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Family Secrets


I'm not even sure where to begin with this story about my life. I guess I should start at the point things went from normal to just plain crazy! It began the night of my 18th birthday. Well maybe crazy isn't the correct word to use to describe my family, but abnormal wouldn't be too far of a stretch compared to most folks.

It all started when I was a senior in high school. School was about to get out for the summer and I was going to graduate at last! My 18th birthday was coming up just on May 20th and graduation was on the 25th. I sort of had mixed emotions about graduating and going to college the following year.

I mean, school was all I'd known for so long that it was scary thinking about how I'd probably never see the kids I'd grown up with again. I had a lot of friends and several steady boyfriends since I was fifteen or sixteen. I guess none of those boys meant more to me than occasional sex, and someone to hang out with.

None of them seemed to be the right guy for me, or one I couldn't live without. It was okay with me... just being a teenager who experimented like most kids. I went to parties and got drunk, fooled around in bed when the mood struck me and for the most part enjoyed doing what I liked to do.

I was used to guys hitting on me because they'd been doing that since I was thirteen. I didn't consider myself to be all that, but guys seemed to think I was. They were always trying to get me in bed, and sometimes I let them if I happened to be horny or they seemed cute enough.

Back then I only weighed 112, had good sized boobs for my age (34C), and I was really thin which made them look even bigger on me. I liked how flat my tummy was, and I didn't eat much to keep it that way. I liked my butt the best, because it was nice and round and I loved it when guys would whistle at me in the halls at school.

I guess the worst looking thing was my hair, it was totally straight so I kept it in a ponytail most of the time to keep it out of my face. When I had my glasses on I looked like some kind of librarian on the outside but I sure wasn't on the inside! I liked to party as hard as my wild girlfriends did. At least I only had to wear my glasses to read with; otherwise I would have begged mom and dad for some Lasik surgery to fix them.

So anyway back to what happened.

My 18th birthday was on a Friday night and I'd asked around trying to find a party to go to. But for some reason there wasn't anything planned because all my friends seemed to be doing stuff with their parents or had other things going on. In fact mom and dad and my brother Ben wanted to throw me a little party at home.

I was pretty happy about that but really wanted to celebrate with some booze and party hard. I just couldn't find anyone to do it with. It was frustrating but there wasn't much I could do about it.

After supper that night my brother showed up for our little party. Ben was twenty one and going to college at the time. I didn't see him that often and was happy that he made it over for my little party. After dinner mom and dad brought out the cake and they sang Happy Birthday for me. It was sweet and I got what I wanted for presents. Money and gift cards so I could go buy new clothes and whatever else that my strike my fancy at the mall.

Once we all finished the little party I wanted to get out of the house and go see if I could find any of my friends at the local hangouts. I hadn't called everybody I knew so maybe there was a party going on I didn't know about. Mom and dad were pretty cool as long as I stayed out of trouble with the law.

I didn't have a curfew and there'd been a few times I'd called mom and told her I'd be home the next day. She knew that I was staying with a boy but she didn't give me a hard time about it as long as I let them know I was okay and when I'd be home.

"Mom I think I'm going out tonight." I told her as my brother was saying goodbye to her because dad had already gone upstairs.

"Okay Kris," she replied and then gave my brother a hug and kiss.

Looking back now I should have realized something was strange because the hug seemed a bit too friendly and they kissed on the lips. That was something I'd never seen mom do before... but at the time I sort of blew it off.

I followed Ben out the door and mom hollered after me, "Call if you plan on staying out all night Kris!"

"Sure Mom, see you later." I told her and shut the door.

I walked down the sidewalk with Ben and he put his arm around my shoulder, "Happy Birthday Sis."

"Thanks for the gift card!" I told him.

When we got to our cars he stopped, "So you going out partying to celebrate?" He grinned.

"Yeah, if I can find one?"

My brother was almost as tall as my dad. Ben was six feet compared to my five foot six and I had to look up at him.

"If you get bored you can stop by my place for a beer," Ben told me, "I don't have anything going on tonight."

My brother had a one bedroom apartment by the local college he stayed in. I'd been there once or twice before to say hi, but the place wasn't really big enough to have a party in.

"Sure, I might do that!" I told him, "I feel like getting drunk tonight."

