Family Photo Fun


"Well," I paused, then went on, "First of all, we--, you don't need to be doing any of those poses. Secondly, well shit. How am I to know? I was a few years older than you are now when I started this stuff. I was so horny I was always wet whenever your father suggested a photo shoot. Hell, I was wet and dripping whenever anyone suggested getting the camera out. I think we were fooling ourselves into thinking we were just taking naughty pictures. I know now we were just horny and wanted to fu.... Oh damn, there is no need to be using that sort of language. Annie asked quietly, "Do you and dad use words like screw and fuck when you are having sex?"

"Yes and before when in the foreplay part as well," I replied. "Foreplay?" She asked. I tried to answer truthfully, but without going into detail it was difficult. "It covers a broad range of activity. Mostly touchy feely stuff. Sometimes it involves a full sensual body massage. Just about always caressing breasts and genitals. Kissing. Licking the ear lobe. Kissing breasts and nipples both his and mine. Whispering sweet nonsense. Just all sorts of sensual stuff," I said. "Caressing genitals. Is that like jacking off."

"It is exactly that if one doesn't stop soon enough. But mutual masturbation is a part of foreplay as well," I said. Quietly Annie said, "Then I guess just about every activity involving my body you ever told me was naughty and nasty is really a lot of fun and is foreplay!"

"Honey, I am so sorry and you are correct but no parent can let their children grow up doing all those things. Its stuff that has to wait until some time when kids are mature enough to be able to deal with it, hopefully, a little older than you and your brother are now, but, as you say, the toothpaste is out of the tube now. I could hear Terry coming into the house, told Annie we could talk more later on if she wanted and went to greet Hubby. Terry kissed me, turned to Annie who, fortunately, I thought, had fastened her bra and blouse and asked, "How about a big hug for poor tired, overworked and underpaid old man?"

"Annie squealed and said, "Oh, dad," threw her arms around him and gave him a hug and a kiss on the lips. "To what do I owe all this ardor?" He asked. She just smiled and said, "I just love you daddy, is all."

"I am delighted to know you love me even more than yesterday or the day before that," he said. He turned to me and said; "I think I will take a shower before the pizza gets here."

"OK, but why now?" I asked. "For the trip," he replied as he was leaving the kitchen. Annie immediately had to know, what trip? "Oh your mother promised a trip on the Sea of Matrimony if I would agree to pizza for dinner," he said. "Changed my mind about the location of the cruise," I told him. "Think the travel agent had a better cruising deal on the Sea of Lust, so I changed the reservations."

"Hoo boy, I'm out of here," he said and went upstairs.

I busied myself in the kitchen, setting the table and generally getting things ready for dinner and failed to notice that Annie had also left. Meanwhile I could hear the shower going. Bill came down and wanted to know where Annie was. I shrugged and pointed upstairs with my eyebrows raised. Soon, Terry came downstairs looking all spruced up with a clean shirt and shorts. Smelled nice too, with fresh aftershave and cologne. He was also a bit flushed. I asked what had him all hot and bothered. He said, "Our daughter. Just sort of flashed me in the hallway. Guess I just have to get used to having two women begging to have their pictures taken."

"Begging?" I asked. "Yeah. Well, I guess so. She sure as hell wanted something," he replied. "Probably is interested in the details about that cruise," I said. "Cruise?" Asked Bill. "Am I missing something here?" Terry said, "I am afraid that you just may be missing something, although I'm not sure I know what it is, either." Annie came back into the room as the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of the pizza.

Dinner was a quick affair and soon we were in the family room once again. "Had a nice chat with Sue today," I commented. Terry perked up and inquired, "And what did she have to say?"

"Quite a bit," I replied. She was interested in our planned photo shoot at Rocky Creek Saturday so I invited both her and Jack along. She will call to let me know." There were several emotions displayed on Terry's face after that. I told him, "These kids are not dense, you know. They recognized Sue in one of those photos last night."

"Two bare butts on a deck in the snow," he said, dryly, I was a little afraid of that. Guess if she is cool about going along Saturday she is not too pissed about it all."

