Family Tradition


She shook at this, holding back tears at the thought of a lifetime of spanking, after having just freed herself from her father's punishments. She loved this man though, and trusted him to do what was right for both of them.

"You're going to bend over my lap and your pretty wedding gown that you look so beautiful in is going to be pulled up and the panties your wore expecting to take off for a night of passion with your husband will be taken to your ankles. Then I will spank your pale, wide bottom with my hand until you weep, cry and sob. It will hurt and you won't like it but I promise you you'll learn from it."

Then, with his guidance, she bent over his lap, adjusting her gown until she rested comfortably. As promised, her dress was taken up and her panties down. When his open palm rested on the bare cheeks of her backside, she realized it was the first time any man besides her father had ever touched her in such a way. That the man was her new husband, the kindest, most attractive man she'd ever had the luck to date made her feel giddy. She felt secure under his hand and cooed slightly as he brushed the tips of his fingers over her soft skin.

He spoke to her almost in a whisper. "I am doing this because I love you, that is something you should never forget. Even when it stings like blazes and you cry like the little girl you can be at times, know that you are dearer to me than anything in the world and the only reason I do such a thing is because I love you. I want you to be a good woman: a good woman, great wife and a perfect mother."

She was humbled by the words and felt a catch in throat. For a moment she was afraid she'd cry before the spanking even began and forced it back. Then the hand that a moment before brought her such comfort was slapping the cheeks of her bottom. Travis was pleased at how quickly Janice consented to his discipline. Her father had done a good job with her and he was honored to be taking his place as the caretaker and disciplinarian of his daughter.

The handspanking was merely a warmup, something to get her adjusted to the idea of being punished as his wife. When he finished, she stood up and rubbed her bottom unconcerned with her husband gazing proudly at the dark blonde patch of hair between her legs. A tear collected at the corner of her eye, formed more from the feeling of closeness she now felt with Travis than any pain he brought her through her punishment.

At his command she bent over, barely pausing to comfort her stinging cheeks. From the corner of her eye she saw him retrieve something from his overnight bag and, when it came into view, she recognized it as the very same strap her father often used on her and her sister. Seeing this, she whined unconsciously.

Travis held the thin black strap of leather in his hand and looked at it thoughtfully, then at the pink hue of his love's derrière before bring the strap down on her tender skin. She yelped in surprise but was comforted by the familiar aching she felt. It seemed appropriate that such an event should take place on their wedding night, one of the most important times in her life.

Soon her face was buried into the freshly starched hotel comforter and crying piteously. Tears soaked the sheet and when Travis stopped applying the leather to her bottom, he saw redness and swelling outlining the spots the strap had left it's mark. He felt a great love for the woman in that instant, greater than he ever felt before. As she wept, she sat down next to her crouching figure. The cheeks of her bottom shook with each sob and all he wanted to do at that moment was take her in his arms.

With a gentle touch, he reached out to pet her. His hands ran through her hair and caressed her neck. After a short time she realized her strapping had ended and she looked up at him through the smear of mascara and her heart broke. She felt such love for this man, this wonderful man that loved her more than she ever thought possible and knew just what she needed and just how to give it to her. She was always the impetuous girl and probably always will be. Knowing that he knew how to handle such girls brought her a flush of love and happiness that came out in a further stream of tears.

She collapsed into his lap; her arms wrapped around his thighs and stained the material of his tux with her tears. Shushing her and softly petting her head, they stayed that way for a while and forgot about everything else. Later they would make love and she would truly become his wife but for now the couple just enjoyed the moment, taking comfort in all the other person was to them.

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