tagGay MaleFamily Offerings Ch. 03

Family Offerings Ch. 03



On Tuesday morning after Martha left for work Aaron arrived at the house. Now that he had fucked Martha, he would have to figure out have to balance his time between mother and son. He took of his clothes and left them in the family room before heading to Chris' bedroom.

Aaron got in bed and slipped under the covers. He felt the slender, smooth skin of his blonde lover. Chris was nude as he always was on the days that Aaron came over. He rolled to his left side and Aaron moved in behind him. Their bodies came together and Aaron's erect cock nestled in between the sweet ass cheeks. His arm came over Chris and a hand found its way to the slimmer smaller cock. They were in no hurry as they had all day and Aaron savored the feel of the effeminate gay teen against him.

Chris retrieved the lubricant from his nightstand. Aaron had fucked him three times the last time and now he was ready to go again. The muscular stud lubricated the sweet curvy ass and then eased his cock into the receptive chamber. Instinctively his hand began to stroke the gay teen's cock just as he had become accustomed to doing. As they fucked, Aaron recalled the big step he took last week. He kissed the sweet gay teen on the lips and it was just like kissing Ingrid. He was not repulsed by his action. Chris was thrilled it happened and he felt it was a big step for Aaron.

Aaron moved slowly fucking the lovely gay ass and relishing every second he was in it. Chris tilted his head back to be kissed and their lips met followed by the tongues this time. The muscular hips drove into the lovely bottom and Aaron held the soft form tightly against him. His hand continued to stroke the erect gay cock as they both approached their first ejaculation of the day. It was Aaron who came first and shot a huge load into the gripping rectum.

Feeling the surge of male seed in his ass, Chris came and shot several streams onto the bed sheets. They stay cuddled together for several minutes and Aaron remained hard. Knowing that he could cum again, he did not fuck Chris a second time. They had all day and he wanted to pace himself.

"Let's grab a quick rinse off and head for the pool. Your mom made coffee so we can have that on the pool deck. It's going to be a hot one and we won't last long outside."

They both showered quickly, put on their swimsuits and gabbed a cup of coffee. It was hot and they took a dip in the pool first and then enjoyed a cup of joe. Chris finished his coffee and lay face down on the lounge. Aaron admired the slender shapely effeminate body. Chris looked just like his sister when she lay face down. His dick got hard again as he looked at the lovely gay teen.

"Aaron, would you put lotion on my back."


Aaron liked putting the lotion on the smooth skin. He dribbled some on Chris' back and then rubbed it around covering the entire back. He decided to do Chris' legs too and that got the teen excited. They both had boners and Aaron stared at the lovely body. Chris with his long blonde hair, looked so much like his sister that Aaron got the idea of having Chris wear Ingrid's clothes. Later after they had enough sun, they rinsed off again and Aaron sprung his suggestion on Chris.

"Chris, I want you to dress like a girl."

"What, you're joking."

"Not at all, you look just like your sister when you lay on your belly. You're about the same size as your sister. Let's pick something out for you to wear."

"I can't believe this."

"Have you ever thought of dressing like a girl?"

"Yes, but I never had the nerve to go through with it."

"Well today is the day to try it."

They went to Ingrid's room and looked through her clothes. Aaron picked out a mini-skirt, silk panties and a sleeveless blouse. Chris was actually trembling with excitement as he had often thought about trying on some of his sister's outfits. He slipped on the panties and the silky feel gave him a boner. Next he put on the mini-skirt that was cut about 8" about his knees and flattered his shapely legs. Last it was the blouse which left his arms and abs bare. He looked stunning and Aaron now had a boner.

"Oh my god, you look beautiful. Here check yourself out in the mirror."

Chris looked in the full-length mirror and it was as if he was looking at his sister. It was mind-blowing and it excited him. He had to admit that he looked beautiful and he truly liked the way he looked in girl's clothing.

"You're gorgeous! Shit this is scary. You really look like a girl, a beautiful girl."

"I hoped you would say that."

"Come on let's get something to eat, stay in that outfit."

They went to the kitchen to have a bite and Aaron could not get over how good Chris looked. He was glad he had come up with the idea of having him dress in Ingrid's clothes. He thought about the time he fucked her in the kitchen with her skirt thrown up, her panties around her knees, leaning over the kitchen table. Aaron told Chris what he wanted.

