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Fancy Meeting You Here



after having a bad day at work i decide to go to a strip club to blow off some steam before coming home... as i walk in i look at the main stage and see a very beautiful girl dancing...not able to take my eyes off of her as i walk closer to the stage to get a better look when i begin to realize that that my sweet sexy young teenage daughter. i sit near te stage in the light where u can see me and u realize who i am...pretending that we dont know each other so no one will suspect anything...


sweetamber: *finishes my act....walks out into the club a short time later....asks one of the waitresses to hand you a note that asks you to meet me at the bar...nervously biting my lower lip, waiting for you to come up*

daddy_will_please_you: I walk over beer in hand

sweetamber: *notices you, clearing my throat, trying to figure out what to say*

daddy_will_please_you: so, care to tell me how long youve been doing this?

sweetamber: *nervously giggles* Not really...guess I could ask you if mom knows you come here before coming home.

daddy_will_please_you: touce

sweetamber: *forces a grin*

daddy_will_please_you: i guess it'll both be our little secret

sweetamber: Yeah, I guess....*looking at one of the girls on stage* So, uh, what did you think?

daddy_will_please_you: not too bad at all

daddy_will_please_you: all the girls here are nice, this is a pretty swanky place

sweetamber: *laughs* Guess you really can't say I was good, huh?

sweetamber: Yeah, they really watch over us....make sure no one gets too friendly. Pretty much a no touch policy...

daddy_will_please_you: oh, some of the girls i've had dances with let that rule slip sometimes...

daddy_will_please_you: but i guess i shouldnt be telling you that

sweetamber: No...probably not

daddy_will_please_you: *grins* well i'm probably keeping you from your customers... if you needed money you know you could of just asked us..I reach in my jacket and hand you a wad of bills

sweetamber: *glares at you* I'm not a whore dad....*gets up, walking away*

daddy_will_please_you: i grab your wrist... sweetie wait i'm sorry i didnt mean it like that

daddy_will_please_you: i just...this is a little awkward for me thats all

sweetamber: *one of the bouncers come walking over, asking if I'm okay...mumbles at you to let go of my wrist*

daddy_will_please_you: oh everythings fine.. amber here was just taking me to a booth i say

sweetamber: *glares at you* Not likely...I'm fine Steve...thanks

daddy_will_please_you: i let you go not wanting to be kicked out

sweetamber: *continues walking away from you*

daddy_will_please_you: I watch you walk away in your skimpy clothes and head back to my seat to finish my drink

sweetamber: *goes backstage, changing for my next set*

daddy_will_please_you: thinking you've gone for the night i order another dring and move to the front of the stage

sweetamber: *come out onstage wearing thigh high leather boots...very short leather shorts and a leather vest*

daddy_will_please_you: I watch intently as you dance around stage, all the men hooting and hollering ay my daughter

sweetamber: *noticing you....ignores you...grinding more so than normal

daddy_will_please_you: I suck back on my beer as i watch you girate

sweetamber: *finishes my number to cheers...walks off stage....changes into my street clothes.....says good night to Steve and a few of the "regulars" as I head to the door, leaving for the night*

daddy_will_please_you: i decide i had better try to talk to you one last time, so i follow you out to your care

sweetamber: *for some reason, the car won't start....kicking it, I make my way over to the bus stop*

sweetamber: *plops my ass on the bench, waiting for the bus to come*

daddy_will_please_you: feeling bad and protective cause you are my daughter after all I pull up in my car up to your stop

daddy_will_please_you: come one sweetie get in and i'll drive you home

sweetamber: Thanks, but I'll wait for the bus...*zips up my jacket a little more...turning my head, looking for the bus*

daddy_will_please_you: just get in already. i'm not going to leave untill you do.

daddy_will_please_you: I pull over to the side of the street and get out

sweetamber: Well, I'm not getting in the car...get yourself another whore

daddy_will_please_you: your not a whore. and i already said sorry. I raised you to make your own decisions and you can do just that

daddy_will_please_you: besides your really really good at what you do

sweetamber: *laughs* Yeah...whatever

daddy_will_please_you: you must be, *grining* you got your old man excited...

sweetamber: Like I wanna hear that...*standing up, looking to see if the bus is coming...when I see it's not, I sit back down* You wanna know why I'm doing this? Cuz I wanna go to school out of state and you can't afford to send me out of state. I heard you and mom talking about it.

daddy_will_please_you: sorry . You know you only heard part of it... we couldnt send you out of state on our present salaries so we were planning on taking out a second morgage to send you.

