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Family Ties that Bind


"How do you explain this Mark?" Mrs. Stern asked, knowing quite well the question was rhetorical. The young man sitting in front of her wiped the sweat from his brow with a trembling hand. He was handsome. But there was more to it than that. Much more. There was history...even though the young main remained ignorant of all of it.

Mark couldn't think of a good answer. He knew it looked bad. Very bad. It had started off bad enough. A program he had written didn't work quite as it should. Money...not much had been credited to customers accounts. When he discovered the flaw it was too late. So stupid. He was new to the job at that time. If he owned up to it, it would have surely meant his job.

But that's when bad when to so much terribly worse. Stupidly worse. He made a few more adjustments. Bingo! It was as if his mistake had never been made.

"I know it looks bad," Mark said. "I made a mistake. I'm sure it can be fixed."

"Embezzling isn't something that is usually fixed," Mrs. Stern said. "It's something people are sent to prison over."

"Embezzling..." Mark felt his heart drop into his stomach. It wasn't embezzlement, but a simple mistake. "But I never...I never...received anything."

"Mark," Mrs. Stern said. "Anyone who looks at this is going to think you stole it. Where is it? Where's the money now? Look at all these transactions. Thousands moved here. Thousands moved there. All these reports changed so that everything balances."

"It's there. I mean. It's ours. Well except the original loss."

"So you expect me to believe that?" Mrs. Stern kept her face passive, but inside she smiled. Oh how she smiled. Here it would come. She had been looking forward to this moment. "It's only out of respect for your father that I'm even bothering to help you. Otherwise, I'd just notify the appropriate authorities."

That wasn't quite true. If it weren't for his father, Mrs. Stern would have never made those adjustments to his program. Would have never entrapped the handsome young man.

"You see Mark," Mrs. Stern said. "When I was your age your father helped me in a similar situation. He showed me the err of my ways. Took me under his wing so to speak. I'm going to offer you a chance. Just like he did me. You'll start just like I did. I was your father's secretary... you'll become mine...only your title will be different. You'll be my executive assistant. What do you say to that?"

"....but I went to school for finance," Mark stammered. An executive assistant. The only ones he knew of were female. The career prospects...not so good. "I - I wouldn't know where to begin."

"You'll figure it out...or else you'll begin in prison and a lengthy trial I suspect."

"I guess...I guess I have no choice." Mark could see no way out of his present dilemma.

"Of course you do," Mrs. Stern said. "You can take your chances or put yourself in my care. I had the same choice many years ago. I think I made the right one."

"Okay..." Mark said. He didn't like the prospect of becoming her executive assistant, but the other consequences were out of the question. "I'll do it. I'll become your new executive assistant."

The young man's cheeks burned bright red. How was he to explain this to his fiancee or his coworkers. He wasn't paid that well, but this was still quite a step down for him.

"No Mark," Mrs. Stern said. "That wasn't the question. Do you want to take your chances or put yourself in my care? Which will it be?"

Mrs. Stern smiled, peering over her glasses, her eyes burning like lasers into his soul. Put yourself in my care - it wasn't something that a man admitted. It showed weakness, and it required the sacrifice of a great deal of pride, but it was better than the alternative.

"I put myself in your care ma'am."

"That's a smart boy," Mrs. Stern said. "I made the same choice. Now it's time for us to seal the deal."

Mrs. Stern stood and sauntered over to the young man. She took him by the hand and backed him up against her desk. Mark grew more and more uncomfortable. Unsure where this was leading, but beginning to suspect more and more that it involved something sexual. 'Put yourself under my care.' Those words echoed through his mind. Made his knees shake. This wasn't possible, was it? Well, he had heard of women being in situations, but never men.

"What are you doing?" Mark asked, his hands catching hers by the wrists and she worked to open his belt.

"It's scary isn't it Mark?" Mrs. Stern said. "How well I know. It was a Tuesday, April 19th, 1983; when your father took me under his wing. He led me to a desk...much like this one - only smaller. He put his hand on the small of my back and told me to bend over. I knew what he wanted, even as I complied. I could have screamed...I could have stopped him. But I was letting him. Still, something felt different. Different than all those times with my boyfriend.

I couldn't stop my hands from shaking. Then he pushed my skirt over my bottom, and took hold of my panties. Then it hit home. I knew before what was going to happen, but that one last thing made it all so real. It was too much. I couldn't. I caught hold of my cotton panties... and held on for dear life.

