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Family Photo Fun


Dinner was finished, the dining room and kitchen were cleaned up and the entire family had moved into the family room to watch a couple of our favorite shows on TV. We, of course, are my husband Terry, 42, our daughter Annie who was 19 last Saturday, our son Bill, 19 soon to be 20, and myself Jessie, 40. Both of the kids were home on summer break from the state university, and had been quite successful in finding jobs that allowed them the freedom to be at home most evenings and on the weekends.

The 8:00 P.M. shows did not seem to interest anyone which is probably the reason my attention was not riveted to the TV set as sometimes happens. At some point, I became aware that both of the kids were paying much closer attention to me than seemed normal. I felt as though neither of them could remove their eyes from me. Probably my imagination I thought and I shrugged off the feeling of being closely observed. I did pay more attention to what seemed to be going on with the kids, however. I quickly learned that I alone was not the focus of their attention. They seemed to be observing their father about as closely as myself. Finally, I could bear the tension no longer and asked, "What?" Clearly they were nonplused and embarrassed at being caught out at whatever they were up to.

Naturally, my one word question drew Terry's attention and he looked toward me with raised eyebrows. He generally is quick to sense undercurrents and this situation was no exception and he was quick to note the kids' discomfiture. His instant demand, asking, "OK kids, what in hell is going on?" gave proof of his support for my interest. First, Annie, then Bill started to speak. They both stopped then Bill spoke up. He said, "Well mom, dad, I was surfing the net last night and pulled up an adult bulletin board that features nude photos, chat and erotic comments by different people."

Suddenly, horrified, I knew what was going to follow. A quick glance at Terry revealed that he too, could see where the explanation was going. He frowned for a moment then calmly, much more calmly than I could have done, said, "Go on." Clearly Bill was embarrassed as he tried to continue. "Naturally, being a normal red blooded horny kid, I called Annie over to see what I had found and, together, we saw some photographs of really pretty and sexy women. Most of them had terrific bodies, some were not quite as good but they all seemed to be having a ball. Somewhere on that bulletin board, we came to a thread that featured photos of you, mom and of you too, dad."

Hesitantly and, I am sure, with a face, red in embarrassment, I asked, "So what did you think? Were you shocked, disgusted or what?" Annie, finally able to speak without too much embarrassment said, "Mom, you are one hot lady. We saw girls from twenty or so with some ladies into the sixties and you were perfect. I don't believe anyone could possibly look any better than you." Bill quickly chipped in, "Yeah. Perfect. I have never had occasion to use the word exquisite before, but your photos were EXQUISITE, in caps."

Annie looked toward her dad and added, slyly, "Those shots of you were not too shabby either, dad," as she smiled broadly. Both Terry and I sat silently just looking at each other. Finally I sighed and asked Terry, "Was that the thread that included a picture---?" and couldn't continue. He finished the sentence for me, "Of you from behind with my dick poised at your vagina." He turned to the kids and asked, "Surely you know by now that adults do get it on now and then?" Bill replied, "Oh sure. I have heard you two screwing in the dead of night for years. Guess I never gave it much thought but I just had no idea that ordinary people record stuff like that on film." Then he got a kind of sly look and said, "Our question about that particular photograph is technical. After taking that picture, did you continue to do the deed, or did you go on snapping other photographs."

I laughed and said, "I'm not too sure it is any business of yours but, yes, to answer your question. And that is all you need to know about that, young man." Terry said, "Some day, perhaps we will let you see the very next picture in the series." Thoughtfully, Annie said, "I suppose it was a shot of your butt with cum oozing from your vagina. If so, we certainly are old enough to see another wet pussy shot. God, there certainly were enough of those in the same group of threads yours were posted in." Then she said, "We were just wondering if photo shoots were just cold, deliberate sessions of posing, snapping the shutter, and going on to the next pose or what." Terry said, "Well since you ask, I guess it just depends on the circumstances. Sometimes it is just production of photographs, fun work, but serious photography all the same. Sometimes the whole shoot is strictly a fun experience. One thing for certain, we wouldn't be doing it if we were not having a good time in the process." He paused and said, "OK, I can see the question marks on your faces. The fun part is that it all leads to engaging in the most fantastic sex anyone could possibly imagine. I realize you two cannot comprehend what I am talking about. At least I certainly hope you don't," and laughed, nervously.

