer size of it. When she mounted her son she knew he was big, but she'd just been raped by two well endowed men. She had briefly seen her son's package a few weeks ago before all the craziness with Sam started but to be honest that whole week was a blur. To see it the brightly lit house......was shocking.

"Get it out of your head girl..." Alana said to herself.

She starred at herself in the mirror and smiled, slightly amused.

"Well, who wouldn't stare at that thing? He's gonna make some girl happy one day." She thought almost laughing.

After a few seconds Alana went back to her daily duties. Since she was in the bathroom she gathered up the dirty clothes. As she turned she sat the clothes hamper down in order to open the door. As the door opened Alana was a little startled when her son, wearing nothing but some old jogging pants, appeared in the doorway. What seemed like coincidence to Alana was in fact anything but. James had been waiting in the hallway because he wanted to take his little game a bit further.

" you scared me." Alana said.

"Sorry mom, I just need to get the hair dryer." James said positioning himself in the doorway knowing his mother would have to squeeze by him to get out.

Alana, clueless to what was going on, was in a hurry to get back to her daily routine. She picked up the clothes hamper and began to make her way through the door. Because her son was taking up half the doorway she squeezed the clothes hamper through first and then turned to the side with her back facing her son. Slowly she began squeezing by but as she did she was pushed tightly up against her son. Alana's ass slid across James' hips and as she reached the mid point she felt something that caused her to pause for a split second.

"What in the world...." Alana thought as she could feel something hard wedged right between the cheeks of her ass. The revelation caused her to become a little uncomfortable.

"Could I get a little room here sport?" Alana asked not wanting to believe that what she was feeling was her son's erection.

James was delighted that his little stunt was working like a charm. Feeling a little bolder James decided to give his mom what she wanted. But he was gonna have just a bit more fun first. First James put his hands on his mother's hips.

"Jeez mom, you smell really good." James said.

"Uh...thanks honey." Alana said still slightly uncomfortable with the situation.

Before Alana could protest James went ahead and gave her a little bump as his hips pressed forward slightly. Alana's eyes opened wide but before she could respond James slid her sideways and closed the door behind him. James smiled at himself in the bathroom mirror as his cock tented his jogging pants.

"I hope to god that was just what Greg calls morning wood." Alana thought as she went about her business.

Throughout the day Alana could swear that her son was starring at her. At first she thought she was just being paranoid but as the day went on she almost caught James several times starring at her as she bent over. The few times Alana did catch her son starring at her he would simple say something nice to her. Alana's resolve would quickly melt away when her son paid her a compliment. James knew his mom had come close to catching him red handed starring at her chest or ass a few times today but he didn't care at all.

"What's she gonna do?" James thought to himself smugly.

James was sitting in his room bored stiff waiting for the next part of his plan. He had already let his mother see him naked this morning and then gave her a little body contact. Now he wanted to see her naked. He planned on waiting for her to take a shower. When she got out she would find that conveniently all the towels were in the dirty clothes. James grinned as the thought of his naked mom flashed through his head. All he had to do now was wait.

Downstairs Alana had just finished watching her favorite talk show. After doing all her daily duties she decided she would take soak in the bathtub for a while. As she made her way up the stairs toward the bathroom her footsteps caused James to take notice.

"It's about damn time." James thought to himself.

His heart raced as he heard the bathroom door close. He knew his mother's routines all too well. After soaking in the bath for a while she would rinse off in the shower. As soon as she closed the shower curtain to rinse off he would make his move and take all the towels downstairs and put them in the washing machine.

In the bathroom Alana started her bathwater and pulled her shirt over her head. Even though she was in her mid thirties, her workouts kept her in great shape. She nimbly reached behind herself and released the clasp holding her bra on. Then she unbuttoned her blue jeans and slid them over her firm ass and down her toned legs. Finally she removed her panties and sat down in the hot water.

"Oh yeah...thats what I needed." Alana said as the hot water enveloped her body.

Outside the door James was waiting patiently. His plan was moving along nicely. However, after about twenty minutes of waiting he began to grow impatient.

"C'mon how long can you just sit there?" James asked himself.

