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Family Vacation

byCandy Valentine©

Candy's husband made plans for the family to go on vacation to the beach for a week. Jay knew she had been couped [cooped] up in the house with the kids for most of the summer and felt her and the kids needed to get away and have some fun.

They planned to leave the following week. The next day Candy went online to check her mail and chat for a while before she started her daily chores. Morgan came on and they talked for a while like they always did. They had been talking together for some time and shared a lot. Morgan and Candy are both married with children. Most of their conversations were about everyday events, like what the kids had done the night before. Lately Candy's kids where driving her crazy and she had seemed to have a lot of stress. At the same time Morgan was having some problems at home so they would be there for each other when one of them needed to let off some steam or just cry for no other reason. Of course there where days when they would just talk about sex and flirt with each other. One afternoon after Candy's sister came to pick up the kids for the day she went and signed online. After she checked her mail Candy decided to go to a favorite site of hers Literotica.com. She loved to read erotic stories and since the kids where gone for the day it was perfect. Morgan IMed her just as she started reading "Elevator Stranger" he asked her what she was up to and instead of telling him she copied and pasted a section at a time as she read. After they finished the whole story together so to speak they started talking about what it would be like if it was the two of them in the elevator and one thing lead to another. It was the first time either of them had ever cybered and it was a very interesting and sexually arousing experience for the both of them. After that day they would talk about being together if they ever became divorced or widowed.

So she was very comfortable telling him anything and everything?Candy was excited about going on vacation so she told Morgan when and where they were going so he would get worried if she wasn't online for a while. He was glad she was getting away even if it was with the family. He felt she needed time alone. They both were kidding around saying it would be great if they met and had sex on the beach. Candy has told Morgan that she would never cheat on Jay, and Morgan has told her that he would never cheat on his wife Beth, so it was all harmless flirting. They both signed off and went back to what they had to do.

Sunday Jay had to go into the office to finish up some work before they left for vacation. He told Candy he would be home around 12 noon and to have the kids ready and everything packed. It was 11:30 and she had everything done. The kids where outside playing while they waited for there dad to come home. The phone rang and it was Jay, he was running late and wouldn't be able to get home till 2. Having nothing else left to do Candy decided to go online and see if Morgan was on so she could say goodbye. As soon as she signed on he IM'ed her.

"Hi babe are you ready to leave yet?" He says

"Hi, yes we are all packed and ready just waiting for Jay" She told him that they would be leaving after 2 and that she was glad he was online so she could say goodbye. They talked for a while then it was time to sign off. Morgan said So I will see you on the beach right?" Candy laughed and said " Can't wait honey" They were always flirting and making innuendos so she thought nothing of it..

It was 1:47 when Jay pulled into the driveway and the kids went running to the car. Finally they got on the road at 2:10, it was about a 2hr drive to the cottage. They arrived at the beach around 4:30 and unpacked, then they decided to walk down the road aways and have dinner. The next three days they did lots of things with the kids. Thursday morning the whole family went down to the beach . Jay and the kids were in the water while Candy read her book and got some sun. She kept remembering what Morgan had said to her online about seeing her on the beach. In the back of her mind she was hoping he was really coming. "I'm a happily married, I need to stop" she said to herself as she looked at Jay and the kids in the water.

Later that afternoon they went back to the cottage to get some lunch. The kids were bugging Jay to take them fishing and to go out on one of the boats. He knew that Candy didn't like boats so he decided to take the kids himself and give her some time alone. It was around 4pm when they left, she couldn't believe that she was getting some alone time...The first thing she did when they left was get into a hot shower. The steam was filling the bathroom. It was so relaxing, she stood under the hot water put her head back so she could feel the water hitting her face. Candy reached for the bar of soap and lathered herself up. As she was running the soap across her breast she was thinking of meeting Morgan on the beach and her imagination went wild. Her hands went across her nipples and she noticed that they were getting hard, then she ran the soap down her stomach slowly moving it further down between her legs. As she moved the soap over her pussy the tip of her finger brushed her clit. With her eyes closed and still engrossed with the fantasy that was running in her mind she turned so her breasts were against the shower wall. Candy dropped the bar of soap and continued to rub her wet pussy with her hand. Lifting one leg up to the rim of the tub for better access she slid one finger into herself. As the water beat on her back and her mind filled with her fantasy she found herself teasing her clit, the movements got faster and harder her legs began to shake as she climaxed. Her body still shaking she finished washing and shaving. When she got out of the shower she felt like she had been there for hours. Candy got dressed and did her hair then decided to go for a walk on the beach...As she walked along the edge of the water she saw a man walking towards her. She could feel her heart racing just thinking just maybe could that be Morgan, then said to herself laughing "No, no he is home with his family we were only kidding." Besides, she has only seen a picture of him. " Oh stop" she said out loud and kept walking. The closer they came to each other the stronger the feelings got. "Must be my wild imagination ... this is silly, I have to stop this" she says. Candy bent down to pick up a shell and when she stood back up the stranger and her were face to face. She couldn't get her eyes off his, as she studied his face she noticed he looked just like the picture of Morgan. The same brown hair, brown eyes, mustache, but this man "Oh My". She was speechless; didn't know what to say. Then she was brought out of her trance when he spoke...."Hmmmm, I see you are hot and wet for me now"

Candy dropped the shell she was holding when she realized it was really him. It was the phrase that made her know for sure, because that was what she used so he knew it was her he was talking to ... Candy's heart began to beat faster, they embraced for what seemed like hours. She couldn't believe that he was really here, a little scared and excited all at once. They walked along the water for a while talking and laughing. It felt like they had known each other forever..

