tagIncest/TabooFamily Road Trip

Family Road Trip


We were taking a family road trip to Florida which would be a few days in the car and in motels. My mom was driving and my older sister Mari in her late 20's was in the passenger seat. My other sister Danni was in the backseat with me. Danni was a quiet girl with black hair and blue eyes with a smoking body. All my friends were forever after her, but she was more of a book worm and even at 18 had never really even kissed a boy.

We were driving in an old station wagon, the kind that had high bench seats. We had bags in the back most area and a few more bags in the backseat with Danni and me. We had been driving a for about a half a day. Danni and me in the backseat were just droning along. Danni was wearing a tight white top with short, showing off her beautiful full legs.

Mom and my other sis Mari were up in the front, I was in the back with Danni just droning along. Things were going well until I felt that urge to release. I had not masturbated or been with my girlfriend for about a week now leaving me with a huge back up just building and building. Something about riding in a car that seems to really make an even bigger build up. I was going to have to do something to release otherwise it would be a long trip.

Danni had fallen asleep her long full legs half on me, half on the seat. I felt my hand naturally start stroking my cock through my jeans, I could feel the pressure building slowly as I stroked. I was wondering how I could jerk off without anyone knowing. I slowly took my cock out of my jeans and threw a shirt over it to cover up. I started to slowly pump, feeling a release coming soon. It was sure to be a big load and it wouldn't take long. I figured a few quick pumps, drain the tank and I could have a peace ride to Florida.

I was secretly pumping away when my mom and sis in the front start a conversation about Florida. They asked me a few questions and talked to them as I also pumped away. Danni had completely zonked out now. All of a sudden Danni kind of flopped over so her head was right in my lap, still asleep. I stopped pumping, her head was an inch from my cock with the shirt over it. She was asleep and her beautiful full lips were an inch from my manhood. I stopped, then saw her long full legs again.

I lifted the shirt off my cock again and started slowly pumping. I figured I could still pop, shoot the load into the shirt and zip up, none the wiser. My mother and sis were talking again and I gave a few ahh huhhs if the conversation turned to me. I could feel it coming, a huge load was building like a volcano, I was almost there. Danni lay sleeping peacefully just a few inches from what I was doing.

I am still not sure why I did it, but as I felt my balls tighten I instinctively grabbed Danni's head and guided her mouth over my erupting cock. Just then my sis in the front asked me a pointed question with out turning around.

"Well Are you or are you not? Don't be rude and ignore what we are saying" said Mari from the front.

I snapped back to reality, I was pumping a thick and heavy load of cream into Danni's mouth as my other sister tried to have a conversation with me.

"Yes yes I will.." I said, not even knowing what the question was.

Just then I looked down to see Danni open her eyes and realize what was happening. All my seed had gone into her mouth as she lay there. She got up with a panicked look. She started a muffled cry to my mother and sister but no words came out since she had a huge load of cum in her mouth.

Danni pointed to her mouth and said "ummmm mmmm ummmm".

My mother and sis in the front said "What are you doing Danni, we can't understand you!"

"Ummmm UUUUMMMM hmmm" is all Danni could say not know where to get rid of what was in her mouth.

"Danni we can't understand you, swallow what you have in your mouth."

Danni tried to offer a defense not to do so but couldn't speak other than mumble.

"Mom said to swallow what ever is in your mouth Danni. Do it now! So we can talk to you and find out what you are doing."

Danni looked around, and looked at me, I gave her a sorry look like "sorry sis".

"Danni swallow it, do as your mother says" said my mom.

Danni looked at me, realized there was only one way out of this mess, and in one big swallow, a grimace on her face, she swallowed the load down the hatch.

Danni grimaced a bit and was coping with the after taste of a full load that had sat in her mouth for a minute.

"Now Danni, what was so important?"

"Oh sorry mom, I woke up and was having a bad dream of something in my mouth." Danni glared at me for what I had just pushed her through.

My sis in the front seat said "Jesus Danni get a hold of your self. Your brother is just sitting there quietly. Stop having these dumb dreams about whatever."

My mom and sis in the front went back to talking about god knows what.

I was still taking in what had just happened. Danni just swallowed a full load of cum right in front of my mom and sis. They watched my cum go down her throat!

Danni sat back and whispered in my ear "omg was that cum that was in my mouth??" I was right, she had never been with a guy before.

"It was, I am so sorry sis.. I really didn't mean to ..."

"Omg that is a horrible taste and so much of it, I even had to swallow it in front of mom!"

"I'm sorry sis..." Hmm you owe me Big Time for this, I mean big time.

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