tagIncest/TabooFamily Perverts Ch. 03

Family Perverts Ch. 03



David rocked back and forth on his sturdy middle-aged legs, his cock in his hand and smiled down at Jack and Shirley who were crouched in front of their horny son as they waited for him to coat them in another helping of his thick incestuous jizz. David had already cum several times that evening but his enthusiasm ensured that it never took him long to make up another supply.

"I think I can manage some more, mom and dad," he said, giving his stiff rod another tug as his mother reached out and cradled his sweaty spunk-laden balls in her hands. "In fact, I know I can."

"That's what I like to hear," said Shirley, "can't have my sex-mad son losing his libido."

"I'll never do that, mom," David replied, "not when just the sight of your tits and pussy are enough to get me going, never mind giving them the once-over."

"Its been more than a once-over tonight, dear," Shirley answered, "more like a ten times over, if you ask me. I shan't forget this evening for as long as I live."

"Me neither," said Jack, "this little threesome we've got going between us has been just like the old days, eh son?"

"Sure as hell has, dad," David managed to reply, his heart pounding, "my asshole still feels great from that fab fuck you gave it."

"Mine too, son," replied Jack, "it felt so good having your nice big cock up my ass again, too."

"And my pussy," added Shirley, lifting her face to smile up at her son. "You really stretched my cunt to the full with that nice big prick of yours, sweetheart. It was probably the best fuck you've ever given me."

"Haven't all the others been good enough then, mom?" David said, giggling.

"I didn't mean it like that," Shirley replied, "of course, I've enjoyed all our fucks over the years."

"Yeah," went on Jack, "but tonight was really great, the way you made your mom scream for mercy. You've lost none of your skills over the years, lad, you've really done us proud tonight."

"But then you always do, sweetheart," added Shirley.

"Thanks, dad, thanks mom," David replied, "everything is still in full working order, I'm pleased to say. And I'm pleased, too, that I've performed to your satisfaction."

"Oh, indeed, sweetheart," said Shirley, "your love of sex shone through with every thrust. I thought you were going to completely destroy my pussy with that nice big cock of yours."

"It's got a mind of it's own, mom," David said, giggling, "I just stick it in and go."

They all laughed at that, a happy loving family in complete tune with each other.

"I'm really proud of you, son," Jack said, as his laughter started to abate, "as I've always been. Watching you prove your love for your mom tonight was just fantastic, no parents could wish for a better son."

"Getting fucked by their own son is something all mothers should experience, even if only once," said Shirley.

"Yeah, mom," David said, glowing with pride at his father's comments, his love for Jack and Shirley overflowing, "but just think how lucky we've been, sharing our love in the best possible way not just once but for the past twenty-five years or so."

"Yes," said Jack, "and we hope we'll all still be just as up for it in another twenty-five years, if we live that long. Bloody hell," he went on, reflecting, "I'll be ninety-one then, what a thought!"

"It has been known, dad," David replied, "people live a lot longer nowadays and you and mom have both looked after yourselves so there's no reason why you shouldn't have years in front of you still."

"Oh, I do hope so," said Shirley, "I love you fucking me, dear. Just knowing its your beautiful cock inside me adds enormously to the thrill."

"I never want to stop fucking you, mom," David said, "nor you, dad," he added hastily. "It's my way of thanking you for being such great parents and teaching me to love sex and that there's nothing to be ashamed about what we're doing, in spite of what some people say."

"Yeah, well we won't worry about them," said Jack, drily, "they can mind their own bloody business."

David smiled again, he was extremely pleased with himself that he had given so much enjoyment to two of the world's most beautiful people whom he loved so much, more than he loved life itself. It had been a long time since David and his parents had sucked and fucked together, just the three of them as in the old days when they had first set out on their taboo relationship, not that it mattered to them that other people thought of it like that, as Jack had just pointed out. Incest might be the the last great taboo as far as society was concerned but David and his parents held more enlightened views, believing that those who frowned on it were ignorant and unable to accept that it happened out of love and not just the urge to get one's end away. Furthermore, there was not a single member of this family who had been forced against their will into the activities that went on behind their closed doors, they were all there of their own volition and free to leave if ever they wanted to, though nobody did. Sex can only be truly enjoyable when it is meaningful and mutual and if that made David and his family perverts in the eyes of some, then so be it, they were only too happy to be so and proud of the fact, too ...


