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Family Ties


Katie heard the back door slam as her brother Kevin came in, finished with his classes at the community college. You'd think after tramping around campus and then driving home he'd be tired and just wanna crash on the couch. But no, she saw he was headed right for her, to tease her as usual.

"Who's strangling a cat in here.. oh, it's just you practicing your fiddle again, huh?"

"It's a violin, Einstein."

"I knew that. And all that racket from just pulling this thing over the main part?" he said, taking the bow and pulling it across the strings in an awful way.

"It's the violin's body, Kevin. When will he learn?" Katie sighed. At nineteen, he seems no brighter than when he was nine, although the lack upstairs didn't seem to match how much he seem to pack below. And his body overall.. mmmmm. Working out in his weight room downstairs had done wonders for his his physique. But she shouldn't think like that. He's her brother! What was she thinking?

A year younger, Katie's body showed she had come into own also. Long, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, a pair of 36 Cs and a waistline to die for, Katie looked damn good and she knew it. But she was saving this body for the one.. one special guy... whoever he turned out to be one day.

Kevin dodged her attempt to grab back the bow, saying "You mean simply pulling this thing across the body makes all that noise? Well, what kinda noise will I get if I pull it across your body?" He swiftly pulled the bow across her breasts.. breasts that had started growing rather large back when she reached puberty, and in only a tube top, not having much to deaden the sensitivity already elevated by thinking of his muscles. Her large green eyes disappeared as her eyelids closed, but her mouth opened. She swallowed hard and tried to look mad. "S-S-S-Stop that!" she stammered. He already ran it down her back as she tried to grab it.

"Still noise is all it makes!" he laughed. "I thought it's supposed to make beautiful music," he teased. Kevin reached around her from behind, pinning both her arms with only one of his, and then slid the bow between her legs, and pulled it upward, running the catgut against her crotch.. slowly and rhythmically.. up and down, back and forth, again and again with just enough pressure... "I bet you and me could make beautiful music.. you have always been a eyeful, sis. And sometimes.. I.. well, you know." He winked.

She suddenly realized she was letting it continue too long. He's getting the wrong idea! "Kevin, that's disgusting! I'm gonna tell Mom if you don't-" Her brother slid the bow softly under her chin, along one cheek and merely whispered "Shhhhhh.. only kidding, sis. You can take a joke, right. Here's your fiddlestick back." Katie gulped hard.. much more and she would be so wet that she's have to run upstairs and change so no one could see the wetness emerging through her shorts. "Beat it, Kevin!" she hissed. "Hey, Katie, that's all a guy can do when he gets all worked up and has no where to go!!"

He laughed as she tried to kick his butt, Kevin running upstairs to shower. God, even his ass was good looking. She HAD to stop thinking like this. It was wrong.. dirty.. a sin. She tried to practice again, but her concentration was blown. She headed upstairs to put the case away and watch some TV before dinner.

Passing by the bathroom, she heard Kevin turn on the water for the shower. He left the door open a few inches since the exhaust fan was never enough to keep mirrors from fogging up, and he loved to see himself. And right now, she wouldn’t mind seeing him either. She peeked in carefully, making sure to avoid a loose floorboard and saw all that he had on at this point was the tight white briefs. Sliding them off and kicking them aside, she almost moaned aloud but caught herself as she gazed at her brother’s buns... small and tight. “stop it!” she told herself and turned away. “What am I thinking? There are plenty of guys around.. plenty of hotties, and Kevin is my brother.. anyone would say this is gross! .. And still....”

Katie then heard her mom at the bottom of the stairs. “Katie, we're leaving now! Dad’s in the driveway and we’re late for A.C. as it is!’ Supper’s on the stove! Love ya!” Her mom blew her a kiss. “Give Kevin a big hug for me! Bye, baby!” She had almost forgotten her folks were going to Atlantic City for the night and most of tomorrow. A Friday night with no folks around.. what a waste! She should’ve set up for Jeremy or Jon to come over, but they were at some team tournament, so it was just her, a half gallon of ice cream and, if she was lucky, something racy on cable.. if her brother would be going out. Didn’t he say something about seeing Kerry tonight?