Nervously he pushed a little on the bathroom door. Slowly but surely the door opened just a bit, but not enough for him to see anything. Then a light bulb went off in his mind. He quietly tiptoed back to his room and grabbed his pocket knife off his desk. He had seen in some movie where someone used the blade of a knife like a mirror to see around a corner. Once he made it back to the bathroom door he carefully eased the blade of the knife through the crack in the door. After a few seconds of fooling around with it he managed to get the angle right.

"Well helloooooo nurse!" James thought to himself as his mothers face came in to view on the shiny knife blade.

The blade was small but enough for James to see that his mothers eyes were closed as she lay there in the tub. As he angled the blade more his mother's breasts slowly came into view. They were perfectly round and half submerged under the water. The light pink, silver dollar sized areolas were like beacons to James as he starred intently.

"Man those are nice tits..." James thought to himself.

From reading plenty of men's magazines and a liberal amount of porn he guessed his mom to be about a 32c bra size. Finally satisfied he angled the blade more. Slowly he watched the knife blade as Alana's tight stomach came into view. Just a little more angle and then his mouth opened a little. Alana's neatly trimmed pussy was there for all to see.

"Man, my mom is a MILF and a half." James thought to himself as he starred at his naked mother.

Finally James' fun time was over. His mother's legs began to move in the reflection on his knife blade so he slowly eased the blade back through the crack in the door and listened as Alana stood up and closed the shower curtain. After a few seconds James could hear the water running and then the shower. He waited a few minutes with his heart pounding before slowly opening the door. He wasn't worried about being seen because their shower curtain had a dark lining. He was as quiet as he could be as he opened the bathroom closet and grabbed the stack of towels. Slowly he exited the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Then with lightning speed he raced down the stairs and put the towels into the washing machine and started the wash cycle. Then James went back to the bottom of the stairs and waited to see what would happen next.

After her shower Alana opened the shower curtain and as the cold air came in contact with her damp skin she rushed to find a towel to dry off. Alana stepped out of the shower and took the two or three steps necessary to get to the cabinet where the towels were kept. As she opened the door she could see that the cabinet was empty.

"Oh this is just great. I know I washed the towels this morning." Alana thought to herself confused.

With no other options Alana opened the bathroom door just a little and called to her son.

"James! Can you please get me a towel?" Alana shouted.

At the bottom of the stairs James smiled as he remained quiet.

"Hey! Is anyone home?!?" Alana shouted again wondering if she was alone in the house.

Finally after shouting once more Alana reasoned that her son had gone out. Faced with no other option Alana cautiously opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the hall. As Alana tip toed down the hall she wasn't at all happy about dripping water everywhere. All she had to do was make it to her room where she kept a terry-cloth bath robe. Then she could go downstairs and get a towel for her hair.

At the bottom of the stairs James heard his mother's footsteps as they neared the top of the stairs. It was this exact moment that he had been waiting for. Without saying a word James rushed up the stairs. Just as he reached the top he shouted "Did you say something mom!"

As James shouted Alana froze in the hallway. There was no place to hide. She could only do her best to cover herself with her hands. Quickly she crossed her legs over and covered her exposed breasts with one arm while trying to cover her more sensitive areas with the other. As James finally reached the top of the stairs he froze also. Before him was his very beautiful and very naked mother. Neither of them spoke. They simply didn't know what to say. Alana stood their watching her son's eyes survey her body, committing every available detail to memory. Finally Alana spoke.

"Where were you?!?" Alana shouted not sure if she should be angry or embarrassed.

"I was watching T.V." James said trying not to smile.

"Well I shouted twice for you to get me a towel! Turn around right now!" Alana ordered as her cheeks became red with embarrassment.

After a few seconds passed James still hadn't turned around. He was starring at his naked mother very intently.

"I said turn around!" Alana ordered again.

"Oh....sorry mom. It's just that you're very.........pretty." James said boldly.

Alana didn't quite know what to say next. Her son was starring at her almost completely naked and the look in his eyes made her body tingle.

"Thanks baby, but you should still turn around." Alana said as her resolve softened after her son's remark.