"Not at all, she is cool with everything and Jack shouldn't have a problem with any of this either. The most anyone can see of him in any of the photos is hairy balls and a stiff cock. They should be difficult to identify."

"Mamma, may I ask something," inquired Annie. "Why I suppose so," I replied, "What is it?"

"When we were looking at that Bulletin Board, I noted that most of the comments were very complimentary. Most everyone used words like fantastic, excellent, and so on. Some said nasty stuff and much of it was suggestive. Some of it was downright explicit. And some people were horrible, called you a fake, said your tits were not real and all sorts of awful stuff," she related. "How do you deal with it all?"

"Honey, I figure this world has way to many people who get their jollies putting others down. We call 'em bashers and I just ignore them. Most of the others are just having fun and I give it right back to them. You may have noticed some of the guys and, yes, some of the women say what they would like to do with or to my body. I give it right back telling them I would love to do whatever. The main thing to remember is it all is supposed to be in great good fun. Just having a good time and lots of fun," I replied. Annie responded with a pensive, "Oh." Terry said, "Honey, I don't think she is fully satisfied with your answer. The thing is Annie; you need to be thick skinned and not let the assholes get to you. You are going to find real bad negativism throughout the rest of your life. If you can learn to turn it around to your advantage and have fun in spite of it all, you'll be by far, happier. Otherwise, they will get to you and you will spend a lot of time being miserable, and there is no need for it." Annie thought for a moment, and then said, "Well, OK. I guess I still want to try posing. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. Then perhaps you can show me how to post some pictures and we will see what happens. If I can have fun posing and you and Bill can have fun taking the pictures and other folks can have fun looking at the pictures and posting bantering remarks, most everyone will be having a really good time." Bill spoke up saying, "Good girl Annie. I think we all can have some good fun!" I spoke up at last and said, "Terry, I believe the Good Ship Lollipop is about to sail. You still want to be aboard?"

"Oh my God, yes," he replied. With that, he and I left to go to bed. I looked over my shoulder as we left the room and saw Annie and Bill staring at one another in bewilderment and laughed gaily. All in all, the evening ended on a very high note.

When I talked to Annie in the morning, she freely told me that she and Bill had stayed up for another hour or so. Seems they had quite a serious talk about their perceptions of their own sexuality, their fantasies, hopes and desires, and especially of their apprehensions and concerns. I don't know if it is normal for teen siblings to discuss intimate subjects like that or not. I guess I feel good that they were and are comfortable enough to discuss important stuff about themselves with each other and with Terry and me. It seems that one of the principal things that really bothered Annie was the fear that Terry might pose the two of them together in a compromising situation with Bill's erect penis in or near her vagina. She knew she would want to proceed and complete the penetration. Bill apparently told her he was certain that if he got that close to intercourse he would not be able to restrain himself and would plunge on into her. As it turns out, the overriding concern was pregnancy. He suggested she speak with me about having our doctor prescribe a contraceptive. Thus it was that her asking about such a prescription is how I learned the details of their conversation. To relieve her fears, I quickly agreed to see if we could get it taken care of that day, Friday. I quickly called to see if we could get her in to see our family doctor. The receptionist was most understanding and told us to hop right on down and she would work us into the doctor's schedule. Once in with the doctor, I explained my concerns and Annie's about accidental pregnancy, the doctor quickly examined her and agreed that the safest thing to do would be to begin taking the pills regularly. I could tell on the trip home that a great weight had been lifted from Annie's mind.

When we arrived back home Bill told me that Sue had called so I returned the call. Seems that both she and Jack wanted to join in and come along for our photo outing. Since Rocky Creek is about a forty-minute drive with another forty-five-minute walk-in, we agreed we would try to leave around nine or nine-thirty in the morning. While Annie and I had been out and were in the drug store buying pills anyway, I picked up several more rolls of film for Bill's camera as well as a couple of new tapes for our camcorder.

