tagBDSMFamily of Three Ch. 01

Family of Three Ch. 01



A cabin in the woods; the master bedroom, upstairs. I'm lying on the bed in the dark; I cannot move, speak, or see. She moans; she is near me, but in the same condition.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning; it would be easier to understand that way ...


Call me Jane; that will do. I'm a normal Caucasian female from a normal family, five foot six, one hundred ten pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, average looks. I got good grades in school, graduated college with a business degree, moved out west, and got a good job. I saved up a bit, got a little place and some furniture; I'm doing well.

As for how I got into bondage, I grew up with it. The westerns, with the pretty heroine tied up by the dastardly villain, only to be rescued by the handsome hero; you get the picture. I always identified with the heroine; held captive, at the mercy of some evil man. Exciting stuff.

I never had the chance to indulge my fantasy in school; most of the guys were too straight, boring, or downright creepy. Not even in college, although there were one or two guys I had sex with. But once I got a job, my own place, and learned about the internet I was ready to go.

I surfed the net constantly, marveling at all the material out there. All kinds of stuff, from outfits to bonds to whips to whatever. And examples abounded; thousands of photos and videos. I made a few discreet purchases; once the packages arrived I was all set.


Friday night, after work. A nice leisurely supper, followed by a hot shower and hot coffee. I had prepared the day before by filling a small Tupperware container with water, tying the handcuff keys to a length of string, putting the keys in the container, and sticking it in the freezer; the idea is that you can't get free until the ice melts. It's a common method for self bondage, which is what I was about to do.

After I finished my coffee I retrieved the container from the freezer and headed into the bedroom. I stripped down to my panties, then sat down on the bed. I had tied lengths of rope to the footboard and headboard and tied a pair of handcuffs to each of them. I locked one pair around my ankles, then set the container on the floor next to the bed and tied the other end of the string to my thumb. Next I put a vibrator down the front of my panties so that it was up against my pussy, then strapped a ball gag into my mouth and slipped a sleep mask over my eyes. I switched the vibrator on and laid back, locking my wrists in the second pair of handcuffs above my head.

Now all I had to do was lie back and enjoy the ride. I tried the cuffs; no give. I couldn't get my hands or feet free or pull my hands down far enough to get the blindfold or gag off, let alone reach the vibrator. I relaxed and laid back to wait, while the vibrator did its work.

It worked all too well. I was aroused, nipples hard, pussy wet, flushed, and breathing heavily as it brought me ever closer to the edge. I resisted, trying to hold back, but it was relentless; finally I climaxed with a shudder.

It seems I miscalculated. I was sure the ice would be melted in a few minutes; wrong. I tugged at the container; nope, still frozen. The vibrator kept right on humming; I could not escape it, no matter how I wiggled and squirmed. I climaxed again. And again. And again ...

I was exhausted, sweating, panting, chest heaving; still the damn vibrator kept right on humming. If I ever catch that Energizer bunny I'll kill him for sure. And still the damned ice wasn't melted. I screamed, moaned, pleaded, whined, and whimpered, all to no avail; my remorseless friend kept right on going.

An interminable time later the keys finally came free and I could pull them in. I had lost track of time, of climaxes; I was exhausted, spent. I got my hands free, then immediately pulled the vibrator out and switched it off. Finally; I lay back on the bed and immediately dropped off to sleep.

In the morning I finished freeing myself, used the bathroom, then promptly climbed back into bed. Around noon I finally stirred enough to get up, dress, and fix some lunch. While I ate I reviewed the night's events.

First, I had seriously underestimated both the length of time it would take to melt the ice and the strength of the batteries in the vibrator. If anything had happened, well, I would have been in deep trouble. As it was I was still weak and sore from it. On the plus side I had had at least ten and possibly as many as fifteen climaxes; I didn't really know, but I never dreamed I could be pleasured for that long. Wow.

I spent the rest of the day lounging and surfing the net; no more for me for a while, thanks.


I had been poking around on the net when something caught my eye; I read it and found it intriguing. In retrospect I probably should have been more cautious, but I wasn't thinking that far ahead.

There was a wooded area near where I lived, about ten minutes away by car. It was privately owned, but not posted, so I didn't think anyone would mind if I had a little fun there.

A nice warm sunny Saturday afternoon; I put my things in the car and drove out there. I had Googled it; there was a cabin at the end of the road. About halfway up the road was a little trail which wound through the wood past a pond to the cabin; that would be perfect for what I had in mind.

I parked my car where the trail met the road. I figured I would have the place to myself; I had been here a couple of times before and never saw anyone here. (The fact that the trail's existence implied that it was in use didn't enter my head.) I had both sets of car keys with me; I took one set and headed up the trail. By the pond I found a particularly large tree; I tied a loop of string to the keys and hung them on a low branch, then headed back to my car.

Back at the car. After a look around to make sure I was alone I opened the trunk, undressed, and laid my clothes in the trunk. One pair of handcuffs connected by a short chain went around my ankles; I could only take baby steps now. Another pair of handcuffs was locked to a chain around my waist behind my back. A leather gag with a thick insert went into my mouth; a padlock secured it. Weighted clamps went on my nipples; a lubed dildo into my pussy, secured with another chain through my crotch and locked to the waist chain. Just to add a little more spice I hung a sign around my neck; it read "If you can catch me, you can have me." Almost ready.

