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It started innocently enough, he wrote feedback to one of my stories. He said, he had a thing for schoolgirls and older men-younger women thing. I was free to contact him many different ways, he listed them

So me being me, I picked up my trusty cel phone and called the number listed. It answered to voice mail so I left one. "Hi, this is tiger. I just wanted to call and see if you had any questions. If you want my number, you can get it from the Caller ID. Bye." I hung up the phone.

Strange thing was, he was on the Internet and send me a mail to try again now that he had disconnected it. I wasn't in that account and I didn't go back until the next morning then I saw his message. I called again and got voice mail, I didn't leave a message.

He called me on a day off while I was writing and surfing the Internet. I was sitting at my desk and scrambled to pick up the phone, answering it without looking.

I had heard his voice on the voice mail, it was attractive, strong and courteous. It was very much like that in person but with more inflection. He didn't ask the regular questions but to be honest, I don't really know what the regular questions are; this was my first call from a fan.

We meandered through subjects; his freelance job, my job, baseball, my recent separation, my frogs, the Cubs and Harry Caray.

I told my Harry Caray joke and he laughed. Its a horrible joke at the expense of one of my most favorite people who ever touched my life but it is funny. I have told it on the phone to Chicago people and they love it.

I shut down the computer and went to lay on the couch behind the computer so I could focus on what he saying. He was on assignment and sitting in a cafe in Texas, kinda excited to be talking to me finally. I heard it in his voice.

Suddenly, his voice dropped to a whisper and he asked, "Tiger, do you like to talk dirty on the phone?" My eyebrow arched, this wasn't the usual line of questioning. I am a literotica writer so I would think that there was a good chance that I did like to talk dirty on the phone.

I explained that there were people that I did that with but never on the first phone call. I yawned and put my arm over my mouth. He reacted to it as it was consent to continue. His voice dipped down further as he explained that he was already hard and was rubbing himself through his jeans.

Incredulous, I asked if he was still in the cafe and he said, yes. He explained that he had a thing for doing it in public and asked if I ever did.

I gasped and said, "No, never!" He laughed at my shyness gently.

He was turning me on as he spoke of his cock and my hand slipped under my undies and slowly, I began to stroke my clit. He continued to talk about what he would do to me and I felt the effect of his whispered words on my pussy. I was so wet, I could barely keep up.

"Tiger, I think you need a Daddy to fuck you, don't you?" He said very evenly, taunting me.

I exhaled a moan and nodded, then thinking that was the dumbest thing I ever did; I said, "Uh-huh!" As I had broken my verbal barrier; all manners of cries, grunts and moans came out of me in reaction to his words.

As my fingers sped up drumming on my hard wet little clit, he told me how he was going to be my Daddy and fuck me like there was no tomorrow. I have been squandered enough by guys who didn't know exactly what to do with my oral fixations and high stamina. Daddy would though. Daddy would fuck me like I liked it over and over again until I cried for him to stop. Even then, he wouldn't because he would know, I needed it.

I needed to be dominated. *LOUD CRY* I need his nice hard Daddy cock in me at all times so I could feel loved, filled by him and him alone. He would come up to the Midwest to get a hotel room and show me everything I ever needed, wanted to know about fucking and cock. *PANTING HEAVILY* Yes, he would and I would be happy and better for it.

My hand pulled itself from my wetness as I stood shakily and almost ran to my bedroom. I crawled into the large Queen size bed that was my own for the time being as I listened to the lurid plans he had for my tight little pussy. My thighs where wet and rubbed together in my excitement. I laid myself on my back, my massive breasts resting comfortably on my chest and my fingers finding their way to the center of my pleasure.

He was talking into the phone loudly that he would make me his and show me the pleasure that my ex-husband hadn't showed me. He would. Daddy would make it better, would teach me how to come for him. He would dress me up and show me off in exquisite restaurants, then he would pleasure me under the table as we ate and I would not to make a sound.

I never felt so possessed by a man so easily in my life. He spoke my dreams, my fears and my hopes. He spoke to the core of my being and I really liked it.

My orgasm spiraled out as his words got harsher and more demanding. I think somewhere in that he told me to get on my knees and I did. My hands never left my clit as I stroked it harshly, putting my fingers in my pussy too, just to feel it contract around them.

"Tiger-baby, you want me to put my Daddy cock in you?" He asked.

"Unnnhuh!!" I panted, not trusting my voice much as the huge orgasm was approaching me.

His voice got very serious and he said, "Tiger, do you know why you like this? Why you want my Daddy cock in you..?"

It penetrated my thoughts as words from my priest would, if I had one. I stopped and said in a defeated tone, "Yes, Daddy--its because I am slut for it." I exhaled heavily, guilty as I hung my head. My heart beat rapidly as I waited for his answer.

He chuckled darkly, saying, "Yes, Baby, you are a slut for me. Its a good thing, I know what to do with bad baby sluts like you that stop coming for me to be guilty." He slapped his hands together quick, fast and loud. "Did you like that, Baby? Because there is so much more if you continue to rest. You are driving me crazy with your cries and moans...come for me, Baby!"

I obeyed as the smack had the desired effect, it made me more turned on, if that was possible. I dove my fingers back in my dripping cunt and rubbed my clit violently until I was crying loudly, "Yes..YES...YES!!! DADDY!!" I had come completely off the bed in my struggles and then I laid back on the bed, exhausted. I was shivering and breathing heavily.

He said in a calm voice, "You are very good at that, tiger. It brought me pleasure."

I breathlessly asked if he had come.

He said, "Yes, I did while you were."

I was astounded, he was still in the cafe and surely hadn't brought his cock out in public. He said, no--he came in his pants and it was going to be something to clean up. If I was there, he would made me lick them clean for him. I giggled, knowing I would have.

Patiently, he told me that he was going to wonderful things with me, things that my husband had never been able to realize with me--but he would. He just wanted me to call him Daddy all the time.

Slowly, I said, "Yes, daddy..."

"Good girl, tiger-baby, I will be in touch..." And we hung up.

I guess it is only fair to tell what happened after this phone call because you are thinking horrible things about a girl that is traditionally a dominate partner. I felt really guilty for my quick submission, it bothered me. I doubted myself and my writings a bit.

Of course, I contacted him through email and over the phone. He never returned my calls, my emails went unanswered. I began to think it was about the conquest, the chase and seeing how much you could get if only you pulled hard enough. Maybe for some, that is a good diversion but I would rather have a rare and wonderful connection with someone and help that to blossom.

Obviously, I don't think he thought that.

So this is for you, Daddy, wherever you are...

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