The conversation continued until Annie, said, "Dad, I'm old enough to pose for art photos, aren't I?" She continued quickly, "I'm not sure how thrilled I would be to have my bare tits and ass right in front of me on a monitor, though." Terry responded to the question quickly saying, "Well Honey, first of all, I think there is a distinct difference between 'art' photos and 'erotic' photos but, in either case, you certainly are old enough to be photographed. As to posting your pictures on the net, I guess the decision will have to be yours. Go ahead and post if that's what you want to do. On the other hand, don't post if you have any concerns at all, the choice is yours and yours alone."

I had hoped the subject would die off but I guess you cannot successfully wish kids hormones away. Annie said, brightly, "Well, when do we get to see the image files of your work, especially the cream pie ones?" I looked toward Terry and shrugged resignedly. He said, "Well, they are not filed by category, only in the order in which they were taken so there is no way to censor out the good stuff or the photographs your mother would prefer you not see now." He looked my way and said, "So?"

"All right," I replied. "Might as well get it over with." Bill said kindly, "Mom, we are not leading you to the guillotine you know. We already told you that you are the most beautiful, sexy woman we know. So what is the reason for your hesitance?" I said, "Oh I don't really mind the simple art photos too much, but as you should very well know, it embarrasses me to think of you kids seeing the explicit shots. And they are not all of just your dad and I." Annie asked wonderingly, "You mean you include someone else in some photo shoots? Hey I think that is way cool." I guess it is somewhat comforting to know your kids are not appalled and turned off with things their elders sometimes do for fun.

So, off to the sewing room/office we went. Terry quickly set up three folding chairs from our card table set and booted up the computer. First he laughed and said, "I don't suppose I need the child lock software any longer. I may as well turn it off," and did just that. Then he reached in a file drawer after unlocking it and pulled out a large container of floppy discs. He turned to the kids and asked if they wanted to see some of the early attempts at art photography or some of the later stuff he shot after we had learned a little better how to set up the poses. He reminded the kids that neither of us was a professional, so there were many miscues. The kids asked to see a variety and so we sat and reviewed history for a couple of hours.

About eleven o'clock, Terry shut the computer down, and returned the discs to the file cabinet. He was careful to set and check the lock saying; "I think it best, at least for the time being, to maintain these in a secure place. Now, I, for one, am headed for bed. You kids had better turn in as well. School tomorrow, you know. Annie said plaintively, "I still wish I could pose for you, dad." So I asked, "You kids have anything in mind for Saturday?"

"No, why? Can we have a shoot," was the instant response. Terry said, "The weather has been quite warm and is predicted to continue with warm daytime temperatures, so perhaps we might hike into Rocky Creek and see how things work out. It is a great spot for a picnic. The outdoor lighting should be best around lunchtime so perhaps we can make a day of it." Bill laughed and said, "Oh wow, photos of the four of us picnicking naked while seated on a blanket in the woods with a creek nearby in the background." Terry spoke up thoughtfully, saying, "You know, I believe you may be a natural with composition. Perhaps you can learn the little I know about lighting and aspect and stuff." Bill laughed and said, "Well OK dad. Mostly all I wanted was a chance to see naked women, though. Perhaps I can learn a little about a profession, have my wildest fantasies fulfilled and just have a genuine fun filled day." Annie said mischievously, "I had forgotten I would have to let a pervert see me running around naked while having my picture taken."

With that, we all headed for our respective bedrooms. Once in our room, I held up a hand for silence, stayed at the door watching the hallway and signaled Terry to come and watch with me. We soon saw Annie open her door and pause in the doorway and, of course, she was stark naked. Terry sucked in his breath sharply and I quickly cautioned him to be quiet, then whispered in his ear, "Like that young stuff, huh?" Terry smiled broadly and whispered, "You better believe it." Meanwhile, Annie had struck a pose with one leg bent slightly more or less blocking a clear view of her pubic area, held her left arm over her head and placed against the doorway. Her right hand was cupping her right breast. She didn't need to 'paste on' a smile.

She had a naturally radiant smile bright enough to illuminate the hallway and called out softly, "Bill, can you come out here for a moment?"

