tagIncest/TabooFamily Vacation

Family Vacation


Lynn and her family aren’t necessarily close. They all do their own thing and rarely spend much time together. Her parents are both workaholics but happened to take the same week off. Vacation plans weren’t made even though Lynn and her brother Jake were both home as well on summer vacation.

Lynn is a virgin who has always had strange feelings toward both her brother and father. Jake is older but like his sister, in perfect physical condition. In the last couple of years his frequent masturbation sessions often involve his sexy sister. Their father, Steve, has a healthy sex life with their mother, Nancy. He’s noticed his daughter, however, and finds himself fantasizing about her often. Lynn is also easily turned on by thoughts of her father fucking her mother. She has heard them several times and lays in her room, touching herself to the sounds. Nancy has noticed that her son is becoming quite handsome much like his father. Though Steve satisfies her in bed, multiple times, she loved the idea of sex with a young man. The fact that the particular young man she fantasized about is her son makes her want him even more.

All of this incestual desire came to a head the two weeks in which the family of four spent at home.

While Steve and Nancy went to the grocery store, Lynn set out to seduce her brother. He was in his room with his radio blaring and his door shut. Lynn knew what that meant. She had happened to open the door on him one other time when his radio was blaring. Jake had quickly covered his lap and screamed at her to get out. This time, she pushed opened his door and ignored his yells for her to leave. He stared at her in shock as she moved to his bed and took his erect cock into her hand.

“This is big,” she told him, stroking its length admiringly. “Do you think it will fit in me?” She felt his erection jerk at her words so she smiled.

“Lynn,” he stammered. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Well,” she answered, moving her hand up and down. “I was thinking I could help you with this. Is that okay with you?”

He nodded dumbly and almost shot off when she stood and removed her shirt and shorts. Underneath, she was completely naked. Her body was just as perfect as he had imagined it would be.

Lynn got on top of him then, rubbing her already damp pussy against his hard cock.

His hands went to her breasts, squeezing in appreciation.

She moaned and kissed him, using her tongue in a fucking motion, moving it in rhythm with her hips. “Will you fuck me?” she asked him.

He was beyond resistance so he lifted her pussy above his cock and slowly lowered her until he penetrated her.

She moaned again, the pain of her cherry popping making it only better for her.

They both paused when he was in all the way.

He couldn’t believe how tight she was. Her pussy walls were squeezing the hell out of his dick and he loved every second of it. He showed her how to move so that she could take him even deeper and she orgasmed when she leaned back as he instructed her. Jake followed soon behind, emptying shot after shot of cum into his little sister’s pussy.

Both breathless, Lynn collapsed on top of Jake, smiling in the knowledge that her own brother had fucked her.

“It’s ironic,” Jake said, after a while, “that I was fantasizing about that very image when you walked in.”

Lynn only laughed before leaning up and sucking Jake’s tongue into her mouth. “This won’t be the last time,” she told him, already imagining the kinds of thing he would do to her.

Jake grinned. “Thank God.”


Lynn had a goal and she was determined to accomplish it. It was Tuesday, the second day of their family’s vacation. She had spent most of Monday in her brother’s room, fucking and sucking with him. She had gone down on him and he had returned the favor, lapping at her pussy like it was a delicious dessert he couldn’t do without. Though it felt good to Lynn, she liked fucking most of all.

When she left her brother in the wee hours of the morning, he and his poor cock had been completely worn out. But, like Lynn, he was smiling. She smiled now as she sat in her room, scheming.

Their parents had been gone most of Monday and when they had returned, they hadn’t noticed or cared what their children were doing. They assumed they were in their separate rooms, not knowing they were both in Jake’s room fucking.

Lynn didn’t really care whether they knew or not. All she cared about now as finding a way to get her father to fuck her as well. It had been easier than she expected to seduce her brother. If her father’s expressions at some of her attire were any indication, he might be just as easy.

Lynn knew the problem was her mother and brother. She needed them out of the house or at least away from her father. The opportunity presented itself when Nancy began nagging Jake about their pool needing cleaned. She said she would help him but that she needed him to do the skimming. Nancy knew better than to ask Steve since had had been against putting the pool in and, therefore, would have nothing to do with its maintenance.

So while Jake helped Nancy outside, Lynn approached her father where he sat reading the newspaper at the kitchen table. Lynn wore a flowing skirt with a tight tank top and nothing underneath.

“Daddy,” she began, sitting on the table by her father’s hand.

He glanced up at her, annoyed at first by the interruption until his eyes focused in on her tank top and the erect nipples of her perfect breasts it easily displayed. Then he was shifting in his seat to hide the sudden tent in his pants. “Did you want something, Lynn?” he asked her, wanting her to leave quickly so he could masturbate to the vision in front of him.

“Actually, I was thinking. Remember when I was a little girl and I used to sit in your lap?”

Steve was confused by the question until she suddenly slid from the table and onto his lap, her sweet tight ass nestling his erection. Then he didn’t car where the question had come from. All he did know was that his favorite fantasy was somehow coming true. He wanted his daughter but he wanted her willing. “Lynn, what –“

“Daddy, did you bounce me in your lap when I was little?” She started moving, rotating her hips against the hardness under her.

Steve put his hands on her hips, controlling but encouraging the motions she made.

Lynn put her hands on his and moved them to her breasts.