"Just be careful Kris," He warned, "Cops and getting killed isn't the way to celebrate a birthday."

I gave him a hug, and thanked him again and got in my car and headed for the local 7-Eleven where the kids usually hung out.

I spent the next hour hanging out in the parking lot waiting for somebody I knew to show up but they never did. I did see a few kids but I didn't know them that well and they sort of had their own little group that hung out. I checked on another spot with no luck either, and decided to take my brother up on that drink.

Ben and I had been really close at one time but since he'd gone to college we hardly ever saw each other. He was doing his thing and I did mine. I thought it would be a nice to get reacquainted again. I parked on the street in front of his building and ran up to the third floor where he lived and knocked on the door.

Ben opened the door wearing big baggy gym shorts and a tank top, "Hey Kris!" he said and let me in, "No luck with the party I guess."

"Naw, I guess everyone is out of town or something." I told him and he closed the door behind me.

Ben walked to the little kitchen and got two beers out. He opened them and gave one to me, "Happy 18!" he said. We toasted our beer bottles and I drank half of it down.

Damn it tasted good and cold as Ben started laughing, "I see you are in the mood to get drunk!"

"You bet...you won't tell mom will you?"

"Would I do that?" He laughed, "Besides she knows what goes on at your age anyway."

My brother's little apartment was pretty Spartan like you would expect with no woman around. It was pretty messy but for a guy it could have been worse. He even had a bench press set up in the living room next to the wall. Ben had always been the jock kind of guy, but without the attitude.

Ben worked out and played all the sports he could. I remember girls always chasing him when he was still in school because he was pretty good looking. They always seemed like bimbos to me but I never told him that. I guess he'd figured it out on his own or didn't care that much, because he never brought any girls home to meet my mom and dad.

I sat on the tiny sofa and drank two beers while Ben and talked about old times. I'd forgotten how much I loved my brother and it wasn't long until I was laughing at the crazy things he remembered. Ben could always make me laugh and it felt really good to be spending some time with him.

"So you find a guy you want to run off with yet?" He asked me.

"I don't think that's going to happen!" I replied.

"Why did you turn gay or something?"

"NO, did you?" I replied, "I don't see a bunch of bra's hanging in your bathroom."

"There under the bed." Ben laughed, "I always keep trophies of my conquest...might be some panties too!"

"Don't make me prove you a liar!" I told him, "I'll go look."

He looked at me, "Okay, you go look but if I'm right you have to take your underwear off and leave them under my pillow!"

I burst out laughing, "Why what are you going to do with them?"

"Maybe I want to put them on after you leave!"

"That's sick!" I told him, "I forgot what a perve you are!"

"Well everyone needs a hobby girl!"

I got up to get another beer and Ben followed me. I was opening the beer when he said, "Hey grab me one too!"

Ben started looking through the cupboards above the stove, "I've been saving this... but your birthday sounds like right the time."

"What?" I asked as he dug through piles of crap.

"Ah HA!" Ben said and pulled a dusty bottle of something from under a bunch of junk, "Here it is baby sis!"

I was leaning on his little kitchen island watching, "What is it?"

"First class hooch!" Ben told me and put the dusty bottle on the counter, "Open that."

Ben dug around and produced a couple of miss matched shot glasses. He put them on the counter as I read the label.

"Jameson Irish Whiskey" the bottle read and I cracked the seal wondering what it would taste like.

"This is some smooth shit!" Ben told me and filled the glasses.

"Does it burn?" I asked him.

"Yeah, it has a kick but after two you won't give a fuck!"

We laughed and held them up and clicked them together, "Here's to the best sister a guy could ever have!" Ben told me and we downed the shots.

I almost gagged, but held it back not wanting my brother to think I was a light weight. The liquor burned its way to my tummy and I felt warm all over almost immediately.

"Damn that's good!" Ben said, "Want another?"

"Sure, filler up big Hoss!" I replied, because that's what mom used to call him to tease him when he was younger.

"Please don't bring that up again." Ben said pouring the shot's, "I always hated that."

"Sorry Ben," I said picking up the glass, "Here is to my big brother...Little Hoss!"

"Fuck that's even worse!" He laughed, and then we downed the booze.

