tagMind ControlFamily Time Ch. 3

Family Time Ch. 3


Mel had to go back to school and mom and dad and I had some wild times, but I could see that it was hard on mom and so I welcomed it when they told me they were going up to spend the weekend with Mel and I stayed home. They packed and I noticed mom packed some sexy underwear, no doubt Mel would be surprised, I smiled and I watched them leave. I watched TV for awhile and then decided I needed some live entertainment and picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hello," I heard the voice say.

"Megabyte," I replied and heard silence.

"Marilyn, you will call your friend Andrea and tell her that you need her to go to my house with you to pick up some papers for our project. Be here in half an hour," and I hung up. Marilyn's friend Andrea wasn't much, she was a little bigger than Marilyn and I think she hung out with her to feed her ego, but hey, sex was sex and I waited for them. The doorbell rang and I answered it to see Marilyn, all glassy eyed and Andrea, acting like she was being bothered.

I asked them in and Andrea said, "Give her the fucking papers Jonathan, we haven't got all night," and I looked her in the eyes and they glazed. "Strip bitch!"

I ordered her and she quickly took her top off and I saw her ample tits for the first time, though still in their bra. She dropped her shorts and reached behind her and set her big tits free and then peeled off her panties and I noticed her hairy bush. I reached out and groped her large tits and felt her nipples grow hard as I did and a small moan came from her mouth. "Strip Marilyn!"

I ordered her and she began to peel Marilyn's clothes off and soon they both stood naked before me, "Up to my bedroom," I ordered and they followed me and I had Andrea lay on the bed while I told Marilyn to get the scissors, shaving cream and razor. I had never seen such big tits, as my hands roamed over them and squeezed them.

"Shave her crotch Marilyn," I ordered and Marilyn began to trim Andrea's pubic hair with the scissors and then lathered it up and started shaving her. The attention to her pussy made Andrea begin to moan and when Marilyn finished, she wiped Andrea's cunt off with a wet towel she had brought in. I ran my hand over it inspecting Marilyn's work, not bad.

I had Andrea move back up on the bed and prop her head up on a couple of pillows so that her chin touched her chest and I told Marilyn to eat her. I watched as Marilyn began to assault Andrea's pussy and it made me very hard. I grabbed some KY jelly and spread it between Andrea's tits and rubbed them together to spread it out and straddled her chest and put my cock between those large tits and told her to hold them together as I fucked them and she complied.

Her tits felt so soft around my cock, I'd never had anyone with tits big enough to do this to and I was enjoying it. I could hear Marilyn slopping away at Andrea's pussy and the effect showed on Andrea's face and I told her to open her mouth. As I fucked all the way into her tits, my cock head would just enter her mouth and her lips felt good against my hard on, and Marilyn's eating caused her to suck my cock as it hit her lips. As Marilyn intensified, Andrea's sucking did too and I was loving fucking her tits and getting a blow job too.

It didn't take long as I saw my cock slide between those big tits and feel those lips closing around the head and I blew my load, most of it landing in Andrea's mouth, but some spit across her face and neck. She swallowed what went in her mouth without me even saying so, and I held my cock at her mouth as she sucked it clean.

Andrea came and just about made me cum again as she sucked me so hard. I pulled my cock from her mouth and climbed off and watched Marilyn at work on her pussy. As far as I knew, Marilyn's only lesbian activities had concerned mom, she sure was getting good at it!

Watching Marilyn's ass wiggle as she ate Andrea was too much and my cock sprung back to life and I decided to have some of her ass hole and moved between her legs and she spread them wide to give me room. I moved in and placed my cock head at her ass and she backed up on it! I couldn't believe it, her and Bobby must be doing a lot of ass fucking these days. She took me with no problem, of course the KY still on my cock helped I'm sure. I fucked her ass as she ate Andrea and it was terrific, as both of them were moaning their heads off.

They both came and I filled Marilyn's ass up with my cum and stopped and she continued to fuck my cock with her ass, she must really love it now. I pulled my cock out of Marilyn's ass and told her to stop eating Andrea and let Andrea eat her and she climbed on Andrea's face and sat down as Andrea tongued her pussy.

The doorbell rang and I told them to keep the moaning down as I pulled on my pants and went to answer it. It was a female police officer, asking for information about a theft in the neighborhood, her little name badge said Suzy Clarke and I looked her in the eyes and she went blank. "Are you alone?" I asked her.