Chris turned his back to Aaron and leaned over the kitchen table. He approached the pretty gay teen who looked even more gorgeous dressed as a girl. He smiled when he spotted the bottle of lube on the table, knowing that Chris was thinking ahead. Before lifting the skirt, he took one more look at Chris. He stepped in closer, lifted the tight skirt up to the waist and revealed the perfect ass clad in silk panties. Taking the waistband in his hands, he slowly pulled the panties down just below the buttocks. The front of the panties remained in place and concealed the cock and testicles.

Aaron pushed his boxer underwear down to his knees. His already stiff dick leaped out ready for action. Taking the lube from the table he liberally greased his cock. Stepping up behind his lover he eased his cock into the sweet receptive ass. He began fucking Chris slowly but he knew he was going to cum quickly, he was that turned on. It was just like fucking Ingrid in the kitchen.

Caressing the lovely buttocks, he liked the look from behind. The panties and skirt framed the shapely ass. He loved watching his cock move in and out. The eroticism of the moment was too much and Aaron came faster than he had hoped. The ejaculation was intense and he fired a huge load into the gripping rectum. Chris cooed loudly when he felt the rush of semen into his bottom. Aaron pressed his hips into the lovely bottom and held still for several minutes. He savored the feeling of being in the warm chute with the sphincter massaging his cock. Finally, he stepped back and his cock slipped out. He stared at the gorgeous ass with a dilated anus and watched his seed ooze out and trickle down into panties. Chris pulled up the panties and headed for the bathroom. There he would cleanse his bottom of the huge load.

"I'll be right back as soon as I clean up. Then I need you to fuck me again while I jerk off."

Minutes later Chris returned completely naked this time and stretched out on the kitchen table. Aaron stroked his cock back to hardness and then pushed back into the desirable ass. Chris was on his back with his legs raised holding onto the back of his knees. Aaron had gotten used to fucking Chris in the missionary position and jerking off the smaller cock. It didn't take Chris long to cum and when he did it was another big discharge. His semen coated his chest and abs once again. Aaron did not cum again; he decided to wait and fuck Chris later. Seated at the kitchen table, they talked about the encounter.

"So, you liked that didn't you?"

"I loved it. I still can't believe how good you looked dressed like that."

"I'm anxious to try on some more of my sister's clothes."

"Good, I have some ideas about that. Not today but the next time, I want you to wear a dress, hose and a garter belt."

"Oh, sweet Jesus, that sounds so exciting."

"I'm glad you're up for it. Now let's go back to your room. I want to fuck you once more before I have to leave for work."


Aaron arrived at the house very early Wednesday and headed for Martha's bedroom. She was still in bed wearing a nightie and he took off his clothes and got in her bed. He moved next to her and put his arms around her startling her. She panicked when she realized someone was in her bed. Seeing it was Aaron, she whispered in a harsh tone.

"What are you doing? This is crazy. You can't be here."

"Relax, after we have sex you can stay in your room. You don't have to fake going to work today to spy on us."

"This is absurd."

"You won't think so once my cock is in you."

She felt the stiff flesh against her thigh and she knew that she was going to give in. He moved between her legs and slipped it in her pussy. It was a quick and massive orgasm for Martha and she had to stifle her cries of ecstasy. Aaron did not cum at that moment. She asked him to move and she got out of bed. Putting on her robe, she headed. for the kitchen.

"Chris expects me to go to work. I'm going to have breakfast and then come back here."

"Bring me a cup of coffee."

Martha ate breakfast as she still intended to leave the house under the pretense of going to work. She returned to the bedroom and brought a cup of coffee for Aaron. He smiled at her and told her his plan.

"You don't need to leave the house today. Just stay in your room and later you can spy on Chris and me. I have a real surprise for you."

"He will know that I am home. My car will still be in the garage."

"He won't know that you are home. I'll keep him occupied and he will not be looking in the garage. If he does discover that you are home, just say that you didn't feel well today."

"Are you going to be outside."

"Not at first, maybe later. We'll be in his bedroom and the family room."

"I must be crazy to agree to this."

"Relax, you are going to be pleasantly surprised today. I'm going to sit in the kitchen and have a cup of coffee and wait for Chris to wake up."


