tagIncest/TabooFamily Outing Ch. 01

Family Outing Ch. 01


Frank and Frank Jr. were very close. They did almost everything together. From age six Jr. started going to the cabin with Frank for fishing and camping. As soon as the law would allow (14 in our state) Frank taught Jr. to shoot and they would spend a lot of time bird hunting, but what they really got into was going to the cabin in the woods for a week long deer hunt every fall.

Frank was a dark haired robust man of 6ft. 2in. and an athletic build. He could have posed for the Bounty towels wrapper. Now 18, Frank Jr. was a carbon copy of his dad on a leaner frame. Alice was tall at 5ft.10in.and fair haired with long lanky legs and slender build although she was very well endowed in the breast department, not huge but well proportioned. They were all in great shape due to their active out door like style.

The family had pretty much moved into the cabin as soon as Jr. graduated from school at the end of May. Frank commuted from Monday morning to Friday evening as it was only a 40 minute drive from their cabin. Alice went into town a couple of times a week for shopping and to see a few of her friends but she was perfectly happy to spend her time taking care of the chores around the cabin and sun bathing. She had Frank Jr. when only 19 and due to complications during child birth, Jr. was an only child.

Jr. was in his element at the cabin and would spend his days out on the water in their boat fishing or just cruising the lake. A couple of his best friends would come up for a day or two of fishing and skiing during the week but they kept the weekends strictly for family. Franks sister and brother-in-law were slated to join them for the week of July 4th.

Frank Jr. had been becoming more and more aware of his mothers body and sexuality since he walked in on her as she was getting out of the shower when he was sixteen. They were pretty casual about dress around the house and even more so when they were at the cabin, so it was not unusual for Jr. to see his mother in a bra and panties or a thin night shirt in the evenings. Frank and Jr. would often just wear boxers around the cabin after their evening showers. All this along with Jr's teenage hormones led to some uncomfortable moments for the teenager.

On more than a few occasions after his father left for work he would watch his mother fix breakfast and get a nice shadow show as she worked with the morning light streaming thru the window clearly showing her naked form thru the thread worn night shirt she always wore. He would watch transfixed as she went about her chores with her tits jiggling under the thin material. With the bright light shining behind her, it was almost like she was naked, except for the color. He could plainly see her grapefruit size breasts standing proud with her nipples sticking out. When she bent over or reached for something on a high shelf her night shirt would rise up and give him a peek at the bottom of her ass cheeks and in the right position he could tell that her pussy was ether shaved or well trimmed. Jr. usually had a hard-on by the time he finished breakfast and would make a break for his room when his mother's back was turned so he could jack-off to the vision of his mother's body. Other times when she was sun bathing on the dock in her bikini he would have to jump in the boat and motor to a secluded cove to stoke his cock until he shot into the water.

Their second week-end they decided to go skiing even though the water was still chilly but as long as you stayed up on the skis it wasn't bad at all. After a turn around the lake for Jr. and his father it was Alice's turn. "I don't think I want to ski yet, the water's still pretty cold."

"Oh come on Mom, it's not that bad. You can takeoff from the dock and you won't even get wet unless you fall."

"Okay but when I signal you I want you to take me in toward the beach so I can glide in and not get wet. I'm not as tough as you guys are when it comes to the cold."

They went to the dock and Alice sat on the edge with her skies in the water and a ski float around her waist. With a roar of the outboard she was off and up skiing. They made a long sweeping turn in the lake and Alice was doing fine as Jr. watched and Frank drove the boat. Suddenly Frank spotted a mostly submerged log directly in front of the boat and had to jerk the wheel to miss it. There was no time for warning and the maneuver caused Alice to fall. The cold water shocked her and her hands froze on the handle, dragging her thru the water for a few seconds until she realized she had to let go of the rope. Frank turned the boat around and returned to pick Alice up. Coming along side her, she was screaming at Jr. to get her out of the cold water. "Here Mom take my hand."

"Thanks Jr. it's freezing in here."

Jr. grabbed her by both hands and hauled her over the side into the boat. As she scrambled to her feet, Jr. froze in place looking at his mother. The top of her suit was gone and she stood before him topless. "Mom, your suit!"

Alice hadn't even noticed that her bikini top was missing until Jr. pointed it out to her but there she stood in her bottoms and a ski belt. "Oh my." She said trying to cover herself with her arms.