I checked to make sure that I had all the necessary keys to the bonds, then laid them in the trunk. I locked the car, then put the car keys in the trunk as well. A last check; I shut the trunk. I reached around to the handcuffs behind me, then locked my wrists in them. All set.

I tested everything; all secure. I was naked, hobbled, hands locked to my waist, penetrated, nipples clamped, and gagged. Totally at the mercy of anyone who happened along; my nipples hardened at the thought of someone finding me this way. The only way I could get free was to walk to the tree, retrieve the car keys, and walk back to the car. I walked around the car for a bit, savoring the moment, then set off up the trail.

First lesson; a day which seems merely warm when you're fully clothed can be really hot when you're naked. By the time I was halfway up the trail I was sweating profusely and on my way to a good sunburn. Memo to self; next time, lots of sunscreen.

More education; a trail which is easy to walk when your legs are free and you're wearing shoes may not be so easy when you're barefoot and hobbled. I fell half a dozen times on the way; on my butt, my side, my face. I was thoroughly dirty and scraped up by the time I got near the pond.

I froze; someone was coming down the trail toward me. My heart started pounding; I could hear him walking steadily along. I scurried off into the bushes and peeked out; there were the keys, but could I get them before whoever it was came into sight?

No. He came into sight; a young man, early thirties. Medium height and build, short sleeve cotton shirt, cargo pants, hiking boots. Clean shaven, nice face. Brown hair and eyes. I ducked out of sight as he approached, praying that he didn't see me.

The keys! He spotted them and walked over to them, then looked around. Oh my God; suppose he took them? I would have to follow him, put myself at his mercy. My knees went weak and my heart sank; I was frantic, near panic. Please leave them; please don't take them; please don't find me ...

He took them off the branch and looked around; I nearly buckled. No, you can't take them! Please don't take them; please put them back. I willed him to put them back, prayed for him to replace them, to leave me in peace.

He hung them back on the branch, looked around once more, then turned and headed back up the trail. I nearly fainted with relief; thank you, thank you, thank you. I waited a few more minutes, then crept out of the bushes with my heart in my mouth. Suppose he was still there, watching, waiting ...

I stumbled over to the tree and snatched the keys, then turned and hobbled back down the trail in a blind panic. I was sure he was watching me, following me, ready to grab me. And I could do nothing about it; if he did he could do anything he wanted to me; my sign even gave him permission.

The car; I stopped at the edge of the woods and looked around. No sign of him, or anyone else. I hobbled out and fumbled around until I had the right key and slipped it into the trunk lock. A few minutes later I was free and throwing my clothes on, then I jumped into the car and drove off in a literal cloud of dust. What an experience!

Once I got home it took me a couple of hours to calm down; that had been close. Funny; I kept fantasizing about his finding me, taking me, using me. The thought made me wet and horny, but I would never do it, not with a complete stranger; that was just a fantasy.

The real surprise came at work on Monday morning; a dozen roses, with a card that read

"Hope you enjoyed yourself. Regards, Alex." I sat back, bemused. He had been watching! Following me! He knew who I was, where I worked. Could he be stalking me?

I decided that was unlikely. He had probably found my car and run my plates, then Googled me and found out where I worked. He was teasing me, toying with me. I was intrigued, frankly; I wanted to see how this played out.


I didn't hear anything more from him. I did decide not to engage in my hobby outside my house again; no more close encounters. I didn't give it up, though.

The next time I decided to do something a little more involved; okay, a lot more involved. I made the usual preparations; the Tupperware container, with one end of a length of chain frozen in it. In my garage I had installed an eyebolt in the ceiling, with two more on the floor under it about four feet apart. I started Saturday morning by removing all my clothes and locking them and the keys to my bonds in the bedroom closet. I took the bondage gear out to the garage and left it by the eyebolts for the moment.

I locked the closet key in the trunk of my car. My car keys I left on top of my bedroom dresser; I locked the door on the way out. I locked the bedroom key in the desk in the study; the desk key went into the glove compartment of the car, which was not locked. I got the container out of the freezer and headed out to the garage.

A lubed vibrator in my rear; a larger one in my pussy. A leather harness around my waist and through my crotch to hold them in place, secured with a padlock. A large ball gag in my mouth. A leather collar locked around my neck. Shackles around my ankles. A pair of handcuffs locked to the rear of the harness around my waist. Clamps on my nipples.

Now for the finishing touches. I fed the chain from the Tupperware container through the eyebolt on the ceiling and padlocked the free end to my collar. A discipline hood over my head, zipped up in back. I reached in and turned on the vibrators, then locked my wrists in the handcuffs behind me. All done.

I stood in my garage, naked, chained, and unable to do more than hop a short distance. The vibrators began their sinister work; I began to grow warm.

More than warm; I was sweating, panting, fully aroused; a shudder as I climaxed. The vibrators kept right on going, oblivious to my need for rest, for a pause, even to catch my breath; another climax; another ...

