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Family Ties


"Dang blast it!" Ellie-Sue cried as she looked at her dress. She was busy sweeping the dirt floor of the one roomed shack the family called home. Sweeping the floor was part of her chores for the day. Momma was down to the creek checking the crawdad traps, Poppa was up at the cave checking the latest batch of shine and her younger brothers and sisters were down at the village school.

Ellie-Sue was nineteen years old and her school learning days were over, she helped her mother look after the home and her only contact with the outside world was when she helped her father deliver his shine to his relative and friends.

"What you swearing about?" Billie-Ray stepped into the shack. Billie-Ray was her uncle, her father's brother, and he had taken to calling by when he knew that her parents were busy elsewhere.

"I caught my dress on this nail and it done tore it." She held out the front of her dress to show him where it had torn around the button holes and how it gaped, revealing her full young breasts.

"Let me see that." Billie-Ray took hold of the dress and examined it closely. "You going to have to take that off so's you can stitch it up, let me help you." He lifted the thin cotton dress over her head leaving her standing before him, naked. "That's one fine body you got there Ellie-Sue." His hand reached out and caressed her breast.

She did not draw back from his touch, feeling a tingle run through her body at the feel of his fingers on her nipple. She was aware that Uncle Billie-Ray was showing an interest in her. He wasn't the only one to do so, some of the neighbor boys had come to walking past the house so that they could sneak a look at her, but Uncle Billie-Ray was quite open about his interest. Every time he had been at the house, even when her parents were there, he couldn't stop looking at her.

He bent and took one of her nipples in his mouth and suckled on it noisily while his hand squeezed her other breast. Ellie-Sue could feel the heat rising in her body and she started to whimper under his touch.

Billie-Ray took her hand and placed it over his hard cock. "You done got my pecker hard Ellie-Sue, why don't you get it out of my pants and suck on it."

Ellie-Sue knelt in front of him and untied his pants and released his large and stiff cock. She took it in her mouth and began sucking on it, holding it at the base and moving her head up and down on the shaft. Pretty soon Billie-Ray was moaning and thrusting forward into her mouth.

He pulled away from her and picked her up and carried her to a bed in the corner. Lowering her onto it he bent down and placed his mouth over her pussy and his tongue lapped at her clit. Her hips jerked forward faster as he plunged his tongue deeper and deeper into her. With one final lunge she came, her juices washing into his mouth.

Billie-Ray bent over her and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy, he didn't need to push it in as she pushed herself down, impaling herself on his rampant cock. She was pushing down as he pushed into her and both of them were heading rapidly towards an orgasm.

"What you doin to Ellie-Sue Billy-Rae?" Billy-Jim, Ellie-Sue's father stood in the doorway.

"You done ask some Christly stupid questions Billy-Jim, cain't you see I'm ploughing Ellie-Sue's furrow and I aims to plant me a goodly crop. With a grunt he plunged deep into her and filled her with his cum. Withdrawing, he placed the end of his rapidly shrinking cock against her lips. Instinctively she began to lick their combined juices from it. "Don't you tell me that you haven't been figuring to do the same thing yourself?"

"I surely have. I think I might just have a bit of that right now. Come here girl." He had placed the jugs of shine on the floor and was pulling his pants down as she approached him. Without being told she dropped to her knees in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. While she sucked hungrily on her father's cock Billie-Rae knelt behind her and pushed two fingers into her pussy, feeling his cum as he pushed them in and out.

"I wants to do it doggy style." Billy-Jim said as he took his cock out of her mouth. Taking his brother's place behind her he lifted her ass up until he could push his cock into her from behind. Billy-Ray lay on the floor under her and she took his stiffening cock into her mouth, the force of her father's thrusting into her moving her mouth up and down her uncle's cock.

After several minutes Billy-Jim withdrew and lay on the floor beside Ellie-Sue. "Here girl you sit on my pecker". She put her leg over and lowered herself onto his hard cock. Billy-Ray moved behind her and placed his spit covered cock against her asshole. She whimpered as he pushed it into her virgin asshole, only stopping when he was fully in her. Both men began to push in and out of her at the same time and she could feel both large pistons pumping away at her body. Twice she came before first Billy-Jim and then Billy-Rae emptied themselves into her holes.

