tagIncest/TabooFamily Vacation in Italy

Family Vacation in Italy


Mira hit the snooze button on her phone for the third time. But this time, she couldn't get the ten more minutes she so desperately craved.

"Get up, Mira," shouted Jenna her forty year old mom, as she entered her room, and opened the curtains.

"A few more minutes mom, please?" pleaded Mira, refusing to open her eyes.

"No baby we have to go to the airport or else we'll miss the flight," answered her Mom, pulling away Mira's sheet to reveal the lithe body of her twenty year old daughter completely naked. She picked up her daughters feet and sat down on the bed, taking her toes in her mouth. She knew her daughter loved her feet to be played with especially in the morning. Sure enough, Mira opened her eyes and smiled.

Jenna's tongue slipped between her toes and licked the underside of her feet while Mira sat up in bed and started playing with her pussy. Suddenly the door swung open and in came Mira's brother Dan.

"Mooom, this is unfair. Why does she get treated so specially?" cried Dan, standing in the doorway wearing his shorts. Jenna smiled and got up to leave the room, giving Dan a quick kiss on the lips as she passed him.

"Be down for breakfast in five both of you." She shouted, walking down the stairway.

Before long the coffee and the pancakes were ready as Jenna sat on the table reading the news paper. Her nightgown, transparent as it was, left nothing for the imagination and exposed her ample cleavage. Dan loved seeing his mom dressed in her nightgown in the mornings. Mira and Dan walked into the kitchen together with Mira wearing a long shirt of her brothers and bright pink panties underneath and Dan in his dark green cotton shorts that made sure that anyone could make out the outline of his penis even when limp. Jenna got up to put pancakes in each of her children's plates, making sure to rub her tits against their heads in the process. Dan, already horny from watching his mother suck his sister's toes a while back, took the opportunity and grabbed his moms boob and squeezed it gently. Jenna let out a little moan but didn't stop him. She sat down next to him instead and put her hand over his, closing her eyes. Dan undid her nightgown, exposing her boobs entirely and placed his lips over her nipples, sucking on them gently. Seeing all this, Mira dug her fingers in her pussy and finger fucked herself. The breakfast lay forgotten as Dan, licked his mother's aureolas and suckled on her breasts like a baby.

"Oh, suck harder Dan, my baby," pleaded Jenna, with her hand behind his head. Dan's hand moved down to his mothers panties and just as he was pulling them down, his mother grabbed his hand and opened her eyes.

"No baby, not down there." Jenna had allowed Dan to suck her breasts a number of times but she didn't want him to go down. She feared she wouldn't be able to stop him from fucking her once he was given access her to vagina. Jenna covered herself up and looked at her daughter, who still had her middle finger buried deep into her pussy. Jenna burst out laughing and took her daughter's finger in her mouth and sucked her juices clean off.

"Thank you mom, I almost thought you'd forgotten to do that," Mira smiled and looked at her mom lovingly.

"Now finish your breakfast, we have a plane to catch" said Jenna as she started picking up the extra dishes.

This trip had been planned way in advance. The trio had decided they needed some time off from work and school and that it would also be a good chance to spend time with their dad. Their dad worked in an Energy Company overseas and had agreed to join them in their vacation to their favourite seaside resort in Italy. They would have their own town house to themselves which excited the kids, especially Mira who had been waiting all summer long to meet her dad.

The plane landed and after passing through immigration, the trio got a cab and headed straight for the town house. It was located in a secluded area, surrounded by trees and the road that led to it was still just a rough track. After a long journey, they finally got off the cab and before they could ring the doorbell, the door swung open and out stepped Mike, the children's father wearing his shorts and a t-shirt and the familiar smile on his face.

"Daddyyy," screamed Mira, as she dropped her bags and leapt onto him. Her lips brushed against his as she let go off him.

"Is it the heat wave, or have you become awfully hot my little girl?" exclaimed Mike, as he hugged his wife, who buried her face in his chest relieved to have the family together again.

Mira giggled and ran up and down the stairs inspecting the rooms and the view from the balcony. They could see the clean white sand and the water from the window. The town house while small was just right for this family.

"Go hit the beach or something you guys, me and your father have some business to attend to," said Jenna with a smile. With that they entered their room and shut the door behind them. Before long, Mira and Dan could hear the moans of their mother being fucked by their father. They had grown up listening to them have sex so it was completely normal to them.

The thought of their parents fucking like bunnies turned both of them on, and they quickly changed into their swim suits and rushed out onto the beach. The coast stretched for miles and they couldn't see a soul. Mira went in for a quick swim while Dan lay in the shade of the umbrella, reading his favourite novel. He peered over his book, to see his sister coming out of the water, and removing her bra as she approached him with a smile.