The kids spent much of the afternoon fooling around with their new hobbies. Annie posing and Bill snapping shots with his camera. Annie told me in all seriousness that she wanted to practice in the nude. So she wouldn't be self- conscious the nest day, she said. Yeah. Right. I laughed and asked if tormenting her brother was occupying any part of her mind. She just looked at me and winked. I told her that I was as much concerned about Bill being embarrassed as I was of her self-consciousness so that I would spend the afternoon with them nude, also. She looked at me wisely and said, "Sure mom. Bet you just like to have guys look at your body." I laughed and said, "Of course, that, too." Poor Bill spent a horrible several minuets right after Annie and I stripped. I could see the bulge in his jeans and it must have been extremely uncomfortable. I told him there was no use hiding his erection, that it was much too big to ignore and that he might as well get naked as well. "If you want, that is," I laughed. When he appeared hesitant, I assured him he had nothing I had not seen before. Also told him that unless I missed my guess, Annie had seen pretty much everything there is to see of male genitalia in photographs or on the Internet. Giggling, I added, "Just not yours."

Annie and I spent most of the afternoon with wet pussies. Even concentrating on showing Annie what little I knew about posing could not completely erase the awareness of being in the same room with such a major hunk. The sexual tension eased a little when I saw Sue walking up to our back door and heard her knock. I called gaily to come on in. She didn't even bat an eye when she came in and saw what we were doing. She even said what a cool idea it was to get the kids accustomed to being naked and in the presence of others who were naked also. She even asked if I would mind if she joined us. Of course I had no problem and asked if either of the kids would mind. Their broad smiles were answer enough. Soon there were four of us totally naked. There were three of us assuming various poses and one 'photographer'. I was proud of Bill's ability to maintain most of his composure while being in the same room with three naked women. He just smiled broadly, winked and went on trying to find different positions from which to view essentially the same scenes. At no time did he ever lose his erection. At last I said, "I think it is time to knock off. It is about time to get dinner started." Before leaving Sue said, "Oh by the way, my reason for coming over here in the first place was to ask if you folks mind of Shirley and Tim join us tomorrow. They are both going to be home for the weekend and said it sounds like it might be a fun day. They do not know yet, we plan on having a nude shoot day. I will need to advise them if you don't mind them coming along."

Shirley and Tim are Sue and Jack's children. Tim is a year younger than Annie and Shirley is about a year older than Bill. I told her I certainly had no problem with bringing her kids along. I could tell from the way Bill and Annie smiled they would not mind the extra company. Sue said, "OK then and we will plan on driving our van along as we certainly will not all fit in yours." Then she said, "Since I don't suppose Tim or Shirley have any idea about what we do with our free time, I guess Jack and I will need to explain what to expect to them. Oh well," she sighed.

Sue went on home and I went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Annie and Bill went to their rooms to get dressed. I guess they must have had a talk as well. Annie soon came back to the kitchen to help getting dinner ready. Terry arrived home at his usual time and went directly up to shower and get ready for dinner. Without thinking I asked Annie to take a Martini up to her father. I could tell from the expression on her face that something was up when she arrived back. "OK. What're you looking so smug about?" I asked. "What is going on?" She said, "Your bedroom door was partially open when I got up there so I just shoved it open and went on in. Dad was just about to get into the shower and, wow, is he ever hung?"

"Oh terrific," I said. "So tell me the rest. What happened?" Annie giggled and said, "Oh, I just smiled sweetly, handed him his drink, turned and came back here."

"And he said nothing?"

"Couldn't. His mouth was flapping like a fish out of water. I may have surprised him a little!"

Terry and Bill showed up at the dining room table just as we were placing food on the table. Terry said, "Not sure if this old heart can take much more of that." It was easy to tell that Bill knew exactly what Terry was talking about. Once dinner was finished, we all joined together clearing the table and cleaning the dining room and kitchen. Soon the entire family gathered in the family room where we watched a movie on TV.

The movie did not conclude until eleven and all of us were yawning by that time so we flipped the TV set off, turned out the lights and went on up to bed.