“Hey, Straddle Various! I’m going over to the mall with Kerry. Some stupid chick flick, but it’s the price of getting some of Kerry Mendlebaum. Later!” Before she could say a thing, he was out the door and starting the Mustang. “Kerry Easybaum is more like it... stupid slut. She’ll put out more than likely from what I hear.”

After supper, Katie showered, slipped on an oversized T-shirt and plopped in front of the TV with some chocolate almond Hagen Daz. Nothing much on, and she felt her eyelids droop and tried to stay awake til a good porn flick would come on. Suddenly she felt her shoulder shaken. “Sis, .. sis.. I didn’t know you watched this stuff.” It was Kevin, and she saw two women eating each other out on the Cinemax channel.

“Kevin, did you forget something? You just left.”

“Just left? It’s 11 PM, Katie. I caught the flick with Kerry, went back to her place, but she got mad when I did something and got all PO’ed at me. So I went home.”

“Did something? Like what?” Katie was curious now, but confused. She didn’t recall falling asleep.

“Well, I got hold of one of these and wanted to see her use it while I watched. It’s not like I was forcing it on her.” Kevin was tossing back and forth from one hand to the other a vibrator.

“Oh Kevin! You didn’t!”

“What? Girls use these. I know.”

“Yeah, some do,” Katie went on, “but you were really crass pulling it out and asking her to use it. It was ambushing her. Maybe in bed you could have.. I dunno.. talked about it. If.. um.. of course, you two are sleeping together.”

“That’s part of the problem,” he said, scooping up a glob of melted ice cream. “I was all worked up and she wasn’t going anywhere. With French kissing like that and letting me feel her boobs.. then nothing further.. shit! I was stoked and she got up and wanted to make fucking popcorn. I was horny as hell! I tried to do more and even said if she wanted to just pleasure herself, I’d back off and just watch. And I pulled this out. I was being fucking considerate and it got me nowhere!”

‘Well, aren’t we the romantic one?” Katie bent over to pick up her drink and snack off the floor, and could feel Kevin’s eyes taking in a good look down her T-shirt’s wide open neck, drinking in the view, and she wished she had put on a pair of panties after the shower. “So it was more a Kerry Mendle-bomb. You got stuck with a cold shower, huh?”

“Yeah,” Kevin replied. “All dressed up and nowhere to go.” He watched her walk to the kitchen and then flop back onto the couch, drawing up her smooth tanned legs, in an effort to cover her crotch, but wondering if it didn’t draw more attention to it.

“Did you ever use one of these?” Kevin switched on the battery operated dildo and it hummed away.

“What!? God, Kevin, no.. and, like, I’d tell you?”

“I bet you have and like it. But maybe you haven’t. Wanna try it now?”

Katie went beet red. “What? Helllllo... I’m your sister.”

“I know.. and a sweet one at that. And we can tell each other anything.”

“Since when?” she asked, incredulous.

“OK, well we can now. Go ahead.... it feels great they say.”

“No way! Turn it off.”

“Why, when it’ll turn you on.”

Before she knew what he was doing, Kevin leaned over and had her arms pinned to the armrest of the couch.

“What are you doing? Stop it! Get off!” She could smell his colone and feel his body heat.

“Or you’ll call out to Mom or Dad? Go ahead.. Oh! That’s right.... they’re not home!”

Katie started to feel scared. He was all sexed up and she’d seen that look in other boy’s eyes. As she felt her brother slide the T-shirt up her legs, she tried to kick him off her, but he was just too big. Kevin then reached down and grabbed a karate belt he had on the floor. He bound her wrists and tied the other end to one of the couch legs. He then slid the T-shirt up to her neck and gasped when her pussy was revealed. No panties and even more delightful, she was clean shaven. “Sis, you been experimenting, huh? Nice!” He caressed her mound as she squirmed and fought him with her legs, but it was no use.

Kevin licked the dildo up and down, wetting it for her, and grinned ear to ear as he leaned over. “Relax, sis. If you don’t like it, there’s always the real thing instead.”

“No. Kevin, stop! This isn’t right! I’m your sister! It’s me. Stop it. Let me go! Please stop this right now! This is crazy!” A loud smack as Kevin slapped her hard across her face. The pain burned.. searing her pride more than anything. He might have given in if he had asked the right way, but this was taking her! “Shut up! The only thing I want you to say is what I TELL you to say. And right now that’s begging for this! Beg!” He raised his hand to slap again and she flinched, yet she could not say OK. Not like this. She could not bear to say "Put it in me, please!”

