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Family Slave


My stories tend toward the nonconsent/taboo side, but I want to be clear that I'm in no way suggesting that the acts in my stories are okay. Forced sex is a fantasy I enjoy and I write for other similarly minded people. Real rape is ugly and sad, and if it's something you're considering acting out you should seek help.


Hope everyone enjoys this. The tagline pretty much says it all, though -- if you are really morally opposed to humiliation and slavery as sexual fetishes, please don't read any further.

All characters are 18+


'Daaaaaaaad! Mum's wearing clothes again!' Zack called up to his father.

His mother turned pleading eyes to him. 'Zack, it's just a bathrobe, and I was cold-' Too late.

The sound of footsteps thundering down the stairs reached the kitchen. Zack smiled with malice as his dad entered the room, took in his wife's attire, and cocked an eyebrow almost imperceptibly.

'Erin,' John said, his tone deceptively neutral, 'Correct me if I'm wrong, but did I not make it sufficiently clear that you aren't allowed to wear that outside of the bathroom?'

His wife's eyes flitted about nervously, looking everywhere but into his eyes. 'Yes, John, you did. But I was just-' she tried to explain, but he cut her off.

'And has it not been made clear over the years that you aren't allowed to wear anything at all around the house, unless I specifically tell you to?'

'Yes, John,' she whispered.

'So how is it then that you're wearing that?' John asked, the pleasant smile on his lips belying the hard glint in his eyes.

'I'm sorry, I'll just take it off.' She fumbled with the belt of her robe, tugging on the loop of the bow a couple of times before finding the tail and tugging it free and shedding the robe.

Her husband leaned in and cupped the back of her neck, his warm hand rubbing pleasantly along her nape, raising the fine hairs of her neck in its wake. 'And you'll take your punishment, as well.'

Her eyes stayed on her feet. 'Yes, John.'

'And since Zack here was a good enough lad to call me down and inform me of this little incident, he'll be the one delivering your punishment.'

Erin's eyes shot up to his and her nostrils quivered. He knew she hated it when he let their children punish her. It was completely degrading. Her gaze flitted over to Zack and she saw him grinning widely. She looked back at her husband, silently begging him not to do this to her again.

'Problem?' John asked softly.

She debated saying anything, knowing protest would just make things worse. "I...just...wouldn't you prefer to punish me yourself?' she tried to say it seductively, but fear made her voice catch.

John laughed. 'No, love. But good effort. Go ahead, Zack.'

Erin cringed when she felt her son's hands on her shoulders. He steered her toward the waist-level island in the middle of the kitchen.

'Up you go, Mum,' he said congenially as he hoisted her up to lie on her stomach over the island width-wise. The edges cut into her belly and hipbones as he positioned her with her bum and pussy on display. Her feet dangled in the air until he slid over two stools, setting one beneath each knee then spreading them wide apart.

'Enticing picture, Zack,' John murmured.

Zack grinned at his dad then smoothed a hand down his mother's upturned buttock. Erin shuddered at the contact and braced herself for the smacks she knew were coming. She didn't have to wait long; Zack was gentle for only a few seconds longer before he started raining down slaps on her. She cried out and jerked forward with the first of the slaps, digging the counter edge into her hips painfully.

He had no mercy, no feelings of regret because she was his mother; he smacked her hard, swinging his body into it until he was breathing harshly. Noises halfway between moans and whimpers came from her throat; her face was clenched in pain. It felt like bee-stings all over her bottom; every pain receptor she had in her soft buttocks was singing with pain.

'Still cold, Mum?' he asked, his tone laced with sadistic delight.

Finally the hail of blows stopped, and she felt his hands come to rest on her arse, kneading and rubbing her tender flesh. Erin rebelled against the lovely feelings his hands were now giving, trying to remind herself that this was her son. But every nerve ending responded to the gentle massage a hundred times magnified simply because it contrasted so starkly with the horrible sting of his slaps. She felt herself begin to moisten, but there was no way to close her legs and shut him out. She could only bite her lip when he reached between her legs and pinched her clit.

