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It's important to have a close relationship with both your immediate and extended family but for Martin Cage, today was the day that lines would be blurred forever.

Tax time had rolled around again and Martin was making his annual trek to his in-law's house to collect the W2 form for his wife Justine. Justine's mother Jennifer ran a business out of her family farm where Justine would work from time to time to help her mother.

As Martin approached the house he noticed a light on in the kitchen but no one seemed to be roaming around inside. Perhaps his mother-in-law was in her office at the back of her house where she spent most of her time. Martin walked up to the door and entered unannounced. He had learned through the years that his in-laws house was always left unlocked even when they were away.

"Country folk" he thought to himself, "I'll never get used to that."

Martin walked into the living room and wound his way back to Jennifer's office. He was surprised to find that she was not at her desk pouring over her computer as was her typical practice.

"Great" he thought, looking at the chaotic office of papers and forms and envelopes. "I will never find the form in this"

It was then that he heard the shower turn on in the bathroom. Knowing that he would have to wait things out for awhile, Martin headed back into the living room to sit down and pass a few minutes watching TV or flipping through a magazine until his mother-in-law was finished.

Martin sat down in what had become his usual chair and started scanning the coffee table for new magazines or catalogues that he could waste a little time with. He was about to reach for a slightly outdated copy of People when he noticed what looked like a report or manuscript.

Upon closer examination, the set of pages was actually a short story.

"Oh, what the hell," he thought, "I have a few minutes to kill"

So he started to read. The story began with the description of a castle and nobles and maidens and quickly turned very steamy with descriptions of various sexual acts ranging from erotic to downright slutty. Martin found himself becoming more and more drawn into the story, reading faster through the lines and in the process, beginning to get very aroused.

Martin was so deeply enthralled by the scenes unfolding on the pages that he did not notice his mother-in-law emerge from the bathroom. Jennifer is an older, taller, and curvier version of Martin's wife Justine. While Justine had the short, muscular, athletic frame of her father, her mother was more ample in just about every regard, most noticeably her breasts and hips.

Jennifer walked into the living room wearing a white T-shirt and blue stretch athletic pants with her towel still around her neck.

"Well hello Martin," chimed Jennifer "I see you've found the story I wrote."

Startled by her entrance, Martin dropped the pages to the floor and looked toward his mother-in-law. Jennifer stood before him with a coy smile on her face waiting for his reply. Through the ten or more years that Martin knew Jennifer, he had never before looked at her as anything more then his wife's Mother. God knew there had been times when this woman had gotten under his skin but never in any kind of sexual manner. He didn't know whether it was because of what he had been reading or his being startled by her entrance but he couldn't help but take a longer than appropriate took look at her body as she stood before him. He noticed the way that her nipples were slightly visible through the thin fabric of her shirt. He noticed the way her pants clung to her hips showing every curve. He also noticed what he thought was a bit of wetness between her thighs but dismissed that as nonsense.

"Uh…yah…sorry…" Martin stumbled, "I was hoping to pick up Justine's tax form but you weren't in your office so I thought I would wait for you. It was just laying there so I picked it up"

"Quite alright Martin, please finish the story, I am anxious to hear your thoughts on it. I'll go look for the form while you finish reading." Justine turned toward her office giving Martin a very good view of her firm round ass.

Martin, a little freaked by checking out his mother-in-law's curves returned back to the story. Instantly he was enthralled again. Swirling thoughts of passion and lust filled his mind as he poured over the various sexual episodes in the tale. He again was unaware when Jennifer returned to the living room holding the tax form he needed.

Jennifer entered to find Martin still in the chair with her tale of lust blocking his face. She looked down between his legs and found what she was expecting. There was a growing bulge visible through his jeans that she knew would only get bigger as he got deeper into the story. This same thing had occurred the evening before when Jennifer's husband Ralph had read the story.

"I'm impressed," she thought smiling to herself, "Ralph didn't even make it past the fifth page before he had to whip it out and play with it"

She slowly walked toward Martin being very cautious not to distract him, well at least not yet.

She knelt down in front of him and slowly reached out to unzip his pants.

Martin immediately jumped. Here in front of him was his wife's mother of all people kneeling down in front of him with her hand inside his pants beginning to stroke his growing cock.

"What are you doing?!" Martin pleaded.

"It looked like things were getting a little tight in there," Jennifer replied. "Don't worry I know just what to do about it. Just relax and finish the story, unless of course you feel like doing something else?" Jennifer gave him a sultry little wink as she lowered her mouth on to his cock.