The evening had been a big success with David's wife Julie's brothers Mark and Paul turning up out of the blue - blue being the operative word - for a family gangbang with David and Julie's daughter Jenna present as well. Just as Jack and Shirley were full of love for David and proud of their son's sexual prowess, so too were David and Julie proud of their daughter. The supremely confident way she had ridden both her father's and her uncle Paul's cocks that evening had been a joy to behold, Jenna displaying all the experience and expertise that was inherent in this particular family and David and Julie had clapped and cheered as their daughter took her uncle's prick in her tight little pussy with gusto.

Jenna had gone with Julie when her mother drove her brothers home earlier, leaving David, Jack and Shirley on their own. Notwithstanding that the sex that evening had been plentiful and pleasurable, all three of them had been able to summon up enough energy to relive the days of a quarter of a century earlier when David had first started doing threesomes with his parents, a couple of years before Julie and her brothers Mark and Paul had appeared on the scene.

David was as proud of his parents as they were of him, especially their eternal enthusiasm for sex which was not as remarkable for people of their age, both Jack and Shirley being well into their sixties, as many people seemed to think. Everything seemed to revolve around the youth factor these days, as if people should just shut themselves away and vegetate after the age of thirty or so. Maybe some did but Jack and Shirley were not going to allow that to happen to them. Both were experienced sexualists with a deep and committed love of incest and they were determined to enjoy their sex lives to the full until they finally dropped as, indeed, every other aspect of their lives too, especially now that they were retired. Jack, for instance, was a keen member of his local golf club and Shirley had joined her local women's group and went along to every one of their vigorous debating meetings.

His parents' compliments spurred David on to resume wanking in front of them and with a few final tugs on his cock, he let out a low moan as he cast out the contents of his balls, shuddering and shaking as the joy of orgasm overwhelmed him while Jack and Shirley were equally overwhelmed with a fresh sense of pride as they watched another vast quantity of the thick globules of their son's hot sperm gushing out through David's piss slit, a Niagra Falls of cum. A porn actor would give his hind teeth to produce as much spunk in several separate helpings during the course of a single evening and Shirley's face took the lion's share while Jack opened his mouth and swallowed as much of the last delicious jets as he could.

"Mmm, tasty," Jack managed to say while Shirley luxuriated in the warmth of another facial cumshot, something she was particularly partial to.

"Such a lot again, sweetheart," she said, relishing the taste of her son's spunk and the thrill of it covering her face. A quarter of a century after their first threesomes, David and his mom and dad were still as hungry for each other as they had ever been.

"All for you and dad, mom," David replied, declining his head and kissing Shirley's head as the last few drops discharged themselves as he finished. When it was done, David stood with his sated cock in his hand and closed his eyes as his happiness became complete. Shirley had her eyes closed, too, since she could hardly open them, they were smothered in so much of the creamy fluid while the dribs and drabs that Jack hadn't managed to swallow seeped out the corners of his mouth.

Eventually, David opened his eyes and looked down at the temporarily disfigured faces of Shirley and Jack. They were both licking their lips while David inhaled and exhaled deeply, filling his lungs with air as he came down from the intensity of his orgasm. He loved wanking, even when, on his own, he was sometimes so horny he had to dash to the bog at work and lock himself in the cubicle for a quick one. But it was much nicer to wank with his parents watching and treat them to all the spunk he could produce in a true display of his undying love for them.

David, like most men, was ruled by his cock; for him, as for ninety-nine point nine per cent of the planet's men, there was no feeling in the world better than the searing heat of spunk working its way up from the balls and being discharged into the atmosphere. Even better if going straight into a ready, willing and able cunt or asshole or over a pretty feminine or handsome masculine face and, that night, David had done almost the lot, cumming in his daughter Jenna's cunt, his mother Shirley's cunt and his father's asshole as well as over his parents' faces. (After so much incestuous sex, David made a mental note at the back of his mind that, tomorrow, he would have to give all his legitimate attention to his wife, Julie.)