Terry and I quickly brushed and got into our nightclothes, he wearing absolutely nothing at all and me a lightweight nightgown. I picked up a book intending to read for a few minuets. Terry asked, "Not sleepy?" I replied that I was but wanted to check on the kids in a few minuets. Terry looked at me in a strange way and said, "God Hon, you haven't looked in on the kids after they got into bed for ages and ages. Why now all of a sudden?" I giggled and replied, "Well, for one thing, Annie got her first batch of pills today and I'm curious I guess." Terry said, "Curious about what?" Then a broad smile covered his face and he said, "Oh shit, and you think---?" I nodded and said, "Yeah, I guess I would be willing to bet that now that the principal reason for abstinence has been removed, they will wait a reasonable length of time for us to get to sleep and get together in either her room or in his and screw their brains out.

It occurred to me that the kids might go so far as to actually check to see if we were sleeping, so I turned our light off. To make sure that neither of us fell asleep while waiting to see what, if anything, the kids did I rolled toward Terry, found his mouth and began making out. Terry cooperated willingly and returned my kisses and filled his hands with my breasts. He opened the top buttons on my nightgown then began to alternate between giving deep French kisses and kissing and suckling my breasts. Soon, I could feel his hand making its way beneath the bottom hem of the nightgown to my aching, damp pussy. I was as heated as he and lifted my butt from the mattress indicating my desire to be rid of the garment. Terry was quick to note and follow up on my wish and with a little verbal urging soon penetrated me. My ass was in motion almost before he reached complete insertion and, for a moment, we lost contact but he quickly, with guidance from me, plunged back into me and we fucked with every bit of energy we could muster.

All thoughts of spying on the kids left my mind as I wallowed in the passion of the moment and tried my damndest to give as good as I was receiving. Our enthusiastic fucking soon brought us to the peak and with tense quivering shudders we came.

Fortunately, my discarded nightgown was close at hand and I was able to prevent leaking cum all over the bedding. Terry used one corner to clean possible drips from his dick before we laid back to bask in the afterglow of glorious sex. I giggled and said, "God Terry, pray that we never get to a point where we no longer can enjoy a fuck like that." Terry chuckled and said, "Just what do you think takes me so long in the shower each morning?"

Finally, I looked at my watch and said, "Bet those kids are in bed screwing their brains out by now," slipped from the bed and walked, barefoot and naked, down the hall after making certain that Terry was close behind. As it turned out I was partially correct. Both of the kids were in Bill's bed, asleep. Both of them were naked, Bill was on his back and his sister was at his side with one arm across his chest and her head nestled on his shoulder. She had one leg thrown over one of his thighs and they both appeared to be very peaceful and content. Clearly they had been fucking as neither of them had bothered to clean up and each pubic patch was damp and matted with what could only have been drying cum.

We awakened early on Saturday morning and since everyone seemed to be hungry, I cooked bacon, eggs, hash browned potatoes and toast for all. After we finished eating, I prepared lunches and by nine-fifteen we had everything loaded and were ready to go. A quick glance next door revealed that the James' family too was loaded and ready to leave. Terry called, "See you folks at the trail head," and we started on our way. Traffic was light and we were parked with backpacks on and ready to hike by ten A.M. Since we were on our first outing of the season, our walk took a little longer than usual, but even at that we arrived at the area Terry seems to favor for our outdoor shoots. Everyone went right to work and soon we had blankets spread and coolers stashed in shady spots. I could tell the four young people were nervous about baring all in mixed company, so said, "Looks as though it is up to us 'old' folks to break the ice," and quickly stripped. As did Sue. Bill and Annie were quite cool about it, but clearly, it was a totally new experience for Tim and Shirley. Both Terry and Jack were naked before Tim gave a large sigh and began to remove his clothing. Shirley held back saying, "I am going to go behind these boulders to get undressed." Sue told her, "OK, whatever, if that is what you want to do. If you plan to participate, you will have to come out sooner or later, you know." Shirley, with a look of distaste said, "Oh, all right," and removed her clothes leaving her panties as the final item for removal. I was proud of the way the guys handled the situation. They, as one, found other things to occupy themselves with and ignored Shirley as she bared herself. Sue quickly said, "There see, once you commit, and bare all, it is really nice being totally free and unencumbered. Soon, you will find you want to be naked all the time." Shirley may not have been totally convinced yet as she muttered, "Yeah, right."

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