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To say it surprised us when Aunt Vicky called and said Uncle John was having An affair would be a lie. He always had his share of babes that was how he and my aunt got together. Uncle John had been an amateur body builder and fitness model. Aunt Vicky was doing swimwear modeling at the time and he was the buff guy in the photo shoot she was supposed to WOW!

The surprise was that it was my 22-year-old sister Gina. Gina worked for Uncle John's fitness company doing promotional work and took many business trips with him.

It was not surprising to me, I could tell by the way Gina looked at my uncle since she was 15 that she had a crush on him. Gina was always hugging, kissing and sitting in his lap even as she developed into a beautiful woman.

Gina was 5'10 had sandy brown hair, crystal blue eyes and pouty red lips. She had olive colored skin and an hourglass figure with perfect measurements. She looked like Jennifer love-Hewitt and had done some swimwear modeling and bikini contests herself while in college. Gina had gone to work for Uncle John as soon as she graduated.

Mom and Dad were also modeling when they met. Mother had won a few amateur fitness contests and still had a delicious body at 40 years old. She had a build similar to that of Gina's' with slightly smaller boobs and the same incredible peach shaped ass. Dad had been a star football player in school and with his rugged good looks had parlayed that into some print work for men's catalogs. Both worked out religiously hitting the gym at least 3-4 times a week.

I'm 20 years old and have gotten the best of both parents' genes. I'm 5'11" 180 pounds with light brown hair, green eyes and a chiseled physique having been at the gym with Mom and Dad since I was little. I have been approached by old friends of my parents to model, but have declined so far to concentrate on school.

The reason I bring this up is to let you know a little about us and why the following things occurred:

Mom confronted Gina when she got home from work. Mom was not as upset as I would've suspected for just finding out that her daughter was fucking her brother. I listened from the top of the stairs as Mom lectured Gina. Mom explained to Gina that this was her uncle and that no matter how hot he was that it was just not right to screw your Uncle.

Mom asked Gina to explain how it happened. I listened with great attention as Gina explained, how she had always found Uncle John sexy and that she got very horny whenever he was around. Gina said that when she went away to school she compared all guys to him, no boyfriend ever measuring up to his standards.

She went on as to how the first time she had gone away on a business trip with him they had gone out for dinner and drinks at a fancy restaurant. She said they had gotten a lot of attention from people telling them they were a handsome couple, neither of them letting on that they were uncle and niece.

Gina said they drank several bottles of wine and had decided to go dancing to burn off the alcohol. That when they had danced a slow song and she had felt my uncles' strong arms around her she felt like a river had opened up between her legs. She said she completely soaked her panties with pussy juice and she knew right then and there that if he wanted to fuck her she was going to let him. She said she knew it was wrong when she invited him back to her room to talk and that no sooner had they entered her room than she was all over him. Kissing him on the mouth ramming her tongue into his and literally ripping his shirt off.

Mom asked if he tried at all to resist, but my sister said that reaching down between his legs, she could tell that he wanted what she did. His cock was rock hard in his pants and that as she removed his pants his snake sprang forward and it was just a matter of time before she had her clothes off and had pushed him onto the bed and was straddling him. She said she rubbed it along her outer lips for mere seconds before impaling herself on his engorged member and how it stretched her tight pussy to the limits. Gina proceeded to tell Mom how well endowed Uncle John was.

It was then I noticed that during Gina's story mom had only interrupted once to ask a question, she sat attentively listening as my sister told her story. Gina continued that they had fucked for hours waking up in the middle of the night to fuck again, trying to quench the passion they had for each other. My sister said that they had continued to fuck almost every chance they had to be alone, and that they had made up business trips so that they could go away together.

I listened to every detail sitting at the top of the stairs with a huge hard on sticking out of my shorts. I found her story to be a big turn on and had to relieve myself at this point. I got up knowing that I would not hear the rest of the details but I needed to take care of the emergency at hand.

