tagMind ControlFamily Time Ch. 2

Family Time Ch. 2


I let mom and Marilyn clean up and we played around until bedtime, We enjoyed each other again and again. I brought them both together in front of me and told them that they would sleep now, but when they awoke, they would still be in a trance. I was afraid I'd lose my hold on them after they fell asleep, but I knew the suggestion would hold. We slept in mom and dad's bed, it was a king and I slept between them. I sucked alternately on mom and Marilyn's tits and fingered them both before we dozed off. I woke up to a beautiful sight, my mom on one side and Marilyn on the other and both nude.

I woke them and had them both suck me off together, Marilyn took my head in her mouth while mom concentrated on my balls and shaft, teaching Marilyn how to do it. I had mom sit on my face and I ate her as Marilyn continued to suck me off. I exploded in Marilyn's mouth and mom did in mine, it was great! We had breakfast and I wouldn't allow either one of them to dress. I watched them walk around with their little tits shaking as they walked and their asses jiggling, it got me real hard. I made Marilyn get down on her knees and blow me and had mom eat her again, it looked great from where I sat. Mom must have improved because Marilyn acted like she was going to swallow my cock and balls both! Marilyn and I came and then she and mom kissed and shared my load as they caressed each others tits.

I figured about 2 that I would let Marilyn go home, after all it was Saturday. I sat her down and told her that she would get dressed and go home and as she opened her door, she would remember nothing about the previous night. She had been at Amanda's and they had watched tv and listened to music. I kissed her and sent her home. I brought mom out too, I told her she would not have a recollection of Marilyn, but would remember eating pussy and that she had enjoyed it.

I had her get back in bed and told her after I left the room, she would wake up. I went and got dressed and she came to my doorway, "Good morning Jonathan, how's my baby?" She had pulled her robe on and still looked sweet.

"Good mom, but it's afternoon," I told her.

"Oh my God, I sure slept late," she laughed. I walked over and gave her a kiss and opened her robe and stroked her pretty tits and teased the nipples. "Now Jonathan, you know that will turn me on," she smiled. She dropped to her knees and took my cock out and bathed it with her mouth, taking more and more in with each suck. She massaged my balls and looked up at me as she sucked, it was incredible! She reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks and thrust me into her face as she tried to take more of me. I told her that I wanted to cum on her face and tits and she let her robe drop to the floor as she mouthed me.

She could feel it cumming and pulled me out and jacked me off, cum lodged in her nose and spit up on her hair and then she aimed my cock at her tits and coated them. She let go of me and rubbed the cum into her tits and scaped it out of her nose and into her mouth. "I need a shower now," she laughed. She cleaned my cock and went off to the shower. I went to the kitchen and got a drink and sat down and turned the tv on.

I heard a key in the front door and figured dad had come home early. "Hello Jonathan," and I looked to see my sister Melanie. "Hi Mel,"

I said, and she asked where mom was and I said she was in the shower. She sat down and grabbed my soda and took a drink. I looked at her as she drank my soda, Mel isn't a bad looking girl, blonde hair, hazel eyes and a little bit of a paunch, all that college life I guess. Then it hit me, and I looked in her eyes and she brought the drink down and said, "What?" And then her eyes glazed and she was mine. I left her sitting there while I went to take care of mom. Mom had just gotten out of the shower and I looked her in the eyes and she glazed over too.

"Mom, Mel is home and we are all three going to play together, ok?" She nodded her head and I told her to sit on the bed. I went back down and got Mel and took her to mom and dad's room. "Mel, take your lothes off," I said and sat down with mom to watch. She had a tshirt and shorts on and she pulled the tshirt over her head, no bra! Way to go sis, and then she pulled her shorts down and stepped out of them and the her thong. Mel had a nice body, her tits were mom's size and she had a nicely trimmed bush. That would have to go, I said to myself.