Frank looked over his shoulder to see his wife topless and his son staring at her like a statue. "Jr., put your eyes back in their sockets and get your mother a towel."

"Ah... oh yea....Sorry dad." Jr. was still in a daze with the picture of his mother's breasts with their hard nipples just inches in front of his face as he fumbled around to find a towel. The only towels to be found were small hand towels kept on the boat for fishing so he handed her a couple of them. "Here Mom, sorry but that's all we have."

"It's alright, at least they're clean and dry, I'll make do." She held one over her breasts as she dried herself with the other.

Frank turned the boat around to pick up the skies. Jr. grabbed the skies and they started to search for Alice's top. "Over there to the left Dad. Stop, stop. I've got it. Here ya go Mom. Good thing it didn't sink."

"Well it might as well have. It's torn right between the cups, I can't wear it like this."

"Then don't wear it, we've already seen all there is to see." chuckled Frank. "You don't mind do you son? I know I don't"

"Are you serious Frank?"

"Ya, what's the big deal? It's not like Jr. has never seen a pair of boobs before. He's not going to go blind just because they're his mother's. Either that or you can hold that towel in front of you till we get back."

"If it doesn't bother you it doesn't bother me but it might be kinda 'hard' on Jr. At least I don't have to worry about tan lines"

Jr. knew his parents weren't prudes but he was taken aback by their openness about the situation. "What do you think son, don't your mother's tits look good? I bet they're better than the girls at school you told me about."

"They sure are. There a lot bigger and nicer looking than even most of the girls in Penthouse. I love the way they bounce when the boat hits those little waves."

"You like that son, watch this." Frank made a hard turn and rode over the wake they just created making the boat slap the water hard and sending Alice's tits jerking up and down violently. "How do you like the way they're bouncing now?"

"Wow Mom doesn't that hurt when they jerk up and down like that?"

"Just a little' when we hit the big waves."

Frank turned the boat hard again and sped up. "Jr.; Why don't you hold onto your mothers tits for her, so she doesn't get hurt or put an eye out or something?"

"Yes son hold mommy's titties so they don't get hurt."

Jr. thought that his parents were just jerking his chain but after the next set of waves his mother came over and sat down between his legs and leaned back against his chest. He still was unsure what he should do.

"Here son," said Alice as she guided his hands to her breasts. "Now hold on tight but not to tight."

Jr. was amazed at how firm and warm his mother's tits felt in his hands, their hard nipples pressing into his palms.

Frank slowed the boat some and kept an eye over his shoulder as his son sat holding his wife's tits. His wife and he had talked about their fantasy of sex with their son for over a year now, but never could come up with a good way to get it started so this little ski accident was just what they needed to get things going. He knew that Alice had seen Jr. jacking-off once and had wanted to get her hands on his nice hard cock ever since.

By this time Jr. had a raging hard-on that he knew his mother couldn't help but feel pocking her in the ass but there was nothing he could or wanted to do about it. As they hit the next set of waves, Alice nearly fell off the seat. "I need something to hold onto too." she said reaching behind her and grabbing his stiff cock thru his swim suite. "Don't want your mommy to fall do you son?"

"Er....ah...no Mom." Emboldened now, Jr. let go of his mother's breasts long enough to slide his trunks down and place his naked cock in his mother's hot hand.

Alice was delighted when Jr. slid his bare cock into her hand. She squeezed it and felt it twitch. Without even realizing it her other hand moved to her snatch pushing the bottom of her bikini down as she went. She rubbed his head between her ass cheeks as she tweaked her clit with the tip of her finger.

Frank had slowed the boat to a slow idol and into a secluded cove before he fished his cock out of his suite to slowly stroke it as he watched his wife and son. He sat working his cock as his wife slid Jr's right hand down her stomach to her pussy. Frank Jr. inserted his index finger into the sopping opening of his birth place as he strummed her clit with his thumb. Frank Sr. cut off the engine and stood, letting his trunks fall to the deck and moved in front of his wife and son. Jr. was surprised to see that his father was shaved as smooth as his mother's slick pussy. Frank held his cock in his hand brushing Alice's mouth and smearing a film of pre-cum over her lips before she opened up to take him into her mouth.

