tagIncest/TabooFamily Reunion

Family Reunion


Every year Alex's family all got together for a massive family reunion. The event was less then 2 weeks away and Alex found himself constantly thinking about his great aunt and uncles 18 year old daughter Tasha.

For as long as he could remember he always thought she was very attractive and often wished that they weren't cousins. He would lay back on his bed day dreaming about her flowing golden hair and how it sparkled under the sun light. He nearly drooled as he thought about her nicely developed C cup breasts. They sat in her shirt when her nipples were erect showing through. He couldn't wait, the anticipation was driving him crazy!

Finally the day had arrived and his parent's packed their van and headed to the National park where the reunion was being held.

Alex found himself going crazy looking through all the people trying to find that one person he was most eager to see. In the distance he could just make out the blonde hair and knew right away who it was "She is here, oh my god I have to control myself" he thought to himself.

After all his dreaming about Tasha he went out of his way to avoid her until the family base ball game started and they were put on opposite teams.

Alex was put on as short stop and anxiously waited for Tasha to step up to plate. When she finally did he was amazed to see how well she could hold the bat and swing at the incoming balls. After two swings she connected and the ball flew threw the air towards second base. Alex couldn't help himself as he watched her run towards second. Her boobs bouncing up and down with every step and the look of determination, Alex felt his penis begin to grow in his pants. On her way past she winked at him causing him to almost melt.

Tasha was a friendly girl who got along with almost anyone and she was always flirting with people no matter who they were. Tasha always made sure she attended these functions with the sexiest bikini she could get her hands on.

Some of the teens decided to head to a different part of the park so that they could smoke and get away from the adults for a bit, Alex and Tasha went too.

One of the people there suggested they play blind folded marko polo, all thought that would be fun and drew sticks to see who would go first. Alex ended up picking the short stick and was forced to go blind folded. He was very nervous with not being that great of swimmer so he made sure to tell the others not to let him go too deep.

Alex went onto the beach and began to count to fifty and once he reached the number he alerted his relatives that he was coming after them. His turn felt like it was going on forever it didn't matter how much the called out to lead him in their direction, he couldn't catch anyone. Most of the ones playing had quietly exited the water without Alex knowing about it, this only left Tasha and a couple others further out in the water.

Alex had nearly given up when he bellowed "MARKO" and he heard Tasha call out from very near by, his heart began to pump and for a second it was like he was frozen there. He lunged at her with his hands straight out in front grabbing a hold of something that felt a bit squishy. This new feeling made him curious and he continued to squeeze onto it until he came to her erect nipple pointed through the bikini material "OH SHIT!!" he yelled "I AM SOOO SORRY!!". He was so embarrassed as he removed his blind fold.

Tasha was blind folded and directed to the beach next, she did her counting thing and then headed back towards the water, calling out for people. She ignored the ones who were near by and it seemed she was only after one person....Alex!

Alex felt her approaching him from behind and didn't want to take off cause she would feel the rush from the water so he stood there like a statue. Suddenly he felt hands come up behind him grabbing his butt cheek, then the hand came around to the front of his trunks grabbing a hold of his wrinkled penis. "Ok, ok you got me"yelled Alex. The game had gone on for so long that it was time for dinner so all the cousins headed towards the picnic area. Alex wondered what had happened in the water, was it an accident or did she really intend on touching him the way she did?

Everyone was taking their seats and to his surprise Tasha set her plate right next to where he would be sitting. Alex filled his plate and took a deep breath heading back to his seat. There was a lot of noise from people talking and kids yelling that he had to struggle to hear what Tasha was telling him.

He had taken a mouth full of food when he heard her whisper in his ear "I wonder how big you would have been out of the water?". Alex felt his little friend perk up a bit and hoped that Tasha or anyone else couldn't see. Tasha made a very bold move and placed her hand on her leg and then slid it over to Alexs leg, rubbing his hairy thigh

"Ohh god" thought Alex "What the hell is she doing??".

Tasha slowly worked her hand up his thigh until she neared his private area. Alex did not make eye contact with her at all and sat there eating as if nothing was going on. He began to feel her hand on the outside of his shorts searching for his penis. Her hand was hidden by the drapping table cloth so they were the only two who knew what was going on. The touch of her hand sent a chill through his body and a warm sensation in his shorts as he began to get more erect.

Dinner seemed to go by way too fast and before he was ready to stand up everyone was taking their plates to the garbage. He couldn't believe he just let Tasha rub his dick he was almost disgusted with himself but too damn horny to let it bother him that much. He took his time getting up from the table to allow his little man to go back to sleep.

The older men all got two huge bon fires going and began to sing songs while the moon started to fill the sky.

Off in the distance there was a big game of hide and seek going on. Alex found a near by bush to hide under. Tasha wasn't having much luck getting a good spot so he whispered to her to come and join him. The two sat in the bush all alone in the dark watching as the others ran around like a bunch of crazy fools.