Billy-Rae stood up to allow Ellie-Sue to roll off her father. She lay on the floor with cum oozing from both holes. "Whooee Billy-Jim, that's one fine piece of ass you got there, what say we do her agin after we try some of that shine you just brewed.

Billy-Jim took a long pull on the jug and passed it to his brother. He grimaced as he swallowed the raw liquor. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, "That's a fine drop."

"What the hell is goin' on here?" Molly, the mother of Ellie-Sue, wife of Billy-Jim and sister-in-law of Billie-Ray, stood in the doorway, the sunlight shining through her thin cotton dress revealing a still slim figure. When she came further into the room they could see that her breasts were heading south, but not far.

"We've just been tryin' out Ellie-Sue here, she's some fine piece of ass."

"Girl, did they force theyselves onto you?"

"No Momma, I been wantin' for them to hump me, for anyone to hump me. I was goin' to grab them neighbor boys the next time they came sneakin' by and doin' them, but Uncle Billie-Ray done saved me from that. Then Daddy came home and both of them done hump me. Now I don't need to go anywheres else for it."

Billy-Ray moved behind Molly and hugged her to him taking her tits in his hands. "No needs for you to be jealous of Ellie-Sue cos you sure are still some fine piece of tail yourself." His hand lifted the hem of her dress and his fingers were pushed into her naked pussy. "I sure ain't goin' to get tired of fucking this pussy."

Molly raised the hem of her dress at the back and, bending over placed the tip of Billy-Ray's cock into the entrance to her pussy. He pushed into familiar territory and fucked her hard until she came, sobbing with pleasure. For several more minutes he continued fucking her until, with one final lunge her came into her.

The sight of her mother and uncle fucking was enough to arouse the passions in both Ellie-Sue and her father. "I want more of this." Ellie-Sue said as she took her father's rampant cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy. Needing no further invitation Billy-Jim fucked her hard until she sobbed in ecstasy. Seeing that Molly no longer had Billy-Ray in her he withdrew from his daughter and straddled his wife. She pulled him to her roughly and, with her legs wrapped around him urged him to fuck her harder. "C'mon Billy-Jim show me what you can do, fuck me so hard I won't be able to walk for days. C'mon fuck me! Fuck me! Fill me up with your cum! Make that fuckin' pecker spurt inside me!"

Ellie-Sue held her father's balls in her hand as he plunged in and out of her mother. She felt Billy-Rae finger her pussy until his cock was stiff again before pushing it into her still moist slit. The room was filled with the sounds of cocks being shoved in and out of cum-filled pussies and the smells of sex.

With a break for dinner of possum pie and salad greens washed down with shine, the orgy continued until well into the night. Billy-Ray slept with Ellie-Sue and they fucked again before breakfast. As she ate she could feel his cum oozing out of her pussy onto her chair.

After noon Ellie-Sue took a basket of clothes down to the creek to wash them. Bent over the water scrubbing her dress she was unaware of two of the neighbor boys standing behind her. "Hi Ellie-Sue, we was wondering if'n you would fuck us?" The bravest of them asked.

"Why would I want to fuck you?"

"We was lookin' into your house yest'day and we seed you fucking your father and uncle, so we figured we could get a piece of that action."

"Why would I fuck little boy peckers when I can fuck man peckers?"

"Ours are just as big as them when they's aroused."

"Hah! I bet you they ain't. If'n you can prove to me that they's as big as Pappy's and uncle Billy-Rays I might just let you fuck me."

Jimmy-Joe, the brave one, took his cock out and began to stroke it, working it to an impressive size. "Well, what do you think of that, then?"

Ellie-Sue knelt in front of him and looked closely at it. "That surely is some fine meat you got there." She wrapped her lips around it and began to suck him. It seemed like not more than a minute before, with his eyes closed, he grunted as he unloaded his cum into her mouth. "Shit I hardly got started on you. Now I guess I'll have to look at the other one to make me cum."

Petey stood before her as she took down his pants and lifted his cock up. Even though it was only half hard it was bigger that Jimmy-Joe's. She wrapped her hand around it and jerked him until it was fully erect before pushing him down on the ground and straddling him. She took control of the fucking, moving slowly up and down on his shaft, rocking her hips back and forth with each stroke. Petey reached out and cupped her tits with his hands.