Then do you know what your father said Mark? He said, Gloria, you put yourself in my care. You've given yourself over to me. That means from eight to five, your ass belongs to me. Now, if you want my help, you'll lower those sexy little panties to the floor. You won't be needing them anymore.

I should have just let him take them off. I curse myself for my weakness. Because then...do you know what I had to do? I had to do it for him. Had to take them down and bend over for him. Spread my legs for him. And then there was worse, so much worse, I had to rub myself to get ready for him. Make myself wet so he would take me.

If I could go back in time, I would have held still and let him do as he willed. It would have been so much easier for my first time. I could have told myself that it was all him. That I did nothing. But because of my fear...I had to do ....everything.

Mrs. Stern smiled grimly, slipping her glasses up on her nose. "Now you've given yourself over to me Mark. Quite the turn of events. Now if you want my help, you'll do the same thing. Only, I think I'll have you strip off everything. Then lay back down on my desk like a good boy."

"This isn't fair," Mark whined. "I'm not my father. I didn't do anything to you. I shouldn't be punished for something he did all those years ago."

"You are not being punished," Mrs. Stern said. "I'm doing you a favor. Just like your father did for me. Even if I didn't appreciate it at the time. Enough games, do what I say or take your chances with the authorities."

Mark continued to negotiate, but he did so while removing his shoes and socks. Then came his shirt. His pants. Mrs. Stern looked on appreciatively. He was an attractive young man. Could use a bit of exercise, but that would come. Mark was still negotiating. We can make a deal. Garnish my salary.

We don't have to do this.

Ah, but he did. She picked up the phone to make sure he knew just how little choice he had. Soon, the young man was down to a pair of blue boxers, which he hesitantly lowered, his cheeks blossoming a bright red. His hands over his crotch, he sat back against her desk.

"Lay back," Mrs. Stern said, squatting down and removing her panties from under her skirt.

"Please...." Mark begged, as he leaned back and closed his eyes.

"It's time Mark," Mrs. Stern said, her hand weaseling in, working to discover his tightly clenched member. "Time to put yourself in my hands. "

Mark's blood pounded in his ears. He didn't give himself over... not quite. But he didn't fight either, letting her take him in her hand. Cold clammy hands wrapping around his member.

"Oh you should be pleased," Mrs. Stern said. "Did you know I had to rub myself for ten minutes while your father looked on? I had never had anyone watch me do such a humiliating act before. Not even my boyfriend. Try as I might, I couldn't get aroused for your father. Not until I learned to close my eyes and fantasize of something else. But you....you are hard as a rock already...this is going to be so much easier for you Mark...so much easier. Trust me."

But his body's betrayal didn't make it easier for Mark. Not one bit. Instead he felt betrayed. By his father and then his own arousal. How could he be turned on by this older woman. She wasn't attractive...not like his fiancee. Her hair pulled back in a severe bun. Glasses. Crows feat in the corner of her eyes. Her body thicker. Her hips widere. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. He was cheating on Julie. Cheating for the first time ever.

"Please Mrs. Stern," Mark begged, even as the older woman climbed on top of him. Even as she sat down, her tight wet sex enveloping his manhood. "Don't do this. I'm engaged. If not for me, then for my fiancee."

"I know how it feels," Mrs. Stern said, her glasses hanging by their leash as she leaned over. Moving up and down now. Fucking him. She bit her lower lip. "It helps if you think of this as something you are doing FOR her. If you weren't doing this right now, you would be at the police station. That would really break her heart. And then if she loves you, she would stick with you through the trial. Through prison. And you would cheat there too Mark...you aren't a very manly man if you know what I mean. Could you imagine visitation day...coming to see her, but holding some man's pocket. Could you imagine it Mark? Can you just imagine?

But this...this...she never has to know about the sacrifice you made for her. Never."

Mrs. Stern looked down at the naked young man laying beneath her. So young. So attractive. His eyebrows creased in consternation as he tried in vain to think of his young sweetheart. Mrs. Stern actually approved of this line of thinking...what she didn't want was him thinking like she thought so many years ago. Thoughts of revenge. Of turning the tables. Of dominance.

"What did you say your fiancee's name is?" Mrs Stern asked.

"Ahhh...Julie," Mark gasped. It didn't feel right talking about her, not while doing this. Cheating on her. Poor innocent Julie. Even if it was for her benefit.