daddy_will_please_you: we both so proud of you and want you to be happy. you have so much potential

sweetamber: Well, I don't want you to....I figured, what you could afford for a school here...if I could make up the difference, then I can go

sweetamber: In about a year or two, I'll have enough

daddy_will_please_you: well let us help maybe we can scrape up enough now that you have some $$. I mean I can stop blowing the extra $$ i have there *pointing to your club*

sweetamber: *glares at you*

daddy_will_please_you: alright, alright if this is what you want to do I wont stop you... but if you want Any thing from me let me know

sweetamber: Yeah...*the bus finally arrives and I get on*

daddy_will_please_you: I watch as you climb in... knowing i've hurt you and cant make it up to you

daddy_will_please_you: I turn and head back to my car

sweetamber: *my stop arrives....I get off the bus, looking around before quickly walking home*

daddy_will_please_you: my cars in the drive way and i'm already inside watching tv since your mother is long asleep

sweetamber: *walks into the house...glancing at you...walks past you into the kitchen....turns on the microwave, heating the dinner mom left for me....I sit there, quietly eating by the night light*

daddy_will_please_you: *I come in to the kitchen wearing my robe to get a glass of water. I walk past you and stop to plant a kiss on your head* g'night sweetie, luv ya... *I head back out*

sweetamber: So do mom know you get lap dances?

daddy_will_please_you: no she doesnt

daddy_will_please_you: she'd be pretty pissed but i consider it fair trade since she well...shes not very "active" any more

sweetamber: *chuckles* Right...male logic

sweetamber: *chewing my food*

daddy_will_please_you: well just cause i'm your father doesnt mean I dont have needs or desires too you know

sweetamber: So, you go and pay someone for the service? Nice dad...

sweetamber: Just what ever daughter wants to know about her father..

daddy_will_please_you: hey missy, do you thing any dad wants to know his pride and joy is getting naked for strange men?!

sweetamber: Taking off my clothes in one thing....humping around on them is another...I don't do the latter

daddy_will_please_you: *I smile* well thats nice to know.

daddy_will_please_you: I dont cheat on your mother you know just dances thats all and only occasionally

sweetamber: *glaring at you* I do have some respect for myself...granted, I'm missing out on some big bucks, but it's not worth it

daddy_will_please_you: it's not like i live at that place

daddy_will_please_you: well I'm glad we taught you something.

sweetamber: *picks up my plate, going to the sink* Apparently, you've been there enough...oh for the record....a decent tip is $30

sweetamber: *looks at you* Just so you know...

daddy_will_please_you: *watches you as you chastise your own dad*

sweetamber: You get yourself labeled as cheap, and well, no one will touch ya. *walks out of the kitchen, into the living room*

daddy_will_please_you: Thanks i'll try to rmember that... but i dont think i'll be going back there any more

sweetamber: Don't worry...didn't tell anyone you were my dad

sweetamber: Your secret is safe with me

daddy_will_please_you: thanks. thats not the point besides i dont want you to watch me learing like a dirty old man

sweetamber: *laughs, sitting on the chair, my legs over the arm*

sweetamber: Quite honestly, I wasn't watching you at all

daddy_will_please_you: well your very hard not to notice... and you seem to have quite the fan club

daddy_will_please_you: yourslef, i guess it's because they want what they cant have..

sweetamber: *shrugs* I guess

sweetamber: I really don't think about it...it's go out there...okay, in 2 minutes it'll be over

daddy_will_please_you: like cleaning the house... just doing it cause it has to be done...

sweetamber: Pretty much

daddy_will_please_you: you dont look like you dont enjoy it.. the way you move it's like your having the time of your life.

daddy_will_please_you: like i said your very good

sweetamber: I just lose myself in the music...

daddy_will_please_you: there music playing?!

sweetamber: Ha dad...funny

daddy_will_please_you: well like i said at the bus stop, we can find other ways if you hate it so much

sweetamber: Can't turn down the money....on a good week, I can clear two grand...can't make that much at McDonalds

daddy_will_please_you: wow, no you cant

daddy_will_please_you: we we could loan you the money if you dont want to take it. you can pay us back however you want

daddy_will_please_you: but if your minds made up I'm not going to change it

sweetamber: No, you're not...*smiles*

daddy_will_please_you: you have my stubburness

sweetamber: Just think...if I did the lap dances...I could clear 3 easily...*laughs*

daddy_will_please_you: espesially with 30$ tips!

sweetamber: That's at the cheap end...some of the girls get $100....I think they do more to earn it, but...