Finally relenting James did as he was asked and turned around. Alana quickly made her way to her room and asked her son to bring her a towel from downstairs. As James was going downstairs for her towel Alana stood behind her door wondering why she couldn't shake the excited feeling her son's comment had made her feel. After a few more seconds there was a knock on Alana's door. She carefully opened her door a little and reached her hand out to get the towel. After having her hand out for a few seconds Alana peeked around the corner to see why her son hadn't handed her the towel. As she looked around the corner she saw her son standing there with a big grin on his face. Alana couldn't help but smile as she reached for the towel careful not to expose herself.

"I think that's enough for today don't you." Alana said as she closed her door.

Alana used the towel to dry off and after fixing her hair and putting on some clean clothes she sat on her bed rethinking how she reacted. Her son's comment echoed through her head as she replayed the event in her mind. James knew all to well his compliment had hit one of his mother's only weaknesses, her ego.

"He did say I was pretty." Alana chuckled to herself.

After a few more minutes of introspection Alana decided to not pay what happened any mind. She made her way down the stairs and walked into the living room where James was watching T.V. Not wanting her son to think she was a total prude Alana sat down on the couch beside her son.

"Hey, I'm sorry I shouted at you earlier. It's just that I was embarrassed." Alana said.

James looked over at his mother and smiled.

"You don't have anything to be embarrassed about mom. If I looked like you I'd walk around naked all the time." James laughed.

Alana's face again reddened. Her son's compliments were music to Alana's ears. She wouldn't admit it to anyone but Alana worked hard to keep in shape and she loved to hear that all that work wasn't in vain.

"Suuurrrreeee you would." Alana said smiling.

"Mom, in case you haven't noticed you're the pretties thing in this whole neighborhood." James said smiling.

"Thanks sweetie." Alana said blushing.

Their humorous conversation relaxed Alana a little bit. The awkwardness she'd felt earlier was all but gone. In fact, she was almost glowing from the ego swelling her son had given her. As Alana talked, unknown to her, her son's eyes kept darting down to her exposed legs. All Alana had on was a pair of cotton shorts and a tank top, and her toned legs were all her son needed to see to set him off.

"Well next time it's someone else's turn to be caught without any clothes on." Alana laughed as she turned to see what was on the T.V.

"Deal." James said placing his hand on his mother's leg.

Alana's eyes opened a little wider when she felt her son's hand on her thigh. His hand wasn't in an inappropriate place but it was a little higher up on her leg than she would've liked. Not wanting to let on that she was uncomfortable Alana decided to slide back a little deeper into the couch. Hopefully her movement would make her son remove his hand. Unfortunately as Alana moved so did her son's hand.

"Nice try." James thought to himself all too amused with his little game.

For a few moments there was silence in the house except for the T.V. Then to Alana's surprise she could feel her son's hand creeping up her leg. The movement was very slight but there was definitely movement. Alana's heart started beating faster as she debated her options. At first Alana tried clearing her throat loudly but to no avail.

"Hey, do want something to drink?" Alana asked trying to find a way out of the living room without telling her son to get his damn hand off of her leg.

"No thanks." James said with a smile.

As Alana tried to think of another excuse James wanted to see how far he could get. Slowly but surely James began lightly squeezing his mother's thigh. Alana's heart skipped a beat as she felt her son's hand, now just inches from her crotch, caressing her leg. The sensation was very pleasurable, too pleasurable as a matter of fact, as Alana could feel herself starting to get wet.

"I've got to get outta here." Alana thought to herself and her son's hand crept ever closer to her crotch.

Just as James' little finger was about a half inch from his mother's pussy Alana jumped up off the couch.

"What's wrong mom?" James asked innocently.

"Uhh.......I need to...........check the mail." Alana said not wanting to let on that anything was wrong.

After Alana left James sat on the couch contemplating how to ratchet things up a notch. After a couple of hours of thinking James had come up with nothing. Frustrated he went to sleep hoping tomorrow would come with some inspiration.

Up in her room Alana was pacing back and forth deep in thought. She though everything was fine between her son and her but the groping she'd just endured made her very worried that her son would soon be following Sam's path toward obsession. After a bit of thinking Alana decided that she had to keep a cool head and not let on that anything was amiss. If her son tried anything she had to ignore him. That way maybe he would loose interest. She could not under any circumstances do anything that might make him snap like Sam had. One thought in the back of her mind troubled Alana even more than her son. She knew how wrong it was but she actually liked it when her son was caressing her leg. She blew the whole thing off hoping it was nothing.

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