"I just love the taste and smell of your cock Frank. I bet Jr's young boy cum tastes even sweeter than yours." Alice sucked Frank's cock as she leaned forward and rubbed Jr's tool up and down her ass crack. Finally she said, "I can't wait any longer, I have to taste my son's cock now." She got up and turned around, and bent at the waist to inhale Jr's cock all the way to the root. At the same time she beckoned her husband to fill her cunt from behind.

Jr. couldn't believe the sight in front of him. His father was pounding his mother from behind and every stroke pushed her mouth down his own cock and sent it into her throat. Her lips created a seal around his shaft as she sucked hard and tickled the sensitive underside of his cockhead with her tongue, feeling him throb and twitch as she held the base of his steel hard shaft between her thumb and forefinger. He only lasted a short time before he felt his climax welling up from his balls. "I'm going to cum Mom...Oh yea....I'm cumming,... oh mom here it comes." The dam bust and he flooded his mothers mouth with the most cum he had ever produced at one time. Alice didn't loose one drop of his sweet baby making juice.

Watching Alice gulp down their son's massive load set off his own climax and Frank filled her cunt to over flowing.

"Let's go back to the cabin where I can have my two studs in a nice comfortable bed and take my time to enjoy my son fucking his mother slow and long."

It was still only 11:40 and the lake was pretty much deserted so they didn't bother putting their suits back on. Alice didn't have a top to put on anyway, but you could only see them from the waist up and it wasn't uncommon to see women topless out on the lake. When they got to their private cove, they tied up to the dock and Alice casually strolled towards the cabin with Jr. and his father close behind. She glanced over her shoulder to see her son walking behind her with his hard again cock leading the way like a flag bearer in a parade. She stopped for a couple of steps till he was beside her and reached over and wrapped her fingers around his manhood like they were holding hands. "I've wanted to get my hands on this for quite a while son. You don't mind if I just hold onto your nice hard cock do you?"

"No, not at all Mom, it feels great. You can hold it as long as you want, any time you want."

"See Alice, I told you Jr. would be glad to join us in bed. All he's been waiting for was the opportunity. If you liked that quickie blow-job son wait till you get that hard cock of yours inside your mother's tight pussy. She'll take you to heavens door with that hot little cunt of hers."

Once in the cabin Jr. made a lunge for his mother's tits. "Hold on there tiger, we've got the rest of the day and night. Let's get cleaned up a little first. I want my men to smell like men not the lake. Jr.; As you may have noticed, I don't like a lot of hair so give this to your father, he'll know what to do with it." She handed Frank Jr. a bottle of Nair. "When you're done, meet me in the bedroom."

Alice went to the master bath in their loft bedroom and the guys used the main bathroom downstairs. "Here son just spread a nice even layer all over your cock and balls and the rest of your crotch like mine is. Make sure you get between your legs around your asshole; sometimes your mother likes to give a rim job and doesn't like hair in her mouth. Oh and be real careful not to get any on the head of your dick, it burns like crazy if you get it on that tender meat."

"Dad, are you sure this is alright? I mean I think it's great but doesn't it bother you for Mom and me to........well you know?

"Are you kidding? It turns me on to see your mother getting pleasure from another cock. This is our great fantasy. Ever since your mother saw you jacking-off last summer she's been talking about your cock and trying to get you to make a move on her. That's why she always wears that old thin night gown to fix you breakfast in. She knows that you run off to your room to masturbate every morning after breakfast. She just didn't know how to go about getting you into it, but then that spill she took this morning just made everything fall into place. Believe me, your mother and I are more than okay with this and if you feel about your mother the way I did mine when I was your age then I know you're okay with it too. I wish your grandma was like your mother but she wouldn't say shit if she had a mouth full of it, so it was just a dream for me. Now I can live out my dreams thru you. '

In the bedroom the guys waited for Alice to finish and come to bed. They were sitting side by side on the foot of the bed when she exited the bathroom. Alice had her hair done up and makeup on and was wearing a see thru white night coat that she left open. "Now that's a beautiful sight, two nice hard cocks just waiting to make me happy. I've got to have another taste of that young cock, Jr., scoot up on the bed a bit." Alice kneeled on the foot of the bed and started licking her son's cock from base to tip, flicking her tongue into the slit as deep as she could, lapping up the pre-cum that was already oozing from his shaft. She took him all the way into her mouth nuzzling into his newly slick crotch and smelling the baby oil he rubbed down with after his treatment.