Later Wednesday morning, Chris finally woke up and made his way to the kitchen. He was surprised but pleased to see Aaron there so early. They both had breakfast and then it was time for dress up. They were both excited with the idea of the hose and garters.

"Today you become Chrissy."

"I like that. I like being called Chrissy."

Chrissy excitedly went into Ingrid's bedroom and Aaron took a dress out of the closet. It was a black cocktail dress cut about 8" above the knee with a slit running up one side. Aaron loved it when Ingrid wore that dress. He had Chrissy put on thigh high nylons and then Chrissy lubricated his anus before he put on the sexy black panties and garter belt. Chrissy checked himself in the mirror and this time put on some lipstick. Now satisfied with his appearance they went to the family room.

Aaron could not believe his eyes. Chrissy looked so much like a sexy young woman, it was mind-boggling. Aaron felt his cock stir just from thinking about fucking his gay lover. He stood there speechless staring at the beautiful gay teen. Aaron invited Chrissy to sit on the couch next to him. Martha, not able to stand the suspense, came out of her bedroom. She heard them in the family room, peeked in and quickly covered her mouth to muffle a gasp. Chris was dressed in one of Ingrid's dresses and he looked just like his sister. Martha was looking into the mirror and she was able to see the couple on the sofa.

Chrissy walked sexily and play-acted being shy as he made his way over to where Aaron was now seated. Aaron had stripped down to his boxers. Chrissy sat down and crossed his legs and as he did the skirt rode up his thighs and the slit opened exposing an ample amount of leg and the garters holding the nylons. Aaron firmed up immediately with this display of femininity and he ran his hands over Chrissy's thigh, onto the bare skin above the nylons. Aaron felt the gay teen shudder with desire when his hand touched the smooth thigh. Aaron really wanted to fuck him now and he moved things along. He uncrossed Chrissy's legs and pushed the dress up over his thighs letting it bunch around his waist. Aaron noticed Chrissy's smaller hard-on in his panties.

"I love your panties Chrissy they are very sexy. You really turn me on and I would like to fuck you. Would you like me to fuck you?"

"Oh yes, I would love for you to fuck me but please be gentle."

Chrissy leaned over and took Aaron's rock-hard cock in his mouth and whispered sexily, "Let me get you wet first so that it will slide in my boy pussy easily."

He then swallowed Aaron's cock and soon had his head bobbing up and down. Chrissy reached for his own panty covered cock and pulled it out through the leg opening and started jerking himself off as he deep throated the big dick. It didn't take long before Chrissy tasted pre-cum and had the cock hard and wet. He let the cock slip from his mouth and with a smile he turned his back to Aaron and knelt on the sofa. Martha continued to spy but she had to be careful that her son did not see her.

Aaron anxious to get his cock into the irresistible ass did not bother to remove the panties instead he pulled the lacy fabric down inside the garters below the lovely buttocks. Chrissy felt the spongy cock head at the entrance to his ass. Aaron moved his body forward and Chrissy felt the moist cock tip tickle his boy pussy. He eased his cock forward and entered the lubed ass. He groaned as he felt the ass open up to accommodate him. The sphincter opened up and the swollen penis slid in all the way. Chrissy had done a good job of lubing himself and the cock met no resistance. The sexy gay teen felt the cock fill him up and he moaned with desire. The angle was such that their testicles touched as the cock nestled snugly in the superfine ass. Aaron was completely turned on by the whole scene and he had momentarily forgotten that he was fucking Chris and not Ingrid.

"God your ass feels so good around my cock."

"Yes, oh yes, fuck my boy pussy."

The teen was ecstatic with the feeling of the solid cock stretching his insides and he relished the pleasure with each stroke. His own cock was hard from the pleasure of the good-sized rod in his anal cavity. Chrissy reached for his own hard cock above his panties.

"Oh my clit is so hard. Feel how hard my clit is Aaron. Play with my clit Aaron."

Aaron had gotten used to jerking off his lover and he reached for the smaller erection. He rubbed it and stroked it as he continued to fuck Chrissy's ass with long steady strokes sending spasms of joy through the effeminate body.

"Oh yes, oh shit, this is good. I love fucking your ass."

