tagIncest/TabooFamily Reunion Ch. 1

Family Reunion Ch. 1


My son, Troy, and I hadn’t been back to California since my divorce. We lived the last 10 years in St Louis and had only come back for what the family was billing as “The Last Great Powers Family Reunion.” Troy had just turned 18 and was looking forward to seeing cousins, aunts, and uncles he hadn’t seen for years. I have to admit I was looking forward to it too. I especially wanted to see my sister Sharon again. Growing up we were always very close, being only a year apart helped I think. It seemed like we went through everything together, puberty, first love, marriage, and even divorce. Sharon was newly divorced, just 8 months out of a terrible marriage.

The reunion, held at my brother’s house was a huge success! Troy and I had a great time visiting and he even talked about maybe going to college in California just so he wouldn’t lose touch again. Near the end of the evening Sharon came over and sat near me. “He looks a like you did at that age Rob” she said , looking at Troy across the yard. “Course, you don’t look that bad now brother, you’ve aged pretty well for an old guy”. “Old!!” I protested, “excuse me miss turning 40 this year. You look pretty good yourself for an old broad.” We shared a laugh and sat silent for a moment until Sharon whispered “remember those days Rob, how we could count on each other to give each other a hand.”? That phrase “give each other a hand” triggered my memory.

When my sister and I were in our growing up we discovered a mutual curiosity about sex. Both being a little shy our first attempts at kissing, fondling and oral sex were all with each other. In order to keep our parents in the dark about what we were doing we used the phrase “give me a hand” if we wanted the other person for sex. I can’t remember all the nights my sister would say “hey Rob, how about giving me a hand with my homework.” I knew exactly what she meant and vice versa. If she said “help me with my homework” I knew she really meant that too. For a few moments my mind remembered the stolen kisses, the first attempts at oral sex and finally the one time episode of intercourse we had shared. I learned everything about pleasing a woman from my sister, and she learned how to please a man from me. Sharon poked me out of my reverie “you better stop smiling or someone will wonder what you’re up to.” The party was breaking up, so we said our goodnights and headed home.

“Can you give me a ride to aunt Sharon’s tomorrow”? Troy wanted to know. “Why, what’s up at aunt Sharon’s?” “She asked if I could come over and give her a hand with a few things around the house, and since we don’t leave ‘til Saturday I told her sure.” I told him yes and didn’t’ give it another thought until the next day when we were on our way over the Sharon’s. Did she mean to say “give me a hand” or was it just a slip of the tongue since she and I had been talking?

I had a key to Sharon’s house, one she had given me years ago in case of emergency, which I made sure I had with me today. Troy and I got there early and went around to the back when we heard Sharon call our names, “back here, by the pool” she yelled when she heard our car in the drive. Her backyard was practically filled with a huge swimming pool, along with chairs and changing cabanas. Bushes and trees lined the fence making her yard very private. "“I hope you’re ready to work Troy, I’ve got lots for you to do today”, she said as we walked towards her. Sharon looked great. She was in a bikini top which barely covered her breasts, and a pair of cut-off denim shorts. I wondered if Troy noticed how sexy she looked. I swear if he hadn’t been there I would have taken her myself. “I’ll call you as soon as I’m done with him” she told me, so I pretended to go back to the car and drive away. I parked around the corner, walked back to the house, and let myself in the front door. I knew they were still out back from the voices I could hear. I went upstairs into a bedroom that overlooked the yard and stood near the window listening and looking through the curtains. To be continued

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