"I just love the velvety warm feel of your pubes now that you got rid of that nasty old hair. It makes everything feel as nice and soft as the head of your cock. You know Frank, I think you're son just might be bigger than you are."

"I don't think so." Said frank.

Both of you stand up here together so I can see." Frank and Jr. stood next to each other so Alice could compare their size. She held one in each hand. I still can't tell, let's put them together to be sure. She pushed the two cocks together. "Sorry son, looks like the old man's got you by just a bit. Hey; you know that old song, 'Double Shot of My Baby's Love', that's what I want, not just two shots but a double shot." With that she opened her mouth as wide as she could and slipped her lips over the two cocks as she held them together. She worked as much of the cock meat into her mouth as she could before she started to gag. She pulled off just long enough to say, "I want you to time yourselves so you both cum at the same time and fill my mouth with your father-son love juice."

Jr. was ready before his father and had to pinch off his climax while his dad stroked his cock furiously to catch up. "Are you ready son? I'm going to shoot, let if fly and fill mommy's mouth."

Alice thought she was ready but when her husband and son both came together it was more than she could handle. She got the first swallow down but then the over whelming amount of cum was just too much and it rolled out the sides of her mouth and down her chin, dripping onto her tits.

When they stopped spurting they pulled out together and stepped back, admiring their handy work. Alice proceeded to lick all she could off her tits and then scooped up the rest with her fingers and sucked that down. "Now that's what I call a 'Double Shot of My Babies Love'. I think you two taste even better mixed than you do separately. I wasn't expecting that much though; you almost drowned me in love. Now that we have that first one out of the way you'll last longer for the main event."

"Son, have you ever licked a pussy?

"No, I've never done anything much with a girl except feel up a few chicks and stick my finger in one after the graduation dance last month. I've never even seen a real pussy until today. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me."

"Well then you're in for a real treat. And you've got the best teacher any boy could wish for. Your mother just loves to have her pussy licked and you'll never find one sweeter than hers. Since your mother already sucked your cock twice I think it's only fair that you return the favor, don't you? Go ahead and get a taste of you're mom before we fill it up with cum. Alice; it looks like you have a willing student that has a lot to learn so I'll leave you two alone for a while. I'm going to go into town and pick up a few things, is there anything you need?"

"No, I think I have everything I need right here. You might want to pick up some of those energy drinks or vitamins for yourself and Jr. though, I've got a feeling you're both going to need all the energy you can get for the rest of the summer."

Alice sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide open. "Come here son and let mommy show you how to please a woman." A teacher never had a more enthusiastic student than Frank Jr. "Kneel down here in front of me Jr. Now, this is what a pussy looks like. See the two different sets of lips?" she said, spreading herself open for her son. "A woman likes to have her pussy liked and sucked just like a man likes having his dick sucked and there are a lot of different things you can do to make it special for her. To start with kiss and lick the insides of my thighs. Oooh yea just like that. Now kiss all around my pussy and suck the outer lips into your mouth one at a time and nibble on them very lightly. Yes son thaaaaats it, keep going. Next take a long lick from my ass hole to the top of my pussy. Don't worry I'm nice and clean. That's good. Okay, now you see this part up at the top that looks like a tinny penis sticking out of that fold of skin? That's my clitoris or clit. It's the most sensitive spot on a woman's body. When you get to that part you want to tickle it with you're tongue and suck it gently. YES! YES! YES SON JUST LIKE THAT! Okay, you don't want to spend all you're time on the clit, keep moving around and do all the things I told you.

"Mom; you taste so good, I love eating you're pussy. It feels so nice and smooth and you smell good too. Mom, do women cum like men do? "No, not really. Some women can climax without cumming at all, others squirt almost like a man and still others like me, just kinda ooze a thick juice that looks like cum but it tastes completely different. Now, do all the things I told you and you will see for you're self. Just take you're time and don't forget about mommies titties, they like to be sucked and played with too. We'll save the fucking part for when your dad comes back, that's the easy part. For now, show you're mommy how good you can eat pussy. If you need any pointers along the way, I'll let you know what to do."

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