John rarely let their children use her sexually, and she prayed he would put a stop to things now. She turned her head to look at him just as Zack delved a finger inside her, drawing a moan from her. The walls of her cunt started weeping juices.

'Please, John,' she whimpered, trying to focus on her husband's face as a second finger was slipped into her cunt. 'It's so wrong...'

John walked toward her then leaned down, bringing his face close to hers. 'And that's what makes it so delicious,' he whispered, kissing her softly. He straightened. 'Do what you like with her today, Zachary. Nothing is off-limits.'

Erin flinched, and she could envision her son grinning at her expense. He loved this - they all did, her family. She was their slave, their toy, to be used for their amusement and perverse pleasure.

There was no prodding, nothing to warn her, Zack just shoved his cock in to the hilt. She groaned as she was stretched around him and her hips shoved into the edge of the counter violently.

He pulled back a bit then thrust back in, his short thrusts turning into long strokes. She pressed her face into the cool marble of the island, her fingers clutching reflexively at the edge of it. Her youngest child, her baby, filled her cunt with his definitely adult erection, while his thumb circled her anus teasingly.

'What a slut you are, Mum. I bet you want me to fuck your bum too, don't you?'

Erin closed her eyes and tried to shut out his words. His sac slapped against her as he fucked away.

She might be ashamed, but she was also soaking wet, making obscene squishing noises with each of his plunges. Her cunt was clenching down around his cock, and her hips were soon thrusting back at him. His thumb broke through the ring of her sphincter and she groaned.

'You like that?' Zack whispered, punctuating his question with a hard slap of his hips.

When she refused to answer, trying to pretend to herself that if she didn't speak, it somehow wasn't real, he smacked one buttock hard, the slap echoing in the kitchen and stinging unmercifully.

'I asked you a question!' he said, trying to sound stern but too much enjoyment crept into his tone to pull it off.

'Yes, I like it,' she said on a gasp as his thumb thrust in fully.

'Well, that's pretty obvious,' an amused voice said from the entryway to the kitchen.

Erin looked up to find her eldest son standing and watching her, his expression a cross between amusement and arousal. She glanced down and saw that Luke's cock was tenting out his cotton shorts obscenely. She bit her lip and turned her head away.

'Morning, Luke,' John said.

'Morning, Dad. Morning, Zack,' Luke said mischievously.

Zack just continued to slap his hips against her buttocks, pistoning his cock in and out of her and wrenching moans from her throat. 'Morning, Luke,' he called back cheerfully.

Suddenly, Luke's tented boxers were right in front of her face. 'Morning, Mum,' he murmured, stroking her hair. He bumped his cotton-covered erection into her lips, and she kissed it slightly, almost involuntarily.

'Mmmm, good girl,' he said softly. 'Dad? Can I get a blowjob?'

Erin half-listened for John's answer, while she tried to pull her other half back from enjoying Zack's activities too much. She told herself she wanted John to say no, but with one son's hard cock sliding in and out of her, brushing every sensitive place inside her, a devilish voice inside her whispered, "Why not suck on your other son's cock while you get fucked?" God, they were right: she was a whore.

John shrugged. 'Sure, Luke. Erin, make your son happy.'

Her eyes shut and her jaw clenched; this morning was going to be nothing less than complete humiliation. When she felt the spongy tip of her son's cock nudge her lips, she opened her mouth cooperatively, drawing him deep into her throat. Just like Zack, he went straight for the kill, shoving his cock in as far as it would go.

Years as John's wife and slave, however, had made her immune to gagging. She relaxed her throat muscles and took him deep, stroking him with her mouth.

'God, you're good at this,' he groaned.

Erin couldn't help the pleased shiver that ran through her. She swirled her tongue around, moaning when she tasted a salty drop from his slit.

Suddenly, the cock in her pussy was pulled out. She pulled off Luke to protest, but as soon as she opened her mouth, Zack's cock was at her back entrance, probing and pushing inside. When his cock sank into her ass, all that emerged from her mouth was a shuddery breath.