daddy_will_please_you: thats more then i've paid thats forsure... i try to keep some limits...

sweetamber: *laughs*

daddy_will_please_you: emphasis on "try"

sweetamber: Well, if you go back...keep away from Kim...she has mono

daddy_will_please_you: lol i'll try to remember that

sweetamber: *smiles*

daddy_will_please_you: maybe you can pick out the right girl for me

daddy_will_please_you: if i ever go back that is...

daddy_will_please_you: (is this not going the way you want?)

sweetamber: (I'm fine...unless you're not... )

daddy_will_please_you: (peachy)

sweetamber: (Meant sarcastically?!)

daddy_will_please_you: (no! it's great)

sweetamber: (Ok...sometimes people say "peachy" when they're being sarcastic when it's not..heeheehee)

sweetamber: *laughs* Oh yeah right...I'll pick out your lap dancers...I don't think so

daddy_will_please_you: lol well you'd know who i'd get my $$'s worth

sweetamber: EW! hahahaha

daddy_will_please_you: this is just so wierd... I never thought this would have happend

daddy_will_please_you: i'd feel so awkward going to your club now

sweetamber: You should have felt weird before now...*grins*

daddy_will_please_you: shoulda woulda coulda.. you one to talk missy. you must have got your dancing genes from me though

sweetamber: *laughs* Oh yeah right...Mr. I'm Stomping Out Cockaroaches! *gets off the chair* Well, I'm gonna head off to bed....*placing my hand on your shoulder, I grind all the way down and back up before kissing you on the cheek giggling* Night dad

daddy_will_please_you: i kiss you soft cheek in return and give you butt a tap. *laughing* I thought you said you dont give dances...

sweetamber: *chuckles, heading to the bathroom to shower*

daddy_will_please_you: (I cant freggin spell your tonight)!!!

sweetamber: *after I shower, walks into my room wearing only a towel...I have my desk lamp on....my hips swaying as I hum, towel drying my hair*

daddy_will_please_you: *As I head to my room I stop to peek at you, admiring they way your hips sway as water beads on your shoulders and calfs* "Still praticing i see" *I grin at you as i turn to leave*

sweetamber: *glances over my shoulder....smirking, I turn around opening the towel, flashing you*

daddy_will_please_you: *thats nothing I havnt seen before I smirk back*

sweetamber: *throws the wet towel at you*

daddy_will_please_you: *catches it* I fold it over and place it on your dresser, the smell of your soap and shampoo strong in the room

daddy_will_please_you: I eye you up and down before turning to leave once more

sweetamber: *deciding to be a smart ass....pulls my desk chair over...with the back of it facing you, I hold the back of it as I slowly begin to grind into the chair*

daddy_will_please_you: My eye brows raise in surprise as i watch you grind and hump the air

sweetamber: *lowering my hips to the seat....I smile at you, biting my finger, grinding gently into the seat...moaning softly*

daddy_will_please_you: I lick my lips as I enjoy the show... I take a step back into your room.. so whats this dance going to cost me?

sweetamber: *grins...grinding hard into my chair, my head falls back as I work my hips into the seat*

sweetamber: *my breathing starts to quicken, making you realize I'm not "faking"*

daddy_will_please_you: i fight to keep my erection under control as i move closer to the action, my eyes glued to your body

sweetamber: *begins to whimper and moan....almost panting, as I look up at you....my hips humping the chair*

daddy_will_please_you: i'm standing very close to you incrediably aroused by the scene infront of me, watching my own daughter get herself off, my own private show

sweetamber: *watching you, I lick my lower lip, moaning softly* Ohhhhhhh daddy...

daddy_will_please_you: oh baby dont let me get in your way... my eyes glazed over with lust

sweetamber: *moaning* Close the door

daddy_will_please_you: I walk backwards not wanting to tear my eyes off you and close the door softly

sweetamber: *gripping the back of the chair with both hands...my hips move in a circular direction, harder and harder into the chair...looking up at you, I lick the back of the chair*

daddy_will_please_you: I moan now at your erotic display my hand covering my aching bulge I move to the lucky chair...

sweetamber: *starting to work myself into a frenzy...my hips grinding the seat like there's no tomorrow....panting.....my body starts to tremble as I moan, my head falling back....juices drenching the chair* Oh God Daddy

daddy_will_please_you: shhh baby dont wake your mother.. i move to the edge of you bed and sit, being used to how the club works

sweetamber: *stares at you panting, resting my head on the chair*

daddy_will_please_you: my eyes intent only you as your lewd display continues unsure what to do. torn between wanting to leap in and help and behing ashamed your my daughter...