His doorway is directly opposite hers and opened in a few moments. His dad and I had no problem hearing him suck in his breath sharply and whisper, "Jesus Christ Annie." I was not at all surprised when she giggled, ducked into her room and closed the door. Terry quietly whispered, "Thank God. That went better than it might have. Bit of a tease though, isn't she?" He chuckled and we started to undress for the night. Naked, I went to the closed door, struck a pose similar to the one Annie had used and asked, "Horny?" He smiled broadly, jumped into bed as naked as I and we took care of our horniness for that night. Terry murmured, "I feel sorry for Bill, poor kid. That was a hell of a thing to do to a horny young man." I whispered, "At least we can be sure his hand will give at least some relief." I surely hope the kids didn't hear us making out, but what the hell? Guess it is clear now that their parents do have fun with sex now and then.

The following day I called Susan James, our next-door neighbor. "Hi," I said when she answered. "Got time for company?"

"Of course," she replied. And asked perceptively, "Something wrong?" I replied, "Well perhaps, I'll let you decide after we talk. I'll see you in a few." Soon I was in Sue's kitchen sipping iced tea. "I don't quite know how to tell you this," and proceeded to tell her all about our experiences the previous evening. Sue sat silently in thought when I concluded the story, then said, Well, I guess we always knew it might come to this. Would have been nice if it happened later on. About twenty years later on; so, did they see any of the pictures that include me? Or Jack?" Truthfully, I answered, "Yes, but I think there is only one and I don't believe they recognized your bare butt in that shot of us standing on the snow-covered deck. At least if they did, they were cool enough to keep their mouths shut about it."

We sat quietly sipping our tea for a while, then Sue sighed and asked, "Well, what was the over all reaction?"

"Very favorable, I think." I replied. They both want to go to Rocky Creek Saturday. I believe Annie truly would like to pose. Bill on the other hand. Well, I'm not quite sure. I believe he is interested in the technical aspects of photography all right. On the other hand he is awfully smart and may see the whole thing as a chance to just see his sister and mother without clothes, oh well!" Sue said, "That is always a given. We naked ladies just have to work around that facet in the nature of men." We both laughed and were silent for a time. Next, Sue wanted to know what Terry's reaction to the whole evening had been. I told her I thought he was very forthright and thoughtful 'til right at the very end. "Oh," asked Sue. Then I related Annie's little act, teasing Bill and her father's reaction to it. "And you thought that was bad?" Inquired Sue. "To the contrary. Any time Terry wants to jumpstart his engine, then jump me as he did last night will be super," I replied. "But it was his own daughter doing the jump starting."

"Yeah, well, guess young girls have been jump starting their dads for centuries. It's what makes men so interesting, isn't it," was Sue's perceptive reply. "Don't tell me you did not tease your father at least a little bit, I know I did mine," Sue said. "It was the way I learned how easy it was to get things I wanted."

There was a knock at the kitchen door followed by Annie's voice saying, "It's just Bill and me." We both looked at one another as Sue called out, "Come on in kids, door's open." As soon as the kids were in, Sue said, "Your mother and I are having iced tea. Want some?" Teens never turn down food or drink and mine are no different. Sue said, "Come on in and join us here at the table. I have something I need to get off my chest." Quickly both Annie and Bill seated themselves across the table from Sue and me. "I suppose I should start by initiating innocuous conversation about how are you and how was your day and stuff like that. Instead I am going to cut to the chase. Did either of you recognize me in any of the photographs in your father's files?"

Sheepishly, Bill looked at Annie and she back at him, and then they shrugged. Bill said, "Actually, we did and we made a pact that neither would mention it if some one of you folks did not bring the subject up first." Annie said, "Actually, I thought you both have terrific butts. Almost look as though you are twin sisters or something. A pair of fantastic bodies and it is a shame they must be hidden with clothing most of the time." Sue smiled brightly and said, "Well your mother and I have worked pretty hard at the gym trying to keep our bodies in good condition, I'm certainly not ashamed of the results." Bill said, "I'm not certain how many pictures included you. One certainly was of your backsides. All I can say is, you have a nice butt, nice long legs, a nice waistline and a nice back and shoulders."

