Fancy Series: Fancy That


She deftly extricated him from his jeans and placed on kiss on the tip of weeping head. Spike sighed as he slid his hands into her soft hair and she loved him with her beautiful mouth. She'd gotten so good at this after his careful instruction. Willow could bring him to orgasm faster than any other woman he'd ever been with. She used her hands, her talented tongue, and even her sharp little teeth to bring him pleasure. Soon, he flooded her mouth with his cold emission and she swallowed all of it. His mouth swooped down to take hers, he loved tasting himself on her.


Spike strolled back home at a leisurely pace, a cigarette dangled from his lips. Yes, things were progressing nicely. Soon his siren would belong to him. Forever. Hmmm. . .fancy that.

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