sweetamber: *noticing the bulge in your robe...I slide off the chair, onto the floor....I crawl over to you....pushing your legs open....rubbing my cheek against your leg, I purr*

daddy_will_please_you: my head hangs back as i stifle a moan

sweetamber: Show me daddy...*I whisper*

daddy_will_please_you: I untie the robe pulling it open for my throbbing blood filled member to be released in to the cool air


sweetamber: *looks up, gasping....sits up, looking at your cock, impressed....looking up at you, I grin as I flick my tongue over the tip of your cock*

daddy_will_please_you: this time i moan loudly.. my hands gripping the edge of the bed

sweetamber: Shhh daddy....you wouldn't want mom to walk in, would you? *swirls my tongue around your head*

daddy_will_please_you: f-fuck no... not now! i stammer

sweetamber: *moans softly, grinding the tip of my tongue into your opening*

daddy_will_please_you: my hands brush your hair from your eyes and rest of your face

daddy_will_please_you: my hands slide and carress over your shoulders

sweetamber: *purrs...pushing your head past my lips, sucking gently*

daddy_will_please_you: oh god baby your lips feel so incredible around me

sweetamber: *smiling up at you, sucking harder*

daddy_will_please_you: i keep holding your hair away so i can watch as my girl services me

sweetamber: (I have short hair, so not much will getin your way..haha)

daddy_will_please_you: *smiling back when my eyes arnt rolled in the back of my head*

daddy_will_please_you: (lol now you tell me)

sweetamber: (LOL...Quick news on me...5'9', short redddish brown hair, hazel eyes, fully pouty lips, full chest, cute lil ass and long toned legs.. )

daddy_will_please_you: (yum! 6' broad shoulders 205 brown hair also hazel eyes and 7"inch manhood)

sweetamber: (Mmmmm)

sweetamber: *slowly stroking your shaft with my tongue*

daddy_will_please_you: My fingers trace your shoulders looking for any contact with you as possible

sweetamber: *gently gripping you at the base, rubs your head over my lips and cheeks* To answer your question daddy...I would give you your money's worth...

daddy_will_please_you: Honey I would give you the world if you just asked... after this i might have to

sweetamber: *smiles, getting up, crawling into your lap...putting my hands on your shoulders, I nuzzle your neck* Actually, I do whatever you wanted me to

daddy_will_please_you: and you do such a good job i whisper in your ear before nibbling it

daddy_will_please_you: *my hands slide over your smooth back down your sides feeling every inch of your warm body*

sweetamber: *purrs* Oh daddy....

daddy_will_please_you: oh my princess... my mouth finds yours as i kiss you passionitly my tongue searching for yours

sweetamber: *moans in your mouth....my hands reaching up....running my fingers through the hair at base of your neck*

daddy_will_please_you: my hand sliding down to grip your ass keeping you pinned to my body

sweetamber: *my fingers tugging a little on your hair*

daddy_will_please_you: my hand kneading your firm ass flesh as i run my teeth over your bottom lips every so gently

sweetamber: *groans*

daddy_will_please_you: both hands grip your ass now as i lie back pulling your waist over my chest to my face and eager mouth

sweetamber: *giggles*

daddy_will_please_you: my kneck strains up as i plant kisses on your flat tummy then thighs as I look up at you my kissses creap ever so closer to your hot cunny

sweetamber: Go on daddy...I know you want to

daddy_will_please_you: i gaze hungrily at your mound as my tounge slips between your dripping folds

sweetamber: *bites my lower lip*

daddy_will_please_you: my tongue tries to feat on as much of your juices as possible before my lips close over your hard clitty

sweetamber: *gasps loudly...cover my mouth with my hands*

daddy_will_please_you: my hands sliding over your ass and back as you stradle your daddys face

daddy_will_please_you: I alternate between sucking your clit and pushing my tonge agasint your pussy mouth

sweetamber: *whimpers*

daddy_will_please_you: i slide it up and down lapping at you like i'm dieing of thirst

sweetamber: *moans, slightly grinding into your mouth**

daddy_will_please_you: the stubble of my chin scratching your soft thighs as you hump my mouth

daddy_will_please_you: my tonge pressing agasint your clitty as i look up at my baby

sweetamber: Oh dad........*my hands slide down, opening my lips wide for you*

daddy_will_please_you: i push my tongue in as far as i can

daddy_will_please_you: my lips pressed agasint your swollen nubbin

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