tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFamily Secrets Ch. 01

Family Secrets Ch. 01


It is the early spring of 2007 and two brothers, ten and eleven respectively walk along the pavement on their way home from school. They are heading for the nearby shopping centre where they would be picked up by their mother. Suddenly, as they continued to walk along there is the screeching sound of a car as it swerved, turning the corner. As the red sports car comes into view it mounts the pavement and strikes the two young boys. For a moment the sports car stops and the driver, a young woman of about eighteen looks out and then drives away in panic not knowing that one of the boys is still conscious and recognises her. Finally, the emergency services arrive and a quick thinking paramedic realises that the young boy rambling is repeating a car registration number. She takes note of it and hands it to a police officer. Then the ambulance speeds away towards the hospital.

The present day and a man sits at a desk in his study and reads the morning paper. As he turns the page a photograph of a newly wedded couple catches his eye and he reads on. "The marriage took place of Catherine Jessica Villiers, twenty-three year old daughter of David Villiers, well known Stockbroker and local magistrate and his wife Frances, to Alexander Reeves, the twenty-four year old son of James and Violet Reeves, well known Doctors."

The man slams his fist on the desk in anger and throws the paper to the floor. There is a slight knock and the door of the study opens. An elderly man enters. "Is everything alright sir?" he asks with genuine concern in his voice.

The man at the desk looks up. "Yes, everything is just fine, Hammond, thank you," he replies, regaining his composure. When the butler withdraws the man picks up the phone and dials. His action will trigger off an amazing chain of events and thus seal the fate of an entire family.


Frances Villiers was walking her Labrador dog around the family estate as was her custom before noon. The forty-eight year old mother of four reflected on how lucky she was. Her husband David had made a fortune on the stock exchange. David had also invested Frances' money this made her independently wealthy. They had a four storey mansion with an extensive estate. They were very comfortable indeed. Of their four children Matthew was the eldest at twenty-eight. He was an accountant and was married to twenty-seven year old Anne. Margaret was twenty-five and married to William, a solicitor. Daniel was a stockbroker like his father. He was twenty-four and married to twenty-three year old Debbie. Catherine, the baby of the family was twenty-three.

For David and Frances it was Catherine had caused the most trouble. She had been wild and reckless as a child. That spilled over into her adolescence and early adulthood. In college she had several lovers, male and female. Several times she announced that she was in love. So when Catherine announced that she had fallen in love with Alex Reeves, a young doctor. Frances and David couldn't hide their usual scepticism. What took them by surprise was the fact that Alex had proposed and Catherine had accepted.

Given Catherine's reputation, Frances had convinced herself that her youngest daughter would never marry. Even when Catherine announced her engagement Frances couldn't help being suspicious. 'Was Catherine pregnant?' was a thought roamed around in her head.

Frances's fears were allayed when she and David met Alex for the first time. It was clear to them both that Alex was totally besotted. Nonetheless, while they gave the couple their blessing with was with some reservation.

The wedding was a grand affair. It was the wedding of the year as far as the town was concerned. Catherine's sister Margaret and Alex's sister Fiona were bridesmaids and the weather had been perfect. The newlyweds set off on a three week Caribbean cruise for their honeymoon. They were due back in a few days.


On the Friday following their return Catherine and Alex attended a drinks party at the Villiers Mansion. Alex's parents were invited but were unable to attend because they had already made arrangements for a holiday that same week. Catherine's siblings, along with their spouses also attended.

The house staff had arranged and planned everything so Frances gave them the weekend off so the family could be alone to welcome home the newlyweds.

The party began at seven as David switched on the music and toasted the newlyweds. The food was simple and the drink flowed freely. Everybody was so engrossed in enjoying the moment that no one noticed a band of some twenty to thirty individuals camouflaged in combat gear as they made their way stealthily up the estate and into a side entrance of the mansion. The door to the ballroom where the party was being held suddenly burst open and the group filed in armed with rifles and semi automatic weapons. Some of the women screamed and some of the men tried to react but stopped when they saw the intruders were heavily armed.

David stepped forward. "How dare you break into my home? Who are you? What do you want?" he demanded.