Ben told me to turn on the T.V. while he went to the bathroom. I flipped it on and it was a black screen until I noticed his DVD player blinking underneath. I found the button for it, and a movie popped on the screen and I gasped as the image of three naked people showed up.

My brother had some kind of porn movie in his DVD and just then he came in and said, "Oh shit!...turn that off sis!"

I laughed and told him, "Not yet, I want to see what kind of perve you are!"

"No really," Ben said, grabbing for the remote, "It's pretty graphic."

I dodged his hands, "So...I've seen porn before!" I lied. Well I had seen a little but it seemed silly and I never really got into it.

"Whatever!" Ben replied, "Don't say I didn't warn you. I'm going to get another beer you want one?"


I was trying to figure out what was going on in the movie as Ben came back with a beer and brought the bottle of whiskey too.

"What's this called?" I asked him.

"Uh...Family Secrets."

I looked at him, "You mean it's about incest?"

"Sort of." He said and looked a little embarrassed.

He took a drink out of the bottle of Jameson, and then passed it to me.

I took a drink as some blonde girl on the screen was in her bed. She looked to be masturbating under the covers and I felt my face getting pink. I knew exactly what that girl was doing because I'd done it plenty of times myself.

"You sure you want to watch this?" Ben asked again.

"Shhhhhhh!" I told him, and gave the bottle back and drank my beer to kill the whiskey burn.

All of a sudden an older woman with blonde hair came busting in the room and the girl screamed, "MOM!"

"Are you playing with yourself again?" The older woman demanded to know.

"No...I had an itch!" The girl replied.

"It doesn't take all night to scratch and Itch!" The mom said, and came over and yanked the covers off her.

The girl was naked under the blankets and had a totally shaved pussy as she tried to cover herself up.

"You've been playing with your pussy again haven't you Heather?"

"I couldn't help it mom...I'm horny!"

"NO SHIT!" I said out loud, and started laughing at how stupid the dialogue was.

"It's just a movie." Ben replied.

"You really like this stuff?" I asked him, and he just shrugged his shoulders, "It's really pretty dumb." I told him.

The woman in the movie shook her head in disgust and went to the bedroom door and yelled, "Daddy come up here and see what your baby girl is doing!"

"No MOM!" The girl cringed, covering herself with a pillow, but her boobs still hung out in plain view.

Some guy came walking into the room, "What has she been doing this time?"

The mom said, "She's playing with her pussy again...said she's horny!"

The dad looked at her, "Is that so....well I guess we better fix that!"

I laughed at the dialogue because it was so fake, but the sex was real enough! Without going into all the details it ended up with them in a threesome and the dad fucking the young girl until he got off, as the mom sat on the girls face giving loud fake moans.

By that time I really had to pee and Ben was sitting there with the pillow over his lap. I wondered if the movie had gotten him stiff and I laughed and tried to get up, "Turn that off Ben, I've seen enough."

Ben looked relieved and clicked the T.V. off as I went to the bathroom which was halfway between the living room and the bedroom. On the way which wasn't far, I realized that I was pretty damn drunk! I had to run my hand along the wall because I was tipsy.

I yanked my jeans and panties down and sat on the stool to do my business. While sitting there I noticed that the crotch of my panties had a huge wet spot. I hadn't even noticed that the stupid movie had made me that horny. It all seemed funny for some reason; I guess the booze made it that way.

When I got back Ben was in the kitchen talking on his phone. He looked up and said, "Sure mom, no problem....love you!" and he clicked off.

Even though I didn't need it, I grabbed another beer as Ben put his phone on the counter, "I called mom and said you better stay here tonight because we've been drinking too much."

"What'd she say?" I asked and took a sip of beer.

"She said that was a good idea, you can have the bed."

I looked at his couch and it looked too small for him, "You sure, I can crash on the couch."

"That's okay, I've done it before."

I felt pretty drunk and thought it would be a good idea to crash, "I'm wasted...I'm going to crash if you don't mind?"

"Sure thing, I think I'll stay up a while and watch T.V."

I went over to him and gave him a hug, "Thanks!"

"For what?" Ben said.

"Getting me drunk on my Birthday!"

"Anything for you Kris."

Ben felt solid as a rock; all muscle but warm at the same time. I hugged him longer than I should have but it felt really good the way he was rubbing my back. Finally I said goodnight and weaved down the hall to his bedroom. My clothes felt all tight and I was too hot.