"I think we should go and clean ourselves up," David said. "Julie and Jenna will be home soon, not that it matters if they find us like this."

"They must be having a good time," said Jack, standing and following David into the hall, his eyes drawn inevitably to his son's bare ass cheeks working together as David started up the staircase. "I'd like to hear all about it when they do get home, they wouldn't have just popped in for a cup of tea."

David stopped halfway up the stairs as Shirley followed close on Jack's heels into the hall, her face still covered in her son's spunk though she had managed to prise one eye open.

"Yeah, I'm a bit surprised Mark and Paul got them to stay on for a bit," David said thoughtfully, turning and gazing down at his parents and thrilled to see that Shirley had not wiped her face of his spunk but was still savoring the feel of it as it rapidly congealed.

"Julie said Cathy and Sandra wouldn't be home for hours," said Shirley, managing to speak through the sticky mess that made her soft peaches and cream features almost unrecognisable and who had taken her daughter-in-law's phone call. "So they must all be sucking and fucking at Mark's place, that's where she said she was phoning from."

"I bet that horny little daughter of Paul's was gagging for it," said Jack. "What's her name?"

"Janine," said David, "yeah, she's as big a fuck slut as our Jenna and she's a great little cocksucker, too. And those sons of Mark, Michael and Robert, are right chips off the old block as well, both as well-endowed as their father and into their gay sides, too, like the rest of us. Maybe we should have gone with them," he finished, mumbling the last words almost in a whisper.

"What we did has been just as great," said Jack, giving David a nudge and they continued trudging naked up the stairs to the bathroom, David aware of his parents ogling his bum as he lifted one leg after the other upwards to get to the landing, "Jenna going with Julie to see Mark and Paul home gave us a chance to be together again for awhile, just the three of us. I love the gangbangs but sometimes the quieter get-togethers can be just as effective."

They reached the bathroom and David went over to the loo to have a piss while Jack turned on the shower jets and he and Shirley climbed in, the water from the shower joining musically with the tinkling of David having a slash. Jack and Shirley smiled as they watched the steady stream of David's pee splash into the bowl before he shook the drops dry and went to join his parents in the shower, his mind straying to what his wife and daughter were up to ten miles away as he, Jack and Shirley began to soap themselves down ...


At the same time as David, Jack and Shirley were touching up each other's bodies in the shower, Sandra, Mark's wife and mother of Michael and Robert and Cathy, Paul's wife and mother of Janine, drew up in their cars outside Mark's house. As they climbed out their respective cars, they both cast glances at the third card parked on the edge of the driveway.

"Looks like she's still here," said Cathy, nodding towards the car.

"Good," said Sandra, "seems like our hubbies' plan has worked."

"I hope so," said Cathy, "I can't think where that husband of hers got the idea from that we don't like each other."

"Nor me," said Sandra, putting her key in the lock, "but let's go and see what happens, eh?"

As they stepped into the house, the sisters-in-law were not surprised in the least to hear the unmistakeable sound of sex emanating from the lounge. Just as their husbands had entered hours earlier to discover Michael, Robert and Janine in action, so now Cathy and Sandra were about to discover their families in action too.

Cathy peered through the gap in the lounge door which had been ajar when Mark and Paul arrived and her eyes widened at the scene which greeted her. She looked back over her shoulder at Sandra and whispered to her.

"Sand," she said, using the abbreviation which Sandra hated, "come and get a look at this."

Sandra hurried over to the door and peered through the gap where Cathy had opened it slightly. The sight of the seven naked bodies immediately made her mouth drool; in one corner of the room, Paul, Janine and Jenna were lying on the floor close together, their eyes intent on the acton. Sandra pushed the door open a little more and smiled as her eyes took in the view of her husband Mark and her son Robert's bare bottoms as they stood together with their backs to the door, wanking their cocks as they too watched with unwavering fixated eyes. Everyone was so focused on what was going on in the room that they were completely unaware of Cathy and Sandra's presence.

Mark and Paul were standing directly in front of Michael and Julie and thus obscuring the view of the action but, even so, Cathy and Sandra both recognised their sister-in-law Julie's grunts and Sandra realised that her other son Michael must be giving her a right royal seeing to. Her realisations proved true a few seconds later when Julie let out a loud squeal.