Ellie-Sue's eyes were closed as they fucked, her mouth was half opened and a soft grunt came with each stroke. Jimmy-Joe, having recovered from his speedy climax was once more ready for action. Straddling Petey's legs he pushed his cock into Ellie-Sue's asshole and her grunts became louder as she was worked over by the two boys.

After fifteen minutes of fuck action Ellie-Sue was standing in the creek washing the cum that dripped out of both holes from her legs. "If'n you boys want to fuck me again I guess you can come by tomorrow afternoon."

Molly looked up as she walked into the shack. "You sure took some time doin' the washin'."

"Them cum stains sure took some getting' off."

"And you was puttin' more on while you was washin' them clothes, I seed you fucking them neighbor boys, how long have you been doing them?"

"This was the first time."

"Ain't your father and Uncle Billy-Ray enough for you that you got to go fucking everyone?"

"But they ain't here in the daytime and them boys are."

"How we goin' to tell which of them knocks you up? We gonna have to wait till the kid's born to see who it looks like so's we know who the daddy is, just like when you was born, but that sometimes doesn't work."

"What you mean?"

"I never did work out whether it was your Pappy or Uncle Billy-Rae who was your real daddy, they were both fuckin' me at the time I got knocked up."

Ellie-Sue's life was taken up with fucking an increasing number of neighbor boys during the day as word spread around about her willingness and enthusiasm. At times she was fucking three at a time while a queue of several boys watched the action as they waited their turn.

At night she was a part of an orgy involving her father, mother, Uncle Billy-Ray and from time to time her other Uncle Billy-Jim and several other invited guests, both male and female.

After some months of this action Ellie-Sue was talking to her mother, "Momma, I think I done got knocked up."

"How long since you had your last 'monthlies'?"

"I missed the last two."

"I best take you to see Doc Brown."

Doc Brown was the only doctor in the district and had delivered most of Ellie-Sue's generation. After a quick examination Doc Brown asked Ellie-Sue, "Who you been humpin' Ellie-Sue?"

"If you don't count Daddy, Uncle Billy-Ray and Uncle Billy-Joe, there's Petey and Jimmy-Joe and Dwayne and Bobby-Bob and some other boys I don't remember the names of, as well as men that Uncle Billy-Ray invited around."

Doc Brown called Molly into the room. "Did you know that Ellie-Sue's been humping half the town?"

"Yes Doc. But I kept an eye on what she was doin'."

"Do you realize that she is closely related to most of these men and that there is a good chance that the kid will be born an imbecile?"

"We didn't think about that."

"I think that the best thing for Ellie-Sue to do is to get shot of the kid and we'll talk about what to do after that."

"But we ain't got no money, how can we pay you?"

"It won't be me that does it. What I would suggest is that we send her to my sister in the city who'll look after the arrangements and Ellie-Sue can work for her for a year to repay the costs.

So it was that Ellie-Sue found herself no longer pregnant and working in a large house in the city. Her duties as a maid involved cleaning the rooms, helping prepare meals and other duties as required.

Six months after she began working Doc. Brown's sister held a dinner party in honor of her son, recently returned from a tour of Europe, where everyone who was anyone in the town was in attendance. Ellie-Sue, dressed in a maid's uniform was asked to assist with the serving of the various meal courses and the clearing of plates after each course.

She became aware that the attention of several of the guests followed her as she performed her duties. She could feel the heat rise within her as she worked, and on at least three occasions, as she reached over the table to retrieve plates that had been placed close to its center, she felt a hand run up her leg under her skirt, brushing her pussy. She was sure that whoever did this could feel how wet she was.

After the meal had finished the men had withdrawn to the smoking room while the women were seated in the salon. "Tell us about your trips to the fleshpots of Europe?" one of the men asked Courtney Parrington.

"I didn't visit too many fleshpots. Most of my time was spent on a walking holiday through Tuscany and the French countryside. I spent a couple of weeks in Montmartre watching the artists at work and I did go to the Moulin Rouge one night. While I witnessed many prostitutes at work in the streets I felt no great desire to take advantage of their services."

"But I thought the whole idea of going over there was to experience life and get it out of your system before you settle down back home."

