tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFamily Tales Ch. 01

Family Tales Ch. 01


She couldn't believe it. She was to be a mother again! A mother when she was almost forty! How could that have happened? Of course, she knew HOW it had happened but she still couldn't bring herself to believe that she was still as stupid as she had been all those years ago.

She had still been at school when the hottest boy in town, an older boy, had asked her out on a date. She was so excited when she had told all her friends and had put down their misgivings to jealousy. They had tried to warn her that he wasn't right for her, that he would use her and then forget about her. But she had known better than them; she had been eighteen years old and she knew how to handle herself.

Or so she had thought.

After their one and only date she had discovered she was pregnant and didn't know what to do. She had told her parents of course. They had been naturally furious but more so with him than with her. They had been nothing but supportive with her and had made sure she had been able to finish her education, build a career for herself, while still being a loving mother to her son.

Of course, the fact that he was beautiful from the day he was born didn't do any harm and she knew she had spoiled him as he grew up just as her own parents did too. As a result, he had grown up believing that the world revolved around him and, now that he had reached the age of eighteen, he seemed just as arrogant as his father. Also like his father, there seemed to be an unending queue of girls desperate for his attention.

She thought about how history was repeating itself but she told herself that she shouldn't be so surprised given what she had witnessed her son and his girlfriend doing in the living room nearly two months ago. She told herself that she shouldn't be so surprised given how much her son reminded her of his father. But she couldn't hide her surprise, her shock, when she had heard what the young couple were saying to each other.

It had made her think back to her date with his father all those years ago and it had made her panties wet just as his father had done.

She had gone out with other boys from her class and she had always been the one in control but he was different. He had been in charge from the moment he had picked her up from her parents' front door and his confidence excited her.

 If she were being totally honest his confidence had intimidated her too and she knew she had been excited just to be seen with him. to be in his presence. He had taken her to a party where everyone else had been older than her, his friends, and she had felt like a silly schoolgirl, which was exactly what she was. Soon most of the couples had disappeared from the party so they had decided to leave too and had climbed back into his car. She had thought he was taking her straight home but, instead, he had suggested that they go for a drive to get to know each other more.

That had still seemed safe enough to her and she still had plenty of time before her parents had told her to be home. When he had turned into the town park and found a private space she had told herself that he was just finding somewhere quiet for them to talk. Even when he had suggested that they move into the back seat to be more comfortable the alarm bells had failed to ring.

After kissing her gently for a few minutes, making her feel wonderful and dreamy, she hadn't objected when he began to feel her breasts through her blouse. Telling herself that this was what grown-ups did on dates she had even let him open her buttons so that he could be the first boy to see them. It was only when he had expertly unhooked her simple white bra and he had begun to squeeze the soft flesh of her bare tits did she think things were maybe moving a little too fast. 

The last thing she wanted was for him to think that she was easy with her affections so, when he had slipped a hand between her legs and had rubbed her admittedly damp pussy through her panties, she had pulled away.

He had simply pulled back her head by the hair, warned her not to be a tease and had crushed his mouth to hers. His skilful hand went between her legs again, brushing away her resistance as she tried to close her legs, and pushed her panties to the side. Before she knew it, he was rubbing two fingers across her wet lips and easily finding her clit. To this day she told herself that she had been caught off guard but, even so, she could still remember the tingle of excitement at being manhandled. Her body had responded in ways she had never known and she had instinctively spread her legs to give him better access to her pussy. 

The thrill she had felt when he had plunged two fingers up inside her had allowed him to push her down on the seat without any more complaint until she found her head pressed against the side door. Then he had seemed to be kissing her everywhere, her ear, her neck, as her whole body seemed to be under attack, especially when his lips had slid over her nipple and sucked it into his mouth.

She had known she was losing control and had wondered if she had ever actually been in control from the moment he had first invited her here tonight. She had tried to push him away but it was a feeble effort and didn't stop him for a second. He had bitten her erect nipple while his insistent fingers had dug deeper in her cunt and his thumb had rubbed her stiff clit. When he had squeezed harder with his teeth she had squealed aloud in a mixture of pleasure and pain as her body suddenly stiffened and her pussy had exploded for the first time ever.

As the waves eventually stopped washing over her she couldn't believe that this had happened nor that she had allowed it to happen. But as her body slowly came under control again she knew that she was more than glad that it had and more than glad that she had allowed it to.

If she had thought for a moment that he was now satisfied however she was badly mistaken. By the time she had fully recovered, he had had his head between her legs and she had felt a man's tongue lash out and lick her still sensitive pussy for the very first time. Would he ever stop? Had she really wanted him to?

When he had pushed his two fingers back up inside her and almost chewed on her clit, his fingers had expertly found that special spot inside her that the other girls had spoken about and she remembered how she had squirmed in absolute ecstasy. When his teeth had clamped down on her clit her whole body seemed to explode this time and she had experienced only her second orgasm in less than a few minutes.