"Oh yeah, Michael, fuck my pussy hard, I really need you to go in deep."

"Yeah, mom," Jenna said, "take it all."

Michael grunted as he pressed his prick deeper into the folds of his aunt's pussy, all the way in up to his balls. Mark was wanking and smiling as he watched his sister being fucked by his horny stud of a son while his other son Robert had recovered from his recent cumshot and was matching his father's wanking every step of the way.

"That looks great, Michael," Cathy and Sandra heard Paul say, "she loves all that."

"Should we go in now?" whispered Cathy to Sandra, "Mark and Robert are obscuring the view."

"Not yet," whispered Sandra, "let Michael shoot his load first, don't want to spoil it for them by turning up in the middle of things."

Cathy couldn't see what difference it would make but it was Sandra and Mark's home so she bit her lip and said nothing. Nevertheless, she was starting to feel really horny and, almost as if not realising she was doing so, her right hand strayed south and she began to finger her pussy through her slacks ...


None of the family gathered in the lounge still had any idea they were being watched through the gap in the door but, nevertheless, Mark suddenly moved out the way and thus Cathy and Sandra were able finally to get a good view of Julie being fucked by Michael. Sandra watched proudly as her tall, handsome and sexy son pounded in and out of her sister-in-law's cunt and, silently to herself, she resolved to get fucked by both her sons before she went to bed with their father.

"I'm gonna cum," Muchael suddenly cried and, pulling his prick free from Julie's pussy with a small popping sound, immediately sent a long splodge of his sex juice over his aunt's backside. Everyone in the room applauded the sudden explosion as Michael climaxed, especially his father Mark who moved over and ran a hand over Michael's ass as Michael spewed out one sticky load after another until Julie's ass was almost as disfigured as Shirley's face had been from David's spunk, back at Julie's house.

Sandra only just stopped herself from crying out too as she watched her son's magnificent ejaculation and reached down to finger herself as Cathy had been doing for some time. Indeed, Cathy had been fingering herself so enthusiastically as she watched that a long patch of damp had appeared on the front of her slacks.

"We got here just in time," whispered Cathy who, likewise, had been bowled over with admiration as she watched her nephew's tremendous money shot. Before she finished speaking,Jenna and Janine hurried over and began to lick Michael's spunk from Julie's ass, washing her buttocks clean with their tongues, as Michael got his breath back.

"Good one, son?" asked Mark, though one glance at the sheer volume of spunk that Michael had deposited on his aunt Julie's ass was a satisfactory enough answer.

"What d'you think, dad?" Michael replied, feeling immensely proud of himself as he basked in the glory, having thoroughly enjoyed fucking his aunt while his horny relatives watched, he loved performing with an enthusiastic audience in tow, " but I'm bushed. If you want me to fuck you, you'll have to wait a bit. Maybe Robert can go first."

"Yeah, I'll fuck your ass, dad," said Robert, "the ladies have had their cunts seen to, now its the men's turn."

At that point, Sandra pushed open the door and strolled into the lounge, a smile on her face, followed closely by Cathy who made no attempt to hide the damp patch which was spreading even wider across the front of her slacks.

"If there's going to be any more fucking in here tonight," Sandra said, "I think Cathy and I should be involved too, don't you?"

Everyone turned with stunned looks on their faces towards the two new arrivals.

"How long have both of you been there?" asked Mark.

"Long enough to have enjoyed seeing Michael shoot his load," replied his wife. "What a great load you served up, darling," Sandra went on, speaking directly to her son.

"Thanks, mom," mumbled Michael who was still getting his breath back.

Julie's smile of pleasure which had widened at the point of Michael's cumshot now vanished completely. "Oh, hello Cathy, hello Sandra, I'm sorry, Jenna and I were just leaving."

"Yeah, looks like it," said Cathy, raising her eyebrows as she tried to suppress a smile.

Michael and Robert hurried over to their mother and Sandra took her two naked sons into her arms and kissed them lovingly while Janine went over to greet her mother. Sandra took hold of Michael's slowly deflating cock in her right hand and Robert's still hard one in her left.

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