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Family Ties


She had wanted him for a long time. He was married to her husband's aunt, and quite a bit older than her. Still, he had remained sexy to her throughout her marriage, and now she had the chance to let him know her feelings.

Her father had been a pilot-self-assured, cocky, and even occasionally obnoxious. Her husband was a marketing executive and stayed in the air over foreign countries more than he did at home. He too, had an air of cockiness. She had loved it at first, but now it was getting old. Also, he was failing miserably in the sex department.

The uncle was different. At family gatherings, he seemed to enjoy staying in the background, laughing at everyone's jokes, helping clear the table, and being quietly overlooked. She always felt like prey being stalked when he was around. Although he had been at the top of his field during his career, he was retired, remaining with the company as a consultant. She was about to find out about some of the perks of his position.

He would be in the city while her husband was overseas, and seemed truly disappointed when he found that the three of them wouldn't be able to get together for dinner. She put her plan into motion and called him back. "Just because he's away doesn't mean we can't get together. When and where?" she asked. Unknown to him, she was nude, and had her pink vibrator on high, stroking her steaming pussy.

"I'm at the Met, downtown. I'll meet you in the lobby tomorrow at six," he replied, intrigued.

She knew she was taking quite a risk. He certainly may not have the same feelings as she did. After all, he had been married a long time. The only things he had ever said that even resembled anything sexy were once at a family wedding when he had told her husband, "You have the hottest wife in the place." She naively thought he was referring to the fact that she was sweating profusely. Another time, when she had asked about his tan, he told her, with a sly smile, that he did his yard work nude.

Just thinking about those two events had her squirming in her car seat, knowing that she was soaking it. Her panties were crotchless. Traffic was crawling, and she considered fingering herself, but that would spoil it for him. She primly held her thighs together and tried to remain focused on traffic. Finally, she arrived at the hotel and pulled into the underground parking deck. Stepping from the car, she gave the valet an eyeful of skin, and his smile told her he appreciated it.

She kept fit by regular exercise and tennis, and today she had pampered herself with a spa visit that included a Brazilian wax. She told the spa staff that it was a special day and let it go. As she walked to the elevator, she could feel her wet pussy lips rubbing together, creating that fabulous tingle that made her even wetter. She didn't want to put him off with something too daring, so she had chosen a red, wraparound dress that she wore to church. Still, it fit her like a second skin, and the color matched her lipstick and nails, giving her the appearance of a very sexy lady.

She arrived at the lobby, and saw him immediately. Dressed casually, he exuded a mature sexiness that she found irresistible. Shining grey hair, tanned, smiling face, and a perfectly proportioned, well toned body made her shiver at the possibilities. When he saw her, he held out his arms for the family-style hug, and she politely obliged. Their small talk ended quickly, and he asked her where she wanted to eat.

"Your room," she said, pulling him into the elevator, and punching the button for the fourteenth floor. Turning, she melted into his arms and gave him a very unfamily hug that got all of his attention. "Look," she said, grinding her hips into his and keeping her breasts in contact with his chest. "You're the sexiest man I know. My husband's overseas, selling something and I'm stuck at home with my toys. I've wanted to fuck you for fifteen years, and now we have the chance. If you have a problem, I'll leave now."

Looking into his eyes, she knew that she couldn't leave, even if he asked her to.

He simply asked, "You're sure?" and embraced her again. This time, her hand snaked around his neck and she pulled his lips to hers, kissing him passionately. When he opened his mouth, she darted her tongue into it and dueled his tongue seductively. Using her other hand, she reached down and rubbed his crotch shamelessly.

Releasing his lip the she was chewing on, she said breathlessly, "Oh, I'm sure. I'm sure I'm gonna fuck you."

He took the opportunity to crush her to his body and kiss her deeply, running his hands up and down her back, to her delightfully firm ass. Loving the silky feel of the dress, he wondered aloud if she was wearing panties.

"Yes, but they're special panties-just for you," she said impishly as the elevator stopped and the doors opened.

Taking her by the hand, he led her to his room and opened the door. Allowing her to enter first, he took the opportunity to admire her ass. The dress and the "special panties" made her ass look fabulous, and she certainly knew how to walk to make it even more desirable.