Luke gently guided her head back to his cock, and she moaned around him as Zack pulled back and took his first stroke into her back channel.

'So tight,' Zack grunted as he thrust in again.

Every push from Zack sent her forward, skewered on his cock, and shoved her nose into Luke's pubic hairs as she was forced to deep-throat him.

'Ooooh, what's happening?' Erin heard her daughter ask.

She turned her head to see Sarah plop down into her father's lap. John's hand splayed across Sarah's belly, and she kissed him on the cheek, lingering just a second longer than was right.

'Morning, Dad,' she murmured silkily. 'Mum must've done something really bad...'

Luke grabbed Erin by the sides of her head and turned her back toward him. 'A little focus here, Mum,' he teased, his light tone contradicted by the iron grip his fingers now had in her hair.

She sucked him obediently, moaning around him when Zack increased his pace, thrusting harder and deeper into her ass.

'She was wearing clothes again,' John said just as Zack shouted, 'I'm gonna cum!'

Sarah tsked at her mother reprovingly.

Zack was slamming in and out of her ass now, fucking her so hard it was painful. But then he reached underneath her and rubbed her clit furiously, fingers dipping into her juices then returning to rub her even faster. Erin felt herself coming apart just as Zack let out a shout and started bucking wildly in short, jerky motions.

The tight ball of heat in her clit exploded, and her whole body shook with her orgasm. She sucked savagely on Luke's cock, trying to pull him into orgasm with her. Zack groaned with the last of his thrusts, shoving himself in deep, then half-collapsed on her back. Erin was still riding the last of the shock waves when Zack pulled out, leaving her feeling bereft and stretched wide open.

'I better go take a shower,' Zack muttered.

When Luke pulled out too, Erin turned her head to see her husband kissing their daughter's neck, his hand disappeared into the front of her pants. Sarah's eyes were closed and she was breathing harshly, arching her neck into her father's kisses and humping his hand. Erin's lips tightened.

John glanced up to find her glaring at them. He smiled and brought his hand up to pinch Sarah's nipple.

'You wanna watch then, Mum?' Luke whispered seductively.

She remained silent for a moment before turning her head away. 'No.'

'I think you do. Come on, then,' he said, hoisting her off the island only to arrange her over a stool. He pushed another stool in front of her and told her to put her chin on it.

Sarah's eyes were open now and focused on Erin's. She smiled at her mother wickedly as she unzipped her pants and slowly pulled them down. She wasn't wearing panties, so her bare pussy lips greeted Erin. Sarah grinned and spread her legs wide, arching her back as John dipped a finger inside her, her eyes never leaving Erin's. She reached a hand down over her father's, circling his finger with her own, both of them tracing around her already soaking wet hole. She shamelessly held her mother's gaze as she sucked her own juices off her finger.

Little whore, Erin thought to herself.

'Jealous, Mum?' Luke murmured, breath hot in her ear. 'Want some cock to make you feel better?'

He ran the silky head of his cock up and down her soaking slit. She bit her lip hard -- she would not ask for her son's cock.

'Just ask for it, Mum, and I'll fuck you. But remember to say "please".'

He dipped the head just inside her, stroking in and out an inch deep, just enough to tease her. Her hips shook with the desire to thrust herself back onto his cock. As if sensing that desire, his hands came down to just above her buttocks, splaying over her hips and anchoring her in place.

'Ask for it,' he whispered, stroking in just a little deeper.

'No...' she said unconvincingly.

He dipped in a bit deeper then stopped. He leaned down and bit her ear tauntingly. 'Ask!'

"Please...' she moaned, caving.

'Please what?'

She broke. 'Fuck me! Please, fuck me!'

He plunged in and they both groaned as he hit the deepest part of her. His hips moved in long, unhurried strokes -- it was clear that he was taking his time this morning.

Erin opened her passion-glazed eyes to find her daughter riding her husband's cock, facing away from him, and still watching her mother with her own glazed eyes. Sarah's lips tipped up in a malicious smile, and she reached up to toy with her nipples.