"Is she pretty?"

"Mmmm..yes.." Mark said. Very pretty. Straight blonde hair. A nice body. An easy smile.

"You must have been her first," Mrs. Stern said. "Otherwise...I just can't understand..."

"Wha-what do you mean?" Mark couldn't stop himself from asking. He didn't want to be lured into this conversation. He wanted to think of wholesome thoughts. Think of the past weekend, playing scrabble with his fiancee. Think of the words they spelled. Anything but this awful woman. And yet, Mrs. Stern had managed to get under his skin with the one topic he couldn't ignore. His fiancee Julie.

"Surely someone has told you," Mrs. Stern said. "A former girlfriend...anyone?"

"I don't ...I'm not sure what you are talking about," Mark gasped in time to Mrs. Stern's bouncing.

"You are small Mark," Mrs. Stern giggled. "Tiny. How can you possibly manage to satisfy her? A lifetime is a long time to be sexually frustrated."

"I - I just - do...oh - oh God...hold on...take it easy...take it oh oh..." Mark groaned as he felt the warmth seep into his groin. His balls filled to bursting. By then it was too late to wait. He closed his eyes and his hips thrust. He felt betrayed by his own body. To climax with this awful woman. Worse, to do it as she made derogatory comments regarding his size. Verbally emasculating him.

"Fuck...." Mrs. Stern exclaimed. "Already? Useless. Oh dear me, did I say that? I didn't mean it. Poor boy. It's just that I'm a bit frustrated. You've left me in an awful state.

Erm..but it was fun. Really..it was a lot of fun. Isn't that what I'm supposed to say? How Julie says it. Is it?"

"...yes...I suppose so," Mark admitted. Well, it wasn't how Julie said it. He'd never paid attention to how she said it before. Now he was beginning to second guess things.

"Good," Mrs. Stern said. "I know how sensitive you men can be."

Mrs. Stern kept working herself on his rapidly diminishing member. Felt his cock still twitching. So wet from his healthy deposit.

"Poor Julie," Mrs. Stern said. "I can only imagine what that poor girl must go through to be worked up time and time again...only to be left high and dry by someone so insensitive to her needs."

"It isnt' like that," Mark argued sullenly. "I meet her needs very well. I do other things to meet them. A woman...a woman doesn't usually climax from penetration you know...it's usually done another way...." It was to graphic to describe, worse, he felt that he had said to much already. But, he couldn't stop himself. No one accused him of failing to meet the needs of the woman he loved.

"Oh you have me curious young man," Mrs. Stern said. "A woman can masturbate herself or use a vibrator. Is that how you meet your woman's needs? You buy her a battery operated lover? As if she couldn't buy one herself. You are your father's son after all. He was never able to please me either. I can see this was a mistake."

"I-I don't have to buy anything," Mark said. "I ...." Oh it was so hard to say. Everyone did it. Didn't they? He thought so at first, but the way Mrs. Stern acted, he wasn't quite so sure. But it was becoming more and more clear that the men in Mrs. Stern's life...even his very own father didn't. He wasn't just unsure anymore, he was feeling downright embarrassed.

"...lick her." Mark finished, his face blushing furiously.

"Oh my," Mrs. Stern said, a look of surprise on her face. Although it wasn't a surprise at all. This conversation was going in exactly the direction she wanted it. "You lick her. You please her like a girl pleases another girl. Is that how you do it? After you tease her up, you go down on your knees for your fiancee? What does she have on you? Did she take you under her wing in college. Is that why you do it?"

Mark was quickly coming to realize his new boss was mentally not all the way there. Didn't she realize that two people who loved one another did things to please each other. That was the way things were. He felt as if he were constantly having to defend his relationship. Julie didn't have anything on him. She didn't need it. He loved her. "I do it to please her. I'm sensitive to her needs. I want it to be fun for her too."

"It would be cruel otherwise..." Mrs. Stern said, her eyes twinkling evilly. "To have a girl make do with a cock that wasn't up to snuff. To work her up...and then get your jollies before she's even gotten started. Misogyny. Base cruelty. You're not that sort of guy are you Mark. Sensitive. Isn't that what you said Mark? You are sensitive aren't you?"

"Yes..." Mark muttered. He felt like he was being verbally trapped into a no win situation. His feeling and sensitivity being turned against him. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach as Mrs. Stern slowly but steadily climbed up his body. She couldn't possibly mean to. Not now. Not after. Or could she?

