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Whether you are in a 25-year marriage or a first "date", this original story should give you some great ideas for how to seduce your mate. Read on...

The sun begins over the horizon of mountains joined by rolling valleys and pine forests. It falls down below the edge of the earth as evening approaches. The fresh pine air drifts past you as a gentle breeze from the river valley cleanses your soul. The perfect escape... No signs of civilization within sight, sound, or even mind... Loneliness stirs emotions in your head that can only be suppressed but for so long. He has been gone for what seems like an eternity. Your anxiety builds as it approaches his long awaited return. At this shining moment, you decide to celebrate this meeting in an extraordinary way tonight. You walk along the wrap-around balcony and at that moment, an idea strikes... you go to the cupboard and grab an old wooden basket and head to the back yard.

There in front of you are perfect tall rows of the most delicious strawberries you have seen in years. This was a good year for strawberries as if someone above was giving you a gift for all of your hard work through the years of the horrendous drought. He has always loved strawberries. Not as much as pears, but because of the dry seasons and short harvest time, he would always pick them up from the market on the way home from work. You can almost see his face now as these impure thoughts come over you about what you will do to surprise your knight in shining armor. You then realize that he will be home in less than an hour. Quickly, you select a few more berries from the patch, then race inside as if your life depended on everything being perfect.

The time is quickly approaching as you put new sheets on the bed; slightly folding back the top lay and fluffs the pillows. The drapes are drawn back to give off a soft glow from the sun setting over the mountain range. When he built the house, he made sure that you got your dream of the French swinging doors out to a balcony opening to the view of the mountains. You had always been afraid to settle because you wanted to do so much more for yourself than your mother did. You have never spoken of this fear. The open view of the world with the sheer curtains in the window floating like angels in the winds of your soul, gives you the feeling of an escape, even if only for a moment. A flash comes over you. Twenty minutes left and you haven't even gotten dressed. You scurry back in to attempt to do something with your hair and you haven't even begun to think of what to wear. "What about makeup?" Panic begins to set in. Just as you set the CD player with the programmed music, you hear the truck come up the driveway.

You know from all the times it has hurt you to see him leave for work and excited upon his arrival, it takes exactly 1 minute and 36 seconds for the key to hit the door from the time the truck door slams shut. When your whole life revolves around your one true love, you tend to notice these things. You take a deep breath as you realize you actually have seconds to spare. The front door slowly creaks open... He enters the house wondering where you are, because during his approach to the front door, there were no lights from the TV glowing blue through the bay window like normal nights. The first thing he sees is two candles dimly flickering as if they were dancing a mellow waltz. Between the candles is a note that you had left for him.

It reads:

Hey Honey, Thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for having me. Thank you for giving me the love that I so much need, but don't deserve. Thank you.

Follow the signs and you will soon understand how much I appreciate everything you have ever done for me. Signed, Me

As he reads this letter, a tear comes to his eye, and he looks around to find a trail of rose petals sprinkled down the hallway ever so distinctly. He then puts down his paper and lunchbox from work on the dining room table and follows the trail of love left by you not more than one half-hour prior.

Candles lined the hallway, lighting it like a cathedral. Shadows dance in the light as the flames watch, waiting for their turn to join the festivities. Another note lay halfway down the hall and he picked it up to read it. It simply said:

For you my dear, Forever.

The trail of petals continues down the hall toward the bathroom door, then disappear under the door. The door slowly slides open and what awaits him is absolutely stunning... There was a fresh, drawn bath with even more candles around the base of the polished brass tub. Next to the tub was a silver bucket with a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon and two glasses. After his bath, he opened the medicine cabinet filled with various products for both him and her. You shared everything down to the New York Times Crossword puzzles every Saturday. There was another note inside. It read:

Put these on, bring the champagne and come to bed.

After reading this, he looked around and saw a pile of clothes on the laundry hamper. In the stack there was a pair of sexy underwear, His favorite smoking jacket and a blindfold. He then proceeded out of the bathroom to the right and down the long hallway. Running his hand along the wall, for the only thing he could sense was the faint flicker of candlelight through the seams in the blindfold.

You patiently, silently waits for your knight to come through that door and take you in his strong, toned arms. Your emotions are twisted, your loin is in pain from the deep yearning in your heart, and your breath is quick and frantic with anticipation....

As he approaches the doorway to the master bedroom, he smells the discreet scent of the perfume you always wears that drives him wild. Even though he has never told you, somehow you knew. He lets out a smile as he thinks to himself "Women always have a way of knowing the things that you never expect them to". He then takes a deep breath and heads into the room...

When he walks in the room, you take him by the hand and gently lay him on the bed. You tie his right hand to the rail at the foot of the bed. You put the champagne and glasses on the bedside table and proceed to kiss him all over his body. You start at his ears, then down to his cheek. You are working him to the point that he is very uncomfortable. You have always been the real conservative, "missionary position type". He is really beginning to like it, but it is still weird. He is thinking that he wants to lift the blindfold to make sure it is who he thinks it is. But then again, he already knows just by the way you touch, and kiss him. The mountain breeze blows in from the pen window, but it is not cold. It is almost breathtaking, refreshing, as if it were literally Mother Nature's sweet breath.