Steve needed no more encouragement. He massaged and squeezed his daughter’s tits.

Suddenly, she turned in his lap, straddling him, her skirt pulled up to her waist.

It was Steve who initiated the kiss, overcome with passion for his little girl. While they both enjoyed a deep kiss, Lynn’s fingers were busily unbuttoning her father’s pants. When his erection sprang free and her hands stroked it, he moaned long and loud.

Lynn pulled away and looked into his eyes. “Daddy,” she said, “will you fuck me?”

Steve grinned. “I’d like nothing better, baby.”

She moved to take him inside her, already preparing for the joy of it. He was larger than Jake, though, and the pleasure doubled for her. “Yes, Daddy, yes,” she moaned as his hips bucked furiously up into his daughter’s pussy.

He thrust over and over, causing Lynn to orgasm several times. She sped up her motions, pushing against him harder and harder each time his cock slammed into her in order to take him deeper with each stroke. “Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your little girl,” she encouraged.

Steve did just that until he came repeatedly inside her.

It took a long while for Lynn to recover. She had never dreamed it could be that good. Jake had been wonderful but having her father inside her went beyond her wildest fantasies.

“Lynn, baby,” Steve said, breathlessly, rubbing her ass and kissing her. “Thank you.”

“No, Daddy,” Lynn said, sliding off his knee and kneeling in front of him. “Thank you.” She began sucking his flaccid cock. “I want it again,” she told him and in no time, his erection had returned. Lynn got back on his lap and got the ride of her life.


Nancy tried to focus but it was hard because she was so horny. She had no clue that her husband and daughter were fucking like mad in the kitchen. What she did know was that her son, Jake, was shirtless and sexy as he skimmed the pool. His tanned, glistening, muscular body glowed n the sun, causing Nancy to get itchy in all the places a mother was not supposed to get itchy when looking at her son.

Jake tried not to notice his mother in her next-to-nothing bikini but it, well he, was hard. He had really never entertained any rational thought of his mother in a sexy way. Sure, he had admired her body in a male way. The previous afternoon and evening, however, spent in bed with his sister, had changed his view on his family. Right now, he wanted his mother.

Nancy wanted to act on her lust but how did one go about asking her son to fuck her? She was determined to find a way. She dove into the pool and then surfaced, meeting Jake’s eyes. “Why don’t you come swim with me?”

Jake looked at her large breasts, barely covered and practically bobbing in the water. Without much though, he dropped the skimmer and swam to his mother.

“Nice form,” Nancy said, squeezing his bicep. “Been working out?” she asked, moving closer.

“Not really,” he answered, wondering what she would do if he simply tore her top away and started feasting.

As they treaded water, Nancy suddenly got an idea. “Cramp!” she yelled, grabbing her son’s shoulders.

Jake’s arms instantly came around her and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Jake took her out of the water and laid her on a lounge chair.

“Will you rub it out for me?” she asked him.

Jake began massaging his mother’s calf but she said higher so he worked the muscles above her knee. When she again said higher, his hands moved up her high.

“Keep going,” she said, beginning to pant. “I’ll let you know when you get there.”

Jake swallowed hard and hoped his mother didn’t notice how his cock strained against his trunks as she parted her legs for his massaging hands. He continued his upward ascent, waiting for his mother to tell him he’d found the cramp but it wasn’t until his fingers brushed her thinly covered pussy lips that she said, “Yes.”

Her head was back and her eyes were closed.

Jake couldn’t believe his good luck.

“Right there,” Nancy instructed her son. “Mommy needs you to work that out for her.”

If Jake hadn’t been certain what she meant, her hips rising toward his fingers cinched it. He pulled away her bikini bottoms and worked one finger and then two, into his mother’s drippy wet pussy.

“Yes, Jake,” Nancy panted. “Finger-fuck Mommy. You’re my good boy.”

He did just that, driving his fingers in and then pulling them out of her pussy over and over again to the encouraging words of his mother. His whole hand was wet from her juices and before long, the smell drove him to taste.

Nancy nearly came of the chair when her son buried his face in her mound. As an orgasm passed through her, the thought occurred to her that her son was eating out the very place he had emerged from. She orgasmed again just at that realization.

His tongue lapping up as much as possible, Jake was in heaven but then his mother gave him a wonderful gift. Nancy pulled her son’s head up and brought his lips to her naked breast, having already disposed of her flimsy top. He feasted just has he wanted, chewing and sucking on one breast, then the other in total bliss.

“Yes, baby, do what you want. Fondle Mommy’s breasts.” Nancy almost liked the words as much as the act. Almost. She wanted her son to fuck her. Nancy pulled him up for a kiss and asked, “Will you fuck me?”

“Can I, Mommy?” he asked.

In answer, Nancy spread her legs wide.

Jake quickly got his rock hard cock out of his trucks and drove into his mother. His hips bucked furiously and hers kept rhythm. Over and over again, Jake slammed his cock into his mother’s pussy, loving the feel of it, while alternating between sucking her tongue and lapping at her breasts.

When he came deep inside her, Nancy said, “That’s Mommy’s good boy,” as she orgasmed over and over. “Mommy loved that,” she said, stroking his hair.

Jake grinned and licked a nipple. It was turning out to be one hell of a vacation, and it was only Tuesday.

More to come. . .

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