I quickly entered my room next to my sisters and ripped off my shorts grabbing a sample pack of Vaseline from my nightstand. I lubed up my raging hard on and whacked off to the image of my sister riding up and down on my Well-endowed cock. Fantasizing that I first let her ride my pole, before bending her over and taking her doggy style her ass cheeks rippling with every thrust. It didn't take long the fantasy along with the story I had just heard let me have one of the best mind blowing orgasms I ever had, huge spurts of cum shot all over the sheets. I laid back and watched as my cock continued to twitch before it began to deflate.

I was sitting there enjoying the moment when there was a knock at the door. It was Gina asking if she could come in. Quickly I threw off the top sheet with the cum on it and grabbed the other sheet to cover myself, pretending to be asleep.

Gina entered the room and I could tell by her expression that she could smell the funk of cum in the room. She sat down next to me and asked if I could help her get some luggage out of the attic. Gina said she wanted to get out of the house before dad came home, saying that she was in trouble. I asked her what she did but all she told me was that she did something which she felt was not wrong but that she was sure my dad would. I asked her if mom was mad and she said not as mad as my dad and aunt. She said she would go into more detail later if I would help her with the luggage. I told her to give me a second to get dressed and that I would be up to help her shortly.

We got the luggage down and my sister packed quickly, but not quick enough. Dad arrived home and within a short time I heard him call for her, he and mom where in the kitchen. Before my sister went down, I heard Mom tell him to remember how he was at her age, horny all the time. I again sat at the top of the stairs as my father tore into her, telling her how wrong it was to fuck her mothers' brother and what if she got pregnant. Gina replied that she was on the pill and that after the first time, he had used a condom every time to insure that that would not happen. My father asked her how it started and as Gina began to explain he stopped her telling her, he didn't want to hear it.

Dad told her to think about Aunt Vicky and how she felt knowing her husband was banging his niece. He went on about why Uncle john would fuck my sister that although she was very attractive he didn't understand why since Aunt Vicky was still beautiful. Dad said that he was very upset at this time and that he would like her to leave the house for a while until he cooled off, to which she agreed.

I helped my sister load her things into her car and watched as she left to Stay at a friend's house. Dinner was very somber at our house that night.

I passed my parents room after taking a shower and as I stepped closer to the door I could hear as my mother recanted my sisters' story for my dad. I listened as he told her to take off her panties while she told him. Mom mentioned that she had gotten very horny hearing Gina tell her story and that she found it hard to control herself or to stay angry with her.

I heard my father tell her to lie back on the bed as he was going to lap at her horny pussy. They talked as if no one was home so it was very easy to hear thru the door. Next, I heard as my mother moaned and squealed with delight as my father must have begun tonguing her muff.

I was starting to get aroused as I listened to the action going on in there room. Standing there with only a towel wrapped around myself, I immediately whipped it off to give myself access to my now swelling dick. I began to stroke up and down on my shaft as I heard my mother groan that she wanted a huge dick inside of her. I instantly began imagining it was I getting ready to penetrate her pussy.

Dad was positioned between her legs inside the room ready to do just that. With a little rubbing of my cockhead up and down on her wet outer petals my cock parted her puffy lips. I could feel her tight vagina suck my cock in like a vacuum down to my balls.

My father meanwhile had plunged his full 7 inches deep into her causing her to scream out. "Take it easy baby."

Picturing it was me she was talking to I begun to thrust in and out of her. Her hips thrusting up to meet my downward ones. On the other side of the door, Dad was ready to cum and wanted to take her from behind. He loved her firm yet well padded behind as much as I did. He took his cock out, quickly turning her around as he aligned himself to her pink twat and again thrust his meat into her warm wet cunny. Again, Mom yelped for him to take it easy on her pussy that he was going to tear her, open. These words fueled my imagination as I visualized my meaty member Pistoning between her hot sweaty ass cheeks.

My fist pumped my cock faster up and down as I stood outside their room. I heard my dad grunt that he was coming as Mom also yelled out that she was Too. They shuddered together in the room my mother clenching her ass cheeks Tightly, sucking all the seed out of my dads' wanker. My cock jerked and twitched seconds later sending a stream of hot white cum shooting up in the air landing on the door, the rug and my chest. Quickly I jerked what was left in my pistol into the towel. Wiping off my chest, door and rug of what I could I quietly crept back into the bathroom to finish cleaning myself off.

To be continued...

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