"Oh Mark," Mrs. Stern said, as she spread her thighs to either side of Mark's head and raised her skirt out of the way. "You've got me in such a state. High and dry. I don't think you can imagine the sort of state I'm in. What happens when you put Julie in such a state? What does a sensitive man do in such a situation?"

Oh God, she meant to do it, Mark realized. Mrs. Stern's bony finger rubbed through her wet folds. Dear Lord, her pussy was soaking, and as she pulled it free, Mark couldn't help but notice the strand of sticky pearly slime that followed after.

"I don't usually put her in such a state," Mark breathed. And he didn't. There was foreplay. And he would lick her clit before. But never after.

"Such a good boy," Mrs. Stern said. "Taking care of her needs. Licking her like a woman would. Now it's time to take care of my needs." And with that she began to settle down on the young man's terrified face.

"I don't think..." Mark whispered as her well used cunt descended so fast that it cut off the last of his response.

"Shush..." Mrs. Stern said. "Save your energy. You're gonna need it."

Mrs. Stern remembered the day Mark's father first took her under his wind. He fucked her from behind. Slapping her ass. Pounding into her. Using her. Feeling him swell inside.

"I'm not on the pill," she begged.

"Then you better get on it," he said. "On your knees then my little slut. Today, I'm make my deposit into your stomach." It was her only alternative. She put him in her mouth. Tasted her own perverse juices for the first time. And then he came. The taste. Awful. Slimy. Like baking soda and salt.

God! How awful! Gack! Baking soda and salt thought Mark. How did this happen? This wasn't like when he pleasured Julie. Not at all. There he'd lay down and lick her. At his leisure. But not with Mrs. Stern. She set the pace. She worked his face and mouth with her sex. Telling him to suck her clit. To run his tongue up and down her slit. To slow down. To speed up. Sometimes rubbing her damp sex over his whole face. Soiling him. Sometimes sitting on him with such force he couldn't breathe. But the worst was the comments.

"Get that lazy tongue busy, or must I do all the work too? Sensitive my ass ...Useless is more like it. Oh wait. Oh Markie. That. Now that's nice. I can see what your Julie sees in you now.

But her moment of bliss didn't last long. Soon she was at him again.

"Is that all you know how to do? Only one trick? Are you a one trick pony Mark? A woman has more than a clit, she has a pussy too. Now lick down there. Give me a suck. Come on Mark, suck me. You know you want to."

But Mark didn't want to suck. Not one bit. He had avoided that area, knowing very well what he had done in there. He had already had it smeared on his face. And yes, he had tasted it already...but this was going too far. But Lord, she had him trapped down there, barely able to breathe.

Looking down between her thick thighs, Mrs. Stern saw Mark's wide terrified eyes. Saw them widen even more as she reached down and took hold of his nose and pinched his nostril shut. Oh yes, such a glorious feeling. Carnal desire with a double dose of revenge. She rubbed her clit, though it wasn't necessary. She was already climaxing. The man who awakened her dark desires - she had his son now. Had turned him into her scum sucker. As her cunt pulsed she could feel it evacuating the cum that had been deposited there. To which she added a much larger dose of her own. Mark did his best to drink the bitter sweet brew down. Coughing and sputtering when Mrs. Stern finally raised off his face. His face red. Chest heaving as he attempted to catch his breath.

"You are a pretty enough young man," Mrs. Stern said as she smoothed down her skirt. "But you have much to learn about pleasing a woman. But not to worry, we have plenty of time."

Mrs. Stern still wasn't finished with Mark. He learned that he had new duties now. He had to see to his face and body. Even though the only thing available was paper towels and glass cleaner. Only then was he allowed to put his clothes back on. Then he was assigned the task of cleaning the sweat and other sticky discharges from Mrs. Sterns executive desk. How was he ever going to manage this? He was sure that he couldn't.


Surprisingly Mark was able to manage. He thought of himself as a survivor. And he could survive this. It wasn't quite so bad as he had first figured.

Oh dear reader, I'm sure you think that it isn't such a bad trial for a young man. A pretty fiancee at home and a demanding older lover at work. A pleasant enough fantasy. But in real life....it was hard work...and it was about to get harder.

The phone buzzed on the desk. Mark immediately answered it. His heart sped.

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