Erin's eyes trailed all over Sarah's body as they were both fucked; they came to rest on the point where father and daughter were joined.

The sick part of her, the part she tried to deny the existence of, loved the sight. That sick part of her loved everything; the pain, the humiliation, the feel of her own son's cock inside her. Her breath grew harsh as she stared at that point of joining, watching her daughter's swollen pussy lips slide up and down her husband's cock, leaving his pole glistening with her juices. Her own pussy lips swelled as she stared at her daughter's, her clit charged with electricity. She was gasping now, drawing closer and closer. Suddenly, she looked up and her eyes locked with Sarah's.

She exploded; she thrust herself back onto Luke's cock, stunning him with the ferocity of her arousal. He didn't remain stunned for long; her excitement shattered his control and he abandoned his plan to take his time. He slammed into her and she slammed back every bit as fiercely, each watching Sarah and John the whole time.

Sarah's lips were parted, and she quickened her own pace. John's hands came around to grab her breasts, pulling and twisting at her nipples viciously. His knees widened, pulling hers apart even further, spreading her open completely to their view. His hips started lifting up, pumping into her as she rode him.

They were almost in direct competition with each other; each racing toward their own orgasm. Erin was the first to cry out. Her inner walls swelled up and clamped down on Luke's cock, pulling him in deeper and spasming around him. He let out a feral roar as she milked him, veins standing out on his neck as his body strained to pump himself inside her. His thrusts turned jackhammer quick, pouring himself into her as he started to cum. He hauled her up by the hair with one hand, wrapping his other arm around her stomach to anchor her in place while he drove into her.

'You like watching them fuck?' he demanded. 'Watch them! Watch your husband fuck your daughter!'

She cried out and her cunt gave one last tremendous spasm. His arm tightened and he spent the last bit of himself inside her. He kissed her neck, licking her skin, which was slightly salty from the sheen of sweat.

They heard a cry and looked back to find John's arms wrapped tightly around Sarah, pulling her down as he came. Sarah, instinctive siren that she was, rotated her hips as her father shot his load deep inside her. She looked up at them and licked her lips as she squeezed every last drop from her dad's cock. When John was spent, he released her. She rose immediately, her eyes on Erin. She sat on the table and spread her legs wide open.

'Come and get Dad's cum out of me, Mum,' she said wickedly.

John looked amused.

Erin wanted to refuse; she wanted to walk over and slap her daughter, to scream at her that she was a disgusting little slut. But she knew they would make her do it anyway.

She walked over, bent down, and, without preamble, dug her tongue into her daughter's oozing pussy. She worked her tongue until she'd licked out every drop of John's cum, then kept going. When Sarah was writhing and moaning, and the tangy taste of her juices had replaced the salty taste of John's cum, Erin's tongue dipped out to lap at her clit. The nub swelled and throbbed against her tongue, and when Sarah was crying out incoherently, finally Erin sucked her clit into her mouth and drew on it. She dug her fingernails into Sarah's hips, hauling her up, feasting on her daughter's clit. Sarah screamed as she started to come.

Sarah's hands buried themselves in her hair and wrenched as she rode out her orgasm. Her hips bucked, trying to mash Erin's face even closer. Erin sucked and sucked until Sarah, finally spent, pushed her away.

She stood, and Sarah surprised her by pulling her close and kissing her.

When they broke apart, Sarah grinned mischievously. 'Thanks, Mum. That was lovely.'

Erin shook her head, coming back down to reality where she'd just committed incest. 'You really are a little slut, you know that?' she said, wiping her daughter's juices off her mouth with the back of her hand.

'Must be genetic,' Sarah replied saucily, then skipped out of the room with her clothes in hand.

John came up to Erin and wrapped his arms around her. She tried to resist, but he held tight until she relaxed against him.

He kissed her softly. 'You know you love this.'

Erin flushed and turned away.

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My Wife

sounds just like my wife. I had to break her in so she knew she was a whore but after a year or two of me and my brothers all fucking her she now loves it and will do anything to be able to cum.

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