Still he hadn't been finished, even when he had sucked all the juices pouring from her pussy. He had moved up her body as if he had owned her and kissed her on the lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth. For the very first time she had tasted her own pussy and she had tried to pull away, telling herself that this must be wrong; but it hadn't felt wrong and she hadn't tasted wrong and he wasn't allowing her to go anywhere anyway.

She had dared to think that maybe he was finished but within seconds it seemed she was staring at his big hard cock as he had freed it from his shorts. She had looked at it in wonder and fear when he had taken her hand and guided it to his throbbing flesh. She had sat up beside him and wrapped her fingers around its cock, her hand looking tiny next to it.

She couldn't believe she was doing this to a boy, a man, in the back of his car and wondered what her mother would have said. She had known exactly what her mother would have said but she was too excited now to have worried about it.

She had tongue kissed him, hard, the way he had kissed her as she had begun to stoke him faster and faster, telling herself that she could do this, that she could make a man cum and wouldn't have to worry about anything. He had put his hand on the back of her neck and she had thought he was about to return her kiss but, when he pushed her head down, she had been powerless to resist. She had realised that he had wanted her to finish him with her mouth and she had tried to tell herself that this was still ok.

Her lips had slipped around the large head of his cock, the feel of his hard flesh filling her mouth and gliding across her tongue had made almost drunk with yet another new experience. Without even touching herself her pussy had been tingling and her nipples had throbbed so much that she had feared they might explode. 

Almost as if he had known what she was feeling he had reached down and pinched her sensitive nipples while he had run his hands through her long hair and had let her enjoy his cock at her own pace. She had wantonly moved her position so that he could reach her pussy and he had instantly taken up the invitation, plunging two fingers up her dripping cunt once again.

She remembered how she had squirmed against his fingers, seemingly trying to get him to drive them deeper. She had even reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit now that he had taught her where it was. That was when he had decided to speed things up a bit.

As soon as her lips had managed to move further down his swollen cock, he had put his hands on the back of her head and forced himself into the opening of her throat. She had instantly gagged and had tried to pull up, but he had effortlessly kept the pressure on the back of her head, forcing himself even deeper.

As her gagging and struggling had become more intense he had seemed to take mercy on her and had and let her pull part way off his cock to catch her breath. She had desperately gulped in as much air as she could before she had felt his fingers tighten their grip on her hair again and he had slammed her head back down, all the way down, until his cock was lodged deep in her throat.

She had truly believed that she had been about to pass out. His cock had been too big to fit in her throat, yet despite her struggles, it had just kept going deeper. His hand had continued to push down on her head yet despite all this, she had felt that she wanted him to take her this way. Perhaps she had always wanted it.

Then his cock had finally buried itself inside her mouth and throat, all the way down. She gagged loudly as he had held her there, ignoring her struggles for just a few seconds of precious air. Eventually he let her breathe briefly before he pushed her head back down, his cock back down her throat, holding her head down until she had gagged anew. Finally, seemingly impatient with her efforts, he had grabbed her hair and fucked her face by lifting her head up and pushing it back down. All the while he had slammed up into her mouth, driving his cock into her throat on each thrust.

Just when she had been about to pass out he had pulled her off.

 She had still been in a daze when he had slammed her back against the side of the car and climbed between her legs. Not even bothering to remove her panties he had simply pulled them to the side, his fingers had opened her pussy and his cock had prepared to push deep into her hot pussy.

She had tried to push him away, ever since she had always told herself that she had, but she hadn't been able to push him back an inch. She had felt the tip of his cock rub against her slit and she had known that she was fighting a losing battle. Had she wanted to lose the battle? She knew that she had; she knew that at that moment she had finally wanted to know what it was to be taken, to be fucked.

There was only one problem. She wasn't using any birth control and it hadn't looked like he had been preparing to roll on a condom.

When she had tried to ask him, his answer had been to grab her by the neck and begin to fuck her. Even his fingers had never filled her pussy like this. Thankfully he had let go of her neck but it was only so that he could lift her legs and push them back on to her shoulders. He held her down with his weight while his hands had squeezed her tits and his cock had pounded into her again and again. If she had ever wanted him to stop that was no longer the case.

She began to use words that she had never used before, begging him to fuck her, begging him to treat her like a slut and she had found her lack of control incredibly liberating. As his big cock had filled her again and again, harder, faster, she had felt her orgasm building unbelievably again. He had pinched her nipples so hard that the pain had been almost unbearable but a mixture of pleasure and pain coursed through her trembling body and she had thrown back her head and screamed louder than before. 

Her pussy had gushed over his cock and her juices had run down his balls just as he had thrust deeper than before into her pussy and growled almost as loudly as she had. His cum had shot deep into her steamy cunt as he had pulled out and slammed back in filling her with shot after shot.

To finish he had taken his cock from her battered pussy and pulled the crotch of her panties back in place to soak up the juices, not wanting them to stain the seat of his car. He had climbed up her body and forced his dripping cock between her lips, the strong taste of their combined juices filling her mouth.

Telling her to clean it she had simply looked up and nodded.

All of this she had remembered many times over the last eighteen years but it had all come crashing back in explicit detail when she had inadvertently spied on her son fucking his girlfriend.