The entire group, with the exception of one wore balaclavas. This solitary individual was clearly the leader. He had the look of authority about him. He was confident and certainly had no fear of being recognised.

This man, a tall redhead stepped forward. "Just relax Mr Villiers. The rest of you just remain calm and no harm will come to you." he stated with authority in his voice.

David tried to stand his ground. "Look, if it's money..." He was cut short by the gang leader.

"We have a contract to do a job Mr Villiers. So I suggest you remain quiet." The leader spoke in a more menacing and threatening tone and as much as David and the others wanted to try and fight them they realised that the women would be in danger.

The leader turned to his band. "Alright, you know what to do." he said in a clear commanding voice.

Some of the group herded the women to one side of the room while the men were forced to sit in chairs and they were tied up.

"What are you going to do with us?" asked Frances in a voice of fear.

"You'll find out soon enough," responded the leader with a grin on his face. "Take them upstairs," ordered the leader and with that the group pointing their guns at Frances and the others and indicated to them to make their way upstairs.

"Leave our wives alone!" yelled Alex and the others.

The leader gave a signal to the rest of the group. David, his sons and in laws were gagged. The leader spoke to his captives. "It's going to be a long night, gentlemen, so "I suggest you get some rest. You're all going to need it," he said with a sinister laugh.

As he sat tied to the chair David Villiers thought. He was amazed at the boldness of the entire group. This whole operation had been carried out with military precision. What David couldn't understand was who was behind it?

In the meantime the women were led through the long corridor upstairs. The door of Frances and David's bedroom was opened and Frances was ushered into it, followed by two of the group.

Frances stood facing her captors. Despite the fact she was terrified she stood tall, erect and proud in her long green gown that reached to the floor. "What do you want?" she asked them, trying not to show fear in her voice.

"Take off your clothes, Mrs Villiers," replied one of the individuals firmly.

For a moment Frances was stunned. "I'm a married woman! How dare you? She cried and tried to make her way to the door only to be prevented by a rifle being pointed at her.

The hooded man spoke again. This time more forcefully as he put his hand to Frances' face and squeezed her cheeks. "Now, I don't want to tell the Colonel that you're being uncooperative, Mrs Villiers. You wouldn't like him when he's angry," he said.

"Colonel?" asked a puzzled Frances and then realised this man was referring to the redhead leader.

The hooded man produced a radio from his pocket. He pressed a button and there was a crackling sound. "Yes, Sergeant?" came a voice from the radio.

Frances recognised it at once as the redheaded leader.

"I'm afraid Mrs Villiers is having difficulty following orders, Sir," the sergeant responded.

"Well, that's very unfortunate, Sergeant. Let me speak to her," said the leader.

"Yes sir," the sergeant replied as he handed Frances the radio. Once again the voice came from the radio. "I hope you are not going to be a silly girl, Mrs Villiers. Let me make this quite clear. If you do not follow Sergeant Smythe's instructions your husband and the rest of your family will suffer, I promise you," he said in a menacing tone. The voice continued. "Just to prove my sincerity I suggest you listen to this,"

Frances could hear what sounded like someone being dragged over.

"Speak to her," the voice said.

"Frances?" it was David's voice.

"David?" responded Frances in panic.

Suddenly she could hear her husband crying out in pain. He was being punched or tortured in some way.

"Stop it, please! I'll do what you say. Just don't hurt him," cried Frances desperately.

"I knew you would eventually see sense Mrs Villiers. Now get a move one. Sergeant Smythe would tell you I'm not a patient man." growled the colonel.

The sound of the Colonel's voice combined with the peril her husband and family were in served to knock any thought of resistance from the mind of Frances Villiers. Resigning herself to her fate she capitulated. Frances put her hand behind her back and pulled the zipper of her dress down. Pushing the gown from her shoulders, Frances allowed it to slide to the floor and stepped out of it. She was about to remove her white slip that reached to her knees when Smythe suddenly stepped forward and gripped the garment with one hand. Using sheer brute force he ripped it from the mature woman's body. "It saves time," he said sneeringly. His companion laughed.

Frances removed her low cut black lace bra and allowed it to join her gown on the floor. Still facing her captors she was about roll down her tights when Smythe spoke again. "Turn around and remove your knickers and tights together." He ordered. There was a snigger from Smythe's companion.