Too horny to waste any more time slapping her or waiting for her to beg, Kevin whipped off his shirt, undid his jeans and slid them to the floor. The he got his briefs off... his eight inches of throbbing hunger totally on fire. To Katie, it looked more like a weapon of hate than a tool of love. She tugged and tugged but could not break free.

Kevin slid his hands over and over her boobs, her bare stomach, caressing her roughly, his hands moving down to her silken pussy, pushing her thighs apart. Then he french kissed her, but she turned her face away, eyes tightly shut. Katie began to cry "No, no.. please.".. flailing her legs but they were quickly pinned as her got ready to penetrate her.

"Wait! Kevin. I'm a virgin! The blood on the couch you won't be able to hide from Mom and Dad!"

He stopped, breathing heavily. She had a point. He ran off, and she hoped he might give up. But in a couple minutes he returned, his arms full. He laid out an old sleeping bag from Scouts. "I was gonna throw this out anyway." He laid it out on the floor near the couch, making it flat. He then undid the belt restraining Katie, and dragging her to the floor as she fought to break free, he revealed what else he had retrieved.. two pairs of pantyhose from her room.

First ridding her of her T-shirt, he then bound one wrist to an easychair leg, and then the other. Katie found herself as captive as a mouse under a cat's paw. This time Kevin sat back to inspect his work and drink in the scene. The more she struggled, the more turned on he was. She was so fucking gorgeous, he thought. God, this was the greatest! He was harder than a diamond and turned on the stereo loud in case she decided to scream and the neighbors heard something.

Katie stared at his throbbing cock, pink, thick and as perfect as any she had ever seen. Scared as she was.. somehow.. something felt exciting about this. She was totally out of control.. trapped and about to be taken by her own brother, and in spite of her disgust of this scenario, she was starting to get wet below.

"How's this, sis?" Kevin placed the humming vivrator slowly over her clit and parted the lips as he slowly slid it in, a little bit at a time, then out, then in.. gently... which surprised her. The bucking of her hips, writhing as she was, only caused it too penetrate faster and deeper, and she gasped.. her eyes wide.. as she felt.. good! Shit! It was nice. She looked shocked at Kevin who leered as usual, but fought all the harder to break loose. The chair moved a bit but was so heavy and she was tiring. "Time for the real thing, Katie. You'll love it."

Kevin held his cock to line up and slid his shaft in slowly, thrilled to find her wet. He looked at her, amazed and thrilled. She looked pissed. He knew she wasn't totally against this. He pumped faster and was scared he'd cum too soon. He skipped any condom, since he knew he could pull out soon enough, and this was so special.. his angellic sister.. that he wouldn't ruin it with a rubber.

Katie cried out in pain as she felt him pop her cherry. But the incredibly good feelings quickly replaced the hurt. Ohmygod, she thought, this is awesome. She iddn't like it.. she loved it. She matched his humping as he gyrated her pelvis, arching her back and fucking like a wild bronco. She felt his huge balls slapping her butt and he pumped deeper still.

"Oh god, Kevin, yes.. fuck me big brother. Yes. Yes. Oh god.. mmmmfff.. mmmfff.. oh! Oh! OH!" Katie climaxed.. She came like no time before. No masterbating ever made her feel like this! It was wonderful. "I knew it! I knew you wanted me, sis. Oh.. oh god.. oh.. uh oh!" He pulled out quickly, and gobs of sperm splattered on her chest as he came... some landing on her cheek. He brother panted and panted, laying back. "This time I had to take you.. but next time I want you to come when I tell you to, when Mom and Dad are out. No delays either, or I'll have to tie you up again.. or handcuffs... or something, understand? You are mine, Katie.. Mine alone... and I'll spoil you for anyone else."

It sounded so awfully arrogant and egotistical, but he was actually right. He did ruin it for her. No guy ever got her as hot as that night with Kevin. She knew she would be his forever, and submit to anything - anything - he wanted. After all, if you can't count on family, who can you count on?

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