As you begin to kiss down the small smooth little hairs in the middle of his chest, down to his lower stomach, you give him a look of challenge, as if to say "Double dare me!" He nods his head as you continue down to his lower stomach. You then ever so slowly begin to lick up and down the shaft, gently stroking his balls with your fingertips. He is now using his one free hand to run his fingers through your hair as he tells you how much he has always loved you. You is not listening because you are concentrating on becoming one with him rather than what you hears. You know he loves you by the way he looks at you everyday. Now you want to a part of his being. Emotionally this is the moment where the soul is most vulnerable and you wants to take advantage of that.

You once read that somewhere in a book and this is the chance to test the theory. You stroke him up and down fast then slow then soft then hard using his emotions to maximize the pleasure for both of them. You grab some champagne and pour it over him and then begin to use your mouth to clean him. Tasting every drop on his body. He is climbing higher and higher up to ecstasy, and he feels so much pleasure it is almost painful. He begs for you to stop, because the feeling is just too strong for him to control himself, as he grabs the sheet with his free hand clenches every muscle in his body. You feel him tense up and you go faster, harder and deeper. He relaxes and all of his juices flow out of him and his eyes roll back into his head. You continue to tease the sensitive spots of his genitalia. He grabs you and pulls you to him as his flexing, glistening, sweat covered body is pulsating with erotic tenderness. You passionately kiss as you untie him and remove the blindfold from him.

At this point he has now opened his eyes to see the most beautiful sight he has ever seen. This woman he thought he knew oh so well, was the not the same. "Or was she?", he asked. You have this way about you that simply took his breath away. You look like an angel in that new negligée that he got you last year. The one with the lace-like ties down the sides with low cut front to expose your flawless bust line. Then the high cut panties that go over top of those things guys can't ever figure out called garters. You even went so far as to put on a new pair of high heels to match the outfit. The most amazing thing of all though is the way the light reflects off your face and creates this radiant glow and it lights up the entire room. He wants more than anything at this point to pleasure you in any way possible. The fruit of your desire tempts him and he is dying to taste you after the pain you put him through as if it were some kind of competition for both of you. Trying to outdo the other. The thought of you taking the time and all that effort to surprise him after a long day at work just amazes him. He can't remember the last time you had ever done anything nice for each other to this extreme.

As he works his way down your body, he runs his hands gently all over you. But not in just any old way, he is holding his hand about one half inch away from your skin. As you lay back with your eyes closed in the glowing candlelight, your other senses become more prominent. Especially your sense of feel. Your pleasure is beginning to mount as he barely brushes against the small invisible hairs on your body with his strong, but soft masculine hands. You begin to quiver as he touches random spots on your body with his fingertips. First the side of your waist, the back of your arms, the gape of your neck. As he explores the most secret of places on your body, you shake with anticipation just wanting him inside of you. You are so turned on that you attempt to bring him back up to you so you can kiss him and you can feel the essence of his manhood. He refuses, his strength is too much for you. You do not object because it is so excellently different as if this is a completely different man in you house, exposing your vulnerability, giving you indescribable pleasure, making you feel that feeling you haven't felt in so very long...

After a few minutes of this he moves back down to your inner thigh. Gently kissing, caressing, and stroking the most secret spot on a woman's body, he rubs your clitoris with his index finger as he licks the outer portions of your opening. Fast, then slow. Hard, then soft. Inserting a finger into you as he gently nibbles on the spot. Your taste is so sweet; your smell is the smell of pure heaven. If it were up to him he would love to just stay there all night, but a way he is making you feel right now, you will not be able to take much more. The climax approaches as he gets faster and harder. You begin to let out the softest of moans, biting your lip as you race to orgasm. Your legs shake, your head tightens up, your heartbeat is now racing uncontrollably, for you are now at the point of no return.

Suddenly you explode with pleasure as you grab the top of his head as if forcing him deeper, leaves your juices flowing onto his face. Feeling that momentary pleasure of a job well done he looks up and you look back with the look of content. You then grab him and pull him up to you so you can taste your own juices. This is building up even more tension between you as if you are both on the verge of raping each other. You now long for him to be inside of you. He wants to feel you around him as he slides in gently. You are exchanging raging kisses as he rotates his hips to try to hit every sensitive spot inside of you as you grab his firm buttocks pulling him closer to get full penetration. Moving to various positions trying to experience every type of pleasure possible, you ensure that no part of either body goes untouched. You climb on top, as he must now be the submissive. Feeling every inch of his being you love the way he feels inside you...

As you make love for hours, exploring each other, pleasing each other for hours not wanting it to ever end you climax together and you collapse onto him. This is the feeling so long since forgotten as if it were the first time. Like back in school, when love was so pure, innocent and sweet. You now lay there holding each other looking into each other's eyes with satisfaction. You fall asleep in his arms knowing that you are definitely the luckiest woman on earth. He falls asleep holding you with your head on his chest, knowing that he is a lucky man for having a woman as precious as you...

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