She was impressed with his accommodations and said so. He told her the suite was just a small perk of his position. "It even comes with an onsite maid of my choosing, if I desire," he said, as he stepped behind her.

He reached around her and gently pulled her to him, moving his hands to her breasts and his mouth to her neck. Kissing her softly, he rubbed her breasts until he felt her nipples harden in his hands. Her groan told him he was pushing the right buttons, so he continued. He kissed the spot under her earlobe and felt her shiver. She pushed her ass into his groin, and rubbed it against his growing erection. She turned and looked into his eyes, seeing the epitome of sexuality that she knew she had waited long enough for. "Look, I know we're kinda related, but don't get the chance to act on my fantasies very often. This is a very vivid fantasy I have played and replayed in my mind for years. You're a sexy older man, I'm a soccer mom. I know you and you know me. Who else am I going to fuck?" she asked matter-of-factly.

"OK. So I'm your fantasy. Just tell me what you want me to do," he said, as he stepped back, sat down, and took in her body lustfully. Her chest was heaving, causing her c-cup breasts to strain against the thin material of her bra and dress. He could see the outline of her nipples. Her hips had widened some over the years, but her shape was perfectly proportioned. The hem of the dress ended above her knees, giving her legs the appearance of being longer than they actually were. The red heels completed the picture of a lovely, horny woman, needing to be ravaged.

"I want you to be nude when I come back in here," she said, going into the bathroom.

"No problem," he thought, and began disrobing. He laid his clothes carefully on the table at the end of the bed, and walked to the window overlooking the city. His seven-inch cock had softened slightly, and he stroked it casually, thinking how this dinner date had turned out so far.

"Promise me you won't laugh," she said from the bathroom door. When she looked into the room, she caught her breath. He was silhouetted in the day's waning light, his body toned, his cock at half-mast, not hanging, but not standing. She had never seen a mature man's cock other than her husband's and it wasn't in this league. She, on the other hand was backlit by the bathroom lights, creating a gorgeous, sexy creature, intent on fulfilling her lustful desires.

"My dear, I would never laugh at a woman as lovely as you, no matter what the circumstances were," he replied, looking towards the bathroom door. She was standing there in a red silk bra and matching ass-hugging boy shorts. He realized the panties were crotchless, indeed making them "special." As she approached the window, she unhooked her bra and took it off. The motion of throwing it on the floor caused her breasts to sway gently, making them even sexier. He could detect her womanly aroma as she stood at his side.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked.

"I think your husband is a very lucky man, but I am also very lucky in that you have chosen me to take his place for a few hours. Come around here and let me look at you more closely," he said, as he took her hand and guided her to stand in front of him.

Her freshly shaved pussy shone with the combination of lotion and arousal. Her legs looked as if they were molded by a sculptor who truly loved capturing the allure of beautiful women. When she melted into his arms, he knew she had given herself to him for the sole purpose of pleasure. The way she kissed, the pressure her breasts were putting on his chest, her very erect nipples, the gentle pressure of her hips against his thigh-all the signs of submission to her primal urges, were not lost on him.

Never one to question motives when it was time to act, he put all thoughts of apprehension and guilt from his mind and concentrated on the task at hand. She had slid her arm around his neck, and held his mouth to hers until she was finished ravaging it with her tongue. Finally nipping his lips with her teeth, she released his head and said. "Whatever we do here today must stay between us. It will be our little secret at family gatherings."

"What if I want a return engagement?" he asked as he slid his hands to her breasts, thumbing the nipples gently.

"I guess we'll have to see about that," she answered coyly, as her hands roamed up and down his back, finally coming to rest on the tops of his hips.

She took his hand and placed it between her legs. He had never felt a wetter or hotter pussy. He slid a finger into her and hearing her sigh, he gently stroked it back and forth. "Does that tell you anything?" she asked as she looked deeply into his eyes.

"It tells me that you are the sexiest woman I've ever seen and you need very special care," he answered as he picked her up easily and carried her to the huge bed and laid her down near the center. He crawled after her and kissed her deeply, lingering for only a few seconds, before moving to her breasts. He gave each nipple its share of attention from his demanding lips before moving down her stomach. He laved her navel with his tongue while moving around to position his body between her splayed legs.