Martin couldn't believe what was happening. His mind was racing…"What is she doing? What am I doing? We're not supposed to be doing this!" But his mind was being betrayed by the building pressure between his legs. Martin looked down to see Jennifer's dark brown eyes staring back at him while her mouth slowly slid up and down on his fully erect shaft. After looking into her eyes and feeling the way she squeezed and licked and sucked on his throbbing cock, he knew there was no turning back. He had never felt anything like this before. Everything was so wrong but yet it felt so incredibly good.

Martin started to moan as Jennifer continued her pleasurable assault on his member. She started to suck harder and faster as Martin's dick began to pulse. He couldn't help it, he was going to explode. Just then, Jennifer clamped down on his cock and he exploded into the back of her throat filling her mouth with cum.

Panting, Martin stared at Jennifer in disbelief as she smiled at him and swallowed every drop. Martin was stunned. He could not believe what had just happened and he really couldn't believe that he still wanted more.

Jennifer stood up in front of him and slid her thumbs into the waist band of her pants. Martin could see that the wetness he thought he saw earlier between Jennifer's legs was not a mistake as the stain had definitely grown. She had completely soaked through her pants. She slid her hands down her hips slowly sliding her pants to the floor revealing a neatly trimmed, very pink and very wet little pussy.

Martin was instantly drawn toward her cunt. He rose from the chair and pushed Jennifer to the floor on her back. He climbed between his legs and buried his tongue into her wetness. Jennifer squealed with delight as Martin's tongue danced across her clit and between her parted lips. He then pushed he tongue deep inside her, devouring her salty sweet juices and causing her to arch her back and push her cunt into his face.

Jennifer was moaning louder as Martin plunged his fingers deep into her sopping little fuck-hole. His fingers were so long and penetrated so deep that she exploded in a rush of cum all over his fingers and mouth.

Martin, having fully recharged from his earlier climax, grabbed Jennifer's leg and flipped her over onto her hands and knees with her ample ass sticking up in the air.

"Oooh yes Martin Fuck Me….shove it deep in side me…Fuck Me Martin…FUCK ME!!" cried Jennifer as Martin positioned himself behind her awaiting pussy.

Martin was in a frenzy. The story, the blow job, the situation, the wrongness were all too much for him to bear. He grabbed onto Jennifer's hips and buried his throbbing cock deep into her soaking fuck-hole. The muscles of her pussy clamped instantly around his cock and the two of them pounded each other back and forth harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper neither one slowing down, both of them wanting more.

Martin's moans grew deeper, Jennifer's screams grew louder, nothing else in the world existed other than the plunging of rock hard cock in dripping wet pussy until it became too much. Both of them exploded together and Martin dumped his seed into Jennifer's throbbing pussy.

Panting and exhausted the two sat on the floor staring at each other with both satisfaction and disbelief.

It was then that they heard the sound of Ralph's truck approaching the house. Back from a morning on the farm, Ralph was on his way in for lunch.

Wordlessly, the two of them scrambled to get their clothes in order and right themselves before he entered.

"Ah, Martin," Ralph said as he entered the house, "What brings you by?"

"Oh…ah…hello," Martin stumbled, "Just dropped by to pick up Justine's tax form. I have a lot of paperwork to get through and I figure I've delayed it long enough"

"Well good," Ralph replied, "Good to see you. Let me know if you want to catch the game later, I should be around."

"Alright Ralph, sounds good. And thanks for all your help Jennifer" Martin stated as he walked toward the door.

"You're very welcome Martin," Jennifer said coyly, "Be sure to let me know if you need anything else."

As Martin walked back to his car he was still shaking from the events and the incredible change in his relationship with his mother-in-law. What was he going to tell Justine? Should he tell Justine? Would she even believe him if he did tell her?

The next day, Martin awoke with a groggy feeling in his head. He knew something was off but couldn't place it. Justine walked into the bedroom and said,

"Hey, Mom stopped by and dropped off my tax form. Do you think you can get to the taxes today?"

"Mom dropped by?" Martin thought. Just then all of the events came rushing back to him. The story, the blow job, the sex…"Was it all just a dream or did it really happen?"

Martin got out of bed thinking that perhaps it had all been imagined. How silly to think that Justine's mother would come on to him. How crazy to think that he would be insanely turned on by her and would jump all over her in desperate lust.

Martin picked up the form that Justine had left on the dresser to take a look at it. It the bottom corner of the envelope there was a note written in Jennifer's distinctive school teacher style that read:


You must have left this behind. Please let me know if I can do Anything else for you.

Love Jennifer ;)

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