"Yes," was her reply. I told her to come in and shut the door behind her as I heard her radio squawk.

"Have you taken lunch yet?" I asked and she said no and I told her to call in and say she was taking lunch, as I planned the scenario in my head.

"1462 to dispatch, Go ahead 1462, Mark me 10-7, Roger 1462," and she put her radio away.

"Follow me," I told her and she did and we went to my room. I could see her face perk up as she watched Andrea eating Marilyn, "Take your clothes off officer," I instructed her and she laid her gunbelt over the chair and opened her shirt and took it off and her bullet proof vest was next.

She had pretty small tits as I saw them just barely pushing against her T-shirt, then she kicked off her shoes and pulled her pants off and I saw a small moist spot on the crotch of her panties. 'The scene must have excited her,' I thought as she pulled off her tshirt and her bra and her panties, she did have small tits! I told her to eat Andrea and I pulled my pants off and moved in behind her ass and eased into her wet pussy, she was excited. She ate pussy like a real pro and soon all three of them were moaning loudly.

Her pussy was tight and I assumed she was a lesbian, or had little experience. It felt good swallowing my cock and I fucked my little lady in blue until she came and screamed into Andrea's pussy as she did, and then I filled her tight little twat with my cum. All of this female action made my cock hard again and I decided that since our little friend would have to leave soon, I'd have her ass.

I grabbed the KY and lubed her up and slid my cock up to the entrance, she was so fucking tight!!! Another virgin one, I thought as I pushed it harder and it popped through and she let out a yelp. The girls continued their eating as I fucked my neighborhood police woman in the ass, feeling like she would ring my cock off. The tightness was too much for me and I came again and she moaned as my cum filled her virgin little asshole.

I had her fuck Andrea with her nightstick as Marilyn sucked my cock, it was exciting. That fucking cunt Andrea loved her big nightstick reaming her pussy and I was sure that she probably was into that fist fucking I'd seen in my dad's magazines. She came hard on that nightstick and her screams filled the room.

Marilyn was sucking me hard and I was almost ready to cum again when I told her to let Officer Suzy have the load and she pulled off and Suzy grabbed my cock and sucked it until I filled her mouth up and it dribbled from the corner's of her mouth. I told Marilyn to kiss her and clean up her mouth and they French kissed and Marilyn didn't leave a drop on Officer Suzy's face.

It was about time for Officer Suzy to go back to work, and I made her leave her panties and put Marilyn's sexy ones on as she dressed. She looked good in Marilyn's thong, I thought so anyway. I made her let me suck her small tits before she dressed her top half, they were so small I could get the whole tit in my mouth.

She finished dressing and I walked her to the door, "When you get back in your car, you will remember taking lunch and mark back in service. You will be aware of the cum in your holes, but not remember where it came from. Have a nice day officer Suzy," and I closed the door behind her. I watched from the window as she got in her cruiser and marked back on duty, and then I saw her raise her ass off the seat, wondering why she was so full of cum and I laughed. I was pretty spent, so I watched Marilyn and Andrea satisfy each other and then I gave them their suggestion and they dressed and I added that Marilyn would fist fuck Andrea when they got to her bedroom and they left and I took a nap.

I woke about midnight, a car door had broken my slumber and I got up to check it out. It was Amy, our next door neighbor's daughter, coming home from a date. Amy wasn't bad, but she really looked good tonight as she kissed her boyfriend goodnight. Amy went to the community college and was about 3 years older than me. I slipped out the back door, so I could cut her off before she reached her front door. She stood out there, waving goodbye to her boyfriend and as she got close to the front door, I jumped out and she almost had a heart attack.

"Jonathan!!!" she shrieked and I caught her eye and she silenced immediately, "Follow me home Amy," and she did and I took her inside. She sure looked hot in her mini skirt and tight blouse. Her tits were small too, but after Officer Suzy's fit in my mouth, I was ready for some more small ones.

"Take your clothes off Amy," I said and she undid her buttons and took her blouse off, no bra!! Her tits were the same size as Officer Suzy's I guessed and I moved in and put one whole tit in my mouth and sucked as she removed her mini skirt and panties. She moaned as I sucked and I let my hand drift to her crotch and massaged her clit and she came all over my hand. Amy was hot!