I told her to lay on the bed and sent mom to get a razor and cream and to shave Mel's bush. Mom worked very intently on Mel's bush and soon it was gone. She got up and took the gear back and I walked up and admired her handiwork. I ran my hand across Mel's smooth mound and inserted one finger in her twat, she was pretty tight, I figured all those college jocks would have reamed it out by now. "Ever eaten another woman Mel?" I asked and she nodded yes, a liberated woman!! I told mom to sit on her face and Mel began eating mom out. "Is she good mom?" I asked and mom cried, "Oh yes!!" I dropped my jeans and shorts and pushed my semi hard cock towards Mel's pussy. I glided it over the lips and then teased her clit with my head and she started moaning with a mouthful of mom's twat. I pushed the head in and she was already wet! I started with slow, short strokes and then stretched them out and soon I was burying my cock to the hilt, much to Mel's elation. I took my thumb and played with Mel's clit as I pumped her and she soon screamed into mom's wet pussy as she came. I blew my load into her and withdrew, a trickle of cum sliding down towards her ass hole. Then I had mom bend over and her and Mel were doing a 69, as mom ate my cum out of Mel.

I sat back and watched the action, rubbing my cock back to life. I had them switch positions so that Mel was on top and I climbed up on the bed and inched towards Mel's ass. I took some of the lube and lubed her asshole and plunged a finger in, it was like a firecracker had gone off in there! I pumped her with my finger to lube her and then put my cock in my sister's tight little ass hole. She ground onto mom's face as I pumped her ass and she dug her face in mom's twat.

The two of them had an orgasm and I wasn't far behind them. I pulled out of Mel's ass, she was not as tight as mom so I figured she had done it more than mom and Marilyn had. I had them shower together and told them to feel free to explore each other, I heard several screams from the shower, so I figured they had found all the right spots. We all ate dinner and sat in the rec room and watched tv. I heard the door upstairs and my heart sunk-Dad! I rushed up to meet him and he said,"I see Melanie is home. Where's your mom?"

"We're all down watching tv dad," and I had a tough time getting him to look me in the eyes. He finally did and wham,he was mine too. I took him down to the rec room and said,"Look guys, dad is home." They all looked at each other and then I said,"Bet you're tired after your trip, huh dad?" He nodded yes and I told Mel to go over and help him out of his clothes. It certainly wasn't the first time Mel had ever undressed a guy, she was good at it. I told him to sit after he was naked and I said, "Wouldn't a nice blow job make you feel better?" He agreed and I had Mel blow him.

His cock was soft so Mel worked it up and down and licked it until it was hard and then took him in her mouth and sucked on him. His head fell back as he enjoyed his blow job from his daughter. "That sure looks good dad, mom, I'll take one too," and she moved between my legs and opened my jeans and took me in her mouth. Family sex, what a sight, Mel sucking dad and mom sucking me. Dad was getting close, so I made Mel stop and told her and mom to switch places. "Mom swallows now dad, you'll like that," and a smile came to his lips as mom resumed her sucking but this time on dad.

Mel started sucking my cock and burying as much as she could in her hot mouth. Soon her nose was in my pubic hair as I felt the back of her throat, my Mel was quite a little cocksucker. I heard dad moan and saw him shooting into mom's mouth and she greedily swallowed it and sucked him until he went soft. Mel was soon swallowing herself as I let loose in her mouth and pulled her head tight against my crotch. The silence was getting to me, so I decided to have a talk with them.

"We are a family, and we fuck each other anytime we feel like it. And there's nothing wrong with it. If you want something from one of us, just ask and we will do it. Do you understand?" and they all nodded agreement. "Wake up and enjoy your family." Dad thought nothing of mom between his legs and his cum dribbled on her chin and Mel did likewise about her situation.

"You know, I've always wanted to fuck you Melanie," dad blurted out. With that, Mel got up and took mom's place. She stroked to get dad's cock back up and he rubbed her tits as she did, mom and I just watched. Soon, dad had another boner and Mel turned around and backed up on it as it skewered her cunt. Dad grabbed her hips and helped support her as she bounced back and forth swallowing his cock with her cunt. My cock was getting hard again too and mom bent over and took it in her mouth.

I pulled her head up and told her I wanted to fuck like Mel and dad were, but I wanted her ass hole instead. Mom got up and grabbed the lube and coated her ass hole and sat on my waiting spear. Mom fucked me like there was no tomorrow and Mel did the same to dad. Dad looked over and told Mel that he wanted her ass hole as well and she stopped and he pulled out and pushed it back into her ass hole. Dad is larger than me, but apparently Mel had been with even larger guys, she didn't even wince as dad drove all the way in. Later, dad and I watched mom and Mel enjoy each other and jacked off together at the sight. Until I left home, we were one big happy family!

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