"I'm so hot, and you are being boring," Mira frowned as she threw his book to a side and climbed on top of him.

"What do you want me to do?" said Dan, playing with her sisters wet brown locks which clung to her cheek.

"Everything that dad is doing to mom, and more," replied Mira cheekily, and pulled his shorts down to unveil his semi-erect penis. Before he could say anything else, Mira's tongue was flicking at his cock's head as she began sucking him off slowly. Dan placed his hand behind his sister's head and pulled her closer, moaning in pleasure. Mira worked her way down his penis, as Dan cupped her ample tits and squeezed them gently. Mira moved on top of her brother and rubbed her pussy against her brother's seven inch long cock.

"Do you want to take em off for me?" said Mira, in what was almost a whisper.

Dan, without hesitation pulled down her panties and guided his penis into her waiting vagina. Slowly at first, Dan pushed in until she had taken all seven inches of his cock in her. She moaned in pleasure as he fucked her, gaining momentum slowly. They fucked for what seemed like hours before finally Mira could feel her brother's penis throb inside her. She got off him quickly and covered his cock with her mouth. The jizz hit the back of her throat as she swallowed every drop of his cum. They both lay spent on the sand and closed their eyes. Being tired from the journey and the awesome fuck session they just had, they fell asleep.

"Get up sleepy head," said Jenna as she shook Dan gently. "This isn't your bed, and it is almost nightfall." Saying that, Jenna gently stroked her son's penis over his shorts and smiled. Dan opened his eyes slowly and yawned.

"I'm the lucky one today and not Mira," smiled Dan as put his hand over his mom's. Jenna pulled her hand off and got up to walk towards the town house.

"Not right now young man, wake your sister up and be home in five," she said as she walked away.

Inside the house, Mike lay on the couch in his cotton shorts while Jenna lay on top of him wearing a cute pink top and soft pyjamas. Mike's hand was gently squeezing his wife's breasts as she watched tv. Ever since their kids had hit puberty, they didn't care about showing affection in front of their kids. Mira and Dan walked in at the same time and sat down on the couch next to their parents.

"We are one happy family aren't we?" said Mike, smiling broadly as he pinched his wife's nipples gently. Dan and Mira looked at each other and went red in the face. Both their parents knew the kids fooled around with each other but today they had spotted them engaged in intercourse on the beach. Instead of being mad, they were pleased because now they could be more open in front of the children.

"Stop it Mike," frowned Jenna as she turned around and put her lips over his. Soon she started sucking his tongue slowly as the kids looked on, clearly turned on by the sudden show by their parents. Mike pulled Jenna onto him and quickly removed her top to reveal her beautiful breasts as he beckoned his kids to come closer. Without thinking twice Dan got up and pulled his pants down, while Mira walked towards her mom and dad. Mike pulled his daughter down and kissed her full on the lips. This was the first time Mira was kissing her dad. She tasted his tongue and wrapped her lips around it. Meanwhile, Dan climbed on top of his mom, who pulled down her husbands shorts to reveal his eight inch long penis. She spat on it and started sucking it slowly. Dan pulled Jenna's bra off and started sucking her breast, while pinching her other nipple gently. Mira's breasts were receiving the same treatment now, but from her dad who pulled off her panties and guided his finger into her waiting pussy. Mike finger fucked his daughter slowly at first but soon gained momentum while Mira moaned with pleasure. Meanwhile, Dan spread his mother's legs and placed his penis at the entrance of his mother's pussy. Soon, he was pumping her hard with his tool as she licked and sucked Mike's penis. Mira joined her mother in sucking her dad's tool before Mike beckoned her to climb onto his lap so he could fuck her. Mira climbed onto him and guided his thick penis into her small vagina. She had never had this big of a cock in her before. It tore her pussy apart but she loved every bit of it and didn't want it to stop.

"Harder, go in deeper daddy... Aaaaahhh," cried Mira, as she clung to him while her dad began fucking her. Dan was the first to go, as he whipped out his penis from inside his mother's vagina and sprayed his load all over her breasts. Jenna collected his sperm and licked it off her finger, while looking into his eyes. Before long, Mike declared that he was about to cum and Mira slid off him to receive his load on her face. Ropes of cum landed on her face and hair as she tried desperately to lick it all off. They all lay there, tired but content.

"That wasn't too bad was it," smiled Mike, the first one to break the silence.

"I'm glad the vacation has just started," Jenna said, licking the last drops of cum from her fingers. "There are many holes still to be filled!"

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