I stripped down to just my panties and crawled under the blanket and sheet as I heard the news on his T.V.

I fell asleep almost immediately.

I woke up to a big thump on the mattress as Ben fell into the bed next to me. He started laughing, and pulled the covers back up over us in the dark, "Sorry sis, I need a real bed....fuck I'm drunk!"

My brother's words came out sort of slurred, and the way he kept laughing made me laugh too. I was still pretty drunk myself and didn't think it was that bad as long as he stayed on his side of the bed.

I wanted to go back to sleep but he kept talking, "What did you think of that movie?"

"The porn?" I asked.

"Yeah, did you like it?"

I laughed at that, "It seemed so fake, people don't act like that."

"I liked it."

"You're sick!" I told him.

He rolled over on his side facing me, but not touching, "What would you do if that happened to you?"

"You mean mom and dad trying to get me naked?"


I found that really funny because my mom and dad never seemed to do anything wrong. Mom was the president of the PTA, and dad did charity work at our church. I was glad that they'd never tried to make me into some perfect princess. I would have hated that for sure.

"No really what would you do?" Ben asked again.

"I guess I'd freak out..." I replied, "I don't think I have to worry about that ever happening anyway."

"You never know, maybe they are secretly perverts."

I laughed out loud again, "Yeah right, and I'm the queen of England!"

He scooted closer to me and I felt his bare chest touch my right boob as his hand slid up my left rib cage.

"What are you doing?" I asked, trying to pull away from him.

"I was just going to kiss you goodnight...is all."

"Okay but then go to sleep."

I expected to get a quick kiss on the cheek but instead he kissed me on the lips!

I was in too much shock to move as his big warm hand slid up from my ribs and cupped my left boob.

"Hey what are you doing?" I asked.

Ben's breath smelled like whiskey, his lips just inches from mine, "Did I ever tell you how much I love you?"

"I love you too, but you should go back to your side of the bed."

"No Kris, I mean it...I really love you!" Ben whispered, and his hand started to massage my boob, "Ever since we were little I wished you could be my girlfriend."

"You're just drunk," I told him, and tried to pull his hand from my boob because it was starting to feel good and that was a bad thing when I was drunk.

"Sorry," he whispered, and pulled his hand away, "Can I have one more kiss and then I'll leave you alone?"

"Okay, if you promise to be good."

He got closer and leaned over to kiss my lips. When he kissed me the second time it was so sweet and sensitive. Ben sort of brushed his lips on mine, and then gently kissed me. I'm not sure what happened at that moment but something in me changed and suddenly I was kissing him back.

I was drunk and horny as hell!

I don't know if it was the booze, the images of that crazy movie in my head, or how much I truly loved my big brother. Whatever it was I was quickly heating up to his touch and didn't try to stop him when he grabbed my boob again. In fact it felt really good the way he was softly massaging it as we kissed.

I felt something warm growing stiff between us and realized my brother was completely naked. He kept kissing me and his hand slid down my tummy. His fingers slid under the front of my panties... and kept going until they found my slit. When his middle finger started to rub between my lips my right hand reached over and found his big hard cock.

At first I didn't realize how big it really was. I was getting so turned on by the way we were kissing and the way he was playing with my pussy. It kept getting fatter and harder as I stroked it for him like he was stroking me.

It pulled out of my hand as Ben moved down and started to lick my right nipple. His finger kept sliding up and down in my wetness. He sucked that nipple and I let out a little moan because it felt so good. Ben moved over and did the same thing to my other nipple and I was really starting to get wet down below.

The euphoria of the booze and the warm bare skin against mine was starting to make my clit tingle.

Ben's tongue slid down my boob and slowly moved down to my belly button as I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. Then he threw the covers off, and was on his knees next to me...pulling my panties down.

"Oh MY GOD!" I thought as he pulled them clear off my feet and tossed them aside.

Ben lifted my legs by the back of my knees with both hands. Spreading me wide open and then putting his head down between my thighs.

"I've wanted to do this for years..." He mumbled.

I let out a huge moan as my brother's tongue slipped between my pussy lips and began to lick me up and down. The fact that it was my brother was just as much a turn on as what he was doing to my pussy. I felt so naughty doing something so bad that people would have freaked out if they knew about it.

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