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Family Secrets


"But Aunt Darlene, how do I know if I'm doing it right?"

My aunt and I sat in the living, side by side on the sofa, discussing sex. A subject I couldn't talk to my parents about but I was certainly old enough. Some of my friends lost their virginity years ago and me jus this year. But that was a one-time thing and now I wanted a sexual relationship with my new boyfriend and I was afraid I didn't know how.

Now, my aunt was instructing me how to give a blowjob.

"Relax Shannon, its hard not to get a boy to cum, but doing it right takes practice."

"Oh great and just how am I suppose to get practice?"

Aunt Darlene laughed and jumped up, ran into the kitchen. I watched her backside clad in white shorts and hoped that I was in as good as shape when I reached 30. I've always admired my aunt, my uncle too for that matter. We've always been close and I've been known to spend weekends alone with them.

She came back with a banana and I giggled loudly. She peeled it and instructed me to watch her. At first, I paid attention, taking mental notes but then my mind wandered and I suddenly found myself imagining her doing that to her husband. I felt a tingle run through my body and I felt my nipples harden. I hoped Darlene didn't notice but then again, I wasn't wearing a bra so it was going to be pretty obvious if she looked.

"Okay, you're turn."

I snapped out of it and took the banana. As I slid the banana between my lips, I became aware that her saliva was on it and that sent another shock through my system.

"Slow down. Tease the head; don't thrust it in right away. Roll your tongue over it. Now lift it up as if it was joined at his groin. Slide your tongue up and down the length. Good, but slow down, tease him, make him beg. Okay, now hold it straight in front of you and open your mouth. Watch the teeth! You can use them a little but mostly keep them back. Okay, now deeper. Pull it back, deeper, pull it back. You can pause here and smile up at him, be sure to ask him if he likes. And you like it too, I can tell from your nipple reaction."

Okay, now I blushed. I've been caught. I glance down at my chest and my twin nipples are protruding obscenely. I also glance over at Aunt Darlene and see her nips are hard too. She catches my glance and laughs. "Sorry, I can't help it either, it's kind of exciting."

"I'll say!" boomed a masculine voice behind us.

We both jump, I bite the banana in the process.

"God, I hope you don't do that to him!" my Uncle Raymond is standing in the kitchen doorway. Aunt Darlene glances over to me, sees the top of the banana gone and begins to laugh uncontrollably. My shock quickly turns to laughter too and I spew pieces of banana out into my palm.

Uncle Raymond finds some napkins and helps me clean up. "Well, I can see you two were enjoying the instructions." He's looking at our chests. I'm red again.

"And I see you were too!" retorts Aunt Darlene. I follow her eyes and see that my Uncle is sporting a woody under his pants. There's embarrassed laughter and then a hush. I see my aunt and uncle glancing at each other and then slowly nodding. What for?

"Shannon, honey." My aunt turns to me. "How would you like to practice on a real penis, you know, so that you can really please your boyfriend?"

I can't speak. I swallow hard, glancing at their faces, her chest and his groin. I nod yes.

My hand is taken and the three of us head for their bedroom. I can't move, I'm in a trance. My aunt and uncle undress each other, kissing and touching. His cock springs free from his pants and my aunt caresses him. They approach me, I shiver. Darlene stands in front, my uncle behind, and together they undress me, not that a T-shirt, shorts and panties takes very long. My aunt leans forward and kisses me.

"Kiss me back Shannon."

She kisses me again, my lips part and I apply pressure back. There are four hands sliding over my body, I feel his shaft pressing against the small of my back. He turns me around and kisses me too, his tongue sliding into my mouth and mine responds. I feel Aunt Darlene's breath on my back, her small hands sliding around and massaging my breasts, teasing the still erect nipples. My uncle bends too and my right nipple is offered to his lips. I gasp loudly when he makes contact.

There are hands between my legs; they fight for the right to touch me. My knees quiver and they let me drop to my knees. Now side by side, my aunt and I are offered his thick cock. My lesson begins.

While Aunt Darlene repeats her instructions, her hands are sliding all over me, my nipples almost hurt from her attention. She takes Uncle Raymond's cock for a second to illustrate a technique, reminding me to look up and ask if it is good.

"Oh Shannon, you suck good. You have a great teacher."

Aunt Darlene instructed me how to rub and stroke the bumpy shaft. How to hold and squeeze the testicles. "Honey, I can't take much more." Uncle Raymond whispered.

"Okay Shannon, most guys will tell you when they are going to cum. Here's where you decide whether to let them cum in your mouth, just in the air, or stop and get down to some serious fucking."

"I…I've never tasted a boy's cum before."

"Well, let's start with that so that you are not shocked with your boyfriend." And Aunt Darlene proceeded to show me how to pick up the pace and my mouth bobbed up and down on his shaft faster and faster, pausing to suck hard and to tease the little opening. Uncle Raymond gasped, his fingers digging into my hair and pulled me closer to him. My mouth was suddenly filling with soapy goo and I choke on it, gasping for breath.

Aunt Darlene took over and sucked the last of his jism. I sat back on my heels, still coughing a little and watched her work. Aunt Darlene turned to me, hugging and kissing, licking my lips and chin until I was clean.

I was gathered up and laid on the bed. She lay on top of me, our breasts melting together, nipples caressing. She slithered down my body, taking first one and then the other nipple into her warm mouth. I parted my legs as she squirmed lower and her tongue left a trail of saliva down my belly and over my dark muff as her mouth made contact with my moist pussy.

I moaned and closed my eyes as she used her womanly knowledge to explore me, parting me and making me shiver as I have never been able to do for myself. How long she stayed there I don't know but I cried out as an orgasm rocked my body.

"Please, please." I beg, "Can Raymond fuck me?"

"Such language!" Aunt Darlene giggles.

"Are you on the pill?" Uncle Raymond asks.


"And we don't have any condoms here sweetie, I'm sorry." Darlene says, still softly sucking my wet lips down there. "But I do have a toy I can use, would you like that?'

"Please." I beg again. While Aunt Darlene digs into the bottom of the dresser, Uncle Raymond takes her place. His technique is different and yet exciting. He pays more attention to my clit, making it hurt almost. They switch again, and I rise up on my elbows to watch her slide a flesh-coloured dildo over my swollen sex. I loam as she pushed it forward and I drop back on my shoulders.

Uncle Raymond comes around to my head and offers his cock once again. It's fairly firm again and my efforts are rewarded with an ever-hardening cock. Soon my cunt is filled with Aunt Darlene's toy and my mouth is being fucked by Uncle Raymond.

By the time he fills my mouth again, Aunt Darlene has made me have two smaller climaxes. I'm able to handle his soapy load this time. We stop our fucking, slither around on the bed till I am sandwiched between them, kissing and touching. Someone pulls up a blanket and I fall asleep.

Its dark by the time I am awaked to fingers exploring me and we make love once more, this time the lesson is about how to eat a pussy!

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