I began to wonder how she had escaped my attentions before now, I had her follow me to the kitchen and sit on the counter top as I bent between her legs and pushed her legs wide open and examined my new prize. Her pussy was clean shaven, that was a plus, and her lips were so pouty and swollen. I rubbed them and she moaned and I went back to work on her clit as I moved my tongue in to attack her oozing slit.

She became so very excited, like she hadn't had any attention for awhile as I attacked her sweet pussy with my tongue and her clit with my finger. I got her off and she grabbed my head as she came, trying to pull it inside of her tight hole. I raised my head and she kissed me, wanting to share her juices with me, man she could kiss!

Her tiny tits felt good as their hard nipples pressed against me and she held my body tight to her as she kissed me. When our kiss broke, I asked her when she was fucked last, "Two weeks ago," she almost cried, "Ralph hasn't fucked me, I think he has another girl."

I looked at her pretty face, no movie star, but pretty and I stroked her apple sized tits and then got her off the counter and took her to my bedroom. She laid on her back on my bed and her tits totally disappeared!!! It was freaky, only her nipples remained as her tit flesh was absorbed by her chest. I picked her legs up and pushed her ankles back until they were even with her chest as I admired her slit open to greet me. I put my cock at the entrance and she moaned as I pushed it in, licking her lips nervously as I filled her with it. I slammed the last inch or so and her eyes opened wide as my balls slapped her tender ass. She felt so good, closed around my cock and I heard her trying to catch her breath as I rammed my cock in her, pulled it out, and rammed it again.

"Oh, God yes.......FUCK ME!!! I LOVE YOUR BALLS ON MY ASS!!!!! FUCK ME!!!" and I hammered her as her hands twisted her nipples and this was really turning me on. "I"M CUUUUMMMIIIIINGGGG!!!" she screamed as her pussy tightened around my cock and I felt my load building and so did she, "FILL ME!!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!" and I busted loose, filling this hot little bitch with my cum, it was very intense.

I released her ankles and she lowered them around me as I held my cock in her, draining every drop into her sweet little pussy, and flicked her taut nipples with my tongue. I pulled out and made her suck me clean, she was very good at it. My cock responded to her mouth and was soon hard as a rock, as she sucked it and tried to jack me as she did. But my mind was thinking about that tight little ass of hers, as she tended to my cock with her mouth.

I made her get on all fours and grabbed my KY and lubed her ass, popping a finger inside to spread the KY around. She got very quiet as I worked her asshole with my finger and I sensed that nothing had ever been in it before, 'I just loved the virgins' I thought to myself. The thought of another virgin hole caused my cock to get so hard as I rubbed the head over her bud. She let out a small scream as I entered her and slowly buried my shaft in her until my balls hit her pussy.

I began stabbing her ass with my cock now, and she grunted a lot, until she got used to it and began to fuck back as her tempo got in line with mine. She was fucking me as hard as I was fucking her and my balls slapped her clit every time I hit bottom and it sent her into a shrieking orgasm, as she fucked me even harder. Her virgin hole and her orgasm combined to set me off too and I filled her sweet ass with my cum. She yelled out as my cum shot into her, loving the sensations it caused and that made me cum even more as I pumped her tight ass. I pulled my cock out and she turned around and cleaned it off with her mouth, and as she worked, I felt my cock tingle as it grew and I decided to have my cute neighbor in the only hole of hers I hadn't filled yet. I grabbed her head and held it still as I savagely fucked her sweet mouth and saw her apple sized tits bobbing below me. I worked her mouth until my balls started slapping her chin and her sweet mouth got another load of my cum, as she swallowed it all, except the little bit that leaked from her mouth and hung on her chin.

I grabbed my Polaroid and came back and took a couple of pictures of her kneeling on the floor, my cum hanging from her chin, and then put my cock back to her lips and took a couple more. I had her lay on her back and took a couple of shots of her oozing cunt as I made her spread the lips. I had her get cleaned up and watched her dress, all the time thinking about my cute neighbor and how stupid I was not to have done this sooner. After she dressed, I had her sit down and I pulled her blouse open and played with those tiny tits as I talked to her, "Amy, give Ralph your ass, and you will keep him," and she nodded, "That sweet ass of yours could keep me," I added and kissed her and had her fix her clothes. I told her to go home, and when she got to her steps, she wouldn't remember being over here, but she would remember getting fucked and would offer Ralph her ass the next time they went out. And I kissed her and closed the door behind her.