"Shit. Nice? That's all that hard work at the gym rates is a nice?" Sue asked. Annie said, "Well I thought you were absolutely lovely and I certainly hope I look nearly as good in twenty years or so." Bill quickly added, "I just don't want to embarrass anyone or myself. I don't know how to express all that stuff you women like to hear." Sue said, "I'm thrilled that you are even aware we like to hear nice, complimentary stuff. Keep on practicing, you'll get it. Your mother, sister and I will monitor your progress. Perhaps make constructive criticism where necessary. If you do well and show constant improvement there may be a kiss in it somewhere for you. Maybe even several kisses," and she laughed. Sue continued, "Now back to naked photographs. Why do you think us women like to have our pictures taken in the nude? Wouldn't our dressing in old burlap bags do as well?"

"Bill laughed and said, "That's easy. The answer is, not if you are fishing for complements."

"Exactly," said Sue.

At last I looked at my watch and said, "My God, it is time to get on home and start dinner. I paused and asked musingly, "How do you kids feel about pizza for dinner." Annie said, "Sounds great to me, but won't dad be a little testy about it?" I smiled brightly and said, "He will be Ok. I will take care of him later on. Bill laughed and said, "Nothing new there. Happens nearly every night anyhow." I laughed and said, "You had better thank your lucky stars you are too far away for me to slap you."

"We had better get on out of here so Sue can do her dinner thing. By the way Sue, I mentioned that we are going up to Rocky Creek on Saturday. We will most likely try for some neat shots. Care to join us."

"You bet. I better see if Jack has anything planned. I'll call you. Picnic?" She asked. I said, "That's the plan as of now, anyhow. Talk to you later." The kids and I went on home, then.

I called Terry at work and told him about having pizza for dinner as well as inviting Jack and Sue along on Saturday. He was amenable but said, "You know how I have to punish you each time we have pizza for dinner." I shot right back with, "Was hoping you would feel that way about it. Otherwise, I have liver and onions I could cook." He laughed and hung up. I went into the family room and discovered Bill and Annie playing around. He with his camera and Annie trying more poses that were similar to the one she took last night. He commented sadly, "You know mom, it is too bad I have to expose film 'til I fill the roll, take it in to be developed, pick up the prints and then wait 'til I get home to see the results. Be nice if I could have a digital camera similar to dad's." I sighed sadly and said, "I know, son. Life sucks, doesn't it? Why don't you see how things work out Saturday? I am sure your dad could be coerced into something if you show promise as a photographer." Annie, behind us, said, "Perhaps I can help convince him." She had assumed another pose in the doorway only while my back had been turned she had opened all the buttons on her blouse, and released the front clasp on her bra causing her right breast to be prominently exposed.

I laughed and said, "God, that's a nice tit, Annie." Bill was quick to say, "Nice hell, that's the most fantastic nineteen-year-old tit I have ever seen. More. More. Oh please God, more." He left himself wide open for Annie's murmured, "Probably the only nineteen year-old tit you have ever seen. Up close and personal that is." Then she said, "Well OK, since you asked nicely," and removed her blouse and bra entirely. Bill had been moving around raising the camera high and squatting low and all the time clicking the shutter on his camera while we talked. At last I laughed and said, "OK that had better be enough. Bill ran out of film ten minuets ago. Annie said, "I know that mother. I was just letting him have his fun. And having a little fun myself as well." I said, "That is all well and good but I am afraid he may snap and jump your bones if you don't quit teasing him this way."

"Won't be all that snaps," she muttered so softly I was probably the only one to hear her say it. I drew her into my arms and gave her a big hug while whispering softly directly into her ear, "I know Hon, just give it some time. We can call all this off if it is putting too much stress on you, you know. She whispered back, "I guess it will be OK. Has to be. This sex stuff is like getting toothpaste back in the tube. It is out and I am not sure about what to do with it now." Bill had taken his camera and disappeared so that we were able to talk in normal tones albeit quietly. "Your dad and I will try to help you as much as possible." Then I laughed and said, "Not sure how much help Terry will be though. Like I told Sue, your little performance in the hallway last night provided me with the most fantastic sex I have experienced in ages. Think you really turned your poor dad on." Annie was thoughtful for several moments then asked, "But what will I do on Saturday, if we try a shot that involves an erect penis near my vagina."

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