Her outer lips were swollen and flushed. She groaned quietly as he kissed his way down to her pussy and stopped. He was looking at the most delectable cunt he had ever seen, and he told her so.

"You have absolutely the most beautiful, desirable pussy I have ever seen, and I want to give it and you the pleasure it deserves. Please be patient and let me have my way with this morsel," he said.

She replied in that husky voice women attain when fully aroused, "It's yours to do with as you wish, but I can't wait much longer."

"Your wait is over, my dear," he said as he slid his tongue along her lips, reveling in the fragrance of lotion and arousal. He took his time, licking down each lip and the back up to their juncture. He could see her clit beginning to swell and protrude from its hood. Smiling inwardly, he licked down between her lips until he arrived at her rosebud, taking time to give it and introductory kiss.

She squirmed and said, breathlessly, "My husband has never touched me there."

"You are both missing another world of pleasure," he said, as he kissed his way back to her center, this time using his tongue as a spear and driving it as far into her slick pussy as he could. Rolling it around and licking the sides of her cunt, he felt her tense up, as she humped his face gently. Not wanting her to come, he slowed his ministrations until he heard her breathing slow down. Kissing up her dripping lips again, he asked, "Are you ready for this?"

"Um-humm," she answered, as he approached her now-extended clitoris, its pink nub glistening in his face. He licked it slowly, then attached his lips to it and sucked. He felt her hands behind his head, and as she climaxed, she ground her pussy into his face for what seemed like a full minute. Finally, her breathing slowed, and she released his head.

He looked up between her legs at her face, a slight sheen of perspiration covering it and the rest of her body. Her legs splayed even farther apart as her body relaxed completely.

Realizing she had been completely quiet, he asked, "Are you always this quiet when you have an orgasm?"

"Yes. I don't want to wake the children," she said. "Besides, there are probably guests next door and we wouldn't want to disturb them."

Laughing heartily, he kissed his way back up her body, leaving a trail of pussy juices along the way. "Darling, my company owns this hotel, and reserves this floor for executives. Sometimes, while away from home, they engage in 'fun activities' that may be quite loud. Extra soundproofing has been installed in the walls to prevent embarrassment. I've heard that there are some rooms with amenities like wall-mounted handcuffs and whips. You can be as loud as you want."

"I'll try," she said meekly, as if the thoughts of expressing herself during sex were completely new to her.

He had begun kissing her eyelids and moved to her ears, never lingering, but moving with soft, demanding kisses that started her burning desire anew. He had moved to her side, and now slid his hand over her breasts, tweaking her nipples. He slid his hand down to her pussy, and easily inserted his middle finger.

"Has your husband ever fingered you to orgasm?' he asked, gently working his digit back and forth.

"No," she said quietly.

"Well, just lay there and enjoy. This may take a few minutes, since you just came. Please feel free to express yourself," he said, as he used his thumb to massage her clit. Sliding his finger in and out two or three times, he changed the angle and crooked his finger. Maintaining light contact with her sensitive clit, he concentrated on finding her g-spot. After a few seconds of exploring her inner workings, he touched upon that magical area of flesh and held his finger still. She groaned audibly, and he knew he had arrived at Nirvana.

"Tell me how it feels," he urged.

"It feels soooo good. I didn't know a finger could make me feel this good. Please, don't stop. Oh, yes! Right there!"

Her pussy seemed to take on a life of its own, as he sawed his finger back and forth over her sensitive bundle of nerves. He increased his pressure on her clit, knowing that she was seconds away from a second climax. "Tell me," he urged.

"Oh my God! Right there! Yes!Yes!Yeees!" Her eyes flew open as the wave of feeling washed over her, moaning loudly and loving the release. Her spasming pussy clenched his finger and held it in place until the aftershocks subsided.

He looked down at her almost as a loving father would look at a happy child. "Now, wasn't that better?" he asked, as he slid his body alongside her, cuddling her gently.

"Better? That was great! I never knew a finger could do that to my pussy. Did I scream?" she asked.