I watched out the window until I saw Amy go in, and got dressed and decided to go to the 7-11 to get a soda. The 7-11 was deserted as I pulled up, it was almost 2am. I got my soda and looked around for some junk food, all the sex had made me hungry, when I noticed a woman come out from the back, startled to see me there at this hour I guess. She said hi and went behind the counter, she was about 35 I guess, no beauty but she had nice tits pushing against her red smock. I paid for my items and as she handed me my change, her eyes went blank.

Damn!! I wasn't even trying and I had her. I looked out the front window, noticing that the parking lot was still empty, and drank my soda and ate my Twix bars, "Show me your tits," I told her and she opened her smock and pulled up her shirt, exposing her bra covered tits, they were huge!! She reached under her tits and grabbed the bottom of her bra cups and pulled them up, as this monstrous mounds of flesh came into view. Her nipples were absolutely huge and the aureoles around them were at least silver dollar sized. I put down my Coke and started rubbing these monsters, making her nipples distend about a half inch, I had to fuck these babies! They made Andrea look flat, as I kneaded these mounds that were going to pleasure my now erect cock. She moaned as I rubbed her huge tits and stroked her nipples and I noticed that her hands, holding her bra and shirt out of the way, had a huge diamond on it, so I assumed she was married. "You like to suck cock?" I asked her and she licked her lips and nodded, "Ever been titty fucked?"

I again asked, "Oh yes," she said and I smiled and told her to go to the back room. I followed her, watching her slightly plump ass wiggle as she walked. I had her lay on her back on a cot in the corner of the back room and I dropped my pants and shorts and straddled her stomach, working to those big tits with my cock. I pushed my cock between her lips and she sucked on it and I told her to capture my balls between her tits and hold them there as I fucked her mouth.

This bitch had a lot of experience as she complied and her hot tits felt good covering my balls and her mouth was dreamy. I looked down at her as she sucked my cock and her eyes were such a pretty blue and they delighted at her mouth fucking. I pulled out and had her suck my balls to give them some lubrication and we returned to our previous fucking position and my balls slid between her tits, now slick with her saliva, as I fucked her mouth. The new sensation was too much for me and I shot my load in her mouth and she moaned an orgasm as I did, this bitch really got into sucking cock.

She sucked my remaining cum form my cock like a straw and as I pulled out of her mouth, I heard the front door open. I peeked out and saw a large black man come in, "Want some cock?" I whispered and she nodded her head, "Take your clothes off and lay back down and play with yourself and I'll be right back, I said as I pulled my pants back up and went out. I picked my Coke up off the counter and took a big drink and as the black man approached the counter he looked at me to say hello and I had him. "You got a big cock buddy?"

I asked him and he fished it out, it must have been 10 inches! I told him to follow me and I led him back to the clerk, who was rapidly fingering herself on the cot, and I saw his cock grow and it topped out at about 14 inches. "Go fuck her man," and he crawled between her legs and I walked over to see the expression on her face as this big cock filled her.

Those blue eyes slammed shut as she struggled to accept this man's cock, and then they began fucking each other as they started to groan and he grabbed handfuls of those huge tits. "As he cums, you will both wake up," I told them as I headed for the parking lot, 'bet that will be a shocker,' I thought as I started the car and backed out.

Having had enough fun for one night, I went home and went to bed. I woke the next day with a huge hard on, no doubt from my experiences of the previous day. The phone rang, it was Mark, my best friend, and he asked me what I had planned for the day, "Not much," I replied and he said he was going to the pond to try out his new radio controlled boat. I told him that wasn't my cup of tea, but told him to have fun and we hung up.

Mark always wanted to fuck Marilyn and I felt like he deserved it, since Marilyn had treated him so shitty at school. I dialed, "Hello," I listened for a second as a second hello came across, "Megabyte," I said and the phone went silent. "Marilyn, put on a sexy outfit and go down to the pond and seduce Mark. Fuck him and suck him right there and offer him your ass as well."

She said "Yes," and "And after he is done with you, you will wake and swim naked in the pond," and we hung up, Mark didn't have to know that his buddy had set it up for him. I thought about going to the pond and taking some Polaroids, but decided that Mark should have his own moment as I headed for the mall to look around.

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