Tasha then looked at Alex and said "can I play with you a bit more now, I really like how you feel" Alex looked at her and just smiled sheepishly. "Lay back" she instructed him pushing his back down onto the ground "now lets get these pants off you so I can see what you really got" Alex just laid there and let her take full control over his body. She removed his pants from his waist line pulling them down to his knees, letting his floppy penis just lay there exposed.

Tasha lied next to him and started to massage his dick in her hands causing it to grow quickly "oh its so nice Alex".

Alex was in heaven as he lay there and being jerked off by Tasha. "I wonder what she feels like?" he thought to himself.

Tasha looked him straight in the eye and asked if he had ever kissed a girl, to this he replied with "well just a quick peck or 2, nothing special". With that she brought her mouth next to his and connected them. First it was just lips but quickly he felt her tongue trying to get into his mouth, it felt so strange but so nice at the same time.

Their tongues began to swirl together as their spit went from one mouth to the other. He loved the way her lips were so soft and moist. He thought that now might be a good time to take his chances and grab one of her tits. At first he just patted at them not really knowing what to do. With verbal guidance from her he started to twirl his fingers around her erect nipples and areola. He couldn't see what they looked like but the feeling was giving him a good enough picture in his head.

The 2 lay there in the bush for a few more minutes carrying out basic foreplay. Tasha then decided she wanted to take him in her mouth and without warning him first she lowered her body down keeping a firm hold of his penis.

He felt her stiff tongue touch the slightly leaky head and then getting sucked into her mouth. Alex laid there in disbelief as he watched his second cousin's head bouncing up and down. Alex was around 7" so Tasha had no problems swallowing his tool. She twirled her tongue all over the shaft sucking in his head and pushing it down her throat, twisting her tongue around it on the way back up. Alex had hit the point of no return and began to thrust his hips as his salty cream shot into the back of Tashas throat.

After the experience they thought it best that they join the others incase they might be getting worried. No one cared where they were at and just figured they had an awesome hiding place. Due to that hiding spot and them not being caught they were free to go off and hide a second time. Both looked at each other and smiled devilishly as they took off into the darkness back to the same bush.

Alex had recovered from his cousins warm, moist mouth that had just cleaned him right out or so he thought. Tasha didn't waste anytime and scooped him into her arms kissing his neck, mouth and ears. "Im so glad we finally got to be alone Alex, I've waited years for this very moment". Alex felt that warm feeling go through his body again. "but there is something I would like to show that Im pretty sure you haven't seen yet" Tasha continued.

"Ok what is it?" asked curious Alex who already had a small idea of what she was talking about.

"Ok Alex I want you to close your eyes for a minute, ok?". So Alex did what was being requested and laid there with his eyes closed tight. Beside him he could hear Tasha fidgeting with what he thought might be her clothing. Tasha reached over and took Alex by the hand guiding him between her legs, immediately he could feel the warmth coming from her pussy. Within seconds his fingers were running on her lips, moving them up and down the centre of this new space.

It felt so wet and warm as his finger found its way down to her hole effortlessly it slid into the opening causing her to let out a little moan. "Listen to what I say Alex, I'll teach you how I like this done" she told him as he explored her inner body. "Ok" she said in a lower voice "I want you to take your finger out and go up the centre until you feel a tiny bump". Alex did as he was asked.

"Ok now I want you to run your finger over that bump lightly and don't scratch it". Alex very quickly figured out that this little bump he was playing with was her swollen clit. He paid close attention on how she reacted to his touch and started to feel this overwhelming urge to taste her.

There he was going on a treasure hunt in his cousins snatch and all the world seemed to have disappeared. He got good at playing with her different areas and found his hand getting soaked quickly as her juices oozed out on them. His curiosity got the best of him and he secretly slid one of his drenched fingers into his mouth, and was shocked at how good she tasted. Alex relaxed back onto the grass as Tasha lay next to him panting still trying to recover from what had just happened.

In the distance they could hear their names being called and were forced to head back towards their families for a bit.

They sat on different sides of the fire and sang along with the rest of the people there. They sang and hung out for nearly 2 hours when some one said "wow its already 1am, we had all better get to bed!".

Alex was 19 and was forced to share a tent with his 15yr old brother. He could hear some rustling coming from his parents tent and his mom letting out a little giggles. He knew what they were up to and tried to bury his head in his pillow in hopes that he would just fall asleep. As always his little side kick down below had other ideas. After fighting off the feeling without winning the battle and not being able to relieve himself he thought it best he leave the tent, and go for a walk until the feeling left him.

Tasha never slept too much and had been that way since she was younger. Her parents had to keep a lock on her door to keep her from escaping in the middle of the night and get into trouble. Luckily for her, they couldn't put a lock on the tent! She lay in her tent totally bored and decided to look out the window in the tent and seen Alex wondering around aimlessly.