The sun was going down and they decided to find a spot on the beach at the edge of the water to sit for a while and talk some more. Candy's dress was really wet so she unbuttoned a couple of buttons at the bottom of her dress and moved the sides off the sand. Morgan was sitting so close his thigh was brushing against hers, he moved his hand to her knee. Candy turned to face him - when she looked into his eyes she knew what he was thinking and she would be lying to herself if she said she wasn't thinking the same thing.

"I can't, you know I can't - it's not right" She whispered.

He held her face and brought his mouth closer to hers saying "I know it's not, I'm sorry"

Then his lips touched hers, softly at first. Candy's breasts were up against his chest - he could feel her nipples hardening and then the kiss got deeper. His arms came around her pulling her closer. He moved his hands down her spine to the base of her back, she could feel his hard cock pressing against her pelvis. Candy moaned, and he kissed her deeper searching for her tongue. His hand came around and he undid the top of her sundress. A small moan escaped her and she arched her back so he could get better access, revealing her breast she felt his hand cup one of them, he took it into his mouth and with his tongue he slowly circled her nipple then did the same to the other one. Feeling herself coming undone she couldn't hold back . Sliding her hand down his stomach then into his shorts, she found his smooth thick cock . Intrigued she released it from his shorts and was stroking him.

Morgan's hand moved down her side then over the top of her thigh working its way between her legs. When he reached the hot wet area he was over whelmed to find no barrier, Candy was not wearing any panties. She spread her legs to give him better access. He slipped one finger into her already wet pussy. Candy thought to herself, there's no turning back now! As he put another finger in her throbbing pussy and went deeper moving them in and out while his thumb was rubbing her clit. Nearly at the edge of an orgasm she moved so she could take him into her mouth. As she licked the head of his cock she could taste the pre-cum; slowly she took him into her mouth, gliding her tongue over his shaft as she sucked on his throbbing cock. The harder Candy sucked the faster he moved his fingers in and out of her pussy. It was too much for him, he wanted to taste her. Morgan undid the rest of Candy's sundress so she was totally naked. He spread her legs and kissed the insides of her thighs slowly moving up her wet shaved pussy. His tongue licked her clit first then he slid it inside her. Candy was losing control and wanted to feel him inside her. He must have know what she wanted because he started to kiss his way up her stomach to her breast, then her neck and to her mouth. Candy's hands ran down his back and onto his firm ass, she spread her legs farther apart and could feel his cock against her. With one movement he was inside her. With her pulse rising with every movement Morgan pushed deeper into her. The smell of him and the sea were wrapping around her senses - she was lost in the moment, thinking of nothing else.

Morgan moves in and out fast and she starts to cry out "Ohhhhhhhh my god yessss I can't last much longer. Please!" He pulls out slowly then plunges back into her hot wet pussy and with a few more movements they climax together. Candy's legs still shaking from their experience, they lay on the beach in each other's arms while the water rushes over their thighs. Morgan is on his side looking at Candy then leans down and brushes a kiss across her cheek, nose and up to her forehead. He asks her if she regrets what had just happened between them. For a few minutes there was silence, Candy wraps her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. She pulls her lips away from his slowly and looks into his eyes and says "Right now I don't want to talk about regrets, I would just like to go into that really cold water and clean up. Are you going to come with me? Pleaseeee" Morgan could resist her plead so he stood up and they went into the water to wash off the sand and evidence of their love making. She got out first and put on her sundress. As she was buttoning her dress she watched him get out of the water and walk towards her. Standing there dripping wet he pulled her against him, she could feel his hard cock. He bent down and kissed the side of her neck then moved slowly up her throat and cupped her breast with his hand. She couldn't do this again she needed to get back to the cottage but it felt too good. She moved away from him and said "No I can't", Then she picked up his shorts and as she went to hand them to him she noticed his cock was harder and thicker then earlier - if that was possible. She ran her hand down the shaft and could feel it throbbing for her. She bent down and licked the head slightly then moving her tongue down his shaft and to his balls, she moved to the inner part of his thigh and kissed, following the same path back she reached his shaft again. Her hands moving up the back of his thighs and onto his firm ass pulling him closer to her mouth. She took the head into her mouth and using her tongue circles the head slowly moving her mouth down the shaft then back up again Morgan's eyes closed his hands at the base of her neck, he pushes her so she takes him into her mouth deeper. With his whole cock in her wet mouth Candy starts to suck vigorously on him while she is humming making a vibrating sensation on his cock. Candy can sense him on the edge and moves up and down faster still sucking hard and humming. "Oh My God Baby I'mmmm going to cumm now!" Candy kept a good pace and within a few seconds she could feel him flexing in her mouth, she knew he was cumming. She swallowed his hot thick cum as it shot in the back of her throat and continued to suck on him until he couldn't take anymore. He clutched onto her shoulders and had to pull her away. Still shaking from the head he just got, Morgan got dressed and walked Candy to the street just before the cottage where she was staying. They kissed good bye and she walked the rest of the way herself.

When she got in front of the cottage she noticed that Jay's car was in the driveway; a little nervous about what she had just done she took a deep breath and walked in the door. Jay was just coming out of the room the kids where sleeping in.

"Well Hi there stranger, did you have a good day alone?" Jay says...

"Ya it was ok, I just took a shower then went for a walk on the beach." "It was so quiet and cool so I sat at the edge of the water and laid back to look at the sky and I feel asleep."" Can you believe that? I hope you and the kids had a great time on the boat fishing."

"We had a good time but the kids want to tell you about it themselves in the morning. Hey, you look like you're still tired ... don't you feel good?" Jay says.

"I'm fine, I'm going to go take a shower and get the sand off me ok? she says"

As Candy walks into the bathroom Jay turns and says " Hmmmm I think I will join you...."

To Be Continued...

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