Knowing her situation was hopeless, Frances meekly obeyed. She bent over slightly as she rolled down her remaining garments, conscious that her tormentors had a full view of her bare arse.

"Not a bad rump, eh?" asked Smythe's companion as he moved forward and slapped her arse. They both laughed in unison.

Frances' face reddened.

"Ok, Mrs Villiers, you can turn around now." said Smythe.

Frances obeyed. As she faced her captors once again she instinctively tried to cover her privates with her hands.

This clearly angered Smythe. "Put your hands on your head!" he yelled.

Terrified she might provoke him Frances immediately did as ordered. "What are you going to do?" she asked with a whimper.

"Surely that's obvious, Mrs Villiers?" responded Smythe with a slight laugh. He nodded to his companion who made his way to the bedroom door.

Somehow Frances felt relieved. 'At least forced sex with one was better than with two,' she reasoned in her mind.

Smythe moved forward and grabbing Frances by her long black hair forced her to her knees. The bedroom door opened and four more men hooded and wearing military fatigue gathered around a kneeling and naked Frances like vultures vying for their prey. Frances' sense of relief immediately dissipated as she realised what was really in store for her. "Please, don't make me do this," she begged.

"Now, Mrs Villiers, remember what the Colonel said about being impatient. Please don't make me call him again," replied Smythe in an ironic sounding sincerity.

Frances gave a slight yell when her head was forced back by the hooded man facing her. He shoved his cock towards her face. "Suck it, you wonderfully beautiful whore," he ordered.

Frances was shocked. Up to now she had only been naked in front of her husband. Now she had been forced to parade her beautiful naked body in front of these individuals. Oral sex was something she abhorred. She refused it flatly to David but to refuse these men that demand she knew could not only be fatal for herself but for her entire family as well.

"Come on, you bitch! Get a move on," shouted the man in front of her as he pushed his pulsating organ deep inside Frances' mouth. He gripped her hair, forcing her to bob up and down and suck as she went. Almost at once each of her hands received a hand and she began to hand fuck. As if this wasn't enough, Frances Villiers felt cold hands adjust her lower body and she could feel another cock invade her arse and began to pound her nether regions.

Uncomfortable as she was Frances managed to adapt and settle into a rhythm. As cum exploded in her mouth, instead of spitting it out as she wished her head was jerked backed and she was forced to swallow the unwanted liquid. This happened repeatedly and it made her nauseous. At the same time Frances could feel the repeated burning sensation of exploding cum in her arse as one by one the men took their turn.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity it stopped and an exhausted Frances was thrown unto the bed.

"Ok boys. I'll take it from here. Goodnight," said Smythe as the men filed out of the room.

"Good night, Sarge. We'll be right outside. Pleasant dreams," replied one of them and his companions laughed.

Frances looked up and for the first time saw the face of Smythe who stood dressed in a pair of shorts. His hair was very short. His face was rugged and judging by it he was perhaps in his mid forties. He certainly had a military look.

Without a word Smythe got into bed and mounted Frances who, by now, realised that any form of resistance was not only futile but possibly fatal for all, simply submitted without question. He kissed Frances passionately before moving to her bare shoulder and then to her breasts, licking and sucking as he went.

To her surprise, despite the fact she was being forced, Frances found unwanted pleasure in this man's movements around her body. Try as she might, she couldn't resist moaning deeply, especially when her nipples and wonderful breasts were being licked and sucked. "Oooh," she repeated many times over as her pleasure continued to increase. As he moved down her waist Frances' moaning became even louder.

Smythe spread her long smooth legs and immediately drilled through her pussy lips and began to lash her clit.

"Oh fuck!" repeated Frances over and over as her clit received this wonderful pleasurable treatment. She had never had such pleasurable sex before and she had reached the point of not caring who heard her. All she was concerned about was that this wonderful moment would last for as long as possible.

Smythe suddenly withdrew his tongue but swiftly replaced it with his hard cock. He inserted it gently and began to pound Frances mercilessly.