Alex had found his way to his family's van, and let himself in using his own set of keys. Once in the van he curled up on one of the back seats and just got comfortable when he heard a tap on the back window, it was Tasha! Alex felt his body tingle as he got up and opened the back Alex grew aroused but had to ask her what she was doing there. Without answering Tasha pushed him aside to allow herself in. Once she was in the van she told him how she seen him walking and how she couldn't sleep so she thought they might hang out til they drifted off.

Alex went back to lying down on the seat with Tasha starring down at him. "What do you want Tash?" he asked.

"I want you, I really really want you" she replied Alex felt himself getting aroused and had hoped that she would suck him again but she wanted more this time. She took him by the hand and led him to the open space at the back of the van.

She sat down and started to remove all her clothing, telling Alex to do the same. Within a few seconds both them were there completely naked looking at each other with lustful eyes. "What are we going to do now?" Alex asked as he tickled at his penis.

"Come here and I'll show you Alex!" so he moved closer to her finding her mouth first and started to play with her breasts that he just loved the softness of. "Ok Alex, slide your body down onto the floor and put your face between my legs, I need you to eat me now".

Alex was scared shitless he had heard horror stories from his friends about this and it caused him to start to protest as she pushed down on his shoulders. He didn't want to upset her and very quickly found his face just inches from her moist cunt. "Now start licking and sucking on it" instructed Tasta. "Move your tongue kinda like you moved your fingers earlier, and don't forget to use your fingers too!".

Alex really got into the act quickly and enjoyed how she squirmed as he'd nibble gently on her clit and how she would moan when he would fuck her with his fingers. It all was going too well for her and she began to thrash around as her sweet cum began to drain into his awaiting mouth.

Tasha was not convinced that this was the first time he had ever preformed oral sex. So he explained to her how his parents would have sex in the livingroom. Spying on them from the stairway, watching everything they would do to eachother. He could never figure out why his dad enjoyed having his mothers private in his mouth but now he knew.

Alex felt his own cock throbbing, he fully expected it was going to go into Tashas mouth again so he asked her "Are you gonna suck me again?".

Tasha chuckled "Nope not at all, I told you I wanted YOU!". Tasha held her arms out still breathing a bit heavy from cumming so hard.

Taking Alex into her arms and caressing him. She whispered in his ear "ok now your are going to let me have you Alex". Alex was nervous because he knew what that meant and had no idea if he would be any good or not. Tasha reached down and took hold of his meat guiding it towards her drenched pussy lips. Alex thought he would explode right then with the wet sensations touching the head of his dick.

She lined his cock up to her demanding hole and told him to start moving his hips towards her. "Try not to focus on how good it feel's so much Alex" Tasha warned "that way it might last longer then a couple thrusts". That was extremely difficult as his nicely shaped head started to enter her and then the rest of him. "Ohhh god" Tasha moaned as his sidekick fully entered her. Alex could feel the pressure building up but tried to do as she asked and not think about it. Alex couldn't help but think about how wet and warm she felt and how her pussy seemed to cling to his penis.

As he moved in and out he could feel the wetness slopping in and out with him, he thought to himself "Why did I wait so long for this?". She put her hands on his hips and began to force him to move harder, wanting him to slam her but he was in no shape to. Instead he felt his cock begin to pulsate as the incredible feeling of his first sex orgasm started.

"Oh shit!" yelled Tasha "PULL IT OUT, PULL IT OUT!!!" He did manage to pull out in time before the full brunt of his explosion happened.

Alex was a little bothered at the thoughts of not lasting long and tried not to talk about it with Tasha until she brought it up. She told him that it was ok cause it was his first time and asked him how he liked it, Alex got the biggest grin on his face and looked right at her and said "that was incredible! Can we do that again??".

Tasha just laughed and said "maybe next year".

He wasn't going to have to wait an entire year to get with her again. In fact he only had to wait about 10 minutes until things started happening again. He mounted her yet again and this time he lasted much longer and got to learn what they both liked. Tasha did cum that time making him feel her cum splash by him on its way out of her body, making her lips contract around his partner....again he had to pull out quickly!

The 2 carried on for about 2 hours til they seen the sun starting to rise. Alex was the first to jump up freaking out thinking his parents might know he was gone by now. He and Tasha exited the van quietly and headed back to their tents falling asleep quickly. Both slept til nearly noon.

Around 3pm everyone started pulling out of the park to head back home. Alex was feeling sad thinking he was going to see Tasha again until the following year. She came over to him and gave him a hug whispering in his ear "make sure you come visit me soon, there is so much I want to show you!"

It would be 2 months before he felt her skinny body pushed up against him but it was well worth the wait.

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