"No, you moaned though," he said, nuzzling her neck and pressing his throbbing seven-inch cock against her hip. She reached over and stroked it, never having felt a cock other than her husband's and again was amazed at the size.

"I don't know if I can take all of that thing," she murmured, as she began stroking it. When her hand approached the head, she realized his dick had a very pronounced upward curve. She looked down at his organ and groaned. "How does that curve work? Doesn't it hurt your wife?" she asked, still stroking gently.

"Actually, no. The curve allows me to reach the same spot with my dick that I just found with my finger," he answered, getting to his knees and showing her his cock in all its glory. She stroked it gently and used her thumb to rub the precum around the head.

"Let me massage your breasts," he said quietly. She spread her arms and arched her chest upwards. He took his erect, throbbing cock in his hand and gently rubbed her nipples, spreading the precum around as lubricant, and delivering the most erotic massage she had ever imagined.

She looked down and licked her lips, saying, "I want to taste it." He accommodated her and moved the head to her mouth. Licking it with abandon, she soon had it shining with moisture. "Think it's slick enough to fuck?"

"We'll see," he said, as he moved between her thighs. As he moved his massive cock closer to her cunt, he could feel the heat emanating form it. Resting the head at her lips, he told her, "You have the hottest pussy I have ever felt. I feel like I could fuck you for hours."

"Well, get started. I've waited long enough!" she said, breathlessly.

As he slid the head past her lips, it felt as if he was burying his cock into a cauldron of molten metal. Never had he felt such heat surrounding and caressing his dick, and as he slid it deeper, it seemed to get even hotter. Finally burying his throbbing cock to the hilt, he looked into her half-closed eyes, and realized that she had never had a dick this deep in her pussy.

Holding himself still, he asked softly, "Is it all you expected?"

"Oh, yessss.........and more!" she purred. "Now fuck me!"

He moved his cock back, feeling her lips grasping it as he withdrew. Slowly, sliding it back in, he felt her vaginal muscles contract and urge it deeper. He withdrew faster, and she groaned quietly. Knowing that she was ready, he held her ankles together and put both her calves over his left shoulder, effectively squeezing his cock with her pussy walls.

Her eyes flew open and she asked, "Where did you learn that? It feels great!"

"Just one of my tricks," he responded, deeply, slowly fucking her. His cockhead was actually rubbing one of her walls, and she told him, "My husband's dick never touches the sides."

He smiled down at her and increased his speed slowly. He moved his hands to her thighs and raised her ass off the bed, fucking more intently. The increased speed got her hotter and she began to groan. "Tell me," he urged.

"Oh, God! It feels so good. Fuck me harder, please!" she cried, clutching at his shoulders.

He didn't respond, continuing with his methodical attack on her nerve center, knowing the magic that his curved cock was working. Straightening, he held her ass off the bed and slipped a pillow under her hips.

Slowly sliding her legs off his shoulders, he spread them to achieve maximum penetration. He pushed her thighs as far as he could and increased the tempo of his strokes until she began to fuck back, meeting every thrust, fucking him with the same fire and intensity.

"Talk to me," he urged.

"Oh, God! I've never been fucked so good! Your dick is so big! Keep on fucking---I'm cuuumming!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. The pleasure hub of the universe was centered where they coupled. It was if she had a volcano for a pussy and it was erupting with a gushing flow of molten lava. His iron-hard cock was only increasing the pressure, as he sped up to match her thrusts.

When he felt her spasming, he released his first spurt. As she realized he was coming too, she fucked harder, clenching him with her cunt and inducing more intense spurts of jism from his dick. He seemed to come forever, and she rode the wave of her orgasm just as long, beating the bed with her fists and fucking with just her body. She bucked and writhed against him until they were exhausted.

They collapsed into each other's arms, breathing heavily and simply enjoying the afterglow of their intense encounter. He rolled off to her side and propped on his hand, smiling broadly.

"For a soccer mom, you sure know how to keep an old man happy," he said softly.

"That dick doesn't belong to an old man. I've just been fucked by a very sexy experienced lover, and he knows how to satisfy this soccer mom," she replied as she tilted her head and pursed her lips.

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