She had been woken from her sleep by a noise downstairs and, thinking her son was still out, she had cautiously crept down to investigate. The sight that met her eyes couldn't have been more of a shock than if a whole room of burglars had been standing there. Her son had his girlfriend bent over the kitchen table and was pounding her pussy in just the same way his father had done all those years ago. But that wasn't what shocked her.

It was what they were saying.

"That's it big boy. Fuck your slutty mother! Fuck her sexy cunt the way she likes you too."

"Here it comes, mother. I'm going to fill your dirty cunt with my cum and then I'm going to fill your dirty arse."

She was shocked beyond belief. Her only beloved son was roleplaying with his girlfriend and they were pretending he was fucking his own mother! Her mind was in a crazy whirl as she practically flew back up to her bedroom.

She couldn't believe what she had heard. She wouldn't! And still her hand had found its way between her legs and into her panties.

Her own son wanted to fuck his mother? Impossible! Disgusting! And yet her fingers were now deep within her hot pussy and her other hand was rubbing her clit.

Did he really want to take her the way his father had taken her? And her orgasm exploded through her body just as it had all those years ago.

"Do you think she heard?" his girlfriend asked as she finally came down from her own explosion.

"She heard all right. And she saw. I could see her in the reflection from the window. I bet her fingers are buried deep in her cunt right now."

"Then all we have to do now is work out a way for you to have her."

The opportunity came the very next day. He had lusted after his mother for as long as he could remember. There was something about her that was proving irresistible and he put it down to the fact that he suspected she hadn't had sex in a long, long time. He had found her small collection of toys when he had snooped in her bedroom but he knew they wouldn't be enough to satisfy a woman as sexy as his mother who wasn't even in her forties yet.

She always dressed conservatively for work and at home wore nothing that revealed anything to her curious son. But he had learned to recognise the hint of passion that seemed to bubble just below the surface. When he started to bring home girls that passion had welled up in her eyes until he had decided it was time to answer her prayers.

And he was right. She had always enjoyed the attention of men but had simply never trusted another one after the disastrous, wonderful date with his father. But she was allowed her fantasies and even as his mother she could tell that her son had grown up to be just as hot as his father had been. And just like his father, he seemed to know this too. 

And he was right about her toys too. She often masturbated while thinking about the things she would like a man, any man, to do to her. It was the only sexual outlet she had after all. Of course, she never allowed any of her dates anywhere close enough to fulfil those fantasies. She had her son to think of and she had built a reputation as a respectable woman but she did sometimes wonder if masturbating as often as she did would be the only sex life she would ever have.

The day after he had planted the seed in her mind, when he had planted his seed deep in his girlfriend's hot cunt, he had seen her loading her car for work. Playing the gentleman, he had helped her with her bags and she had offered him a lift in return, just as he had hoped for.

After a few minutes, he decided to turn up the heat.

"I hope we didn't wake you last night. I was worried in case we were making too much noise." 

She smiled to herself, secretly pleased that neither of them had noticed her voyeur activities the night before or had heard her own orgasm for that matter. 

"It's just that I think this girl really likes me."

"That's nice, son; you are a handsome young man and I'm sure she just wants to be friends. She's not wanting to do something you don't want to do, is she?" she asked, suddenly worried.

"Not really, no, it's just that when we go to the beach she wears the tiniest bikini I've ever seen. It's hard not to look and she does have a terrific body."

"There's nothing wrong with looking, son," aware that she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable as she thought about this slut using her admittedly hot body to trap her son. She had never thought of him in a sexual manner before but now she could feel the heat rising from between her legs and her nipples growing.

"But it's not just looking. Sometimes she asks me to put suntan lotion on her back and she unfastens her top. The noises she makes when my hands spread the lotion across her naked back are almost like a cat purring. I can't deny it has an effect on me when she does that."

Her pussy was tingling now as she imagined her son's cock getting hard. The conversation was getting more than a little uncomfortable.

"Would you like me to speak to her if she's making you uncomfortable?"

"It doesn't make me uncomfortable. What makes me have to shift my position in my shorts, if you know what I mean, is when she turns over onto her back while I'm still rubbing lotion onto her and she puts my hands on her breasts."

She didn't know what to say so sat there speechless, trying to concentrate on her driving, trying not to imagine her son's cock growing in his shorts.

"And she helped me with that anyway."

"Helped you? How did she help you?" she asked, fearing the worst.

"Well I thought it was a bit risky since we were on the beach and someone might have seen us but she pulled down my shorts and put me in her mouth. She's so good at sucking that it's almost as good as when we fuck. Almost."

Her imagination was driving her mad and her pussy was dripping like crazy. Her whole body seemed to be trembling as she struggled to control her car. and her legs were shaking.

"Could you drop me off at the bottom of this road?"

It was more of a lane than a road and he knew that it was a dead end. His mother's mind was anywhere but on the road as the images of her son fucking his girlfriend flooded back from last night.

Still her son kept talking.

"The thing is, she's the best I've ever had. She seems to go crazy when I've got my cock buried deep in her cunt but it's as if she can't get it deep enough. But I'm still looking for something else."

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