The intense friction was driving them both mad. Chrissy could feel the pressure on his prostate and he was overcome with the intense pleasure and felt a sensation building within his body. He begged Aaron to stroke his clit faster. Chrissy wanted to wait for Aaron to climax in his ass before he shot his own load. Aaron's body was in perpetual motion now as he pounded his cock into the sweet ass almost with renewed energy. Chrissy was close but he didn't want to cum yet. He wanted to wait for his lover so he removed Aaron's hand from his cock and enjoyed the high energy fuck for a few more minutes. Then he gasped.

"Aaron can we take this into my bedroom, please. I want to be on all fours for you when you cum."

Aaron pulled his cock out and the two of them make their way into the bedroom still partially clothed with their hard cocks dangling before them. Once in the bedroom they both took off the rest of their clothes except for the nylons. Aaron wanted his lover to maintain some femininity as he fucked him. Chrissy got up on all fours and lowered his head to the bed. He turned his head to one side and arched his back slightly accentuating his ass even more. Aaron once again marveled at the shapely feminine looking ass, took his tool in his hand and pressed it against the anus and entered it freely. Chrissy groaned with the pleasure of having the cock back in his ass again.

Martha waited a few minutes and then snuck down the hallway to her son's bedroom. Peeking inside, she was glad to see them facing away from her. Her hand eased into her panties and she rubbed her pussy as she watched the two lovers. She knew that later she would return to her bedroom and use the dildo, the image of Aaron fucking her in her mind.

Aaron resumed his earlier frantic pace and continued with the relentless fucking of the curvy bottom. Chrissy sensed that the release was not far off and begged Aaron to play with his clit again. He took a hold of the small erect cock and stroked it rapidly as he felt his own orgasm building in his balls. Chrissy felt the imminent ejaculation as Aaron drove his cock as far in as he could. The warm flood of seed in the rectum was enough to finally send Chrissy over the edge. He exploded shooting several ropes of cum through the tight grip and onto the bed sheets. Chrissy's orgasm caused his sphincter to clench and release around the thick cock. He felt volley after volley of semen fill his rear passage.

Aaron left his cock in the sweet ass as they both slowed their body movements. Aaron then realized that his hand was covered with Chrissy's cum that had oozed from his cock in the waning moments of his intense orgasm. Aaron removed his hand from the smaller cock and presented it to his lover's mouth. Chrissy enthusiastically licked the hand clean of his own cum as he simultaneously milked the big cock dry with his sphincter. The big cock softened and slipped from the dilated anus with an audible pop. An ample amount of his semen trickled down between Chrissy's inner thighs over the ball sac.

"So, do you like me as a young woman?"

"You look absolutely stunning. It intensified the sex."

"You sure shot a big load in my ass. I guess you were really turned-on."

"I was incredibly turned-on."

"I like dressing up for you."

"I do too. Let's shower and get something to drink. I'll fuck you again later."


Chris, now Chrissy, heard his mother leave for the museum and he got out of bed early. He showered and douched his ass thoroughly. Then he went to his sister's room to pick out something special to wear that day. He wanted to surprise Aaron with a sexy outfit. He found his sister's school uniform in the closet and for some reason found it very enticing. He had time before Aaron arrived, so he decided to try it on.

First, he put on a pair of her cotton panties and then he found a pair of white knee-high socks in her dresser. Next, he put on the white blouse and pleated skirt. He topped off the outfit with a bow tie and school blazer. Looking at himself in the mirror, he was astonished over how good he looked. He was now anxious for Aaron to see him. When Aaron arrived, Chrissy greeted him at the front door. Aaron was stunned and speechless.

"Oh, hi Aaron, Ingrid isn't home now."

"That's too bad. Who are you?"

"I'm her sister, Chrissy."

"I should have known that, you look alike."

"I can't let you in the house with my mother being out."

"Sure, you can, Ingrid always let me in when your mother was at work."

Aaron entered the house and they went into the family room. Playing the game, Chrissy stood away from Aaron who sat on the sofa. Aaron looked at him and smiled.

"Really you shouldn't be in the house alone with me. You best leave before my mother comes home."

Aaron went along with the game. "Why should I do that?"

"Because the last time my mother told me not to do bad things with a man. I should not be doing bad things."

"What bad things did you do? What did a man do to you?"

"Well once he held me by my head and put his thing in my mouth. Then he pulled my panties down to my knees, flipped up my skirt and put his thing in my bottom. He kept his thing in me until he shot in my mouth and in my bottom."

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