Ellie-Sue had been sent to gather the ashtrays from the smoking room, empty them and return them. As she leant over to place an ashtray on one of the tables, she felt a hand slide up her leg and a finger slip under the hem of her panties and enter her pussy. She wasn't aware that she pushed down onto the finger until she could feel it fully inside her. A sigh escaped her lips attracting the attention of the other men in the room.

Doc Brown's Brother-in-Law, Chester Parrington, rose to his feet and walked over to her, holding out his hand for her. She stood and took the proffered hand and he led her to the center of the room, indicating that she should kneel on the floor. The men stood in a circle around her and removed their cocks from their trousers. Ellie-Sue went around the circle, sucking on each cock in turn until the man had cum inside her.

She was then stripped naked and pushed to the floor where the men again took it in turns to fuck her, except for Courtney who sat back and watched as she was fucked by each of them and they had each cum inside her pussy.

It was then that Courtney stood up, and taking Ellie-Sue's, hand led her to a bathroom where he gently washed away the traces of her ordeal. "Why did you let them do that?" He asked as he rinsed his hands.'

"Because I was horny as hell. You see I haven't had a man in me for nearly six months and I was so horny from just using my finger."

"But to let all those old men treat you like you were dirt, like you were nothing, how could you do that?"

"I am nothing, I'm just a poor girl working to pay off having to get rid of my kid."

"Come with me." He held out his hand and she took it. He led her a wing of the house that she had not been to before, it was expensively furnished with masculine touches everywhere, trophies of the hunt, several different rifles in a rack on the wall, a large leather chair and sofa.

He opened a door and led her into a room dominated by a large bed. "You will sleep here tonight." His statement left her with no alternative but to obey. She slept soundly through the night and when she woke, the clock on the wall told her that she was late for her morning duties. "Damn! I'm for it now!" She cried as she scrambled out of bed looking for her clothes. They were nowhere to be found.

Just as she had resigned herself to having to race back to her quarters naked the door opened and Courtney walked in. "You have been excused from your duties, I told Mother that you were indisposed. I also told her that you should be excused from further duty in the main part of the house, you are my servant now."

"I saw you at dinner last night and the other staff said it was for you, I've heard about you but don't know you. Who are you?"

"I'm sorry, you haven't seen me before last night, my name is Courtney Parrington, the party last night was in honor of my return from Europe where I have been traveling for the last two years. I am the son and heir of this family."

"What do you want me to do for you?"

"Whatever I tell you to do, oh you won't be worked hard, in fact there is little for you to do because the other servants take care of most of it. The first thing I want you to do is to put these clothes on." He held out a package that he had brought back with him.

Ellie-Sue turned her back on him and put on the underwear which included pants and camisole then a black skirt that came below her knees and a white blouse that buttoned in front.

There was a knock on the door, "Will you get that, it should be breakfast." Ellie-Sue opened the door to find a trolley with several covered dishes and a coffee pot. She wheeled it into the room and began setting the food out on a small table. Courtney emerged from the bedroom dressed in trousers and jacket, he wore riding boots that had been polished to a high shine. Ellie-Sue thought that he was the most handsome man that she had ever seen.

"Sit down and join me." He ordered. She sat and enjoyed the several dishes that made up this breakfast feast, finishing with a cup of strong black coffee.

"Why are you so kind to me?" Ellie-Sue asked.

"My mother told me something of what you have experience and I couldn't believe that any woman should have to endure such behavior from men, I didn't really think civilized men capable of such degrading behavior towards women until last night when I witnessed my own Father and his friends humiliating you. I knew that I had to do something, so I have taken it on myself to give you an education sufficient to see you improve your lot in society."

"You'll have a hard time, I ain't had no learnin' to speak of."

"You'll be surprised how much you know. School isn't the only way to learn, looking and observing is another way, and I was watching you last night and you were looking at everything that those people were doing, how they were talking, how they ate at the table. I bet that if you had to, you could do exactly the same now."

"I expect I could. I see nothing wrong to learning to behave like a lady."

"And you shall, not only in public but in private. You will no longer give yourself to the first person that asks. I was waiting for you to do something when those men put their hand up your skirt last night but you did nothing. In one way that was good, it showed that you were prepared to put up with a lot rather than risk offending one of my parent's friends, but between you and me, I would have jabbed a sharp knife into his hand, that would have stopped him in his tracks."

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