About four climaxes later the container slipped off the ice, bouncing off my back and dousing me with ice cold water. I tried pulling away from the eyebolt; nope, the remaining chunk of ice was still too large to fit through the hole. A new element to my predicament; every time my wanderings took me under the eyebolt I was rewarded with ice water dripping on my body, ensuring that my mind didn't wander. Finally the chain pulled through the eyebolt; I could move. I dropped to my knees, then fell over on my side as another climax swept over me.

I lay there panting for a while, then struggled to my feet. The next step was to get the key out of the glove compartment. Not so easy when you can't see or use your hands, though.

I couldn't find the car. You'd think that wouldn't be a problem; after all a car is pretty big and fills most of a single car garage. Try it blindfolded and bound sometime; it was several minutes before I bumped into it. I felt around a bit; ah, there's the bumper. I worked my way around to the passenger side.

Suddenly the collar brought me up short, nearly pulling me off my feet; what the hell? I tried moving away from the car; again I was brought up short. What could be holding me back? I knelt, then felt around until I found the chain. I tugged on it; no give. What was holding it? I followed the chain toward the car; a tire. Ah, that's it; it's caught under the tire. A couple of minutes of tugging on it freed it; I got back to my feet and worked my way back to the car door.

Finally I got the car door open, then crawled onto the front seat and lay there while another climax racked my body. I was growing weak; if I didn't get free soon ... I maneuvered around until I was kneeling on the seat facing the rear of the car, then felt around for the door to the glove compartment. There's the button; I pressed it and the door popped open.

Frustration; I couldn't get my hands far enough in to grab the key. A moment of panic; I stopped and leaned against the seat, thinking furiously. Well, if my hands can't reach, how about my feet? I took a few more minutes to get turned around until I was lying on my back on the seat with my feet reaching up into the compartment. A few minutes later I had grabbed it with my toes and was crawling out of the car. I carefully dropped it on the ground, then felt around until I had it in my hand. After yet another climax I managed to get to my feet and unsteadily walk around until I found the door into the house.

Once in I dropped to my knees and crawled out to the study; I was so weak I was actually dizzy and nearly fell on my face. Fortunately I'd been in the house long enough that I didn't need to see to find my way around, so I knew which way to go, even blindfolded. Of course I had to stop halfway for another climax; by this time I was nearly exhausted. Once there I managed to get the desk drawer open, then got the next key and crawled off to the bedroom.

Getting that door open was tough; the lock is set higher than normal and I almost had to stand on tiptoe to unlock it, then grab the knob, turn it, and pull the door open; try that blindfolded with your hands cuffed behind you. Once open I wandered in and hunted for the bed, then promptly collapsed on it in the middle of another climax; I had long since lost count. Nine? Ten? Eleven? I had no idea. I lay on the bed panting as my head swam. Finally I drifted off to sleep after a couple more climaxes; the vibrators were still going.


Finally awake. For a moment I was confused; where am I? What's going on? Then the memory returned; I sat up and moved to the edge of the bed.

A new problem; I had to go to the bathroom. Bad. But I couldn't until I got the vibrators out. Speaking of which, they had stopped, batteries dead, thank God. The car keys; I hopped off the bed and made my way over to the dresser.

Damn; again I couldn't reach the keys. I stopped for a moment, then turned to face the dresser and leaned over it. I walked along the dresser using my head to push everything on the dresser off onto the floor, then dropped to the floor and hunted around until I found them. Once I had them I made my way out to the garage.

I found the car and got the trunk open with no problem. Getting the key out was a different matter; I couldn't reach it from outside the trunk. The only way to get it would be for me to climb into the trunk. I sat down on the edge of the opening; the sudden change of weight caused the trunk lid to bonk me on the head. After a few chosen words I considered the problem. Too sudden a movement might bring the lid down far enough to latch, trapping me inside. I didn't know whether I could get it open again if that happened. (You can, if you can reach the latch; whether I could reach it with my hands locked to my waist was open to question.)

I carefully eased myself into the trunk; the lid creaked as it moved up and down, but it didn't close. I lay on my back and carefully pushed it as far up as I could with my feet, holding it there until it stopped moving. I carefully began to hunt around for the key, stopping every few seconds to make sure the lid didn't suddenly come crashing down. Finally I managed to get the key; I carefully moved around until I could stick my legs out and roll out of the trunk. I landed on the floor of the garage with a thump as the trunk lid slammed shut. I shuddered at that; if I had still been inside, how long before somebody found me? Too long, that's how long. After I regained a bit of my composure I wiggled back into the house.

I made my way into the bedroom and got the closet door open, then sat down on the floor and fumbled through the keys. A few minutes later I was free and running for the bathroom; what a relief that was. I followed that with a long hot bath and a huge breakfast; it was Sunday morning now.

Again I had had a close call. If I couldn't get the chain loose from the wheel, if I had gotten locked in the trunk, if I had lost one of the keys, say under the furniture, ... I resolved to be more careful in the future. On that note I settled back and began to eat.


The next weekend I headed out to the beach for a little sun, swimming, and relaxation; but when I got there ... no, I'll let her tell that part.

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