Smythe was astonished at the mature woman's apparent sexual joy as she continued to cry out. "Yes, oh yes. Keep going, keep going,"

Encouraged by her Smythe's pace picked up and his own pleasure continued to build up.

Finally, as they both reached the point of no return their body heat caused them to perspire and their breathing began deeper with each stroke. At last they orgasmed and gave a mutual sigh of sexual satisfaction.

For a few moments both Smythe and Frances lay on their backs collecting their thoughts and allowing their systems to calm down. Smythe put one hand under his head and smiled. Then he turned to Frances and put his hand on her chin before speaking. "You're not a bad fuck, doll. In fact you're pretty good. It's going to be a long day tomorrow so I suggest you get some sleep. I know I will. Don't bother trying to do anything foolish like leaving the room we have guards posted outside and besides, remember your family," he concluded with a smile.

Frances was all too aware of her and her family's predicament and didn't need to be reminded. She wondered what Smythe meant by "A long day". She didn't ask him and she felt she probably was better off not knowing.

Smythe again turned to her. This time he kissed her cheek. "Like the man said, doll, pleasant dreams," he said before turning over and going to sleep. Frances too, despite trying to stay awake, gradually fell into a slumber.

At the same time Frances was pushed into her own bedroom her twenty-five year old daughter Margaret was pushed into the bedroom next door. What struck her was the fact that her mother had been pushed into bedroom she shared with her father that the room that she was now in was the bedroom she was to share with her husband William Campbell. 'Was this just an accident? Or was there more to these people than met the eye?'

Bravely, she spoke. "What the hell do you want?" she demanded.

Neither of the two hooded men spoke. One moved forward and stood before Margaret. She was five feet nine but this man was a giant of over six and a half feet. He looked down at her and putting his hands on her white blouse he began to squeeze her breasts. Margaret raised her hand to strike at her assailant but he saw it coming. He grabbed her hand and twisted it around her back. He suddenly produced a knife and waved it menacingly in front of her face. "Now, you listen to me, sweet cheeks and listen well. You better behave and do what you're told. If you don't your wimp of a husband will be minus his balls, among other things. I don't make idle threats. Tell her, Ronnie," ordered the man.

"You'd better believe him, sweetheart. He's cut up more men than anyone I know and he takes great pleasure in it, believe me," laughed Ronnie.

"Yes I do," agreed the hooded man as he released his tight grip on Margaret. He grabbed her white blouse and with both hands viciously ripped it open, scattering buttons everywhere. "Now Strip!" demanded the man.

Stunned and shocked, Margaret was about to mount one more desperate attempt of defiance when she heard the scream from next door. "Mum?" she called.

"It sounds like Mrs Villiers is learning that no is not an option," said the hooded man.

Ronnie just laughed.

Seeing no other alternative, Margaret began to undress in front of her unwanted audience as the two masked men looked on. When she got to her plain white underwear she paused.

"Everything!" ordered the hooded man.

Margaret wanted to cry but was too afraid. She was terrified about the possible reaction of this hooded man. He was definitely psychotic. As she stood naked before these strangers, Margaret tried to cover her medium firm breasts and her lower body with her hands.

"Put them down by your side!" barked her hooded tormentor.

Knowing her situation was hopeless, the beautiful blonde meekly obeyed.

The hooded man perused Margaret's naked body and then turned to his companion. "Not bad, eh, Ronnie?" he asked with a grin.

"Fucking beautiful," responded Ronnie lustfully as his cock hardened at the sight.

"Please..." Margaret was interrupted.

"Too late, doll," said the hooded man as he pushed Margaret onto the bed. Her long smooth legs were prised apart and Ronnie, who had removed his mask moved forward and began to probe Margaret's trimmed pussy with his tongue.

Margaret only got a sight glance of Ronnie. As soon as his tongue began its invasion the pleasure was so instant that she closed her eyes. Nonetheless, Margaret remembered he was a youth of perhaps nineteen or twenty with very short brown hair.

Ronnie's tongue drilled through Margaret's pussy lips and proceeded to lash her clit.

"Oh, oh my God," sighed Margaret as the young man's tongue continued to pleasure her. She could feel her medium breasts being rubbed and her nipples being pinched. It doubled Margaret's pleasure and she sighed deeply as a result.

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